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Update: 9th February, 2020

A miniscule update today but an update nonetheless.

I haven't had much time the last couple of weeks so unfortunately there hasn't been any progress with the site but I should be able to knuckle down and at least get the last few stories on the site the latter part of this week. I have also set myself the task of creating something - anything - before the month is over, because it's been far too long. If anyone else would like to join in and do their bit for Femslash February let me know and we can encourage one another.

The site re-design is about a third of the way along. I don't want to update too many of the fandom pages until I've addressed the mobile phones and tablets issue, but once I've looked into that I shall finish the remaining ones. Again, this is more of a stop-gap until I can figure out the database option and it is up for review. If you have any suggestions you can either e-mail me or contact me through the site's Facebook community (the links are on the Contact page).

I've added a gay little picture of the Thirteenth Doctor for good luck.