Passion and Perfection is home to a wide variety of f/f fan fiction from a number of different authors. These stories vary from country to country, galaxy to galaxy and from one century to another, but there is one thing they have in common: they each portray the love and friendship that exists between women.

So if it's femslash you're looking for, sit back and enjoy what we have to offer.


Updated: 7th October 2017

No, you're not hallucinating, the site really has been udated with actual fan-fiction.

From now on the plan is to udate the site every fortnight (with the exception of the mid-November update as I'll be on holiday) with whatever femslash / wlw material I have managed to acquire. Now this might not necessarily be fan-fiction, as P&P is somewhat of a forgotten relic these days and I don't get the submissions I once did, but I will always endevour to provide something of interest.

Authors/creators wishing to submit stories, graphics, videos etc. are most welcome.

I haven't even looked at my site e-mail address in months so apologies in advance if anyone's been trying to contact me via that route. I shall try and at least check it weekly from now on.

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