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Update: 26th July, 2020

Techcially, this went live on the 28th but it was mostly updated on the Sunday - I just had to wait on an e-mail - so I'm claiming half a victory. Being productive in a pandemic isn't as easy as I would have thought. Not that I've given pandemics much thought until recently, at least ones that don't include zombies, but that's probably something to look forward to come winter.

Season four of Wynonna Earp has now started so I hope to see an influx of stories for that show. I love Wayhaught but I'd also love to read some Wynonna and Nicole friendship fics because I love their dynamic.

If you're struggling to find something to keep you entertained and have access to Netflix programs, I'd recommend the new series 'Warrior Nun'. There are a couple of interesting subtext/maintext couples to choose from and it's fun in a kick butt kind of way. I'm sure stories will start showing up on AO3 before too long (and here too, hopefully). I'd also strongly recommend 'The Old Guard' which is equally if not more kick-arse and has some very intriguing femslash possibilities.