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Update: 31st December, 2020

For some of you the year is already over but for me there are a few hours left before Big Ben chimes the end of this godforsaken year. Not that the mere striking of a clock's bell will magically make things better but it does allow us to put 2020 in the rearview mirror and start looking forward to what I can only hope will be a better year to come.

It is nice to end things with an update that not only introduces new fandoms but brings back some of the old. I hope it is a sign of things to come. A big welcome and hello there to our new writers and readers, and an equally hearty Watcha to everyone who's been with the site for a while now. You're all very much appreciated.

Happy New Year!

If you have time off over the holidays and find yourself at a loose end, may I suggest re-reading some of your old favourites or venturing into a new fandom? Then once you've finished reading drop the creator a line or two of feedback. It makes a creator's day to know someone is enjoying their work.

Keep safe, be kind and read lots of wonderful stories about women falling in love.