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By Nerdy Girl


"Hello, Miss!" the Julies exclaimed as they slipped quickly out of their room. They always knew when the Governor of G Wing was making rounds, as the sharp clack of her heels on the concrete acted as harbinger of the compact brunette's arrival.

"Good Morning, Julie… Julie. How are the two of you faring this morning?" Helen asked, instantly on the alert for whatever scheme the mischievous twosome might have cooked up. They looked far too alert to be innocent.

"Oh, we're just fine Miss, right as rain, we are, wouldn't you say Ju?"

"Right as rain, that's right Ju… that's us. I just wish…"

"Wish we could say the same for poor Nikki, that's all Miss."

At the mention of the tall, brooding brunette, Helen's eyebrow quirked skyward. "Is there something I should know about Nikki?"

"Well Miss, it's just…"

"Just that she's been so blue since Trisha ran off, is all."

"And this morning, well, she just seemed awful blue this morning, didn't she Jules?"

"Awful blue, going on about how she's going to bin the whole thing, give up on the fairer sex altogether."

Helen could barely suppress a smirk. She had rebuffed Nikki's declaration of love the night before, stupidly, she realized now. It might be a bit twisted of her, but she was pleased to see that she affected Nikki's mood.

"'s that so? Well, I suppose I shall have to go see how she's holding up, hm?"

"Oh yes Miss, that would be best."

"Maybe you can get her to perk up." The blondes exchanged a look, and squeezed one another's hand as Helen turned down the hall to Nikki's cell.

"Oh, she'll cheer Nikki right up."

"Right up indeed."

The End

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