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Twenty-five to Life
By H.W.


Chapter 11

Day Seventeen. (Morning.)

Sitting on her couch in her ready room, Kathryn pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. "A House? You want to start a Klingon House? Why can't you just be happy with taking the Oath?"

"Because it's much more fun to give you a hard time?" B'Elanna asked with a grin.

"B'Elanna," Kathryn warned. Then she sighed again. "Look, I wish you all the happiness in the universe. But I don't know if it's such a good thing to approve this."

"We are not here to ask for your approval," Seven pointed out. "I studied Starfleet law this morning, in regards to Klingon Houses that is. Starfleet command cannot order a person to not join or create a Klingon House. You do however have the authority to demand Starfleet behavior and reprimand or even penalize us if we are not following Starfleet rules, even if we are following Klingon laws. Starfleet law comes first."

Kathryn made a dismissive waving gesture with her hand. "I know that, and even if such laws didn't exist I couldn't care less. If you are doing something that I as your Captain cannot condone, I will act; Klingon tradition or not."

She looked over at her wife who was sitting at the desk, reading some PADD. "Gorgeous, please tell me that you have some kind of law that prevents this."

"I don't even know what a Klingon House is," Brika reminded.

B'Elanna gave a quick explanation of the basics, being fair enough to also add some of the things that the Federation normally had a problem with. Like that to a House their Honor could be more important than the lives of their soldiers.

"Ah," Brika said in understanding before shaking her head. "Sorry Kitten. That actually sounds a lot like how the Granit Mountain Tribes live, though we don't call them Houses but Clans. We have laws that allow for the existence of such Clans, and for acting in certain ways if these people move to other parts of the world or even leave our Homeworld. Come to think of it, we will probably have several hundreds of them on our Fleet's ships. Between three and four hundred in total I would guess, based on the percentage of them that also joined previous Fleets."

Looking at B'Elanna she asked, "You said that people can join such a House without marrying into the family?"

"Right," B'Elanna agreed. "Though the core of a House is a family, they are normally surrounded by groups of people that aren't part of the family. In fact, on Qo'noS every House has its own army. The bigger ones even their own starships. It's only in a time of war that these separate armies are united into the Imperial army under a centralized command."

"Then you should not be surprised if members of the Mountain Clans ask if they can join your House," Brika pointed out thoughtfully. "Normally when a Fleet leaves our planet there are always skirmishes between the Mountain Clan members in the beginning. They know that they will never return to our Homeworld. So they know that they have to unite and form one Clan if they want their traditions to live on in our ships. But with... let's just say one hundred people for the sake of argument, that come from, say, five different Clans, just which Clan will be the only one left? If you are creating a House that has such a familiar feel to it, they might decide that it's better if all of them join this new Clan... I mean House, instead of them fighting it out between them. That way none of them loses to another Clan."

"Skirmishes, fights?" Kathryn asked. "And you allow that on the ships?"

Brika rolled her eyes. "Kitten, they aren't barbarians. They evolved with the rest of our species. Just that they have a rich history and are proud of it. Nowadays skirmishes are 'fought' in a bar by drinking and seeing who the last one standing is. Fights are a bit more serious and are normally fought on a holodeck. Fought by having the different Clans attack holographic enemies and then the Clans that were not attacking that round give the attacking Clan a score. The Clan with the best united score wins the fight. Real person to person fights are rare; no more than fights between any other groups of people. Nowadays the warriors amongst them make their warrior name by going out and killing some of the wild animals we have on Urdia Genera."

Seeing Kathryn's surprised look, Brika shrugged. "As you know, we Urdians respect nature. So much so that hunting is not allowed by the masses. Unfortunately nature is not always just as respectful. There are predatory animals on our planet, Kitten. And sometimes there is a good year for them and their population becomes dangerously big. Or one of them kills an Urdian and discovers that those animals on two legs are way easier to catch then those on four legs. So, sometimes we have to bring numbers down, or kill a selected animal that is attacking people. But exactly because we have such respect for nature, we don't have many Urdians that want to do the kill."

"Enter the Clan people," Kathryn said in understanding. "They have Warriors and they need to be sure that those Warriors can handle the sight of blood. Plus they need something to boast about during the campfires at night."

"Something like that," Brika agreed amused.

"Yeah, well, some of the Clan people joining might be an option for another day," B'Elanna spoke up. "But expanding the House is why we are here. Kathryn, we aren't here to ask permission. We are here to inform you that we are setting up a House. And since you and Seven came to an agreement that you are like sisters to each other now, that would make you the adopted sister of the Lady of the House of BortaS. You would honor us greatly if you would join our House. As sister of the Lady of the House, you would become a House Elder if you join."

"Hey, who are you calling old?" Kathryn said in fake outrage. In reality she was flattered by being asked, even though she couldn't possibly accept.

"In a Klingon House Elder does not mean old," Seven explained. "Though granted that with long established Houses the elders are normally old. The Elders of the house are people that have close ties to the core of the House, and are wise and decisive people on top of it. The elders are the ones that advice the Lord and Lady if asked. As I said, in older Houses the Elders are indeed old, but that is merely a result of the fact that the position of Elder is permanent, until a person dies. Over time those positions are filled by older people because they have not yet died, and therefore their position cannot be filled by younger people."

"Plus," She added after a moment of hesitation, "If a position does become free it is then normally filled by someone that has a proven track record of being good for the House. And the 'track record' in that statements means that new elders are then normally also not the youngest in years. But as we are setting up a new House, it is impossible to have people that have a long history in the House, it is merely possible to have people that we trust in those positions."

Kathryn shook her head. "I'm flattered, but you know I can't accept that. I'm your Captain and,"

"You would still be firmly in control of this ship," B'Elanna interrupted. "The Lord and Lady rule over the House, but not over every aspect of it. If Houses have starships then those ships are normally always in control of Captains that work for the House. At best a Lord will order the ship to a certain place to do something. But first of all, we are building a House on the Glory, not Voyager. And the Captain of the Glory is in command of that ship. Second of all, just because we build a House on a ship, doesn't mean we own the ship. And third, if you do become an Elder of the House you have the right to demand that the Lord or Lady explain their actions to you."

"Why are you talking about controlling a ship?" Brika asked. As Admiral, that was something she cared very much about.

"Because if Kathryn joins our House, I and Seven will outrank her on certain issues," B'Elanna explained. "Not on details like that she has to order, say, Chakotay to suddenly start cleaning the hull of the ship just because we say so. It's more like... well, like you really. You as Admiral tell Kathryn that you want 'this' to be done, and she then goes and decides who should do it. But I'm willing to bet that Kathryn is worried that I will suddenly start demanding things like that she stops at this planet to stock up on resources."

"That is actually a good point," Brika said. "Even if she might not technically have to follow your order, she might be inclined to do so because it was the ruler of the Clan... sorry, House, that asked her to. Something doesn't have to be a clear order all the time. I myself prefer to give two-thirds of my orders by asking people to do something, knowing damn well that they will do it because it was the Admiral that asked."

"I know," B'Elanna agreed. "But that's where you come in. Seven and I want to set up a House, not take command from someone. To make absolutely sure that people don't think that we have the power to order things on a ship wide level, we actually wanted to make it very clear that we don't want you to become part of the House."

Seeing the surprised look on their friend's face, Seven spoke up, "Let me explain. You will always be welcome at social events, even the ones where normally only House members may attend. However, we do not want you to join the House because that way you do not fall under the House structure and therefore the highest level of authority is still clearly you. Even if we can convince others that something is a House matter, you as Admiral outrank the House that you are no part of."

"You could say that it's the same guarantee as with the Captains," B'Elanna added. "They are in control of their ship, but they still answer to you as Admiral. Well, a House also has a command structure. But no matter how much our House grows, there still will be that Admiral that outranks us."

B'Elanna hesitated before coming back to Kathryn's concern. "But that's just merely a better safe than sorry kind of thing. We really doubt that it will ever be an issue. We want to set up a House, but we really doubt that it will grow that much. We were only thinking of some close friends. Kathryn, Tom and Harry and their spouses, Carry,"

"Tuvok," Seven interrupted.

"Tuvok," B'Elanna added dutifully. "We think that it will probably end up being ten people, twenty at most."

"Not if those Mountain Clans that Brika was talking about really are interested in your House as well," Kathryn objected. "Then it will already be a couple of hundred people."

"I think you should join, Kitten," Brika said thoughtfully. "If they want to set up their House, we can't stop them, and also don't really want to stop them do we?"

"No," Kathryn admitted with a sigh. "But it just adds complexity that I don't like."

"Well, then join them. As adopted sister to the Lady of the House you will be pretty much third in charge if it's really like with the Mountain Clans."

"I guess you could say that," B'Elanna said after a moment of hesitation. "Though a House is actually very big on having certain things you control. Yes, as adoptive sister of Seven, Kathryn would be very influential in the House, but if we for instance gave the position of security officer to Tuvok, just to name something since it's his function now, then because we put him in that position, he would outrank Kathryn on security issues. And that's also why you need people in those positions that you trust. Because that's a pretty big cover. Just call something a security issue and it's under your control. Anyway, so it's more a, overall is influential, specific is control, kind of thing."

"Again kinda like the Captains?" Brika asked. "Since Voyager is the flagship of the Fleet, Kathryn, as her Captain will be very influential over all. If she suggests something, the other Captains will listen. But that sure doesn't mean that she can go onto a different ship and start giving orders to people."

"Kinda," B'Elanna agreed. "So you see, in general you are right, as Seven's adoptive sister, Kathryn will be seen as influential and powerful in the House. It would be different if Seven or I had any siblings by blood. But since we don't, and since Kathryn is the first adopted sibling, she would be higher in the House hierarchy than any other potential new adopted sibling. But if Kathryn wants to be such a dominant part then certain tasks of the House would fall to her as well."

"It is your choice, my Kitten, and I won't order you," Brika said. "But as Admiral of the fleet I would really like it if a Captain has such an influential position in the House."

Kathryn hesitated for a moment. Then she asked, "What kind of task would the sister of the Lady of the House be expected to fulfill?"

B'Elanna smiled, knowing that the question was also an agreement to join. "My Lady, this is your department."

"Thank you, my Lord." Then Seven looked at her friend and apparently soon also officially adopted sister of the House. "As my sister, you would oversee..."

Day Seventeen. (Afternoon.)

Olik, First warrior of the Red Hand Clan, was a very satisfied man these days. Not only did he have a relationship with a beautiful woman that anyone would be proud to have on their arm, but that woman also really liked to have sex. And it wasn't that she just liked to have sex; she was damn good at it. 'Making up for insecurities', Celes had explained it one night after Olik had finally managed to convince her that he really thought that she was that damn good. Olik had assured that there was nothing to feel insecure about, though privately he was just a little bit glad that Celes had been insecure. Because it had resulted in the woman being eager to please and not scared of trying new things. Well, it wasn't like the fact that the things Olik wanted to try were so extreme that she would need a lot of convincing in the first place. But it sure was nice to have a partner that said with an eager smile 'I would love to', instead of 'I'm not sure'.

But there was so much more to the woman. Tal Celes made him laugh, made him feel good with nothing more than a hug. And, this perfect woman even got along extremely well with the other woman in Olik's life. Olik knew that his sister, Kinal, also liked Celes. While Celes on her turn understood Olik's desire to also spend time with his sister. It was quite often that Celes was the person that suggested that the three of them could do this or that together.

The two women seemed to like each other's company and it happened more than once that Olik came home and found Celes already there, talking to Kinal. Normally they were joking, laughing, and/or giggling when sharing some gossip. Olik knew that the women certainly weren't close friends yet, but he was satisfied and happy about the fact that in the short time they knew each other, Celes and Kinal had already reached the stage where if they had to introduce the other to someone, it would be with the words, 'and this is my friend...'

Olik grinned as he walked into the mess hall of The Glory. Yep, there she was. Even though Celes worked on Voyager, she had taken to having her lunch break on The Glory. Olik liked it that way. He liked sharing lunch with the Bajoran. Especially since Kinal made sure to not be around during that time and he could have his daily dose of public Celes proximity. Then they could spend time together with Kinal after Celes' shift ended, and then later in the evening Kinal found something to do by herself while Celes and Olik would either retire to Olik's room or go over to Celes' quarters. Either way, the evening was once again just theirs. It was a balance that Olik really liked.

Celes stood when Olik joined her at the table. As she liked to do, she stood on her toes and quickly kissed Olik on the lips. It was just a small kiss that nevertheless boldly stated her claim on him. Of course, Olik would be more than happy to lean down to kiss her, and he did when they did more than share a little hello kiss. But he knew that Celes really liked the fact that she, who wasn't the smallest woman around by a long shot, still had to stand on her toes to reach his lips.

"Hey," They greeted each other at the same time, making both of them sprout a silly grin.

Celes glanced at the food counter. "Shall we?"

"Let's," Olik agreed.

They got their lunches and sat back down at their favorite table and talked about small and meaningless things about their lives as they ate.

It was another thing Celes really liked about Olik. The guy really knew how to hold a conversation. He talked enough, and listened enough. They had talked about things as silly as the differences between spiders on Bajor and Urdia Genera. But it also happened often enough that in the evenings they would talk about things as heavy as Celes' life during the Cardassian occupation, or Olik talking about how it had affected him to see his father die an agonizingly slow death from one of the few diseases the Urdians still didn't have a cure for.

They were perfect together. They never yet had a boring moment. Even when they weren't talking or doing anything at all, simply the presence of each other was enough to make the moment special.

Celes wondered how she could ever have gotten so lucky.

They were just laughing about a funny moment Olik was recalling when they noticed that someone was standing at their table.

Celes looked up to see an Urdian woman standing proud with her hands on her hips. It wasn't really a feminine stand, but the woman radiated so much confidence that she was able to pull it off and look impressive on top of it. The brown haired and browned eyed woman carried facial tattoos that Celes recognized as Mountain Tribes tattoos by now. But the amount of tattoos was a lot less impressive as those of Olik. Celes guessed that there was only the tattoo that indicated her clan, and then one small one that indicated what she did for her clan in daily life. In fact, the tattoos of Olik's sister, Kinal, were a lot more impressive.

The woman was dressed in Clan clothing, but it was a quite revealing set. Her chest was covered, but the top was clearly designed to form a very impressive cleavage. For the rest she only wore a small skirt best described as a mini skirt. It was within the Fleet standard of being decently clothed, but only just by a few millimeters. And, Celes had to admit, the woman had all the curves and proportions to be very tempting. The most interesting thing about the way the woman looked was that she looked... general. All purpose. Someone you would love to take to bed, or to have at your arm when going out. Someone you wanted to be seen with, and someone you wanted to see. She would probably fit well into every scene or every party.

And Celes noticed that she was only looking at Olik and was totally ignoring the Bajoran.

After a few moments, Olik sighed before speaking to the woman. "I wondered when you would show up."

Celes frowned. "Do you know her? Who is she?"

"She is the woman I'm supposed to marry," Olik said.

Celes crossed her arms, clearly not pleased at that revelation. Her annoyance grew when she saw that Olik seemed amused by her reaction. "Care to explain that? Where do you know her from?"

I don't know her," Olik assured. Then he frowned and took another look at the woman's face. "The Gathering Storm clan. Hmm, I visited them a few times. So it can be that I slept with her once, she looks alright enough for me to bed her if I was bored. But if I did it definitely wasn't something to remember since I sure don't remember her."

Celes was surprised, to say the least. Olik liked to make a point to either be polite to people, or otherwise just intimidate them by his sheer size and presence. But he never resorted to using words to hurt someone. And Celes could clearly see that the silent woman didn't like to be basically called forgettable. Celes also wondered why the woman didn't speak, why she didn't even say her name. She wondered so much about this that she asked Olik about it.

"It's because she is from the Gathering Storm clan," Olik explained. "She is waiting for me to tell her to speak. The Gathering Storm clan is one of the most conservative ones around. Their women don't address men that aren't family without first being told to speak."

He reached over the table and covered Celes' hands with one of his own. "They think that by sending me a woman that will do as I say when I say it and never dare to talk back to me, that I would be inclined to leave that bothersome alien and turn to this... half slave instead."

Now Celes started to understand. "And when you say that she is the woman you are supposed to marry, you mean that she is the woman that others want you to marry."

"Right," Olik agreed.

The woman coughed, but made sure that it sounded like an accidental cough and not a deliberate interruption.

Celes ignored her. Instead she asked Olik, "But why? Why would some Clan you don't even belong to send someone to try and get us two apart? Come to think of it, how do they know about us?"

Olik shrugged. "I'm afraid that's more because of me. I am a First Warrior, Celes. A First Warrior that is suddenly being seen with this alien woman. That kind of stuff is the thing that will be talked about. Some Clans have a problem with non-Clan members marrying into the Clans. But those are still Urdians at least. But you,"

"Aren't," Celes finished. "So some strangers that don't even know me think that I'm not good enough to be with any First Warrior, never mind if he belongs to their Clan or not. You know, I could even get that, if you were to stay on the planet. But you are leaving, so what do they care?"

Olik finally managed a smile. "Celes, that's the point. I'm leaving, stepping down as First Warrior of my clan. I'm quite a catch for a smaller Clan like them, if I do say so myself. So they sent me... this... and think that suddenly I'll decide to stay on the planet. She'll probably have some offer to give me if I were to allow her to talk. Maybe a promise of me becoming the Clan leader in time. Which would be an empty promise anyway since they would never put a liberal thinker like me in such a position."

Celes, the woman that had not so long suffered from a severe dose of self-doubt, chuckled. Funny thing what a boost your confidence could get if you saw people look at you in awe because of who you managed to get to hold your hand in public. She stood up and went to Olik's side of the table. She stood just behind him and looked at the nameless woman. "Lady, you are in for a fight if you want my man."

"A fight?" The woman finally spoke, since now she had been addressed by a woman and a woman could talk to a woman. She snorted. "You want to fight me? I have been training for all my life."

Celes made a face. "Eh, you don't show it. But that's not the kind of fight I was talking about. She put her hands on Olik's broad shoulders and then moved them lower over his muscled chest as she leaned closer until she could whisper in his ear. She whispered, deliberately loud enough for the other woman to hear, "Come baby, let's leave this place and lets use the rest of my lunch break for something a bit more... satisfying. Knowing that you are all mine makes me so damn horny sometimes."

Olik laughed as he stood up. Oh, Celes sure had an idea about how to handle a desperate and basically stupid move of one of the few Clans that was dying out because of its old-fashioned beliefs. "That sounds like a great idea to me. You know damn well that I can never get enough of you. You give me the best sex I ever had, I'm hopelessly spoiled now. Anything else would only be settling for less."

As they left, arm in arm, the woman whose name Celes didn't even know or care about, stated, "This isn't over yet."

Celes turned to her and winked. "Oh, it sure isn't. No it's won't be over until Olik made me scream my love for him... in Urdian. You go on dreaming woman, because that's all you'll ever have of my man."

Once they were out of the mess hall, Celes shook her head. "That's the weirdest thing I've seen in a long time."

Olik shrugged. "They are desperate. They are so conservative that none of the young people want to stay with their Clan. Her tattoo identified her as a scribe by the way, so I doubt she really knows how to fight except for some self defense. I guess that she is still with the Clan because she just wants others to make the choices for her."

"I didn't bother asking in there since it's more of a detail, I guess," Celes said. "But why did you say 'I wondered when you would show up.' When you didn't know her?"

"I don't," Olik assured again. "and I also never slept with her. I do tend to remember the faces of the woman I slept with, you know?"

Celes chuckled. "Let me guess, that made it easier on the next visit. If you say 'nice to meet you again' instead of, 'have I met you before', get's you laid a lot more."

"A lot easier, not more," Olik corrected and agreed. "I would get laid no matter what, but it sure cut down on the talking I had to do for it, yes." Then he sighed. "No, I don't know her, it's more that I was expecting someone like her."

"And you didn't warn me about this because?" Celes asked.

Olik sighed, but Celes could hear that it was more out of annoyance for the situation than for her asking the question. "Because while I was expecting something like this because it would be an easy way to get a prominent name into one of the small Clans, I was also kinda hoping that they would realize it would be of no use since I'm leaving the planet. I'm not sure why they would think that I would suddenly stay. Even if I was interested, since she would be new in my life, I would still hold to my old plan of leaving and expect her to come along."

"They should have checked you out a little," Celes pointed out. "They should have realized that they would have more chance if they had approached your sister instead. She is the only reason you would stay. If she says, you stay."

Olik hesitated for a moment. "A few weeks ago I would have said yes. But now I'm not so sure."

"Really?" Celes asked surprised.

"Really," Olik assured. "After all, going with Kinal would mean leaving you."

Olik's words stunned Celes into silence. She knew he cared for her. But that much? They hadn't even said the dreaded 'L' word to each other, not counting using it indirectly like in saying 'I love to be with you'. But this statement had a lot more impact than an 'I love you' could have had at that point.

"So where are we going for real now?" Olik asked after a moment, knowing only too well that Celes was silent because of being surprised by what he had said, and not because she might not feel the same.

"We are going to my quarters," Celes finally managed. "I was going to suggest we snuggle a bit until I have to go back."

"Was?" Olik asked.

"Yes. Because now I'm going to contact Voyager and tell them I'll take a little longer for lunch and just work late." Olik was clearly confused, so Celes explained, "It's your own fault. Hearing you say sweet stuff like that really does make me horny."

"Oh?" Olik asked surprised. Then he realized that soon he would be sharing the bed with Celes for a little afternoon romp and he grinned. "Oh."

Day Seventeen. (Evening.)

B'Elanna was taking a much needed shower after a long day of dirty work. Who knew that installing new stuff could make you feel so sticky? Well, B'Elanna actually did since it wasn't the first time she was ever dirty from installing clean stuff. But it was a general question she always asked herself. Suddenly she felt eyes on her. She turned around and smiled at the blonde who was leaning against the doorframe in a very un-Borg like manner.

"You started without me," Seven stated the obvious.

"No, really?" B'Elanna asked in fake surprise. Then she explained. "It's two more hours until our normal shower time, and I was feeling really sticky. So I figured that I just quickly wash off while you were still busy. That way I can concentrate all the more on you later on instead of, well, literally itching to get under the shower myself."

"I see. Very well, I can understand your reasoning, so I forgive you for denying me the pleasure of seeing your strip," Seven relented.

B'Elanna snorted. "Believe me, Hon, there was nothing fun about seeing me get naked this time. My clothes were so dirty that I even put them through the replicators immediately instead of throwing them in the hamper. Hey, since you are here now, how about showering a little earlier than normal? You want to join me under here?"

She extended her hand invitingly to Seven, only to be surprised by seeing the blonde shake her head no.

"No We will do the normal shower later. I like seeing you wash yourself just as much as actually washing you. I would prefer to keep that timeframe, even if it means taking a second shower."

B'Elanna shrugged. "Well, watching you shower is no hardship so, fine with me."

"Besides," Seven continued. "Considering how I will take you to bed when you are done here, we will need a shower later to clean up. I predict a lot of sweat... and other liquids to be formed."

B'Elanna dropped the soap when hearing what the blonde said. "Damn, I married a sex monster."

She remembered the first shower, how Seven had then dropped the soap and picked it up. Then B'Elanna hadn't done the same. But now... B'Elanna slowly bent over to pick up the soap, knowing only too well that she was giving her lover a view that she would never give to someone else. A view that she had in fact never given Tom, no matter how intimate they had been. But it just felt so right to do these kinds of things with Seven.

"Are you complaining?" Seven asked pushing away from the doorframe and coming closer.

"Hell no!" B'Elanna laughed, turning back to look at Seven. "I sure hope that you stay so insatiable for a long, long time."

"I sincerely doubt that I will ever have enough of touching your body, just like I sincerely doubt that I will ever have enough of being in love with you."

B'Elanna smiled. "And I sincerely doubt that I will ever have enough of hearing you say that. I love you too, my be'nal. Now, since you don't want to shower, did you come in here for a reason or are you just here to enjoy the view?"

"Yes, I did have a reason for coming here," Seven said while she hopped onto the Vanity. "And yes, I am here to enjoy the view. I would really like to see you touch yourself."

B'Elanna almost dropped the soap again. "I would much rather have that you joined me in here so that I can have my way with you."

Seven once again shook her head no. "I promise you, once you get out of the shower, you can have your way with me until I am no longer able to move. I... I want to try the chains and the cat O' nine tails, my Lord. I really want to beg and plead for your skilful chastisement. But right now, I would really like a show."

"The chains and whip, and me in charge?" B'Elanna swallowed at the lust the mere suggestion built in her.

"Yes, later. But for now..." Seven didn't finish her sentence; there was no need to.

"A show, huh?" B'Elanna asked, getting into the idea.

"Yes, now. Please."

B'Elanna laughed. "Well, now, I can't go and ignore a wonderful plea from my Lady, now can I? Do you want me to do it quick, or do you want me to give you a real show?"

She slowly moved the soap across her body, only her arms... for now. "I can promise you, if I give you a real show, you will end up under this shower with me because you won't be able to stand just sitting and watching."

"I would like a real show," Seven said, and B'Elanna could hear the slight change in the blonde's tone of voice. She knew that while Seven was still portraying her cool demeanor, she certainly was affected, like always, by seeing B'Elanna naked.

"Alright, a real show it is." B'Elanna put the soap down and picked up a bottle of shampoo. "But you don't get this for free; you will have to give me something back."

"What?" Seven merely asked.

B'Elanna put a little shampoo in her hand and put the bottle back before massaging the shampoo through her hair. "You want a show; I'll give you one. The price I'm asking is that you give me a show as well. Not today, but someday at your choosing. You then give me a full show that includes you stripping, so you need to wear real clothes instead of a bio-suit. The clothing you wear will also be your choosing, but I do demand that it's more than a one piece suit that is taken off in five seconds. I want your strip to last. After the strip you then give me a really slow show, so slow that you know it's driving me nuts. And I want you to use my old vibrator while doing so."

"Another one of your flashes?" Seven asked, liking the idea at once.

"Yes," B'Elanna admitted. "But even if it hadn't been, I don't know… there is just something absolutely erotic about thinking of you touching yourself like that. Just lazily touching your breasts or pussy; with the only intent being to drive me crazy and not to actually reach orgasm. And then you get down to business with the vibrator..." B'Elanna merely growled.

"I deem your price acceptable, but I also have a feeling that you will be sorry when the time comes."

"More than likely," B'Elanna agreed with a grin while washing the shampoo out of her hair again. "But the point is that I'll survive it, knowing that eventually your show will end and then we will have hot, passionate sex and I can lick, suck, and nibble all those places you have touched while giving me my show."

"I definitely like that price for your show, and I will be more than happy to pay it again in the future should you ever request the same price for a second show. Now, enough talk. Give me my show, my Lord."

"Yes, Seven of Mine," B'Elanna said with a smile. "Now, you asked for the full show, so just sit back and enjoy."

She once again picked up the bottle of shampoo, not caring in the least that she had washed her hair a mere moment before. She put the bottle away and started to massage the shampoo through her hair. "As you know, I love to feel fingers massaging my head."

"I like the way your breasts move when you lift your arms like that," Seven said, fully enjoying the view her lover was giving her.

"I know you do," B'Elanna agreed as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair and picked up the soap. She moved the bar slowly over her body, first her arms and legs, then she moved back to her throat. "Like it so far?"

"Yes I do, proceed."

B'Elanna laughed and actually stopped her movement. "Proceed... what?"

"Proceed... please. Please B'Elanna go on."

"As you wish, my Lady." B'Elanna moved the bar of soap slowly over her breasts. "See what you do to me, baby? Look how hard my nipples are. Normally the hot water relaxes my body, including my nipples. But just with sitting there, looking at me, you make them rock hard."

B'Elanna moved her free hand to her nipples and pinched them softly in turn while she continued to move the bar of soap over her body with her other hand, a little lower now, cleaning her belly.

"Kahless, baby, my nipples are so damn hard for you that they hurt. They are begging to be taken into your hot, wet mouth. To be played with by your fingers. Just imagine pinching my nipples between those metal covered fingertips."

B'Elanna stopped stimulating her nipples and moved her second hand to her belly as well. "But they have to wait. They have to long for you just like the rest of me does."

She spent a moment to wash her belly before she rubbed the soap between her hands and created a nice amount of bubbles. She put the bar of soap away and lowered a bubble covered hand between her legs.

"Am I getting you hot yet?" B'Elanna asked, moving her hand slowly up and down between her legs, washing her sex in a slow sensual way. "Oh, baby, this feels so damn good. I only wish that this was your hand. So tell me, are you hot yet?"

"Y... Yes B'Elanna. You know I am; you always make me hot."

"I just have to take your word for it; you have seen those files so you would know. I do know that I will never tire of hearing you say that I make you hot. So tell me, do you also wish that this was your hand? Rubbing me? Feeling my hard clit rubbing against your palm? Feeling how wet your fingers would be getting from my juices?"

"Yes," Seven panted. She moved her own hands to her breasts and squeezed them softly.

"Stop that," B'Elanna ordered. "You wanted a show, you got one. But you can't touch yourself until I make you come several times tonight."

"Yes my be'nal," Seven replied as she dropped her hands, folding them in her lap to prevent them from starting to roam her body again.

"Very good. Very good." B'Elanna removed her hand from between her legs and turned into the spray to remove the soap from her body. "Do you want to stop this, baby? I am more than willing to make love to you right now."

"No. I want my show. I will not touch myself until you allow it."

"Good. But the show hasn't even really begun yet. I'm still only taking my shower. You sure you can handle it?"

"I can handle this just as well as you will be able to handle my show when that time comes. I do want to join you, but I really do want my show as well. So, proceed."

B'Elanna looked over her shoulder with a wicked smile. "No, it is actually you who will proceed. I need my back washed. And who normally does that?"

"You want me to come under the shower with you? What about my show?" Seven asked, standing up nevertheless. She knew that B'Elanna would only have to ask. There was nothing she could deny the Klingon.

"No baby, you'll get your show. Right after you wash my back."

"If I wash your back like this, I will get wet," Seven pointed out.

"Honey get a clue, I want you all wet."

"My bio-suit will get wet," Seven explained with a sigh.

B'Elanna turned around once more to face the blonde. "Then strip, get naked. Believe me, once this is over, you won't need any clothing for the rest of the night.

Seven didn't hesitate to do as B'Elanna suggested and stood naked in front of B'Elanna in mere moments.

"See, that's one of the things that gets me so hot sometimes by just looking at you. Knowing that you are naked, hot and very ready under that bio-suit."

B'Elanna turned around once more presenting her back to the blonde. "Now, remember you wanted a show. So you may only wash my back and when I tell you, you are to go back and sit down. Got that?"

"Yes B'Elanna," Seven said while she moved closer to the Klingon.

B'Elanna handed her lover the soap and turned back around to put her hands against the wall. This way Seven could stand outside the shower, but would get her front wet from the spraying water.

Seven took the soap and created a nice amount of bubbles before putting her hands softly against B'Elanna's back.

"Now you take your time and make sure my back is nice and clean baby."

"Yes B'Elanna."

Seven slowly started to move her hands over the caramel colored flesh in front of her.

"Don't forget the sides of my back," B'Elanna said softly after a moment, knowing only too well how hard she was making things for Seven.

Seven continued to move her hands in circles over B'Elanna's back, but now moving her hands a little further to the Klingon's sides with every circle.

"Don't be shy, baby, I'll tell you when you are far enough."

"Yes B'Elanna."

Seven moved her hands further and further to B'Elanna's side until she was touching the sides of B'Elanna's breasts with every circle. But when Seven wanted to move her hands just that little further to take the firm breasts into her hands, she was stopped by B'Elanna's voice.

"That's far enough."

Seven moved her hand back, but only a little. "You are an excellent tease, my Lord."

"So tell me, I feel two wonderful hands on my body, and Kahless do I love those hands on my body... but where is the soap?"

Seven only now realized that her hand were empty. "I... I seem to have dropped it."

"Then you better pick it up, you aren't done yet."

Seven bent down to pick up the soap, her face only a fraction away from B'Elanna's behind. There was no doubt in B'Elanna's mind that Seven could clearly smell her arousal. Something what was proven right way when she heard Seven take a deep breath.

"Don't just stand there. Kiss my ass and finally pick up that damn soap," B'Elanna laughed, "I want to give you your show."

Seven also laughed when B'Elanna's words registered. "You told me that so many times, you better be careful from now on. Because, from now on every time you tell me to kiss your ass…I will." Seven placed a soft kiss on one of B'Elanna's cheeks before also placing a kiss on the other cheek. Seven couldn't help herself and continued to place soft kisses until B'Elanna finally made her stop.

"There is one more part of my back that you haven't cleaned yet, baby," B'Elanna said while she bent forward a little.

"There is?" Seven asked while standing up.

"Sure, you were just kissing it. They don't call it a backside for nothing. Wash my ass baby."

Seven was only too happy to oblige. She moved the soap over the Klingon's firm behind. "You have a beautiful ass, B'Elanna. So firm and muscled, yet wonderful rounded."

"Kahless Seven, I love to hear you say words like 'ass'. It sounds so hot when you say that. Gods baby, they way you make me feel."

Seven dropped the soap once more and moved her soap covered hand between B'Elanna's cheeks. "Do you like the way I wash your ass, B'Elanna?"

"Oh, gods yes."

"I like it as well. B'Elanna Torres, I want to inform you that now that we have taken the Oath, certain rules I once set up here no longer apply. I would not mind it at all if you stimulate me a little from time to time when we shower together."

"Glad to hear it," B'Elanna replied, glad that she no longer needed to watch her so willing to wander hands. "What ever you want, baby."

Seven's hand was moving further and further between B'Elanna's legs, and at that moment the Klingon would have promised Seven the universe if she had asked for it. For the moment, B'Elanna had totally forgotten that she was supposed to be in control of this little game.

Seven moved her hand a little lower yet until it was moving fully over B'Elanna's sex. "I truly enjoy washing you. Not only like I am now, but also without a sexual reason. Simply to wash you."

B'Elanna moved her behind back a little further, and Seven reacted immediately to the invitation, entering B'Elanna's sex with two long fingers.

"Oooaah," B'Elanna moaned while she tried to find something to hold on to, but there was nothing to be found, so she just spread her hand out against the wall and leaned forward as much as she could to give Seven room. "Oh, Kahless yes! Fuck me baby. Make me come."

Seven moved her fingers slowly in and out of the warmth that was so tightly surrounding her fingers.

"Are you enjoying feeling me inside you, B'Elanna?" Seven whispered into B'Elanna's ear, not caring in the least that she was now also standing fully under the water.

"Yes. Yes baby. You make me feel so good. You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

"I make you feel good?" Seven asked.

"Yes, very, very good. Please baby a little faster, I need this sooo bad, I need you so bad."

Suddenly Seven removed her fingers and moved out of the shower. "That is unfortunate, since you were the one that was supposed to make yourself feel good. I want my show."

"You got to be kidding me!" B'Elanna said disbelievingly while turning around. She was rewarded with one of those superior smirks that the blonde could do so well. "You are serious!"

Seven set back down on the Vanity. "I most definitely am."

"You are going to pay for that you bitch!"

"I love you too," Seven smiled.

"Oooh, you are so going to pay. I'm going to take you time and time again later. I'll chain you to the bed and use every damn toy we have. I won't let you rest until you pass out from exhaustion."

"Promise?" Seven asked happily. Then she lifted here eyebrow. "My show?"

B'Elanna grinned at the blonde, how she loved the things Seven did to her.

"Show, yes ma'am," B'Elanna said while she cupped her breasts. She lifted one, bending her head to flick her tongue over her own nipple. She let go of her breasts only to cup them again. She massaged them softly before pinching her own nipples. "Gods, I can't wait for you to take my nipples into your mouth and suck them. Softly biting them before swirling your tongue around them to soothe them a little before sucking them hard, like you do so damn well."

She slowly lowered one of her hands to her belly, while she continued to pinch her nipples and massage her breasts with her other hand. She grinned slightly when she saw Seven's eyes following her hand. Lower her hand went until she reached her hairless center.

B'Elanna looked Seven in the eyes as she brushed her fingertips over her clit. "Oh yeah. Let me tell you baby, doing this with you watching me feels a lot better than it ever did when I touched myself."

Not waiting for an answer from Seven, B'Elanna started to rub her middle and ring finger over her clit in a slow circular movement, every once in a while changing to move up and down before going back to her circular movement.

"Do... oh, this feels so good. Do you like what you see, baby?" B'Elanna asked with a slightly strained voice. She was getting close, and both of them knew it.

Seven merely nodded her head; she didn't trust her voice. B'Elanna was exciting her so much that it was hard for Seven to simply sit and merely watch.

B'Elanna moved her second hand between her legs and pushed two of her fingers as deep as she could inside herself, only to pull them back out. She repeated the movement again and again, setting a steady rhythm of moving her fingers in and out, never stopping the rubbing her clit with her other hand.

She felt her orgasm start to build and her eyes fluttered closed in pure reflex. "Gods Seven..."

Whatever B'Elanna was going to say was lost in a rush of air when all of a sudden she felt herself being pushed against the shower wall by six feet of naked ex-Borg. Her hands were pushed away and a second later, B'Elanna felt two Borg enhanced fingers slide deep inside her. The ridges of the mesh that covered Seven's hand added another level to the already wonderful feeling of having Seven take her against the shower wall.

"Yes baby, fuck me!" B'Elanna begged. She had been moments from coming when Seven took over, and now she could once more feel an orgasm starting to build.

"Look at me," Seven said, not for a moment letting off of the fast pace in which she was moving in and out of B'Elanna.

B'Elanna couldn't help but listen to Seven's hypnotic voice and she opened her eyes only to see blue ones looking back at her. They looked each other in the eyes for a moment while Seven continued to fuck B'Elanna. The Klingon tried to hold off her orgasm as long as she could; there was something in those blue eyes that she had never seen before. She had seen desire in those eyes several times now, even if they weren't making love. But she had never seen this raw desire before.

Seven molded her own body against B'Elanna's, putting her free arm above B'Elanna's head. She now had B'Elanna fully pinned to the wall while she continued to move her fingers in an out of the Klingon.

"Come for me," Seven said and B'Elanna's body couldn't help but abide by the command. She screamed out her release, and would have dropped to her knees if Seven hadn't been pinning her to the wall.

Seven felt B'Elanna's inner walls grip at her fingers, but she didn't stop moving her fingers in and out of B'Elanna. Somehow she couldn't. She slowed the pace a little and continued to fuck her lover.

B'Elanna noticed that Seven wasn't about to stop, and that was fine with her. As long as she could remember, she had never seen Seven so... forceful was the wrong word... dominant... Seven had never been so dominant before and B'Elanna relished the feeling of being taken in the shower like that. She continued to look Seven in the eyes and continued to see a rawness there.

Then she realized what it was. This was not the Seven she had known for years. This was the Seven she had met in the last couple of weeks. This was her partner, her be'nal, her Lady. This was a woman that was loving, no, fucking, that was fucking her Lord like a Lord deserved it to be fucked. Seven was not loving her be'nal, she was not teasing a partner, she was not caressing the soul. No, this was them working so perfectly together in their new roles. This was the Lady of the House pleasing her Lord. B'Elanna almost came again from nothing more than that realization.

She put her arms around Seven's neck and then her legs around the blonde's waist; trusting Seven's power, and her own hold on Seven, to hold them both upright. "Fuck me, my Lady. Come on, take your Lord."

Seven felt B'Elanna move, and automatically changed her stance slightly to compensate. She quickly understood why B'Elanna had put her legs around her as she felt her lover open up even more for her. Not hesitating for a moment, Seven quickly added a third and soon a fourth finger. She wanted to tell B'Elanna that she loved her, she wanted to tell her how much she needed her, but somehow she couldn't form the words. All she could do was love B'Elanna. In the back of her mind, Seven realized that she had let go too much, and now she was no longer in control of herself. And what thrilled her to see was that apparently, B'Elanna relished her loss of control. She didn't fear it; she wanted it.

Then B'Elanna spoke and as by magic put all her feelings in the right place. Yes, that was it. They had sex the first time, the B'Elanna claimed her be'nal. They made love the second time, when they gave their soul to each other. And the times after that they had simply called it making love. But now they were fucking. Now the Lord and Lady of the house were feeling pleasure like they wanted to feel it.

"Mine," Seven growled as she continued to drive her fingers home into the wet heat that was so eagerly taking them in. "You are my Lord and for the rest I will be second place to you, my Lord. But during this," A forceful shove made B'Elanna cream in pleasure. "When the Lord and Lady make love, then you belong to me."

"Yes," B'Elanna could only say between lustful groans and screams. But she meant it. As Lord she was in control of the House, except for the parts that fell under the control of the Lady. And from now on, the sex between the Lord and the Lady also fell under the Lady's control. Not the making love in which B'Elanna decided what to do; that was still controlled by B'Elanna. But the sex between the Lord and the Lady, that was now for Seven to control.

No more words were said, or at least no more coherent words, as Seven continued to pound her fingers into her lover until B'Elanna finally came with such a loud scream that the next day her throat would still hurt a little from it.

B'Elanna reluctantly lowered her legs and they just stood there for a long moment, both of them panting heavily.

"That was," Seven finally started.

"Great," B'Elanna interrupted. "That was exactly what I needed. Thank you, my be'nal. I never before had a lover that could match me so well when I let go fully."

"I do not know where that came from," Seven admitted.

"And I don't care. I'm just glad to know that you can fuck me like that. And we 'will' do this again, my Lady. And now that I calmed down some, let me repeat what we didn't actually say out loud. Yes my most wonderful Lady, when you fuck your Lord again, you will be the one that is firmly in control."

"But only then?" Seven clarified. "For the rest you will still be the dominant partner that claimed her be'nal?" Before B'Elanna could ask, Seven added. "It is what I want."

"Only then," B'Elanna assured.

"So you will still chain me to the bed and whip me and make me plead for more when we reach the bedroom?"

"Oh yeah," B'Elanna assured in a drawn out way. "I think it's fitting. We are dividing our tasks between us, I think it's only fitting that from the different ways we can make love, one of them is firmly in control of the Lady. Rest assured that for the rest we will firmly stick to the behavior between us that we already agreed on. In fact, now that we calmed down some, how about we head to the bedroom? I think I hear some chains tinkling."

"In a moment," Seven said as she sank to her knees. "I did not let you finish your show. I think I should apologize for that first."

"Oh Kahless," B'Elanna said as she felt Seven place a soft kiss on her still hyper sensitive clit. As Seven started to do more than just kiss, B'Elanna's hands flailed around searching for a secure hold.

"Handholds. We need handholds in here," She groaned as her knees started to buckle.

Part 12

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