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Twenty-five to Life
By H.W.


Chapter 5

Day two.

"So, let me see if I got this right," Kathryn said slowly. "Once we are under way, I set the course and decide where we go, but I have to report weekly in the captains' meeting and give account for my actions? I thought I only had to account to you."

"No, you have to account to me if you did something wrong or if you start acting like you are some omnipotent person who has the power of the divine ones," Brika disagreed with a grin. "This meeting with the other captains is to keep them in the loop. It's not to get their approval, but it is the chance for them to voice their opinion on things. For instance, we have scanners that reach as far as we can travel in ten days at normal cruise speed. So in that meeting the captains might bring up planets or places they would like to visit in the next week for you to know and can keep it in mind. Kitten, you may be the one to point in the general direction but you do have to listen if others ask you 'wouldn't it be cool to go in this direction for a day or so.' Not necessarily agree; with twenty people asking, you will have to say no on a regular basis, but you at least have to listen."

"Kitten?" Kathryn repeated. "I thought we were on duty?"

"Yeah, so? We're alone. The universe isn't going to come crashing down on us if I call you Kitten. It doesn't mean I suddenly stop being the Admiral saying no to you, my love."

Kathryn couldn't help but grin. Despite her request being denied, she was loving this denial more than many approvals she had gotten in her career. "Alright, but on the first meeting I will lay down some Starfleet laws I have to abide by, which I expect them to abide by as well. Your government agreed this would be a Starfleet mission. I will give allowance because almost all of this armada is made up of your people, but there are some things on which I cannot budge."

"Alright, fair enough," Brika agreed. "As long as these rules don't strive with our own rules then we will set them up as Armada rules. But, only bring up the rules you really have to abide by; don't try changing the entire Armada to a Federation reflection."

"All our laws have to be abided by," Kathryn objected.

"Nonsense," Brika disagreed happily. "You are Starfleet; you don't abide by Federation laws, but by Starfleet laws. If you abided by Federation laws you should have elections every four years, since Federation laws state that any governmental office has to hold elections every four years. It is in fact to circumvent this change of command every few years that the Federation has pushed more and more into using Starfleet laws. Over the years things went from Starfleet being in command of starships, to them also being in command of star bases, and then even ground bases. Now they have reached a point where any Federation settlement that has less than five thousand people living in it, is under Starfleet command. Even if it's deep inside Federation space and there are no Starfleet forces stationed there other than some security. So, my lovely Kitten. Starfleet rules, not Federation rules, or else I will nix the entire proposal."

Kathryn groaned as she dropped down into the chair in front of her wife's desk. "I see I shared my Starfleet versus Federation tirade with you?"

"Yep," Brika agreed. "It was in fact on our first date."

"Really?" Kathryn asked surprised, sitting up a little straighter. "And you still went on a second date with me after that?"

"Yes," Brika assured softly, "Because it showed me I finally found someone that realizes sometimes you have to make choices between which laws to follow, which ones to ignore, and someone who can actually make those choices."

"Fine, I'll make a list of the 'must abide' rules only. For the rest, the life on the ships is up to your people, but when on Voyager they will abide by all Starfleet rules. It 'is' a Starfleet ship."

Brika thought about it for a moment. "Alright. However, I want to see a full list of those rules. I want to make sure there is nothing in it that is actually illegal for us. If there is, we will work on finding a middle ground."

"Deal," Kathryn agreed. Then she looked at her wife from under her eyelashes and grinned. "Permission to speak freely?"

"Permission granted," Brika said confused.

"I love the fact that you and I can interact professionally. It was my fear of not being able to do this that kept me away from ever trying a relationship with anyone of the crew."

"Well, I'm glad you never tried," Brika grinned. "Very glad in fact."

Kathryn got up and walked around the desk. She kissed her wife before asking, "You said that we sometimes fight. Tell me, do we also indulge in makeup sex afterwards?"

"Oh yeah," Brika assured.

"Good. I can't wait. I love you, Gorgeous."

"And I love you Kitten. Now get out of here, I have stuff to do."

"Alright," Kathryn agreed before asking, "By the way, where are you going to have your office once we get going?"

"Here on The Glory; where I'm sitting right now in fact, you know that."

"I know," Kathryn agreed. "Maybe you should rethink that. It is clearly stated that Voyager will be the center of the Armada. I think it makes more sense if you, as the fleet's top commander, would be stationed on the ship that is the base of command of the fleet or else you will get a shadow point of power. Voyager sets the course and everyone looks at the Glory to see if you follow."

"I smell some self interest here," Brika noted amused.

"No, I'm totally serious," Kathryn assured. "The self interest part is that, if you agree that I have a point, than I would like to offer to you that we share an office. I even promise to only be totally professional there if that's what is needed. But I honestly think you should be stationed on Voyager. That's my honest and professional opinion. There are enough rooms that could become your office. My totally selfish opinion is that I would love to have you share an office with me. I want to simply look up and see the most gorgeous thing in the universe sitting right across from me."

Brika thought about it for a moment. "How about we bring it up at the captains' meeting to see if someone has a good reason why not to do this? If they agree, then I agree. However, I will demand professionalism from you and me, my most wonderful Kitten." Then she smirked. "Well, if you ask nicely I might be tempted to allow a kiss or two."

Kathryn smiled. "I could consider that a challenge. In fact, I bet you now that within one month I will have made love with you in the ready room."


"Off duty," Kathryn assured. "Off duty, once our shift is over, but most definitely in the shared ready room. Come on, my love, every couple on a Starship makes love in other places than just their quarters. Why should we be different?"

Surrendering, Brika asked with a grin, "Since you know that so sure, do you also check the sensor logs?"

"Oh yeah," Kathryn agreed as she sat down on the edge of the desk. "It's the best way to keep up with ongoing relationships since as a captain I can't straight out ask. Jefferies tubes, when no repair is made, and neither of them is an Engineer. Or in one of the infrastructure rooms when all is working fine there."

"And did you allow it, or did you tell people to leave it be in the future?" Brika asked.

"Within reason I allowed it," Kathryn admitted. "Just like when two people decided to have lunch at home, and their break lasts longer than regulations allow. As you know, on a Starship people are never truly off duty. They are always on call. And normally all of the Voyager crew worked more hours than regulations demanded, simply because we were understaffed. I feel if we take that extra service from them, then I have to give a little and allow for some not exactly up to regulations activities as long as they are discreet. Besides, the Voyager crew had the tendency to make up for it by working longer that day or the next. We still get all the time from them, just that they shifted time a little without having asked permission for it. I allowed it, and I will continue to allow it. Now let me ask you, do I have to officially start hiding from you that I do that, or can you know that I do that?"

"Officially?" Brika asked with a smile. "Good to know that you really did leave the 'having secrets' thing behind yesterday. And no, you don't have to hide it. I do expect you to do as you did; make sure that it doesn't get out of hand. As long as they are discreet, it doesn't endanger the ship, and they make up for the time, let them have their moments of love."

"Good to know. Now, why don't you excuse me so we both can get some work done?"

"Good idea," Brika smiled. "Dismissed, Captain."

"How dare you?" B'Elanna growled. "How dare you give the clearance for them to deactivate the integrity field?"

"At the moment no work is being done in Astrometrics, so I,"

"I didn't ask for that," B'Elanna interrupted. "I asked how you dared to give that clearance."

Seven looked to the side where two Urdian stood, rather uncomfortably, while waiting to hear if they could continue with what they had been doing when B'Elanna had yelled at them to stop.

"There was no daring involved, it was a simple matter of being asked if a task could be done and I,"

"You, just cost me two hours of work, at least," B'Elanna shouted. "I had that field set up because stripping this kind of warp core has to be done in a certain way."

"I am well acquainted with the design of the warp core," Seven noted, not seeing the problem.

"How it works, yes, but how to tear it down, no," B'Elanna disagreed as she came closer until she was almost touching the blonde. "Do you see any damn supports up there holding the warp core up straight?"

Seven automatically looked up.

"No," B'Elanna continued. "You know why? Because I had those damn things removed this morning, so that we could work on the rest while the integrity field would keep it all in place."

"I," Seven stopped, only now realizing the grave error she had made. But despite it she knew that she was not the only one to blame. "I see why this would anger you, but you should have put a warning message in place in the computer, it is,"

"Are you telling me what to do, Borg?" B'Elanna interrupted. "I don't have to put in a warning message because,"


"Regulations my ass. No, wait, I take that back. Regulations. Regulations state clearly that any deconstruction work on the warp core should be done under the supervision of 'one' qualified person. Either the Chief Engineer, or someone with the rank of commander or higher. Also, once this person is selected, once deconstruction has started, under no circumstances is work to be done on said warp core if the supervising individual is not present. Check the logs, Borg. I noted clearly that deconstruction of the warp core is in progress. You can't blame me for you not following regulations, now can you? Thanks to you I now have to check each and every damn coupling, conduit, and magnetic constrictor to see if they are still aligned within tolerances before we can continue. And if I'm really lucky you fucked things up so badly, that first I have to repair the warp core again before we can safely break it down. Yeah, thank you very much Miss Perfect."

"Where should I start?" Seven asked, knowing B'Elanna was right in one regard. Seven should have checked what the logs said before giving clearance.

"Anywhere, as long as it's not in engineering. Get out."

"I am of most use,"

"By screwing even more up?" B'Elanna interrupted. "Out now, or else I'll make it an order. The last thing I knew, I'm still in command here. Move it, Borg."

A silence fell between them while a war of no words raged. Finally it was Seven that caved. Without a word she turned and left engineering.

B'Elanna looked at the door for a moment before finally letting out a frustrated growl. Then she took a deep breath before turning to the Urdian Engineers. "Sorry about that. Look, I'm not kidding, you can't work on the warp core until I clear it. Why don't you have a look at the reactant injectors? I think they were on the work list for today as well?"

"They are, and we can do that," one of the Urdians assured.

B'Elanna nodded her head before looking around. "Carey, Vorik, get over here, we got work to do."

"I don't know," Jennifer sighed.

She looked around the room that was going to be the new and improved Astrometrics lab of Voyager. Technically it was still the old lab since it was the old room the lab had been in every since it had been constructed mostly by Harry and Seven. Engineering had reluctantly helped in areas where regulations demanded the work completed must be done by that department. The location was also the only thing old about the lab.

Astrometrics was gutted to the walls and the new components were at the moment stacked against one wall, still in crates if they had been assembled, or covered by protection packaging if they had been replicated.

This was another proof of Urdian technology. With Voyager's replicators you could replicate the item and packaging, and then you had to pack it yourself. Small items that were small enough to fit in one hand were the only things that could be replicated already packed. Even then, only one layer of packaging was possible. You could replicate a ring in a box for instance, or you could replicate a picture frame in paper wrappings. However, you couldn't replicate a ring in a box covered in paper wrappings with a nice little bow on top of it. The replicators were not that sophisticated.

With the Urdian replicators you could, no problem. Even the industrial replicators had the option of packaging. Moreover, you could choose the type packaging down to the last detail or choose the standard option. With the standard option the computer would pick the best suitable packaging available. The components for Astrometrics were replicated already packed in protective padded packaging. Additionally, they were covered in an airtight wrapping to protect the components against outside influences until needed.

"You don't know what?" Megan asked.

"I don't know what I don't know," Jennifer said with a chuckle. "It was just a general statement. I guess I just don't like this," she said, gesturing around the room with her hands. "Astrometrics was our little place. I don't like to see it gutted like this."

"Astrometrics was Seven's place, we just ran the show when she wasn't there," Megan corrected.

Jennifer shook her head. "I disagree. Seven might have been the one in charge, but we did the work. She just added the outcomes together and compared them against her Borg knowledge."

Hearing her own words, Jennifer felt she was a bit too unfair and relented, "Well, she also works more than us two combined when she is here. That's one of the things I like about working for her. She doesn't just sit back and lets us do the work so she can go claim all the glory for it. With her, you know when she says 'I did this scan', she did it. But whenever it was something we did, she specifically says we were the ones that did it. If it was a combined effort, she would say something like 'from the scan Jennifer conducted, I concluded', if it's something she did but it's based on our work."

"True enough," Her sister agreed. "I like the fact that she doesn't boast with our abilities, pretending that she is the one that did the work and was smart enough to put the clues together when we are the ones that actually did it. Remember Jones on the USS Sydney? He would let us do all the work and then run to the captain and tell him about all the work 'he' did."

"We put up with it," Jennifer sighed. "All because it was the only ship in Starfleet that would accept us as a one package deal."

"Yeah," Megan agreed, faking an exaggerated shudder. "Four years of service in cramped quarters on an almost one century old ship and all because Starfleet wanted to convince us that taking separate positions on two different ships would be better for us."

Jennifer smiled at her sister and best friend in life. "They didn't convince us, though. And I'm glad. We finally got transferred to Voyager because we stuck together, and now look where we are. I love our new quarters and I think if we would reach the Federation tomorrow I would leave Starfleet and stay with the Fleet. Well, depending on how the Urdians turn out in the long run of course but I like them."

"There you go making decisions for the both of us again," Megan teased. It was an old argument between them, but not really much of an argument.

Though identical twins that even close friends had a problem telling apart on looks, their characters were definitely different. Megan was easy going, patient, relaxed, and one of the gentlest people anyone could ever hope to meet; besides being highly intelligent, street-smart and beautiful, of course. In other words, Megan was a follower that liked to follow but knew when to stop following; the typical beta personality. Jennifer was bolder, more aggressive, more competitive, and more ambitious. In other words a born leader, the typical alpha personality, but still, an extremely nice person you were lucky to have as a friend.

The result was that Jennifer often made the decisions which affected them both, Jennifer had more the tendency to speak in the 'I' form, actually speaking for the both of them. Truth be known, Megan didn't mind it too much. Her personality was being a follower, so most of the time she went along with the decisions Jennifer made. Megan was cool with that because she knew if she disagreed then her sister would respect her decision. There were more than one occasion where the both of them did something the way Megan wanted it simply because this time she truly wanted it her way.

Their different personalities fit them both perfectly simply because it meant they hardly ever clashed. There weren't two leader mentalities that wanted to be right. There weren't two follower personalities that wanted someone else to make decisions. It was just them; a two person pact that was so close they often acted like one person. Besides being sisters, they were also each other's best friends; to one person they didn't have secrets for, the one person they told their most private of fantasies.

It had surprised almost everyone on Voyager that the Delany twins were among the people that hadn't found a love interest on the planet. The Delany's were known for being flirts. It was also known that sometimes people got lucky and the flirting led to more. People just assumed since these two women could find a love interest so easily aboard the ship, they would definitely have found someone on the planet.

However, only a select few understood why this hadn't happened. The simple reason was they weren't looking. Seven was actually one of those people that understood. Even before they had reached the planet, Seven with her directness and what some would call a lack of tact, basically asked the twins what the deal was between them. Seven asked what others whispered behind their backs. Seven dared to ask if the twins were also sexually involved with each other.

The sisters laughed. They knew about the rumors of course, but they had liked Seven for the boldness of daring to ask the question. They explained to her that she shouldn't believe those stories that were born out of nothing more than sexual fantasies of people that were dreaming to be the filling in a Delaney sandwich. The answer was actually very simple. Yes, the sisters loved each other more than anything in the universe. Yes, they were close. Yes, they were the best friends of each other. Yes, they were more united and one unit than many, no, most, married couples could even hope to be. They liked it that way. Who needed sex from your partner when you had someone that instead knew you down to the last detail? That knew when you needed a hug, or needed a laugh. That knew how to hold you and listen to you talk about your dream?

Sex was easy. They had hands, they had toys, and they could take care of themselves. If that wasn't enough, there was still the holodecks, or some fun with an occasional sexy stranger. However, they knew they would never find someone that would be emotionally close as they were for each other, so why bother looking? For them they had it all; someone that understood them completely, and that would ask you all the detail when you had met someone for some mindless fun.

Megan lifted her hands in mock defense. "Sorry, but you would want to stay in the Federation if by some magic we were back tomorrow? They will rip the crew apart, you know that? Right? With the experience we all have? Now we have enough experience that we will always be together simply because we can threaten to leave Starfleet altogether if they want to put us on different ships."

She walked over to one of the crates that housed one of the new consoles and hopped up to sit on it. "But the rest? Surely they would offer B'Elanna something like being Chief Engineer on a Sovereign class ship. They would be crazy not to with her track record. She knows how to keep engineering running above Starfleet specs. Or Tom, you think they would leave him flying a scout ship? Tuvok and Chakotay probably both will make Captain. Janeway will get a bigger ship or some teaching job, if not a promotion. But the Urdian Fleet will stick together no matter what Starfleet will eventually do. I'd much rather work on becoming one with them and their community and just stick with them if we ever reach the Federation."

Megan walked over and also hopped onto the crate. "You're right. I was just teasing. But I also want to stay in contact with our friends from Voyager. We aren't home yet, if we ever make it there while we are still alive. Even with Urdian speeds we have still forty years of travel, give or take, well, forty years depending on what we come across during our travels."

"Oh, I'm not talking about turning our backs on them," Jennifer was quick to assure. "No, I'm talking about actively seeking out the Urdians. If we reach the Federation and our Voyager friends leave, we still have our Urdian friends and can continue our life with them, just missing a few friends that leave for the Federation."

"Ah," Megan said in understanding. "Now that I totally agree with." She bumped her sister's shoulder with her own. "So what was the 'I don't know' about a while ago? Besides being a generic statement of course."

"Oh," Jennifer said, remembering her original thoughts. "Well, I don't know as in I don't know if I want to be doing the exact same job again." Seeing her sister frown she was quick to assure, "Mind you, I love the work and I'm not talking about giving Astrometrics up entirely. It's my learned and practiced job after all. It would be kinda daft to go do something else. I don't even know what I would want to do instead. I love the work. Having said that, I don't know, I'm missing something. If it was just our department with us being clearly in charge, then it would be cool because it's our contribution to Voyager."

"Even if we would still have to hand our reports to others who then would talk about them in the senior staff meetings," Megan asked. "Astrometrics isn't a reporting senior staff level department. Seven isn't on the senior staff because she runs Astrometrics. Astrometrics exists because Seven demanded its existence."

"I know," Jennifer assured. "And I wouldn't mind that because it would still be our department. We all answer to someone eventually. But now we're in somewhat of a limbo. We do Astrometrics work, and even though Seven goes to great lengths to stress that it's not her work, everyone still looks at her. They tell her 'great work' when they are pleased with something we did. Seven is kind enough to tell us the senior staff or the Captain was pleased with our results."

"Alright," her sister said slowly. "So what would you want instead?"

Jennifer smiled. "Besides the unobtainable of Astrometrics simply being ours? Well, if we are just the hired helps, then I would like to work on something else on occasion as well. I mean, how about planetary data? We already scan the skies to find a planet that supports life. Once we get there and it becomes interesting we have to hand the project over to Xenobiology. If we found the planet, I want to be the one that checks into plant and wildlife. Sure, if there is sentient life, let Xenobiology handle finding out what would appease or anger them. They are the experts then. I don't see why we can't do the preliminary scans. Let us finish the work we started."

"We could officially petition for an increase in our responsibilities," Megan suggested. "Now is a good time for it. We can use the new Astrometrics material as a good excuse. The new sensors would automatically pick things up that the old sensors would only pick up once we are in orbit around a planet. We could argue that it blurs the line."

As she talked she was reminded of their current situation and added, "We could use this situation with the trace element as an example. The new scanners would have picked it up long before we reached the planet. So does it mean Xenobiology needs to have the project before we are there, or does the Doctor need that data? Just when would we hand the project to Xenobiology? Who decides whether the Doctor needs to be informed in those situations? We would already be getting data long before we are in orbit of the planet. Why should Xenobiology already have the project when we still have to monitor for orbital debris and stuff like that?"

She patted the crate she was sitting on to indicate the new equipment. "Now, the first data will come in days before we reach the planet. The Doctor could have already finished his preliminary research long before we reach the planet. So just who is in charge of what when? It blurs, and we could suggest that we simply stick to the guideline that as long as we haven't actually reached the planet it's our department and we will be sure to pass all data to other departments once we reach the planet for them to study it as well. I'm sure that with a bit of help from Seven we can convince the Captain that Astrometrics should be handling the data and collect preliminary reports in its overall ongoing reports to the Captain until we are in orbit around a planet. By then these new sensors already picked up all kinds of interesting things."

Jennifer smiled at the suggestion. "That's what I love about you. You're so damn smart."

Megan faked a pout. "That's the only thing you love about me?"

Jennifer put an arm around her sister and puller her close. "Oh no, there is so much I love about you... your backrubs are great too."

Megan laughed and leaned her head onto her sister's shoulder. "You're so mean. Maybe,"

They were interrupted by the door opening and two of Voyagers Engineers walking in. The sisters had a great respect for B'Elanna and really liked her. They also liked the fact that B'Elanna picked her crew on their abilities and not on how much she liked them. The Klingon had no problem keeping her Engineers in line since they either liked her, or respected her abilities, or simply feared her and because of that, did what they were told. It also meant a few Engineers weren't the most liked people around the ship. They might be excellent engineers, but some had terrible people skills.

The sisters looked at the two men that walked in and stopped talking when they saw the sisters. The sisters filled more than one of their fantasies. Their current sitting position led to much more in said fantasies and the man practically started to drool.

Realizing what their position would look like to a couple of horny men, Megan made a point of rolling her eyes before asking, "Geez, can't two people neck in private around here?"

Not waiting for an answer the sisters hopped off the crate and walked out, keeping their composure until the door closed behind them. Once in the corridor and well out of earshot they burst out into giggles. Megan swatted her sister's arm and said between giggles, "You are so bad."

"Come on, no matter what we would have said, or not, those two would be thinking about us anyway when they're jerking off tonight."

"Who says that they aren't in there taking care of the problem with now, helping each other?" Megan suggested, breaking out into giggles at the mere idea.

Jennifer snorted as they started to walk down the corridor. "Those two? Come on, those are two of the last men I know that still think two women together can't have sex. To them, as long as there is no dick involved it's all just foreplay. You think they would help each other and do something 'so disgusting' as a gay activity themselves?"

"Good point," Megan chuckled at her sister's description.

"Come on, how about we beam over to The Glory and get started making decoration decisions?" Jennifer suggested.

"We're on duty," Megan demanded.

Jennifer made a dismissive hand gesture. "You really think they're checking who's really working the next couple of days? If someone complains, we just tell them we had to go home and have wild sex."

"Oh will you stop it," Megan said with another giggle. "It almost sounds like it's something you would like to do."

They looked at each other for a moment before bursting out in giggles again. "Neh," Jennifer finally admitted. "You look too much like me. It would feel like making love to a holographic copy of me. If I was truly interested in having sex with you I would have told you already. I know you would oblige me if for nothing more than to satisfy my curiosity. It's just, I've given up on explaining to narrow-minded people the difference between sisterly closeness and the holograms in their adult programs. Let them think what they want. Nothing we say will stop them from thinking their x-rated thoughts about us. At least that way, people like those two morons, will think we're involved and won't bother asking us out."

"True," Megan agreed as they reached the transporter room. Seeing nobody was there, she admitted, "I did that once, you know?"

"Did what once?" Jennifer asked confused.

"Have sex with a holographic copy of myself." Megan smiled in triumph, seeing for once she been able to totally surprise her sister.

"Why would you do that?" Jennifer asked after a moment of silence.

Megan shrugged. "I wanted to feel what I feel like. I can touch myself, but it still feels different than touching someone else. I wanted to know what others would feel if they were with me. I took my medical scan and uploaded it into a holodeck character. I wanted it all to be right."

"And?" Jennifer asked.

"And," Megan said thoughtfully. "I learned a couple of things about myself I didn't know. Things I like or don't really like. It's kinda like how you can't tickle yourself into laughing? Things that feel great when I do them to myself felt... not that special actually. Kinda boring."

"Which explains why you did it only once," Jennifer guessed.

Megan nodded her agreement. "I guess part of the fun is that with someone else you never know what's going to happen next. But with the hologram I knew because the copy was too good. It did things when I would have done, so I knew it was going to happen. Weird. I'm still glad I did it, though. I like knowing what I feel like, in and out. I love how my boobs feel too."

"You little pervert," her sister said with a shake of her head. "Come on, let's get going. We still have stuff to decide. One bedroom again, right, just like on Voyager? I like talking with you at night."

Megan nodded her agreement. "Yep, just no bunk beds anymore. From the schematics we've seen, I'm sure there is more than enough room for two single beds."

Jennifer giggled once more before adding, "And we could use those two small rooms attached to the bedroom as our private rooms. That way someone won't have to hog the bathroom for half an hour when she's horny."

"You've started talking in the third person about yourself now?" Megan teased right back. This had been one of the small points of friction between them. Not the fact they used the bathroom when they wanted to please themselves, but the fact that both of them preferred a bit of a buildup and therefore it normally lasted at least half an hour. It happened more than once that one of the sisters had been sitting with crossed legs, badly in need of a bathroom break only to have to wait for half an hour.

"Excuse me," Jennifer started as they stepped onto the transporter pad, "But I distinctly remember..." The rest of her words were lost in the beam of light from the transporter.

As B'Elanna walked into the mess-hall of The Glory, she was surprised to see Seven sitting at one of the tables with a PADD in one hand and a fork in the other. She walked over to the food stand, not sure if she should be glad or sad the man that was supposed to be a friend wasn't there. B'Elanna selected some food and was just about to turn from the line when she saw something off to one side. Hesitantly she picked it up as well and put it on her tray, along with the needed cutlery.

She looked over at Seven once more, seeing the PADD was now on the table, and Seven was looking at her. She hesitated, and then making her choice, she moved to Seven. When she had almost reached the blonde she was surprised to find the sounds of the rest of the mess-hall ebb away.

"A dampening field," Seven explained, having seen the surprised look on the Klingon's face.

B'Elanna sat down across from Seven and just looked at her for a moment. Suddenly she picked the item off her tray and put it in front of Seven.

"What is this?" Seven asked confused.

"Well, I'm not sure," B'Elanna admitted with a grin. "On Voyager I would have said it's chocolate covered cheesecake; looks like it. Since you said this guy's food is good, I thought it was worth the risk of the gamble. More importantly, it's a peace offering."

"You are apologizing?" Seven asked surprised.

"No," B'Elanna countered resolutely. "I was right, and you know it. This is not an apology, but a peace offering; major difference."

"I do not understand," Seven admitted.

"You don't understand the difference, or you don't understand why I'm trying?"

"The last."

B'Elanna looked at her hands for a moment before looking back up and explaining. "I'm trying because things are different now. Seven, before, I would get pissed at you, and you probably at me. We would take days to get over it. For me, first I would be pissed like hell, then angry, then simply not talk to you to prevent you from pissing me off again. Days. We can't do that now. In,"

B'Elanna checked the time before continuing, "Five hours, we'll both be going to the same quarters. Do you want to take this tense atmosphere with you into the quarters? I don't. In our quarters, we've been getting along surprisingly well the last few days, do you agree?"

"I do," Seven assured right away.

"So, do you want to go home and I walk in still pissed at you like I was earlier? Do you want to be home and see me walk in and feel the hostility I'm pretty sure you felt for me in Voyager's Engineering?"

"No, to both."

"So either we just snap our fingers and suddenly get along, or we find some middle ground. Do you think we'll suddenly stop disagreeing on stuff? Do you think what happened in Engineering was the last time? You know damn well both our personalities will never allow that kind of giving in."

Seven merely dipped her head this time, urging B'Elanna to continue.

"So we need to find a middle ground. You wanted to suddenly help in Engineering,"

"And you told me to leave," Seven interrupted.

B'Elanna lifted an index finger to her lips and told Seven that way to shut up. "You suddenly wanted to help. That I declined is beside the point right now. What is the point though, is this, do you agree I won our argument and you lost it?"

"I would rather say I agree you had a point and therefore I did not see why to continue the argument, but I did not lose it."

"Seven, drop it, alright? That's what I'm trying to get at here. We had a fight, 'someone' lost, and the other won. The fight is over. Now, either we can stay pissed and take that to the quarters or the 'someone' that lost accepts it, and the 'someone' who won doesn't gloat about it, and we move on. Maybe we will fight again in one hour, and as soon as that is over, we move on once more. We had a fight in Voyager's Engineering. Now it's over, we move on, and we can eat lunch together without being pissed at each other."

"You make a compelling argument," Seven agreed. "We need to get along to share quarters. If we were still annoyed with each other this evening we would merely stay to ourselves. However if we can put this behind us, then we can work together on those changes to the quarters we talked about last night."

B'Elanna grinned. "Well, there you go, just one good reason to see if in the future we can work things out before getting home."

"There still is the fact that you sent me away," Seven reminded.

"Are you still pissed at that?"

"I was annoyed, but I did find something else to do. However, that is not why I brought it up. Very well, I agree that you... won, that fight. Then you should also be gracious enough to accept the fact and allow me to help. You know only too well that on practical level I am the second best engineer you have, right after you and on technical level I surpass all, including you. Only last night we had a discussion in which you reminded me that there are even in Engineering only a very small number of people that are adequate engineers."

Torres puckered her lips before deciding not to take the bait, mostly because she suspected Seven didn't do it with malicious intent but instead it was more a case of old habits. "Seven, be nice. I never said it like that, and I never would because if only a few people were adequate engineers the rest would by definition be worse which would rank them as hacks. I don't have hacks working in Engineering. My people are good at what they do, just that most, and this I agreed to, have specialized fields they are very good at and some fields where they wouldn't know what to do. There are only very few people that would know how to do all the tasks in Engineering."

Seven dipped her head. "You are correct. I surmised what you had said and done so in a bad way. I apologize. However, the point I was making still exists. You have only one or two people that can assist you in all tasks in Engineering, and besides you there is only one other person in Engineering you trust to do all the tasks, Lieutenant Cary. There is only one another person in the entire crew of Voyager that can do all the potential jobs in Engineering on a high quality level, and that person is me. You were harming the collective that is Voyager by refusing my help."

"Let me think," B'Elanna merely said before starting to eat. "Damn, this really is good," She approved with a mouth full of food.

"Manners Lieutenant."

B'Elanna just looked at Seven for a moment before finally swallowing and grinning. "True." She ate the rest of the warm food before finally speaking again. "You have a point. I could have used your help. Alright, but this goes both ways. If either of us wins, then that's it, and we then do appreciate the qualities of the other. I still remember the time where you told me that explaining to me how to run a diagnostics scan would take too much time, and you called for Megan to do it. That was crap, and we both know it. You were doing the same as I did today, only in a different way. Just as important, the loser will not try to use the opportunity to still do things their way. Seven, if I win, like today, and I then let you help me, I must to able to trust you blindly that you will then indeed do things the way I want them to be done. The same goes for me if I agree with you."

Seven thought about it for a moment before agreeing. "Very well." Then she asked, "Are you done now with the warp core? You did say it would take two hours at least. It has been two hours and twenty minutes when you entered the mess-hall."

"No, we ran into some problems. I think it will take at least one more hour once I'm back there." Then adding action to her words, B'Elanna offered. "I could really use an extra pair of hands down there; especially someone that knows exactly what she's doing."

Seven merely smiled.

"So, are you going to eat that?" B'Elanna asked.

Seven picked up the fork and took some of the dessert. As soon as it hit her taste buds she let out a moan of satisfaction.

B'Elanna's eyes got wider when hearing the lustful moan. She had heard moans filled with less emotion when people reached an orgasm. She swallowed before asking with an, almost, casual voice. "That good?"

As an answer, Seven used her fork to take some more of the dessert and reached the fork over the table. B'Elanna leaned forward and closed her mouth around the fork. As she moved back she noticed that she had missed some of the chocolate on the fork and stuck out her tongue to lick it off. It was only once she done so she realized just what she had been doing, what the both of them been doing.

"I'll get you another fork," B'Elanna offered, as she reached for the item in question. Only to be surprised when Seven pulled it out of reach.

"Manners Lieutenant," Seven said, reminding B'Elanna she had spoken again with food in her mouth. Then she used the fork to take some more of the dessert and popped it into her own mouth. After she had chewed and swallowed, she explained. "B'Elanna, I have been married to you for four months. We have a nightstand that is solely devoted to sex toys. I have the distinct feeling that a little of your saliva on my fork is not the only bodily fluid of yours that has been in my mouth."

B'Elanna blushed as once more a scene flashed in her mind. This time B'Elanna was on her back and Seven was sitting on top of her in a way that left nothing to imagination.

"Yeah, I have a feeling you're right," She managed to say.

"Are you alright?" Seven asked concerned.

"Yeah, fine." Seeing that she was not believed, B'Elanna explained. "Look, I'm fine, really. It's just sometimes I have these... flashes I guess you can call them like I told you in the shower, about seeing you in that black number? Well, I just had another one, alright?"

B'Elanna was surprised with the reaction she got to her confessions.

Seven looked down at the dessert before admitting, "You are not the only one. I had three of those." She looked at B'Elanna for a moment before asking, "In those flashes, did something about me change? Is there a difference between before and after our shower yesterday?"


"I have a reason for asking. Please humor me and try to remember."

With a sigh, B'Elanna tried to remember the flash she just seen She was surprised to find how easy it came back. Now that she had a moment longer than just a surprised flash, she noticed more detail. She also allowed herself to enjoy the image more as well. Now she could see Seven arch her back as she came. She looked around her, seeing there were more people in the mess-hall. Since she didn't hear any of them, she figured the dampening field was doing its job, so she felt safe to say, "It's like my subconscious is filling in the blanks. I,"

She didn't look at Seven as she admitted, "I saw you sitting on top of me, my face. You, um, came and I cleaned it up. Yeah, you're right. I think there's been, most definitely, more than just your saliva in my mouth. There are other things too. Now that I know we have those handcuffs, I was wearing them with my arms above my head. More importantly, you now have implants in the flashes. The first time, before the shower you didn't have implants, but just now you did."

"That is why I asked. I noticed the same. I had two flashes of us before we shared that time in the bathroom, and one after. In the last one I saw changes, like your nipples being slightly browner, to reflect the actual color they have. I could also see the little scar under your left breast... which reminds me, I have been wanting to ask; how did you get that?"

"It's not something I like to talk about, and the few times I did talk about it I made something up." B'Elanna grinned. "Tom thinks it's a knife wound I got during my Maquis days."

"And, in reality?"

B'Elanna crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair. "Now what makes you think I would tell you when I never even told Tom?"

Seven thought for a moment before asking, "How about this?" She lowered her head a little so that she could look back up through her eyelashes, right before batting them and saying in a pleading, almost begging, tone, "Pleeeease?"

B'Elanna chuckled. "I see you can do cute if you want to."

Seven stopped her pleading look before lifting an eyebrow and admitting, "I can. I figured since you are urging me to clothe, act, and be, more natural, you might as well also have to suffer through me doing things I could never do as the cold Ice Princess."

B'Elanna had the decency to blush. "You heard me. I should have known, Borg with enhanced hearing."

"If it is any consolation, I like the nickname," Seven assured.

"It's supposed to be an insult."

"I know what it is supposed to be," Seven assured. "But why would I object to being called a princess? Or why would I object to a reference to a frosty persona when I myself put a lot of work into creating that frosty persona?"

B'Elanna frowned. "Why would you do that on purpose?"

"You have to remember when I started to interact with people, I actually still wanted to go back to the Borg," Seven reminded. "I did not want friends. I did not want people to like me. I wanted to be left alone and for people to stay away from me. Plus, despite that, it is also a part of my persona. You have seen me in our quarters. I am not a person to be moving all the time, nor am I energetic or easily impressed by the smallest things. Despite knowing me more personal now, would you not still say that 'ice Princess' fits me? Or more to the point, you would not say it because you think that I might be insulted, but do you not think that the name still fits?"

B'Elanna smirked. "Well, it does, though now I could come up with more complimentary things to explain the name. You know, like saying the ice is a reference to your clearly Nordic heritage. The princess is a compliment because of your thoughtful and graceful way of moving, or crap like that."

Seven smiled when the last part registered. "Well, I told you my secret, now tell me yours. Where did you get the scar?"

"In reality it really is from my Maquis days," B'Elanna insisted. "But it's just from not watching where I was walking. I walked straight into the jagged edge of a broken railing. As you can see, a knife wound sounds more impressive." Then she asked more seriously, "What do you think the deal is with those flashes?"

Seven thought about it for a moment. "My guess is these images are coming from our subconscious. Subconsciously we still know what the other likes just that the conscious visual memory is no longer there. Subconsciously you might still know the position you described is favored by the both of us, but you do not have any visuals, consciously, validate the subconscious images. The same with me."

"You know, you might be on to something," B'Elanna agreed. "Now that you mention it, the implants weren't the only thing that changed. Before the shower, your proportions were more like what I see now sitting across from me, the Bio-suit look with your hair up in a bun. However the flash just now, you had the proportions I know you really have, and your hair was hanging loose."

Then, not being able to help herself, B'Elanna asked, "You said, a position we both favor. You would like that, sitting on top while I,"

"B'Elanna Torres, if you finish that question I will answer it. However my question to you is, do you really want to know? I thought you already had enough problems with knowing that I would not mind keeping you sexually active. Do you also want to know how I would do so? To prevent what made you angry the day before yesterday, do know that I will answer, and I am not trying to manipulate you. I am merely giving you the opportunity to think if you want to truly ask that question."

B'Elanna puckered her lips for a moment and then nodded her head. "Tell me, how does the dessert taste to you?" She asked, changing the subject to something safer. "Half of my tastes buds are Klingon, so the food never tastes to me like people say it tastes. I like that, but, how would you describe it?"


The both of them stepped back and looked at the alcove.

"Well, since we are in the privacy of these quarters let me just say; if we want, we can work really well together," B'Elanna grinned.

"Indeed," Seven agreed. She walked to the bedroom door and looked at the entire picture. "Do you not think it looks out of place there?"

B'Elanna joined the blonde and looked into the room. Then she shrugged. "I like it. But then, I'm an Engineer. For me to have a huge piece of technology standing in the bedroom, is the same as some life-size nude holographic image of Miss Federation is to a teenager."

Seven looked at B'Elanna in disbelief. "Are you saying you have the hots for Borg technology?"

"The hots?" B'Elanna laughed. "Kahless, you just sound so weird when you say things I would say."

"It is effective," Seven defended.

"True, but it's still weird. But then again, hearing you say things like that is damn fun."

B'Elanna walked over to the alcove and patted the side of it. "The fact it's Borg and you need it is simply why I can get away with having it in the bedroom. I mean, do you think you would agree to me putting, say a piece of the warp core here instead?"

"I might, though not instead. I need my alcove," Seven said, surprising the Klingon. "I might if it is done in an aesthetically pleasing way. For instance," Seven pointed to the wall beside the alcove. "We could put a part of the transparent warp core cover here then we could place some of the coolant conduits behind it with a blue back light behind it. The end result would be the cover illuminated with swirling blue lights of different strengths. It would be comparable to Voyager's warp core when it is at relative rest."

B'Elanna actually licked her lips at the idea. "That would be one hell of a nightlight, if we tone it down enough for me to sleep with it on. You really wouldn't mind?"

"No," Seven assured.

"Alright, I'll save some of the parts of Voyager's warp core. Once we are underway, we may have the time to create the thing. Thank you."

"You are welcome. Do you want to try finishing our rooms today as well?"

"Sure, why not? We don't have to move stuff out, only have the industrial replicators replicate some furniture and then have it beamed in. Picking what we want will take more time than actually finishing the rooms."

"I will get some PADDs. We can link them to the computer and make some selections. Since these are our individual rooms, I suggest we make personal choices on our own tastes."


"I guess I'll put my bat'leth in here as well," B'Elanna said reluctantly, gesturing to her personal room.

"There is no need to," Seven assured as she looked around the small room that was now B'Elanna's private domain. "The bat'leth is a weapon of honor. As such it should be proudly displayed, not hidden in some small room. You can put it on one of the walls in the living room if you want."

"Really?" B'Elanna asked pleasantly surprised.

"Really," Seven assured as she stepped out of the room and once more looked at the alcove and at the place where soon some of the parts of Voyager's old warp core would get a new life. "In fact, since you are so willing to find a middle ground between us in these quarters, how about this for a middle ground? In general, decorations are irrelevant to me. What would you think of you supplying the decorations and I make sure they are portrayed in an aesthetically pleasing way? You supply your bat'leth for placement in the living room and I decide the placement. The same with the Klingon battle uniform you replicated after your experience with the Barge of the Dead. I believe it could look aesthetically pleasing in the living room if placed on a stand against the wall beside the door."

"You are kidding me," B'Elanna merely said.

"I assure you, I am not. My reasoning is, if it is irrelevant to me, why not please you by you being able to have your items of honor on proud display? However, if it is not displayed correctly it will... annoy me every time I see it. Therefore, my demand is you supply it and I arrange it."

B'Elanna chuckled. "Why do I get the feeling my uniform will soon be spending its life, when not in use, by being displayed while hanging painfully straight down to the millimeter. Alright, if you don't mind, then I'm more than happy to take you up on the offer."

B'Elanna walked over to Seven's room and looked in. To her it was painfully boring. Just a desk, a chair, and a computer unit but if that's what Seven wanted. Then she remembered something.

"Hey Seven, there is one more thing we need to do; a test. Why don't you go in for a moment and listen?"

"Very well," Seven said surprised.

Once the door closed, B'Elanna suddenly shouted to the top of her lungs: "Seven, you can come out now!"

After getting no reaction, B'Elanna pushed the button to open the door. Since the commands to the computer had already been changed it didn't open the door, but it did send a signal inside that someone was pushing the button so that Seven would know it. The same would happen with B'Elanna's door if Seven wanted to enter for some reason.

Once the door was open, B'Elanna asked. "Did you hear anything?"

"A very soft mumble, but I could not understand what you said." Seven frowned for a moment. "I believe my name was part of it though."

B'Elanna nodded her head in satisfaction. Then she repeated the shout to show Seven just how much sound had been filtered out.

"Impressive soundproofing," Seven could only say. Keeping Seven's enhanced hearing in mind it was actually extremely impressive.

"I would call it convenient," B'Elanna countered.

She hesitated for a moment, and then grinned. Boldly she moved over to the nightstand and picked out her old vibrator. She winked at Seven before moving to her own room and putting the vibrator on her desk.

Once back in the bedroom she reminded. "Remember, the longest I ever went without an orgasm is three days. I have no plan of it being that long again just because we share quarters."

"I see," Seven merely said before asking. "What are you planning to do the rest of the evening? It is still early."

"Well, right now, if you will excuse me, I'm going in to that room for some quality time. After that I'm going to the living room and finally going to read some on these ships, and how things work in their armadas. You?"

"I am interested in the video files I still have on my data crystal. Some are actually over one hour in length. I think I will use my room to check one of those. After, I might read some of the files on these ships as well, especially since soon we will be working with their technology. Would you," Seven hesitated for a moment before finally asking, "Would you be interested in going to the mess-hall with me for dinner? Then you can also meet Danna."

"Sure, sounds like a good idea to me," B'Elanna agreed. "So, how about we meet up in the living room in one and a half hours and then we go to dinner?"

B'Elanna didn't waste any time. Only one minute after entering her room and closing the door she was nude. She grabbed the vibrator and sat down on the edge of the seat. Then she put a foot on the desk, all in an effort to open herself as wide as possible. She switched on the vibrator and moved the length of it over her clit a couple of times. She knew this would be all that was needed to get wet enough to slide her most wonderful toy in all the way.

As she was moving the vibrating shaft across her aching bud, she called up the image she had seen before. Until now the flashes surprised her, but now she very deliberately, and without the slightest twinge of guilt called up the image she had seen during lunch. Seven was...


... wondering if she should undress or if she could watch the file without having to do something about it. Then she smiled. Did it matter? Having to deal with the confinement of clothing could be fun too. She watched the scene unfold. Saw how she herself was lying between B'Elanna's legs and was slowly, teasingly licking, very deliberately not stimulating the Klingon too much. Without really realizing she was doing it, Seven lowered her human hand between her legs and started to stimulate her center through her bio suit. She applied some pressure, and...


... felt her tongue slip into Seven's puckered opening. The blonde moaned her satisfaction and then her displeasure when B'Elanna pulled back out and moved back to her center.

"As much as I love that I can do that with you and not have to worry about hygiene, I love to taste your pussy too much," B'Elanna heard herself say. She pushed the vibrator as deep as she could reach, she imagined tasting Seven. In her fantasies, the thing B'Elanna had always seen as her curse suddenly became her blessing. Seven's wetness tasted wonderful to her mix of Klingon and Human taste buds. She started to move the vibrator in and out at a furious speed as she imagined tasting Seven, having the blonde's lubrication coat her tongue. Tasting her, savoring every moment.

B'Elanna knew that it was just a fantasy. She had tasted herself on her toy and fingers, she had tasted other women, and it never was anything special. But Seven tasted like ambrosia to her and she couldn't get enough of it. B'Elanna didn't care, even if it was a fantasy, just imagining it sent her over the edge and she came so hard that she groaned out her release. Reluctantly she slowed down and...


...enjoyed the aftershocks of her orgasm. She felt a certain pride in having been able to match her timing so she came at the same moment the B'Elanna on the screen did. She decided to let the file run, knowing there would be more, but that the B'Elanna and Seven in the screen needed to reverse roles first. She put the PADD on the desk and kept looking at the unfolding scene as she stripped out of her bio-suit. Once naked she picked up the PADD again. There, things evolved showing her and B'Elanna kissing and for a moment sharing B'Elanna's after glow.

"Now it's my turn," the Klingon finally said.

Seven saw how she herself eagerly opened the lower draw and took out some chains. She started to put one of the cuffs around her ankle, but B'Elanna spoke up.

"No, that's my task. You just get into position, my Pet. On your back; arms and legs wide. I want the recorder to catch how the toy slides in and out of you, in and out, in...


...And out she kept the vibrator moving as she tried to calm her breathing. She knew she wasn't finished. As quite often with B'Elanna, the first orgasm had only resulted in her getting turned on even more. The scene in her mind kept unfolding. Seven had just reached an orgasm, and B'Elanna had eagerly licked it all away.

"Seven, uncuff me. I want to use my hands. I want to be inside of you."

"No," the Seven in her mind disagreed.

"Seven," B'Elanna heard herself growl.

"Please, Zenobia. You said tonight was my reward."

B'Elanna slowed the moving of the vibrator, wondering about the nickname. "Why do I have a nickname for myself if I don't even know what it means?"

But the little interruption wasn't enough to spoil the image. She started to slowly move the vibrator in and out again and used her other hand to rub her clit.

"You're right. I'm sorry. I'm yours. What do you want me to do?"

The real B'Elanna whimpered as she took out the vibrator and held it against her aching clit.

"May I use one of the strap-on toys?"

"Kahless yes, please."

B'Elanna reluctantly teased herself by removing the vibrator. In her mind she was not being stimulated while Seven got up and attached the toy to her groin. So in reality B'Elanna waited as well, letting the scene unfold, waiting, hoping, anticipating. Finally the moment was there. Seven was back and didn't waste any time. She slid the toy in. B'Elanna mimicked the movement with her vibrator.

"Fuck yes!" She shouted out loud, now not even caring that Seven might actually still hear some sound.

"Fuck me, harder!" She moved her vibrator, following her own words. B'Elanna remembered those strap-on toys had sensor technology allowing Seven to feel only too well what she was doing.

As on cue, the Seven in her fantasy grunted. "I love to hear you grunt like that," The imaginary B'Elanna assured the blonde before begging, "Faster, fuck me...


...Harder, please. Please." As arousing as it had been to see herself make love to B'Elanna slow and tender, seeing how B'Elanna was fucking her like her life depended on it was making Seven so hot that she was sure her blood must have been boiling. More, she wanted more. She switched hands. Taking the PADD in her right hand she lowered her Borg enhanced hand between her legs. She rubbed her center and lifted her hand, smiling when she saw a couple of drops fall from it. She moved the hand back, pushing two fingers inside, whimpering at the wonderful feel of actually being able to feel the ridges move inside.

She had never used her Borg enhanced hand for self-pleasure. Now she knew it was a grave mistake. She moved in and out, still watching the video at the same time. She took her fingers out again and looked as once more a drop of her essence fell from them. Curious she did something she also had never done before. She inserted her middle finger into her mouth and licked it clean. She took a moment to analyze the taste, but her eyes never left the PADD and the action on it. With interest she realized besides the saltiness there was a certain metallic taste to it. Nanoprobes, Seven realized, were excreted with the bodily fluid, just like when she perspired.

"Time for a change," the B'Elanna on the screen suddenly said. She pulled out, only to then move slightly lower and push slowly into Seven's puckered opening. Seven heard herself moan in satisfaction. She couldn't help but do the same in real life when seeing B'Elanna slowly start to move. She brought her hand back down and gave the cranial command to start the vibration of her fingers. Though she had showed B'Elanna she could do this, this too was something she couldn't remember doing to herself before. And once again she could only call herself a moron for not trying it before. After the first hesitant touch, she could understand why B'Elanna loved to have vibrators. The vibrations against her most sensitive flesh were absolutely...


...Wonderful. She held the tip of her vibrator against her clit once more, and just enjoyed the feeling. Vibrators, B'Elanna had long decided, were the best technological invention in the history of... well, anyone that had them. It was the perfect thing to stimulate her clit only, or to move it deep inside and stimulate the nerve endings here. The Seven in her fantasy lowered herself onto B'Elanna's body and kissed her throat. Never letting up on moving in and out, Seven asked seductively, "Zenobia, may I mark you?"

The imaginary B'Elanna growled at the sheer pleasure of hearing the question. "Any day. I wear your mark proudly. Mark me, Seven. Mark me, just don't stop fucking me."

Seven started to suck B'Elanna's neck, while rotating her hips to keep moving in and out.

B'Elanna kept pace with the tempo she saw in her imagination. In and out she moved the vibrator. She loved every second of that wonderful feeling and knew for sure there could be nothing better than a Vibrator. She knew that...


...No matter how good a vibrator might feel, Seven realized as she started to pump her middle and ring finger in and out, her hand was much better than just a vibrating shaft. Yes the vibrator would go deeper, but Seven's fingers went deep enough to touch her G-spot, and on top of that she could stimulate her clit by rubbing her vibrating palm over it.

She watched the screen, watched how B'Elanna was trying to increase the speed to her thrusts. She saw why they used chains that Seven couldn't break. She was pulling at them like a person possessed. But not to try and get free, but simply because of the pleasure that was raging through her body.

Seven seen how she willingly allowed the use of the chains, and the proof that she wanted them to be used came when B'Elanna suddenly pulled out and growled, "I don't have the leverage I want."

The Klingon jumped off the bed and unhooked all four chains, yet Seven didn't move; as if waiting for something.


It was only one word, but it had clearly been the cue she had been waiting for. Seven could not believe what she was seeing. She had fantasized before, but never in her wildest dreams could she have hoped to find someone that actually matched those fantasies. All the better, she was even married to her. She pulled her fingers out to softly capture her clit between the vibrating thumb and index finger. She held it and enjoyed the feeling as she watched how she was once more secured to the bed, this time face down.

B'Elanna moved back onto the bed and for the smallest of moments looked at the holo recorder. As she positioned herself again, Seven heard B'Elanna ask, "you did set the auto zoom finder, right? I don't want us to be out of the image."

"Do you really think I can care about that now?! Fuck me!"

B'Elanna chuckled and delivered a playful slap to both cheeks of Seven's behind. "Manners, my Pet."

"I'm sorry, please B'Elanna, please fuck me. I need you."

Seven cramped her vaginal muscles down on her fingers in reaction to hearing herself plead like that. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that B'Elanna could be so perfect in bed.

On screen, B'Elanna reacted as well to the plea. Slowly she slid the shaft into Seven's center, once, twice, to get wet again, before pulling out and once more sliding the shaft into Seven's rectum.

Seven pumped her fingers in and out faster, while pushing her palm on her clit with a little more force. She grunted and...


...Let out a scream when she came at the same time as she did in her imagination.

The Seven in her imagination slowed down before finally pulling out and lowering herself between B'Elanna's legs to clean up the extra wetness of a wonderful orgasm. Once she was finished she moved up and kissed B'Elanna with heated passion.

"I do taste nice on your lips, but it doesn't compare to how wonderful you taste. Danna's food even isn't as good."

"As I told you many times," Seven said between kisses, "It is the nanoprobes. They give a slight metallic taste to my wetness. It just happens to be exactly the taste your palate perceives as delicious."

As B'Elanna started to calm down, the image in her mind started to fade. The scene continued, but it was just as if someone was slowly turning the light off.

"I wonder why the hell I would come up with such a crap explanation as to how Seven taste? Who cares? It's only a fantasy. Besides, the last thing I want is millions of nanoprobes in my body every time I have sex. No thanks."

Then she smirked. "Though if the sex really is like that, then I might be persuaded. I wonder what Seven is doing, did she also enjoy some quality time? She bet...


...that you are really close, am I right, Seven?" B'Elanna asked.

"Almost," Seven heard herself say, and she knew what it meant. Reluctantly B'Elanna eased off the pressure, but didn't stop the pumping. She waited, tried with all her might to postpone the orgasm she knew she should have already been enjoying. Then the Seven on the screen merely said 'now,' and then started to convulse lightly.

The real Seven pushed her fingers in as deep as she could; she stimulated her G-spot, and then brought her palm down on her clit. Now she allowed her orgasm to come. It was intense and twice as strong as her first orgasm. She looked at the screen and whimpered when she saw that B'Elanna had not stopped moving in and out. In reaction she willed herself not to remove her hand, not to stop the vibrations. As long as the Seven on screen would be stimulated, so would she in real life. Her muscles contracted in uncontrolled spasms and she pulled together in a fetus position in pure reflex, but she willed herself not to remove her hand.

Finally B'Elanna growled and stopped her pumping, and the real Seven immediately sent the command to stop the vibrations. She understood what happened. B'Elanna had been close as well. She continued fucking Seven until the sensor technology in the toy made her reach her peak as well.

She watched as after a moment B'Elanna moved and slowly pulled out. The real Seven did the same with her fingers. She wasn't quite sure what to think of the turn of events in the last few seconds. B'Elanna hadn't stopped, even though Seven had reached her peak.

She continued to watch the screen, while absently licking her fingers clean. She saw how B'Elanna softly started to place kisses all over Seven's back and whisper words so softly the holo recorder only registered a faint mumble.

Suddenly Seven understood, and a broad smile came to her lips. B'Elanna hadn't stopped because it had been Seven's own choice to let her continue. The real Seven had just been able to time her orgasm the first time, and even hold back on coming the second time. Clearly, if she wanted she would have been able to time her orgasm together with B'Elanna in the video as well. No, Seven wanted to come before the Klingon, wanted to feel how the Klingon kept fucking her straight through her orgasm. B'Elanna may have been the one that was doing the most work, but it had been Seven's choice.

"And even if that was not it," Seven said out loud as she brought her fingers back to her center and coated them with wetness once more. "I was not gagged," She licked a finger clean, "I could have asked her to stop," Another finger was cleaned. "I wanted that."

She smiled as she licked her last finger clean and thought back to her intense orgasm. "I most definitely wanted that. And I want it again."

The time indicator told Seven the file would end in four minutes. She decided to watch the rest of it while she absently brought her human hand to her center, and leisurely started to caress her lips.

She looked over the PADD's edge to the computer unit on the desk. "I have to upload these files to the computer unit. I want both my hands free next time. My breasts did not get the attention they deserve today."

By coincidental timing, both of them left their room at the same time. They looked at each other for a moment and then two sets of nostrils flared.

"B'Elanna Torres, you need a shower before we leave."

"Yeah, and I'm not the only one, Blondie. Do, um, do you want to do the watching thing again?"

Seven shook her head rapidly. "I believe at this point that would be a bad idea. A bad, bad, idea. I wait until you are finished."

"Why don't you go first," B'Elanna countered. " I can use the time to select some clothing for the both of us, unless you want to keep wearing that bio-suit. Is it..." B'Elanna couldn't help but swallow, "...wet?"

"I believe changing the bio-suit might be a good idea," Seven said, not answering the question, and at the same time answering it very clearly. "I think I will wear the blue bio-suit for the rest of the day."

"Seven, do you trust me?" B'Elanna asked.

"That depends on the situation," Seven hesitated, her mind going back to the video file; how she had willingly trusted B'Elanna, twice, to chain her to the bed. "Yes, yes I trust you."

"Good, then why don't you take a shower and I'll pick you some normal clothes. I promise you it will be something you can wear in public. This way you can get used to some comfy clothing you might want to wear here at home when you have people visit. I'll put them on the couch, so you can come out and get dressed in the living room while I take a shower myself. And after that we go out and have dinner. Sound good?"

"Yes B'Elanna," Seven agreed with a smile.

Part 6

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