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Twenty-five to Life
By H.W.


Chapter 8

Day Fourteen. (late evening.)

"Well, I'm heading off to bed, join me?" B'Elanna stated after one yawn too many.

"I will be there shortly," Seven assured. "I have something I want to finish first."

B'Elanna shrugged and moved to the bedroom after giving an 'alright' as a reply.

Not much later B'Elanna was slightly surprised when Seven walked into the bedroom. B'Elanna had only had enough time to change from her comfortable underwear into her nightshirt and crawl into bed when Seven came in.

"That was fast," B'Elanna said with a grin, only to stop grinning when a faint smell started to drift through the room.

B'Elanna started to growl; she couldn't help herself. With every passing second the smell of perfume that came off Seven penetrated the Klingon's senses more. Not a word was said as they looked at each other. Slowly the growl became softer until it was more of a purr. That is until Seven opened the bathrobe to reveal what was hidden underneath, and B'Elanna's growl was back in full force.

B'Elanna crawled out of bed and just stood beside it. Her nostrils flared, her senses were on overload, and her eyes could not get enough of seeing Seven standing there in the black set of lingerie.

"Seven, what are you doing?" B'Elanna finally managed to say.

Seven slowly stepped closer. As she did so she let the bathrobe slip off her shoulders and drop to the floor. Once she was so close that she was almost touching the Klingon, she finally said softly, "Is it not obvious? I am seducing you."


"No," The blonde interrupted. "You and I both know that you already made your choice. There are merely a few things that we still have to work out, but none of them are such that it will prevent us from staying married. You and I will stay married, permanently. You will comply; resistance is futile."

"I had some very serious things that I cannot simply ignore; conditions," B'Elanna managed to say, but the perfume Seven was wearing was making it hard for her to speak.

"And they will be met," Seven assured.

Taking that final mental step, B'Elanna placed a hand against Seven's belly and slowly moved it lower. "I have one condition that is irrefutable; if you truly want me to agree to stay married, you must agree to this condition."

B'Elanna lower the hand until she was cupping Seven's sex.

"Yes," Seven merely said, knowing what the Klingon meant.

"I mean it, Seven, if you truly agree, then this no longer belongs to you; it belongs to me." A slight increase of pressure against sensitive flesh indicated exactly what was meant with 'this'.

"Yes," Was once again the clear and unwavering assurance, given while deep blue eyes never left brown ones filled with the fire of passion.

B'Elanna felt the moisture against her hand. She moved, slowly pushed her middle finger in, and then after making sure that the blonde truly was wet enough to allow it, she pushed her middle and ring finger in as deep as she could.

"Mine," She growled. "Whenever I need, I get." She pulled back out, only to push back in. "This, belongs to me, not you. That is my condition. Even in ten years from now, if I need this, then you will open your legs for me, eagerly."

"Yes," Seven assured. "I am yours B'Elanna Torres. My body is yours. I told you before that I would make sure that you would stay sexually active. I promise you that you will not be denied in this marriage. Whenever you want, you get."

B'Elanna grinned. "Good answer, my Pet."

Getting no disapproval for the new name, B'Elanna continued. "And a good answer deserves a reward. I did not say that I would get this," another push, "whenever I wanted it. I said that I would get it whenever I needed it. There is a difference, my Pet. I will not be denied if I need, but you can always ask me if I want or if I need. If the answer is that I only want, then you can ask me if you can please me the next day, extra good. To make up for letting me wait of course."

"Thank you," Seven said softly, knowing that B'Elanna was giving her a very big wedding present by that option of an out if Seven wasn't really in the mood.

B'Elanna nodded her head and smirked. "And just how does a good Pet thank correctly?"

As a reaction, Seven moved to the side and set down on the edge of the bed. She looked up at B'Elanna and then boldly opened her legs wide without hesitation.

"Good answer." B'Elanna approved. She glanced down, not seeing much, other than Seven's blonde curls despite the open legs because the blonde was sitting on the bed covers. She was tempted to replace looks with feel, but decided that touching would come soon enough. Instead she opened the draw of the nightstand and took out both the strap-on toys. "Pick."

Seven did so by pointing at the one that had the size she would prefer for what was coming next. She watched how B'Elanna pulled up her nightshirt and fastened the toy to her groin. Then she moved her caramel colored hand up and down the shaft a few times.

"Oh, I'm sure glad that we are living in a time where we have sensor technology." The Klingon looked at Seven before offering one last time, "Final chance. You can get out now, or you are mine for the rest of your life; choose."

Seven's answer was direct. She let herself fall back onto the bed, still holding her legs open wide.

Once again B'Elanna looked, and this time Seven's position left nothing hidden. She saw the blonde's legs wide, her sex open and waiting. B'Elanna could only describe Seven's behavior as clear submissiveness to herself. And that, she really liked to see. At least now. She pulled the hem of the oversized nightshirt up and tucked it through the collar to make sure that the fabric would not be in the way for what was coming next. She came closer, placing her own legs far enough apart to get herself at the right height. She placed the toy at Seven's opening and looked the blonde in the eyes; one truly last chance.

Seven reached for her, pulled her closer, pulled her in. Both of them knew that what they were doing now was not about lovemaking that would caress their souls; this was about taking care of what had to happen first. This was about surrender, and taking. About yielding, and demanding. About dominating, and being submissive.

"You are mine now," B'Elanna said firmly as she slowly moved in further and further until finally she was in as deep as she could go. She pulled out again and looked down. She smirked when she saw that this one entry had already been enough to coat the toy fully with a layer of Seven's wetness. T thought of that first day came back to her. 'Definitely don't need lube'.

She pushed back in in one fluid motion from tip to base. "You are my Pet," another push, "my partner," push, "my friend," push, "my lover," push, "my wife."

"Yes be'nal, I am yours, take me, own me."

Hearing Seven call her 'wife' in Klingon made B'Elanna growl once more. She started to move in and out faster, getting lost in the wonderful sensation of actually feeling what it was like to be inside her lover, her wife.

First Seven had been quiet, clearly letting B'Elanna take the lead, but soon the pleasure was getting to her and she started to make the most wonderful noises that almost sent B'Elanna over simply from hearing them.

First soft grunts, then louder, then moans, then words, and not much later she was boldly demanding of B'Elanna that she fuck her harder.

B'Elanna felt Seven's legs close around her, trying to pull her closer, and B'Elanna changed position in response. She put both hands on the bed and leaned forward, stretching her legs out behind her.

"Close," Seven eventually said between moans and grunts.

"Can you wait?" B'Elanna asked, never letting up on her pumping.


"Then you better damn well hold back, you can only come when I do."

Seven merely whimpered.

"Having second thoughts, my Pet?" B'Elanna asked with a strained grin.

"Fuck no," Seven suddenly said with a growl that made the Klingon proud.

"Good. Then I'll even be nice and tell you when."

It was not much after that; there was only so much B'Elanna could take. She was having the most wonderful mix of, at least as far as she could remember, making love to Seven for the first time, the first time of using a toy that let her feel what it was like to be inside her love; and most importantly, the first time ever that someone had given herself so totally that she even enjoyed to be called 'my Pet'.

"Now," B'Elanna warned, and only seconds later, even before she herself truly came, she could feel Seven come all around the toy; making her own orgasm all the more powerful.

"Mine," B'Elanna claimed with one last push. And then, leaving the toy buried deep inside, she let herself drop onto her lover. Face to face, she suddenly pleaded to Seven, "Claim me, my Mistress."

Seven didn't, yet, understand the second reference, but she sure understood the first one. Without hesitation she moved and bit down; claiming B'Elanna as her wife.

"Mine," Seven said softly before she licked away the blood of the wound she had created. "Now make me yours, be'nal... in a way that others can see it as well."

B'Elanna did, treating Seven to a bite on her cheek as well.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, with the exception of B'Elanna eventually pulling the toy out of her lover and taking it off.

Then suddenly B'Elanna started to giggle. Seeing Seven's questioning look, she explained, "I'm still in my nightshirt, and you are still fully dressed in that black number. Your perfect breasts are still tucked away in that lacy bra. Hell, if the panties didn't have an open crotch, I don't know if I would have taken the time to pull it aside, or would have fucked you right through them. Somehow this is not what I had in mind for a first time."

"This was not our first time," Seven said softly.

B'Elanna sighed. "Yeah, I know, the time that we were,"

"No," Seven interrupted. "What I mean is that while technically this was definitely sex, I do not see this as the first time we had sex, or made love, because this was only about claiming. The first time we make love is still to come. This was about that Klingon battle. That fight for control. Only we did not fight; I gave myself to you willingly. This, was needed. Today we both claimed what was ours, my be'nal. As pleasing as this was, this was not us truly having sex or making love. I think we both had had masturbation experiences that were better than this. But it had to be done. We might have agreed that we would not fight for supremacy, but we still had to do the claiming."

"Good point," B'Elanna agreed. Then she moved slightly so that she was lying fully on the bed, and pulled Seven close until the blonde was being held securely in her arms. "Are you okay?"

"I am. It was... interesting to actually experience what we talked about. It is one thing to see you controlling the situation in a file and then assure you later on in a conversation that I want that. It is something entirely different to actually experience it."

"Having second thoughts?" B'Elanna worried. "We can still talk about,"

"No," Seven interrupted. "This was exactly what I want, you acted exactly like I want you to act. Maybe it would have been more correct to say that this is much better than merely seeing it and talking about it. I like you in control." She kissed her lover before adding," Control looks good on you. I absolutely loved how there was no doubt that you were the once in charge, how you,"

"How I made it very clear that I own you," B'Elanna interrupted. "That you are absolutely and totally mine."

"Yes," Seven agreed. "I am not worried about the... lack of thrill this time we made love."

"You aren't huh?"

"No," Seven assured. "Because first of all, I like it, even this basic intercourse. As I said, we both probably had masturbation sessions that had felt better. But that does not mean that this was not still very nice. And second of all, as tenderly as you can hold me, I am certain that you will also want to make love just as tenderly on occasion."

"I do," B'Elanna assured. "But shouldn't that actually be the basis instead of 'on occasion'?"

"Why?" Seven moved her leg and softly kicked against the nightstand with the toys to indicate it. "Why should there be a basis? Why should we do one thing more than another? Why not do it all equally? That way it all stays special. Personally I would much rather have that a soft and tender love session feels like something special than that it feels like the normal."

B'Elanna smirked. "Point well made. And now I can at least fully admit that I also don't really want a... standard... way of making love. There is way too much I want to do with you to restrict that to only doing those things on special occasions."

"You called me, my Pet'," Seven reminded. "Another nickname?"

"Yeah," B'Elanna admitted. "Though normally it's more of a,"

"I know exactly when the nickname is normally used," Seven interrupted. "You seem to forget that even before we reached this planet I had researched Human mating behavior. I do not mind you using the nickname."

B'Elanna smiled. "Good, because I have a feeling that I really love using it for you in certain situations. Don't worry, I won't use it in public."

"Why not?" Seven asked, surprising the hell out of the Klingon. "You like using it on occasions, I like hearing it, and I am your be'nal."

"It's not really a nickname to be used in public," B'Elanna reminded.

"B'Elanna Torres. I told you several times now, I like you to be possessive of me. I am yours, so the 'my' part is correct. And 'pet' is also an indicator of ownership of the person that is saying it. So 'my Pet' is the same as saying 'that what belongs to me'. Do I or do I not belong to you, my be'nal?"

B'Elanna kissed her wife and relented. "You most certainly do, my Pet. Fair enough, it's a nickname that is suited for public use as well. Though there it all depends on the situation. I don't think I should call you 'my Pet' while on duty for instance, any more than that I should address you as 'yes love' while on duty."

Where to use it is for you to decide," Seven pointed out. "I merely indicated that I do not at all mind the use of the... pet name... in public."

B'Elanna laughed. "Oh you are so funny sometimes. How about this, my Pet is a pet name I like to use for my Hon, because I love to call my be'nal different names."

"My Pet, Hon, be'nal," Seven repeated before continuing, "How about baby, lover, other half, mate, significant,"

"Ho there," B'Elanna interrupted. "I know that you have access to a Borg enhanced brain baby. When were you going to stop, with ten thousand endearments?"

Seven smiled. "No, at twenty. Reciting all I know would be tedious and boring after one minute."

"How about we just stick to Seven, B'Elanna, and be'nal for the main use and use the other ones when they fit the situations?" B'Elanna suggested.

"Very well," Seven agreed. "If B'Elanna Torres is on that list as well. Remember, I like calling you by your full name."

"And I like how my name sounds when you say it. Alright, B'Elanna Torres as well."

"And Zenobia," Seven said thoughtfully. "I would like to call you that occasionally. I know that I have not used it before, but now that we are talking about endearments it seems like a good time to mention it. I came across the name not long before we came across this planet. I like it, and I would really like to use it as a pet name for you."

A shock went through B'Elanna when hearing the word. "Wh... what was that name?"

"Zenobia," Seven said before starting to explain. "As I said, I like how it sounds. I came across the name Zenobia when I was going over Human history for a project. I think that it is a nice name to hear and say, and on top of that it is actually a compliment that not many people will know. I like that added bonus. Zenobia was a Queen from Earth history; living around the year 250 in the old Earth date keeping. She was a Warrior Queen from the Syrian territory. Upon the death of her husband, she became the ruler over the Palmyrene Empire, where her actions by far surpassed those of her deceased husband. In the year 269 she conquered Egypt, expelling the Roman Prefect that was ruling over Egypt in name of the Roman Empire. When the Prefect tried a recapture, Zenobia beheaded him and went on to proclaim herself Queen of Egypt as well."

"A busy woman," B'Elanna noted.

"Indeed," Seven agreed. "And I think that I would like to use Zenobia as nickname for you, because it would be like calling you 'my queen'. Yet as I said, most people will now know the meaning of it, if anyone at all. I like that added bonus of it having a special meaning only known to us. You know what I like the most about Zenobia's history?"


"How it ends. Normally women warriors from Earth's past had the tendency to die quite abruptly, normally brutally, and be proclaimed an evil entity that was finally defeated... by the victor at least."

"And this was different for Zenobia?" B'Elanna asked.

"It was. She ruled over her lands, including Egypt until the year 274 when she was finally defeated and taken hostage in Roman's third attempt to reclaim their Egyptian territory. At first Zenobia was paraded around Rome in golden chains in a victory parade. But then the Romans were so impressed with her actions, both as a ruler, as in captivity, that they granted her clemency and even freed her by name of the Roman emperor Aurelian. They even granted her a lavish villa to live in. There she lived the rest of her life in vast luxury and became a prominent philosopher, socialite, and Roman matron. More, she became such a big part of Roman history that many prominent Romans were counted as her descendants."

"Wow, an intelligent Warrior Queen that was smart and didn't get herself killed in the first real battle. A fitting name for a Klingon woman, who is seen as the Lord of her house," B'Elanna said with a grin.

"Indeed," Seven agreed. "I also like it because while not all historians agree about all details, there is enough consensus about the fact that Zenobia was brave, intelligent, levelheaded, and practical. She also had a personality that was full of a sheer, raw, devil-may-care attitude. She has been described as a beautiful courageous woman that has been the personification of what most women long to have as their values and possibilities."

"But do you know what I find so interesting about the name?" B'Elanna asked. "The description you gave is interesting, and I don't mind it one bit when you call me Zenobia. But what I find the most interesting is that I heard the name before. Tell me, did you hear that name being said in one of the files?"

"No I did not," Seven assured. "As I said, I came across it before we reached this planet. So I could have used it during the timeframe where we made those recordings, but I assure you that I did not use it in the recordings. At least not the ones I have seen so far. Why do you ask? Where did you hear it before?"

"In my fantasies," B'Elanna admitted. "I told you that when I masturbate, that I think of you, of us?" Seven nodded and B'Elanna continued. "In those fantasies, when I'm clearly in control, you call me Zenobia."

"Maybe your subconscious,"

"You know, I find that subconscious thing a blanket that is used way too often," B'Elanna interrupted. "An explanation that brushes all else away. I am starting to think that there is more to it than that. Hon, tell me, when I delete information from Voyager's databanks. Is that information truly gone forever, or can we still retrieve that information with some effort despite it being deleted?"

"It depends," Seven said slowly, wondering what the Klingon was getting at. "If we merely delete information, this only means that the files are marked and the computer knows that it can override those files when it stores new information. But as long as that information is not actually overwritten it can still be retrieved after deletion with the restore function. If we want the information truly gone we have to give a special command, which is tied in with giving your command clearance. As soon as you say; 'secure delete file, authority Torres 5Zetta4,' then the file will be deleted, shredded, overwritten with unusable code, then that new file is deleted again, shredded once more, and only then is the file deemed destroyed."

"And just how did you know my authority clearance?" B'Elanna asked. "I know that it's normal to hear people use it, but I only got that new clearance two days before we landed on the planet, and I never used it in public, as far as I remember."

Seven took a breath to reply, only to then hesitate. "I do not know," she finally admitted.

"Hmm, want me to give you my working theory?"

"Yes please, share."

B'Elanna pursed her lips in thought. "Well actually, I think I know what's going on here, but I don't know for sure. I think I need to do one more test that will proof that I'm right, or just making up things in my way of dealing with the problem."

"What kind of test?"

"Seven, I told you before that my taste buds are an interesting mix between Human, and Klingon and that because of that things taste different to me than they do to other people."


"Well, in my fantasies, there is one blessing." B'Elanna let a hand drift down Seven's body until she had reached her belly. "In my fantasies I heard you call me Zenobia, and in my fantasies you taste so great that I always want to spend at least some time with my mouth between your legs. And I do mean taste great."

B'Elanna moved her hand lower until she was cupping Seven's sex; still wet from their recent activities. Then she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and licked. Her eyes went wide and she suddenly eagerly licked the rest of her hand clean. She lowered her hand once more, but it was captured by a Borg enhanced hand before it could reach its target.

"If you want to taste more of me, I demand that you go directly to the source. Now please continue your explanation."

"Oh, you are so mean," B'Elanna pouted. "Please, one more taste?"

Seven relented and let go of the hand. How could she object to someone liking her taste so much that she even pleaded for a second taste? As she saw B'Elanna lick her newly coated fingers clean once more, she asked, "You really do like the way I taste?"

"Honest," B'Elanna said sincere. "I'm not kidding you, Seven. I mean, I'm smart enough that I would say that you taste great no matter what. You have a great pussy, and I want to get up close and personal with it, you know? But... well, let me put it this way; the dessert we had for dinner tonight? You honestly taste better to me than that did."

Seven merely gave a broad smile.

"I wonder why though. Seven, you, um, aren't the first woman I ever tasted. Before it was just... nothing bad, but also nothing special."

"When I taste myself I personally find that I have a... slightly metallic taste," Seven pointed out. "B'Elanna, on any average day my body reproduces over ten million nanoprobes. This is so because such an amount is lost every day through perspiration, swallowing saliva, tear liquid to moisten my eyes. And in the lubrication when I'm aroused. It seems that you just happen to have a taste pallet that interacts with that slight metallic taste to create a taste that you perceive as delicious."

"That does it," B'Elanna said resolutely." Our memories must still be in our minds, just that we don't know the right 'files' to look for. In my fantasies, I heard you give an explanation like this as well."

"There is still the chance that we are simply filling in blanks between parts we already know, even if not from memory," Seven pointed out. "Tell me, B'Elanna, was it a surprise for you to find out that I excrete nanoprobes with my lubrication, even with every breath I take where moisture leaves my mouth?"

"No, not really," B'Elanna admitted. "It makes kinda sense to me. After all, with me there are millions of blood cells that die off and are replaced every day. I guess that it's the same for you with your blood cells, and your nanoprobes. Maybe a bit more advanced than that. That nanoprobes that are at the end of their lifecycle are deliberately send to places to be excreted to that they can get in otherwise hard to get to places. For instance, to repair any damage to the outer layers of your eyes. Before dying off or shutting down."

Seven nodded her agreement. "And that is what I mean. You will expect me to excrete nanoprobes, you assume that it will give a hint of a metal taste. Therefore you were expecting me to taste good. And therefore your mind is firmly set on that. I would have tasted good to you no matter what my taste would have been."

"Well, I dispute the no matter what taste part," B'Elanna said amused. "But you know what, I think that I have the perfect test that will make sure what it is."

Suddenly B'Elanna let go of Seven and got out of bed. "Wait here." Not waiting for a replay, B'Elanna walked out of the room only to come back moments later with the box that Seven had used to store the memorabilia that had been in the nightstand. "You only looked at the information on one of these objects?"

"That is correct."

"Then get that PADD."

"B'Elanna, seeing that information, hurts."

"Hon, if I'm right you will like what we will find out." Then B'Elanna grinned. "And if I'm wrong, then I guess I have to work hard to make it up to you, don't I, my Pet? You win either way."

Now Seven smiled and went to retrieve the PADD.

Once Seven was back, B'Elanna said, "Now, don't yet look at the files. Instead, pick one of these objects... No, wait, I'll pick one, this will add to the randomness. And then you will tell me a story. Make something up, Just create a story at will and that would explain why you would keep the item."

After her words, B'Elanna looked into the box and after a moment of hesitation took out the very boring fist size brown rock. "This."

Seven thought for a moment. Just what could she make up for a mundane rock that looked very much like something she had seen on every away mission she had been on? Finally she started saying something blindly, not really knowing where it would end even as she started.

She decided to make it something nice, since logic dictated that this was why she kept the item. "We had dinner at Danna's and decided to take a stroll through the woods that were only five minutes' walk away. We were not yet lovers. We walked, talked; had fun. You were not watching where you were going and tripped over this rock. You fell, pulled me along, and I landed on top of you. We laughed, giggled like little girls. And then before I knew what I was doing, I leaned in to kiss you."

Despite the tears that were rolling down her face, Seven smiled. "You told me that you love me. You told me that you had been thinking about me for every minute of the last three days, ever since we met in Danna's for that first time."

B'Elanna put the rock back and took Seven into her arms. Rocking the blonde as the Borg once more lived through knowing that she had lost wonderful memories, that she thought were gone forever.

Eventually the Klingon urged. "Now look up the file on the rock."


"Seven, please. I really think that I'm right here. We have to try, just the chance that I really am right is worth it, isn't it?"

Seven didn't answer with words, but reluctantly she opened the file in question, and ten minutes later they were sitting in stunned silence.

"You are right," Seven finally whispered. "We still know, all. Every detail, every nuance, we just cannot lay the direct remembrance link. But we still know all. I did not describe your clothing before since it seemed irrelevant to do so. But if I had, I would have added the stain because, me dripping sauce all over you as I feed you a taste of my food would have been worth mentioning."

"Yeah," B'Elanna agreed. "You knew every detail of that day, before seeing the file. And I think that my fantasies are not fantasies, but memories. All the times I think of us, that is me remembering times when we had sex."

"In third person?" Seven asked. "In my own flashes I see us two as if looking at a holo-file. Meaning, I see both of our bodies."

B'Elanna shrugged. "Why not? It may be memories, but I tell you, if I think back to things I remember, I see myself as a person in my memories, and not as if I'm only looking through my eyes. I guess it's simply because we do know what we self look like and the mind simply does not like first person views in memories."

"But why did you not see my implants the first time you fantasized?" Seven wondered.

B'Elanna frowned. "Because I think that it's not that we truly lost those memories, just that we can't remember the visual details. One of my fantasies, the first one I had, I still remember that I used the toy I just used... but I had that flash after I saw the toy in the draw. You had this same black number on... but I had seen that getup when I had snooped around before. I remembered the lingerie and toy because I saw it the day before; I had the visual, so I knew exactly what it would look like on you. I did not have the visual of your nude body the first time I fantasized."

"I have a file of us," Seven admitted. "In it I was wearing this, I was bent over the bed and you were taking me from behind, being driven on and on because of my perfume. It was my inspiration for using the combination of the lingerie and the perfume."

B'Elanna's heart skipped. "I... I think that it's the same event. You, you used one hand to rub yourself when I was close because you wanted to come with me. You were grunting with very push, your upper body was flat on the bed, your face too, your eyes were closed."

Seven merely looked at her in amazement, confirming that way that the Klingon was right. "I had my eyes closed because the pleasure was so wonderful. I wanted to feel nothing, see nothing but what you were doing to me."

"You grunted with every push I did," B'Elanna continued. "And you came with a drawn out moan that, just hearing you make that sound, drove me over as well."

"I asked you to stay in," Seven concluded. "Did not want to lose that feeling of you inside me."

B'Elanna was still holding Seven and moved so that she could nuzzle the blonde's neck. Kissing, breathing in that intoxicating smell, and finally flicking the tip of her tongue over Seven's starburst implant.

"I did this before," B'Elanna said with utmost confidence.

"You did that before," Seven said at the same.

"Oh, yeah, we still know, we just can't remember. But we still know." B'Elanna stated confidently. Then she asked with a smile, "By the way, what is that perfume? A smell has never driven me this wild before."

Seven smiled and pulled away so that she could look her lover in the eyes. "It is me."

"Seven, Hon, you smell great, you taste great, you look great, you sound great, you... well, but you don't smell like that."

"I realize that," Seven agreed. "But what I mean is that this perfume exists for seventy percent of synthetic versions of my personal pheromones, twenty percent alcohol to turn it into a usable liquid, five percent binding agents, and only five percent concentrated perfume to give a soft and sweet smell to it. Without the rest you might at best merely like the perfume scent. But now, when you smell my perfume, you cannot but be affected. It is designed that way. It is literally designed, by me I might add, to drive you totally insane."

"Why would you do that?" B'Elanna asked amazed.

"Because it is fun?" Seven countered amused. Then she ventured a real guess. "Zenobia, you said yourself today that the last two weeks were a good training in control for you. I have seen those files. I have seen you let go. I have seen you literally pick me up and sit me down on the kitchen unit, after holding me up for over a minute. B'Elanna, because of my implants I weigh more than an average Human woman of my size, and I am not a small woman to begin with. Yet you held me up with ease. I would say that your Klingon heritage has gifted you with things like Klingon strength, endurance, and determination."

"It has," B'Elanna agreed. "I always loved that part of being a half Klingon. I don't like being the weak female. But I love being the tough ass bitch that can knock a guy's lights out even though he is a head taller than me."

"I think that it can also be a lot of fun to let that go when we make love," Seven continued. "That you can actually hold me down until I need to use Borg strength to break free. As I said, I have seen you being forceful with me, and I love it. But you know what I have also seen? I have seen you being tender. I admit that it was a lot gentler than I even assumed you capable of, after having seen the other file. I think that you really learned to control yourself in our love life to the point where you can tap into that Klingon side if you want, or you can totally ignore it."

"I am glad to hear it," B'Elanna could only say.

"Yes, but what if I also want to be able to control that?" Seven reasoned. "I may like it if you make choices over what we do, but that does not mean that it cannot happen that I am in the mood one night for you to fully let go. I could ask you, sure. But would it not be a lot more fun if there was something I could wear, like a perfume, to where you have no choice but losing control and just... fuck me."

B'Elanna had heard the words 'fuck me' used in a lot of different way during her life. But the way Seven had just said it, with that soft undertone of a growl, it traveled straight to B'Elanna's center.

"I think that this is why I created the perfume," Seven continued. "And since it is in the Vanity in clear sight, it is not like I hid that fact for you. You clearly knew it existed, and approved of it."

"There would not be a need to try and hide it for me," B'Elanna pointed out. "After all, it is you who decided to wear it. So if you do wear it then it's your choice and I know right away that I don't have to ask if you are sure, or if you want some tender lovemaking. No, at that point you simply want me to... how did you say it?"

B'Elanna knew, of course, but she wanted to hear it again.

"Fuck me," Seven said softly. Yet there was that soft growl and the forced intensity of words, like someone imitating a shout on whispering level.

B'Elanna growled in return. "I love how you say that. That, Seven of Mine, if an order that you can give me any time and I will obey it; perfume or not."

"I will remember," Seven promised with a brilliant smile. Then she looked at the still open box and the items in them. "We have to tell the Captain about this," She added, indicating the fact that they still seemed to know what happened on the planet.

"And we will," B'Elanna assured. "Tomorrow. Now it is too late to disturb her for something that is not an emergency anyway. Besides."

"Besides?" Seven repeated.

"Besides, I just got Mated to the woman I was already married to, and will stay married to. I think I would really love to give in to what I have wanted to do for over a week now."

"Which is?"

"Falling asleep while holding you in my arms," B'Elanna said softly. "Come back into bed, be'nal. Let me hold you, let us spent the first night of the rest of our lives holding each other."

Day fifteen. (Morning.)

"Are you sure?" Kathryn asked half in shock.

B'Elanna told them about the test with the items in Seven's nightstand, and how she figured that it was a good indication. "But that is only the most obvious, there are also small things, things that until now we explained away with it being our subconscious filling in missing information."

B'Elanna blushed before adding, "Like Seven and I both thinking that the other has a perfect body, perfect proportions and all that. We figured that our subconscious had changed because of the time we were married and as such our idea of perfect had changed. But if you think about that, that also doesn't make sense. The whole point is that we don't remember. The first time I thought of Seven I didn't even see her with implants, that changed once I saw her nude. So along that line, if it was truly wired into my subconscious that I knew what Seven looked like, then I would have subconsciously already added those implants. Whether I saw her nude or not, that doesn't change anything about my subconscious memory."

"Good point," Kathryn agreed, deciding not to comment on the nude reference since the topic of memories was much too important.

"Just talking about her body for a moment now, I really do think that Seven is perfect for me," B'Elanna continued. "And that I always knew that since we became romantically involved on the planet. It is just that I had to see her body to remember it. I don't think that it's so much that our memory is missing, than that the visuals are blocked. We don't fully 'remember' because we don't see it. It's like only receiving an audio signal. If I hear a voice that sounds sexy as hell, but I don't see the person, I can only think up an image. I don't know all the details, I don't even know the skin color. But when I then see an image, I suddenly think that blonde hair is the hottest thing in the universe, and that curves are sexy when they are the kind of curves that this person has."

Kathryn looked at her wife, clearly offering the conversation to the Admiral to handle.

Brika nodded her head thoughtfully. "Your reasoning sounds like it could be true. It would also explain a few things between Kitten and me."

She looked at her wife and saw the smallest of nods; a permission to go on. "Kitten has had fantasies as well. We never figured out the importance of them because obviously I didn't change, I didn't lose my memory. So for us it was merely a case of some fantasy getting Kitten hot and bothered, and we having fun after that. I will contact my government as soon as we are done here. Now with this new angle to work with, maybe our scientists will find a way to reverse this after all and give you back your memories; preferably as soon as possible. Now that it's clear that they are not lost, merely blocked."

"I'm sure that this will be a relief for a lot of people," Kathryn said with clear relieve of her own. Then she frowned when she saw the look on B'Elanna's face. "What?"

"Um, well, it's what Brika said. I would love it if I have could back my memories, but I would love it even more if I could wait until one or two days before the twenty-five days are up."

"Why?" Kathryn asked confused.

B'Elanna spread her hands a little as if pointing out the obvious. "Because I think that we should use this once in a lifetime opportunity. Unless someone comes to you and tells you that they need their memory back 'now' to make their choice, let people have this perfect chance to do it all a second time for the first time. Kathryn, you are already planning your wedding, you invited people. Now, you might still want to go through with the wedding while remembering the first one. But tell me, what would you love more, to remember your wedding, and also remember your second wedding? Or would you prefer to remember this second wedding as your first one as well?"

"The first wedding is always special, I have been told," Kathryn stated.

"Right," B'Elanna agreed. "It is something to never forget. Even for people whose marriage was a disaster after that, the wedding was wonderful. But now you could get married again, and then get that block lifted after that point, if it is possible of course, and then later you don't just remember two weddings. No, you will remember your first wedding in your life; twice. You remember two different weddings that both have that special 'first wedding' feel to them. The same with Seven and me; there are quite some things yet that I would love to experience for a first time, the second time. Kahless, I hope this makes sense."

"It does," Kathryn said amused. "But I also think that it is a non-issue. It is ten days until the twenty-five days are over, and I really don't think that this will be solved in a few minutes. Even in a best case scenario, if they find the solution in five minutes; it still takes time. Brika first has to contact her government, then they have to put together a team of scientists. That alone will take a day or two is my guess. Then they have to find the cure, if it is to be found. After that we also have to keep in mind that we are dealing with a hundred and forty people, so it will take some time to cure them all, just like it took some time for all of us to get the antidote that purged the element from our bodies. Simple, the ones that want to remember it all ASAP will go first, so people like you that want to take some time to do things for a first time, again, will go last. Depending on scheduling that will give people up to ten days. Besides, even if the whole remembering works perfectly, there still is the issue of whether people want it or not."

"I don't understa," B'Elanna started, only for Kathryn to already explain.

"B'Elanna, you are the perfect example. You told me that you did not want to look at your data crystal. What was it? Something along the lines of 'what if I see something I can no longer have?' Well, that's still true. People might not want to remember that time because what if they now remember something they can't have anymore because they decided to leave? There is a big chance that some people simply don't want to remember the last months. Should we force them to remember, or should we not? After all, they do remember all of their time before we reached the planet now. So it's not like they can't do their duty. So it would probably fall in the personal choice sector. "

"Kathryn is right. Then there is also the fact that the government will want to weigh in on the biggest problem of all," Brika added.

The other women merely looked at her in confusion.

"My government agreed to the fact that you all would get one chance for a divorce because you were under the influence, and on top of that could no longer remember the choices you made," Brika reminded. "But what when it turns out that you can remember after all? Then the big question is; should you be allowed to divorce? You might have been under the influence, but you were still of rational mind. Or how about this one, if you can remember that you truly loved that person that you married, then what should we do? Force you to stay married because you did make the choice to marry a person you love, and you then remember doing so. Or should we force you to make the choice to divorce the person you now remember that you love, just so that you aren't married for life. Just what is better?"

"Why do I feel that I'll be talking with government representatives soon?" Kathryn groaned.

"The joys of being in command," Brika grinned. Then she looked at B'Elanna and Seven. "I thank you for bringing this to our attention; we will take it from here. Now, with the official part over... Um, what have you two been up to? You are both wounded. To her surprise the two women smiled, while Kathryn spoke up.

"Gorgeous, that is very private, even for friends."

"That's alright, Kathryn," B'Elanna assured. Then she looked back at Brika while reaching over to caress Seven's cheek, and the mark there. "These are bite marks, made very deliberately."

Brika looked appalled by the idea, so B'Elanna explained. "Klingon marriage is a very complex subject, and very simple at the same time. Klingons get married and divorced all the time. Two people meet, like each other and think that they can have a relationship that is more than just sex; they get married. That alone is enough to get married. When you think that the relationship can indeed be a relationship and not just a romp in the bed or two, you get married. That is one of the reasons why I couldn't have a relationship with Seven. As I explained before; if I wanted to be in a relationship with Seven, then my honor demanded that this relationship should be a marriage. Normally this is not a problem with Klingons because a divorce is just a slap in the face, spitting on the floor and throwing some insults around. But since this marriage thing of your people is for life, I could not stay married to Seven unless I was willing to do the for life thing."

"Right, you did explain that the first time," Brika agreed.

"Well, exactly because it is that easy, over time a second way of being married evolved," B'Elanna continued, "Even with Klingons it can happen that two people meet and fall hopelessly in love; knowing for sure that they want to spent the rest of their life together. Now, they can still get divorced if things don't work out. But with the rosy view of happy love they know for sure that they are in it for life. But here comes the thing. This madly in love couple... surely they don't want to go through the same shallow wedding process that those people go through that only stay married for a few weeks or months. They want something special."

"And that's where biting each other comes in?"

"Right," B'Elanna agreed. "Kahless the Unforgettable had a Mate; Lady Lukara. Kahless and Lady Lukara were married in the Hall of the Great in a village called Qam-Chee on Qo'noS; the Klingon Homeworld. They had just taken something called 'the oath' when suddenly the Hall was stormed by five-hundred troops of Kahless' hated enemy Molor; a Tiran that was ruling over Qo'noS with an iron and bloody fist. Kahless and Lady Lukara were almost killed but they managed to defeat their enemies. Thus began the greatest romance in Klingon history. Right after the battle, with the blood still dripping from their weapons, Kahless and Lady Lukara kissed. Since they had just fought hard, they were very passionate in their kiss and somewhere along the line Kahless bit Lady Lukara on the cheek."

B'Elanna smirked. "Not to be outdone, Lady Lukara returned the favor. And ever since that time, Klingons that get married in a way that they hope it will last for the rest of their life, they take the Oath. And they seal it by biting each other on the cheek. It must be hard enough to draw blood and the wound must heal normally. Scars can be altered by medical needs if they healed too badly, but a faint scar should always be left to show the entire universe that this person is Mated, and willing to give their life to protect their Mate in whatever way, for whatever threat, possible. Nowadays it is simply known as 'taking the Oath'."

"Interesting," Brika said, fascinated by the story, especially because she had understood the core of what B'Elanna was saying. Then she asked with a smile, "So, am I right in assuming that you won't be asking for a divorce?"

B'Elanna answered the smile with one of her own. Then, figuring that here was a good place to start she said, "No, my Pet and I worked things out. We are, and will be, married for the rest of our lives."

"Pet?" Brika repeated. Then she looked at the groaning Kathryn.

B'Elanna winked at Kathryn before explaining. "Yeah. Another thing about Klingons is that the first time we have sex, we fight; physically. This to see who will be in charge of the relationship. The one that wins is in charge. So while we have a Lord and a Lady in a House, those are more names of roles that are fulfilled. The Lord is normally the one that takes care of outside relationships while the Lady takes care of inside; the family. But it can be the Lord or the Lady that is the boss between the two. Seven and I decided that we would skip the fight part. I'm the lord, Seven is the Lady, and I'm the leader of the relationship as well. But it's a bit more than that. Both Seven and I feel that we like this being in control thing to be a permanent thing in daily life as well."

B'Elanna hesitated for a moment before explaining. "You know what I'm talking about; you have seen it when we spent time together. How I say things like 'Seven why don't you do this' and Seven does it?"

Brika nodded to indicate that she knew what B'Elanna was talking about.

"Yeah, well we talked about it and we both agreed that as long as Seven can have her say, can disagree, can decide not to do things... why bother asking? Klingons are direct, and Seven appreciates directness a lot more than beating around the bush. So, I am now the dominant partner in our relationship. 'My Pet' is one of the nicknames that makes this clear. It's a nickname that makes it very clear to Seven that I'm giving her a suggestion that I just assume that she will follow."

"But if I do not want to, then I will tell my Zenobia as much," Seven assured. Before either of the women could ask, she explained. "It too is a..." She couldn't help but smirk, "...pet name."

"B'Elanna, while I respect your relationship status, there are certain things I as the Captain will not be able to allow," Kathryn pointed out.

"Don't worry, Kathryn. Be assured that we reached an agreement. When we are on duty then I am the Chief Engineer, and Seven is my Second-in-Command, who points things out to me and argues with me about things she thinks have to be done in a different way."

"I'm very glad to hear that," Kathryn said relieved. Then she looked at Seven.

Understanding the look, Seven assured. "This 'is' what I want, Kathryn."

"Very well, in that case your relationship is at the moment not an official issue for me to deal with. But let me say as your friend that I'm very happy for the both of you that you were able to work things out."

B'Elanna laughed. "Believe me, so am I."

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