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A 50's Retrospect
By Ann


The interior of the gym is decorated with painted sheets of plywood depicting the likes of Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Annette Funicello just to name a few. Life size replicas of 1950's jukeboxes can be found in various locations along the walls. In fact, the 50's theme is beautifully displayed throughout the gym and surrounding foyer.

Sabrina Duncan admires the transformation as she makes her way from the punch bowl over to her partner, Kelly Garrett. Handing over a glass of the refreshment, she remarks "This place looks great. Your art students did a fantastic job, Kelly."

Smiling, Kelly answers "Yes, they did. The budget was a little tight until that anonymous donation came in. I think Bosley may have put a bug in Charlie's ear." Taking a sip of her drink, she then adds "I am really going to miss this assignment. The classes have been fun, and the girls are great, but I especially enjoy our little trysts in your counselor's office."

Sabrina rolls up the sleeves of her white men's dress shirt which compliments her jeans, bobby socks, and oxford shoes. Leaning forward, she whispers "I am a bit fond of them myself, but I believe tonight we will be able to connect Mrs. Foster to her accomplice at the boys' school. Maybe we can sneak away to my office afterwards for a farewell rendezvous."

Kelly pushes down on her poodle skirt and laughingly says "I don't know. I think it will take you some time to get past this petticoat and skirt." Sabrina gives a lecherous smile before replying "Who said you had to take it off?"

Reaching out to slap Sabrina on the shoulder, Kelly pulls up short as the figure in the door gets her attention. Instead, she asks "What the hell does she have on?" Sabrina turns around to find Jill Munroe walking toward them in a cocktail dress.

As she nears the two, Sabrina says "Jill, this is a 50's party. What are you doing in a cocktail dress?" Jill looks around confused and answers "The flyer said it was a mixer. Everyone knows you wear a cocktail dress to a mixer."

Kelly rolls her eyes and explains "The big bold print at the top said 'dress in 1950's attire.' The mixer part was to explain that the boys and girls' school were both invited to the party."

Sabrina mutters under her breath "No wonder Charlie assigned her to be the Cosmetology teacher." Kelly chuckles while Jill remains clueless.

The three continue to surreptitiously watch the door for new arrivals. Frustrated, Kelly says "Where is Mrs. Foster? I would have thought she would have been here by now." Jill immediately answers "Oh, she's not coming. She ate something in the cafeteria today that gave her food poisoning. She's in the infirmary."

Kelly angrily replies "Damn it, Jill. You know she's the reason we're here. Why didn't you say something sooner? Tonight is a total bust." Jill merely shrugs her shoulders in reply.

Sabrina takes the golden opportunity to grab a dejected Kelly by the hand. Smiling, she says "Jill, you stay here and chaperone for a little while. I have something in my office I need to show Kelly."

Jill cheerfully agrees while the dark haired angels head off to delve into the treasures lying beneath a poodle skirt.

The End

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