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5 Times That Cindy Thomas Was Dreaming... Or Wasn't She?
By Demeter


"You baked?"

Cindy smiled at Lindsay's enthusiastic reaction, turning from where she stood at the stove. "Cupcakes. Your favorite," she stated with a hint of pride. She'd quickly learned that the way to this girl's heart was paved with sugar. Cindy planned to extensively use that knowledge in the future. However, when Lindsay reached for the bowl with the icing, she slapped her fingers lightly.

"Come on. I've been craving something sweet all day."

Cindy leaned against the counter, her smile daring. "Then I've got something for you..."

It took awhile until the icing finally made it onto the cake.

"Are you really sure?" Lindsay asked for the last time.

Cindy shivered, the feel of cold metal against her wrists alien and yet exciting. "Yes," she whispered. They had talked about this. It was Cindy's fantasy, not Lindsay's, but she'd been inclined to go with it.

With Cindy's naked body beneath her, warm and pliant, all hers to touch and taste, she seemed more than inclined.

"Not your thing, right?" Cindy's laugh turned into a gasp at the intimate caress of Lindsay's fingertips. She closed her eyes with a smile, enjoying. She got her answer, too, if not in words.

"I'm dedicating this to our friends who made this happen," Cindy finished her speech. "It's been a good week for California."

The subsequent standing ovations were a bit overwhelming, making her eyes blur. She wished Theresa Woo could have seen the day when Cindy walked in her footsteps, no longer a silent admirer. At the height of her award-winning career, she also got to be on the frontline when Prop 8 finally fell.

Her eyes met Lindsay's, the unspoken message passing between them. The world was changing to the better, and they sure had done their own small part.

She'd been nervous, but as soon as they were in the bedroom and Jill pulled her close for a kiss, all of Cindy's doubts vanished into thin air. She was exactly where she was supposed to be.

"Took you long enough," Lindsay said. Cindy turned, shivering at the undisguised lust in her gaze. Jill smiled. "Impatient?"

By way of an answer, Lindsay got up from the bed. Sensation, emotion, too much. Cindy's mind struggled to keep up as Jill opened the buttons of her blouse, caressing the exposed skin while Lindsay lifted her hair, placing a kiss on her neck.

There were some things that never changed. Papa Joe's had a new name and owner, the interior completely re-designed twice over the years. They had climbed their respective career ladders, but still in the same city. That hadn't changed, Cindy thought as she looked around the table. There wasn't as much time as there used to be for get-togethers like this, but they made sure to keep their network alive.

And she looked at her hand, the ring she'd been wearing for nearly ten years now. The affectionate smile Lindsay sent her way would never fail to make her heart skip a beat.

The End

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