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A Change in Plans
By Ann


Sabrina spread her towel over the lounge chair while surreptitiously glancing around the luxurious poolside for Tad Jensen. Spotting her subject being fawned over by three well-endowed, scantily dressed women, Sabrina realized she didn't have a prayer of catching his eye with her relatively flat chest and one-piece black Speedo.

Taking a seat on the lounger, she watched the foursome from afar and silently cursed Jill for taking an ill-timed vacation. There was no doubt in her mind that Jill was the only one of the three angels who could pull this guy's focus from his current harem. Now, they wouldn't be able to lure Tad into the fake hotel room encounter Bosley had planned.

All she had to do was bring him back to the hotel room, spike his drink, and arrange the room so it looked like they'd had sex; in other words, a typical day for the businessman, or at least, this particular businessman. It would have also ensured plenty of time for Kelly to get into his office and make copies of his illegal business ventures so that his partner, their client, could finally be free of Jensen.

Deciding to fill her colleagues in on her failed attempt at seduction, Sabrina stood to leave the pool area, and as she bent down to retrieve her towel; she caught sight of a vision walking toward her. The woman had dark hair and was wearing sunglasses, but what caught her eye was the caramel-colored swimsuit. The two-piece had a bikini bottom which barely covered the woman's privates, and the bra-type top looked to be two sizes too small.

The woman had an exaggerated sway to her walk that had Sabrina literally drooling as she watched the woman near, and when the dark headed vision was parallel to Sabrina, the angel promptly proceeded to fall back on the lounger as she looked up just as the woman slid her sunglasses down to wink before quickly sliding them back up the bridge of her nose.

Tad Jensen was on his feet in seconds, knocking over the three bimbos in the process, as he quickly made his way to the new arrival. The two exchanged quiet words, and the woman looped her arm in his as he escorted her from the pool area.

Unmoving, Sabrina sat in shock watching the sleaze escort her lover from view, and not even the few sprinkles of the sudden rain, had any effect on her. Only when the sky opened up and literally hundreds and thousands of raindrops fell on her did she grab up her towel and sprint to the nearest covering where she was joined by a smiling Bosley a few minutes later.

"There's been a change of plans, Sabrina. Kelly's going to drug the guy while you head for his office," Bosley explained to the still-stunned angel.

"But …" Sabrina stuttered.

Cutting her off, Bosley offered, "The client forgot to tell Charlie that Jensen's a . . . um, breast man, and with Jill gone, that just left Kelly. No offense Sabrina, those were Charlie's words, not mine." Turning red, Bosley quickly shifted his focus to his shoes.

Finally coming out of her stupor, Sabrina said, "That's okay, Bosley. I'm very aware of my limitations. Let me quick change and I'll go straight to the office."

As she turned to leave, Bosley suddenly offered, "Oh, I almost forgot. Kelly said to tell you to meet her at her apartment when you've finished. She said she needed to model something for you."

Grinning from ear to ear, Sabrina replied, "Thanks, Bos."

Turning, she jogged back out into the rain and headed toward her room, quickly picking up the pace when visions of Kelly in the tight, caramel bathing suit danced in her head. Even the light sprinkles couldn't dampen her spirits or deter her from her goal.

The End

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