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SONG: Song: "I'll always be Right There" Michelle Branch.
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A Good Thing
By Berg


Ring. Ring.



"Yeah Binks, what's up?"

"Turn on your radio to 103.8 PV Radio," Bianca said. She was fearful that she might have done the wrong thing. But she hoped and prayed it was the right choice.

"Why?" Maggie asked smiling.

"Just do it."

"Okay. Hold on one second," Maggie said putting the phone down and walking to the radio. She already had it tuned in. It was the only decent station they got in town.

"And this next songs going out as a dedication. Maggie, someone wants you to know they they're here for you and they love you, and they're not afraid," The female DJ said. "You sound pretty lucky Maggie. Here is your dedication, it's Michelle Branch's hit 'I'll always be Right There' and it's going to you. We hope you're listening."

When you're all alone, and you need a light,
someone to guide you through the night,
just remember that I am here,
to hold you close and dry your tears.

And just when you thought you
were falling, but you know I'll always be
right there.

When you're all alone,
and you need a friend,
someone to help you to the end,
when you need someone to
catch you when you fall,
I'll be there through it all.

Cause just when you thought
you were losing,
but you know I'll always be
right there.

And I'll be there through the
good times, and the bad,
and we'll be there for each
other, cause you're the best friend I've
ever had.

And just when you thought you
were falling, but you know I'll always be
right there. Whenever you need me,
I'll always be right there.

Maggie took a breath. That was the nicest thing anyone had done for her. She forgot she had Bianca on the phone. "Binks?"

"Hi," Bianca said softly. "I didn't make you angry with that did I?"

"Oh god no. It was…that was beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much," Maggie said crying.


"Hold on one second. Someone's at the door," Maggie walked to it and opened. Bianca stood there with flowers and a small box.

"Bianca, what are you doing?" Maggie asked surprised. She was wondering what had gotten into her friend.

"These are for you," Bianca handed her the flowers, "and so is this," she handed her the small box.

"Why? I mean what's with the gifts? We already did the birthday thing," Maggie smiled and pulled her in, closing the door behind her.

"Birthday thing, God don't remind me," Bianca laughed nervously.

"Oh right. Sorry," Maggie smiled.

"This is Bianca's appreciate your best bud day. And I want you to know I appreciate you."

"Bianca…you're…you're the best," Maggie said.

"I try."

"You succeed."

"Open your gift. Come on hurry up. I am very impatient," Bianca laughed. "You should see me at Christmas."

"Okay okay," Maggie felt her friend's excitement.

Maggie and Bianca sat on the bed. Maggie opened the box and saw a key. "A key?" she said slightly confused.

"Yeah. It's a key to our new place. Mom said the third room in, across the hall from mine…that belongs to you if you want it. And if you don't…then it's just a front door key for you to have so you can come and go as you please," Bianca said beaming with pride. She had told her mom about her conversation with Maggie a few days back. How Maggie had no family, and that Bianca wanted to make her a member of theirs, if Maggie wanted it.

"Your mom said you could give me this? With a blessing?" Maggie asked shocked.

"Yup. She said she'd be happy to have you be a member of our family. Though I think when I asked her for the key she thought it was for another reason," Bianca laughed nervously.

"This is great Bianca. Thank you," Maggie said wiping a stray tear. "What did your mom think was the reason you were asking?"

"I think she thinks we're…well, that we're seeing each other. Funny huh? Don't worry though, I set her straight on our relationship."

"What is our relationship Bianca?" Maggie asked curiously.

"You're my best friend."

"Nothing else?" Maggie asked again. Bianca looked at her confused.

"Do you not like it?" she asked wondering where this line of question was coming from.

"No I do. I love it. Thank you," Maggie said pushing over and hugging Bianca. She meant for the kiss to be one of appreciation. Maggie was pretty sure that's all Bianca meant to return. But somewhere in-between the lean in and their lips touching they both wanted something different.

Bianca moaned softly, and tilted her head to the side. Maggie slowly brought her hand up and cupped the soft cheek of the woman she now kissed. Bianca's lips parted and Maggie deepened the kiss. Bianca broke away.

"Oh my," was all she managed between heavy breathing.

"Wow," Maggie said.

"What was that?" Bianca asked.

"Like you need an answer," Maggie replied leaning back into Bianca again. Minutes later they broke apart again. "Even better the second time," Maggie said touching Bianca's cheek.

"I think I might have given my mom the wrong impression of our relationship," Bianca said positioning herself over Maggie.

"We have a relationship now?" Maggie asked kissing the girl on top of her.

"This sums up a relationship for me. How about you?"

"Spend my nights like this with you? That means we have a relationship?" Maggie said unbuttoning Bianca's shirt.

"Yeah this and the other stuff we do all the time. The long looks, the soft touches, and the nachos. Don't forget nachos," Bianca said kissing Maggie's neck.

"Oh god that feels good…yeah relationship it is. It helps that I love you too. I mean you can't have a relationship without love, right?"

"Right. Good thing I love you too," Bianca said lowering herself down Maggie's neckline.

"Good thing," Maggie replied laughing. She reached over and turned the radio up, "A very good thing."

The End

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