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A Mile
By Elizabeth Carter

Part Eight

B'Elanna had found Seven not in her quarters but in Cargo Bay Two; she was standing facing the dead Borg alcoves. Her hands firmly gripped either side of the remnants of the frame of the alcove that had at one time held her.

"BangwI?" B'Elanna whispered as she approached. The heavy leather Klingon boots clanging hard in the cavernous bay.

"It is difficult to comply with Ensign Wildman's wishes to stay away from NaomiWildman." Seven said quietly. "Another has been taken from me."

"Another?" B'Elanna was curious. "What do you mean?" She stepped around so she could see Seven's alabaster face. She was shocked to see Seven had been crying. "One died…and I could not make him comply in not deactivating himself. Even the infant I rescued from the cube had died. Icheb's parents took him away so that he could be used as a weapon against the Borg. Rebi, Azan and Mizoti decided they wanted to live with strangers rather then me. Mizoti…she wasn't even a member…" Seven sucked in a breath. "They always leave. They are taken from me. Now NaomiWildman is forbidden to be in my company because…I am Borg…."

"You have Icheb back." B'Elanna took hold of the stronger, enhanced meshed hand of Sevens' worried that her lover would go into self-destruction again. "And Naomi…well I think you have her too. That little girl loves you a lot."

"It sickens me B'Elanna to know I contain such things…that takes life…that makes…. children leave…it is difficult for this drone to adapt."

"I hate to break this to you Blondie, but we all do. We all have it. There were things I did as a Maquis…that were pretty dark. Things I did consciously. And you sure as hell aren't a drone. And you're no more a Borg than I am a Vulcan."

"Maquis are revolutionaries. They aren't evil."

"Neither are you Annika." B'Elanna said firmly.

"Borg are evil…Starfleet…Laqutius…Captain Picard declared it so. As did Captain Asinov after Wolf 539." She sighed. "The Queen made sure I knew what they said. When she took me back the first time, she locked into my cerebral cortex and downloaded all that had been said about the Borg in Starfleet records. She wanted to turn me against Humanity. She wanted me to learn everything about Humanity because she has never been fully able to conquer them. She had used me as a weapon just as Icheb's parents did."

"Her plan didn't work though did it? In fact it pushed you further into your quest for humanity." B'Elanna pointed out.

"I have failed in that pursuit."

"What? No you haven't…"

"Yes I have." Seven interrupted B'Elanna. "If I had found humanity, the children would not have been taken from me."

"Oh Annika…" B'Elanna grabbed Seven into her arms and held her tight. "Oh gods you can't think like that. Look because of you, your love…your humanity One sacrificed himself to save you, the ship and all of us." She lifted Seven's chin. "And…the twins and little Mizoti…you helped them find themselves, you gave them the courage to adapt to humanity so they could rejoin their family. Mizoti…well the boys were as her brothers…she didn't leave because she didn't love you, but she couldn't leave her brothers either. And it was your humanity that allowed you to give them up for a safer life on a planet. Icheb...that boy adores you Annika. He calls you SoS'oy!" She wiped away the tears on the pale cheeks. "And Naomi...that child loves you to pieces…she wants to be just like you."

"Her mother disapproves of me, of Naomi's infatuation. That is why she is forbidden to see me." Seven muttered darkly.

"I don't think Samantha will enforce that. Hell I'd wager my months rations for both replicater and Holodeck that Wildman will change her mind." B'Elanna gently kissed Seven on the lips. "And logically BangwI, if you were Borg…a drone…would you even care about Humanity, or the kids? Would you feel as if your heart was ripped out with a spoon? No Borg I ever encountered ever cared about stuff like that…the Queen sure as hell doesn't. And no drone ever said the word I…so you can't be a drone…. logically… You're acting in a very un-Borg manor"

Seven looked deeply into the chocolate brown eyes of the woman she loved.

"Do you trust me?" B'Elanna asked softly.

"B'Elanna I have always trusted you. Even when we were adversary I trusted you. I knew your word was your bond. Your honor unquestionable, of course I trust you."

Once again Seven had managed to shock B'Elanna first with the depth of emotion the younger woman had contained. How the Klingon had ever thought Seven was emotionless was beyond her. Seven hid behind walls of "Borgness" to shield herself from her heart. But Lanna now knew that Seven had one of the biggest hearts of all the souls she had ever encountered. Granted Neelix was far, far better at showing his heart, but Seven's was just as large, just as encompassing. Lanna knew that her lover took a great deal to heart. And because of that she hid behind the cold exterior. Hell Lanna herself hid behind fire.

The other bit that had shocked her was Seven's declaration of her trust. Even when they were at their worst, Seven never once doubted her trust in the Klingon. That was something Tom had never said, or felt. Tom was always looking for some ulterior motive because he himself was untrustworthy. A person who cannot be trusted cannot trust in return. It just dawned on the young engineer that it never occurred to Seven to question her honor or mistrust her.

"Then trust me when I say that Naomi will be bugging you to sing to her, threaten the 'nasties' she imagines before she goes to bed, and asking you a ton of scientific questions in no time." A dark caramel hand stroked Seven's cheek feeling the warmth of the pale skin. "Come on this isn't where you live anymore. Did you forget your change of addresses?"

"I am not accustomed to having a place of my own. I have never had a place all my own. A child to the Borg to the Cargo Bay…nothing for myself." Seven said.

"Yeah well it was wrong. I always thought that you know." Lanna admitted.

"I know Harry Kim said as much when he thought I was you."

B'Elanna wrapped her arm around her lover once more and guided her out of the cargo bay. "So what other kind of dirt did you dig up on me?" She made sure that her voice reflected her good humor so that Seven would not go back into her Borg cocoon.

"You're a 'workaholic.'"

"Tell me something I don't know." B'Elanna flashed a brilliant toothy smile.

Seven blinked. "I can do better." Her blue eyes twinkled in merriment. "I can show you."

B'Elanna was beginning to allow herself to believe Seven was on the mend more in her heart than physically. The breakdown in the cargo bay had worried the young Klingon more than she wanted to admit. It had also broken B'Elanna's own hearts to see Seven fall as she had. Seven truly loved those kids and it shattered the younger woman to see the children leave her. Everyone Seven had loved was at one point taken from her: her parents, One, the Borglings…Naomi. And all because of the Borg or at least their influence. At least Icheb and Naomi had been restored to her…. but Seven had lost so much.

It was no wonder Seven had reacted in the self-destructive way she had. The word drone was a trigger for all that pain…all that torment. Drone had a new definition. It meant the deliverors of unbearable pain. It was no wonder Seven hated that word so. It was more than a derogatory slur it was anguish. B'Elanna vowed that she would never allow it to be spoken in Seven's presence again. She would do all that she could to protect Seven, even if that meant protecting her beloved from herself.

'I am not going to be taken away from you BangwI.' B'Elanna swore privately. 'And I sure as hell not going to lose you. I'd go to Grethor before I let that happen.'

"I can't show you until we return to your quarters. I…'hid' the object there."

"You did?" B'Elanna giggled. "You must have done a great job because I never came across it." She held Seven's hand tightly and tugged her quickly toward the turbo lift. Her giddiness was contagious as her mood filtered into Seven causing the younger woman to smile. "So where did you hid it?"

"You must wait BangwI until we are home."

Whether she had slipped or hadn't noticed the slip of the tongue the fact Seven had designated B'Elanna's quarters as home warmed the older woman's heart more than she could ever imagine.

Kathryn Janeway had wanted say something to Samantha Wildman about what had happened, both previous in sickbay when Naomi was hurt and now, but technically it was not related to ships business. So she had no true jurisdiction, however because it boarded on moral the Captain could make a suggestion.

"Ensign. We are going to be on this ship for a long time. And not everyone will get along all the time; nothing is more evident of that fact as we have a lieutenant in a holographic penal colony. However we do need harmony, sometimes pride must be sacrificed for that to happen."

Samantha looked down to the carpeted floor then to her child who was still confused and hurt that her best friend had fled. "I understand Captain." Samantha uttered softly. "I…lashed out at her and Seven didn't deserve it."

"Have you told her this?" Janeway took the opening.

"Not when she was conscious." Samantha placed a hand upon her child's shoulder. "I never thought…" The blonde sighed. "I never intended for Seven to be hurt like that. If I could take it back I would in a heartbeat Captain. Seven and I because of Naomi have become kinda close. She put a lot of trust in me and I betrayed her faith."

"Samantha…words have a lot of power. The one thing I do know about Seven is that she forgives easily when she knows you are sincere. To her holding a grudge is…inefficient." Janeway smiled. "She won't turn you away."

Samantha Wildman allowed herself a measure of hope. She had to take the Captain's words to heart. The younger ensign recalled how flabbergasted she was when she had learned that Seven had forgiven The Doctor for torturing her under the orders of Captain Ransom of the Equinox. Seven indeed had a remarkable ability to move past the hurt someone gave her and forgive them. In away it was a child-like demeanor, for Naomi as well was quick to forgive someone and not hold a grudge against them once they proclaimed their apologies. This was a part of Seven's innocence that those who truly knew her wanted to protect.

"I'll make it right by her Captain." Samantha said. "What ever it takes."

Janeway looked to the bright face of Naomi and new the cure to Seven's depression lay in the hands of a seven-year-old child. She ruffled the girl's hair as B'Elanna had before and nodded her approval. "I think Seven would love to see Naomi."

Icheb had watched the interaction between the women with mild interest. He knew some altercation had occurred between his mother and Ensign Wildman but he had not known about what. But he was beginning to speculate it had something to do with Seven's reaction to the presence of the Wildmans.

Familiar with Seven's quick defensive moves of isolating herself, the boy had become worried over her. But he had to trust that B'Elanna would be there for her in a capacity he could not. Seven was loath to appear weak, especially in front of Icheb. However she might comply with lowering her personal shields with her BangwI and find her peace again.

He had wanted to see that his mother was fine, but he thought perhaps Samantha Wildman needed a private moment with her and so he would give them the discursion they needed to sort things out. The boy was about to leave when he felt the Captain's hand upon his shoulder.

"We need to talk." Janeway said in a voice that would merit no arguments.

Back in the Captain's Ready Room, Icheb stood at a perfect parade rest in front of the Captain's desk. Janeway held in her hand a data PADD. "Before I fully read this medical report from the Doctor concerning Lieutenant Paris, is there anything you would like me to know, Cadet Icheb…or should I say Cadet Hansen?"

Icheb clenched his jaw in an unconscious Sevenish fashion, which was not missed on the Captain. "Captain, I find I do not wish to say anything." He said quietly. "But as a cadet of Starfleet, I will comply."

"Good." The Captain straightened her tunic and waited for the petrified boy to admit what exactly he had done to Tom Paris.

"Captain…before I begin I need to ask you how familiar are you with Unimatrix Zero-One?"

"I know that it's connected to the Queen."

"It is the Queen's own Unimatrix." Icheb said. "All drones in that Unimatrix are assimilated serve her…closely. She oversees all assimilations of females if not assimilating them herself for Unimatrix Zero-One. She…was…extremely and illogically possessive of Seven. Captain, Seven contains certain nanoprobes when she assimilates victims… make them very compliant to her." Icheb sighed. "Certain female drones…who are taken by the Queen are more than simple drones. The Queen was killed twice before, both times at the hands of Jean-Luc Picard formally Laqutius. Each time a specialized drone became activated to become the new Queen. She was always pre-programmed with the former Queen's traits. Seven…was such a drone. When…I…implemented the cordial uplink for the Holomatrix…I…acquired the nanoprobes from Seven when she was hurt…and …" Icheb shifted his stance and sighed once more. "When …young are in the maturation chambers we are given teraquads of information, some of that is to make us compliant to the Hive. By using Seven's specialized nanoprobes…I programmed into the uplink a compliancy for Lieutenant Paris."

"Brainwashing him?" The Captains' tone was dark and verging on true anger.

"Yes." Icheb said. "But not completely only with a drive never to hurt Seven or anyone in her Unimatrix ever again. If she were to give him an order he would be suggestive to comply…. it is a benign program Captain." He dared lift his eyes to meet Janeway's.

The Captain rose from her chair her jaw fixed her blue gray eyes becoming clouded with steel. "You assimilated him?!"

"No! No Never." Icheb shook his head. "I just made him compliant to Seven. And he can never hurt her again." He was so terrified of the Captain he nearly started to hyperventilate.

Angry and frustrated with him, Janeway also had compassion for the boy. She knew that Icheb had wanted to tear Tom apart for what he had done to the alcoves, Naomi and what he had believe was the cause of Seven's injuries. The boy was only sixteen and filled with prepubescent hormones, and passion. He was also a boy who loved his mother and lashed out at the one responsible for her harm. Kathryn thought it was fortunate the young lad hadn't fully assimilated Paris.

Hell, the Captain had wanted to ship Paris out an airlock when she found out what Tom had done. The attack on Seven's alcove, the premeditation to rape B'Elanna all of it had sickened the Captain. She winced thinking of the holoprogram she had where she killed the infuriating man.

"Icheb Hansen what you did…may not have been completely unwarranted. I can certainly see the motive behind it. But putting a subroutine into the mind of another that brainwashes him is a fairly serious offense. Granted I know you wished to protect your mother and those of your family and that the programming is benign. However I cannot allow this offense to go unpunished."

Icheb stood at ridged attention, trying desperately hard not to be seen as terrified as he truly was. This was not lost on the Captain's keen eye. She couldn't allow the boy to see her smile. The poor kid was practically shaking in his boots under the force ten glare.

"A month of Holodeck rations will be forfeited. Nor will you use the Holodeck for a month by invite or offer of someone else's rations. And for thirty days when you are not on duty, in school or in PT, you will return to your quarters. However you will be granted a half an hour for each meal in the Mess Hall and three hours a day to visit your mother as your presence is required for her return to health. Understood?"

"Yes Captain. I will comply." Icheb said quickly, his fear still very evident.

"Good. Then report to your mother, I think she needs to see you. Your punishment beings tomorrow with the start of your duty shift. Dismissed."

"Yes Captain." He bowed his head and left was quickly as he could.

Kathryn shook her redhead stifling a small laugh. "Poor kid…" She ran her hand through her hair and thought perhaps a compliant Tom Paris would not be a completely bad idea after all. At the very least she wouldn't have to put up with his scheming ways or practical jokes. Perhaps she wouldn't even have to tolerate his narcissism, all the Captain would have to do would have Seven make him comply with the orders to act humble…or at least shut up about how great he thought he was. Still Kathryn Janeway did not want a ship of compliant drones.

Borg Drones were not mindless they were will-less. Freewill was something no one had a right to take from another, even if the means seemed justifiable at the moment. Janeway knew she could never utilize the fact Tom Paris was, as a drone to Seven, to do so would violate everything she believed in. If the technology could not be reversed, she would never take advantage of it. The only thing that gave the Captain a modicum of relief was that Tom was now impotent from harming Seven, B'Elanna or anyone close to the tall blonde she had rescued from the Collective.

Thinking of blondes Janeway couldn't help but reflect on another blonde she had rescued. Tapping her badge, Captain decided to act on her impulse.

Samantha Wildman was more than apprehensive as she strolled down the walled corridors. The ensign knew Seven now resided in her lover's old quarters. Neelix had moved out a month ago leaving the rooms vacant. In the lighter side of the older blonde's mind she thought it convenient that Seven was living as close to B'Elanna as she was. When Neelix lived there they were three decks separated and sometimes it was too far away.

The other side of Samantha's heart was leaded with guilt and nervousness. Since the incident when B'Elanna had transported to Sickbay with a bleeding broken shell of Seven, Samantha had berated herself. It had been her words and her words alone that sent the young woman over the edge. Wildman should have known better, in fact she did. Samantha knew just how impressionable Seven was, how insecure she was not only over the very visible implants but also of her past.

Seven had never forgiven herself of the atrocities the Borg had done to the galaxy and as a former member of the cybernetic Collective, Seven had lumped herself in with that crowd. Seven was acutely aware that even after three years some members were still leery of her presence, especially the Equinox members.

Somehow, someway Samantha Wildman was going to make amends to Seven. Looking down at her daughter, Wildman started to gain an idea on how. Naomi was giddy beyond her ability to contain her excitement. The child was humming 'You Are My Sunshine' a favorite song of the girl's that Seven sang to Naomi many times as she tucked Naomi in. The little angel loved Seven deeply. And why not? Seven was in the girl's opinion a hero. Not only had Seven saved Naomi from the Borg incursion, but she had been the only one who wasn't taken by the hallucinations of the picture plant anomaly and had silenced Naomi's fears and night terrors. Samantha recalled when her child had told her Seven not only carried her, but sang to her, and reassured her as well. Seven was a rock of strength and wonder to the child. Because the taller young woman had so little time in the world outside of the Collective she shared some of the same wonder of the world Naomi had. The child had recognized this.

Seven had also been the first one to take Naomi's quest to become the Captain's assistant seriously. Samantha recalled the countless times she had told her daughter that not only did the position not exist, that it wasn't going to happen. Seven had gone out of her way to see Naomi reached her dreams. She had not only stacked piles of data PADDs with a verity of information; Seven had helped the little tyke study. Samantha had known that Seven had gone to Janeway several times as a spokesperson for the child until finally the Captain relented. It was no wonder Seven was favored.

And of course Seven wasn't a disciplinarian. If Samantha was truthful to herself she would have admitted to the fact that she always favored her aunty over her mother nine times out of ten. It wasn't that she loved her aunty more; it was because when you looked at it, the equation was simple. Aunty meant fun. To Naomi, Seven meant fun. And Naomi could not have had a better role model, save for perhaps the Captain and Lieutenant Toress. Naomi wanted to be so much like Seven that she had often emulated the young woman's speech patterns, her walk as well as her gestures. Samantha chuckled recalling a particular gesturer. It took her daughter a long while to be able to raise a single eyebrow but Naomi was able to do it.

Samantha also considered another factor in Naomi's relationship with Seven. The young woman was a fine role model for her daughter, yes. But also Seven could not have a better ambassador for humanity than Naomi. She was pure and innocent. She wasn't jaded, nor was she contemptible. Naomi, as were all children, was the embodiment of humanity. More than anyone else aboard Voyager it was Naomi that helped Seven find her humanity and all without meaning to. Seven had eighteen years of catching up to do and it was Naomi, not the doctor, not Tuvok not even the captain that gave Seven the push she needed to reclaim what was lost. It was a child.

"Mum?" Naomi chirped. "How come we are going to Commander Chakotay's quarters? I thought we were going to see Seven." There was a hint of poutiness in the girl's voice.

"We are sweetie but there is something I have to take care of first then we will."


"I promise. This won't take long." Samantha said. "I tell you what. Go to the Hydroponics Bay and use my rations to collect some flowers for Seven, she'll like that."

Naomi raised a very Sevenish single eyebrow and shook her head. It was obvious that Mum didn't get Seven. Her friend wouldn't understand the reason behind the giving of dead botanical-matter. Still Naomi had to admit she liked the idea. She'd just have to explain the reason behind it. "Okay Mum…should I meet you at Seven's?"

"Yes." Samantha answered. "It won't take long I promise." She kissed her daughter's temple. "Go on now I'll catch up."

"Kay." Naomi said cheerful and started skipping back down the long corridors. Her mind wandering to what sort of flowers she should get for Seven. She knew her best friend's favorite color was red. So perhaps a bouquet of red flowers would be…perfection. A lopsided grin found its way to the girl's features as she entered the turbo lift.

B'Elanna moved with stealth into her bedroom, with Seven of Nine in tow. The compact Klingon had started to remove her armor almost as soon as she had entered her quarters. She had to admit she liked the look of the armor even if it was heavy. And around the ship where she was normally cold, it gave her added warmth. But it was cumbersome, as she wasn't use to its weight. B'Elanna suspected that if she wore the armor all the time, as the warriors who served aboard the Empire warships did, she would be used to it.

However, if she did wear it all the time she would not have seen the priceless look upon Seven's face when she first saw B'Elanna in it. That alone was worth getting all dressed up. Seven standing behind B'Elanna wrapped her arms around the woman she had long ago fallen in love with and pulled her body tightly against her's.

"You are aesthetically pleasing in leather Bella." Seven whispered into B'Elanna's ear. "Though I believe the correct term…. is….'sexy.'" The tall blond nuzzled the caramel neck.

"You like leather, eh?"

"On you."

B'Elanna turned in her lover's arms. "Oh I think you in leather would be extremely sexy." Lanna trailed her fingers down the trim body of Seven, even in sweats the woman was drop dead gorgeous. Seven in trainers and B'Elanna in two-inch heels of the boots were almost the same height. Seven's six-foot stature was due to the three-inch heels she wore otherwise she was five-foot-nine. And B'Elanna who stood five and a half inches over five feet, in the Klingon heavy boots gave was now five-seven. This added height was perfect for stealing a kiss.

B'Elanna wrapped her hand around the slender neck pulling Seven deeper into the possessive kiss. She drove her tongue into the waiting cavern of Seven's mouth tasting her. Wanting her. Loving her. An adept study, the blonde quickly outmaneuvered B'Elanna's tongue and took dominance. Seven's human hand cupped B'Elanna's check soothingly stroking the sculpted line of her jaw as she hungrily took Lanna's lips with her own, deepening the kiss. The meshed hand moved on its own accord and curled around B'Elanna's leather clad waist pulling her tighter against the taller body. The young Klingon felt her hearts stammer in hearing Seven moan her pleasure.

Pulling away for the need of oxygen, B'Elanna gasped. "Kah'less Annika! Where did you learn to kiss like that?!"

"You, Bella." Seven nuzzled B'Elanna's neck. "I have never kissed another."

"No?" That was hard to believe Seven of Nine was stunning, but then Lanna was also more than pleased, for she was Seven's first experience in love in all of its touches.

"I have been kissed however."

The young Klingon almost growled. "Who kissed you?" Her chocolate eyes darkened with threatening fury as to who would dare touch her Annika.

"NaomiWildman on several occasions has placed what I believe is called a 'peck on the cheek'. As did the twins and Mizoti when I would see to their Regenerations cycles."

B'Elanna cracked up laughing. "That really doesn't count as getting kissed, Lover." She rubbed her nose against Seven's. "That's a mom thing…I meant romantically."

Seven smirked.

B'Elanna nibbled her lover's lips. "I've always found that little smirk of yours adorable."

Seven smirked again. If the last expression elicited such a reaction out of her Bella then she would proceed to reveal more 'adorable smirks' in order to get more such kisses. Seven nuzzled her way along B'Elanna's jaw, up to her ear. When Lanna moaned and leaned into the kiss, Seven found that her beloved's heart rates jump into even higher levels. Seven wondered if this was what was called a hot spot…or a trigger. Further research was obviously needed.

Seven slipped her tongue out and gingerly touched the spot just behind Lanna's ear lobe, then nipped the velvet soft flesh upon the pulse point.

The Klingon growled low in her throat a nearly inaudible sound but Seven caught it. Yes it was definately a trigger. Seven smiled pleased with herself as she furthered her research and continued to nibble behind Lanna's ear.

"Awn….awn…i…ka… God…"

"This pleases you." Seven mumbled against h er neck.

"You…" B'Elanna felt her groin tighten in response, "have no idea…"

"Your heartrate has increased 20% above normal parameters for a Klingon-human hybrid." Seven said as she trailed her hand over B'Elanna's back. The metal mesh of her left hand clanged against the enhanced spinal plating of the armor. Reminding both women the armor was still in place.

"I was going to take this off." A slow eyed B'Elanna uttered.

Seven's response was immediate. She turned her lover in her arms and started to remove the duranium cuirass that accentuated her breasts and abdomen. Next came the leather-padded jerkin. Taking everything off was measurably slower than donning it. Possibly due to the fact Seven had not let up in her kissing B'Elanna's neck. So when the door chimed two voices coursed a very foul Klingon curse.


B'Elanna stared at Seven as if she had grown green skin. "Seven Of Nine!"

"It was something I heard you say a few times in Engineering 'Lieutenant'. Emulating you I had to improvise my speech patterns. I 'picked up' a few things."

"Well hearing you say damn in my mothers tongue is just odd."

A silver implant rose above the right eye. "I was under the impression the word meant fu…mmuphle…"

B'Elanna kissed Seven's mouth quickly before she could finish that particular word. "Annika hearing you curse…is just wrong. I am sorry but… it is."

Seven pulled away a little, her blue eyes twinkling in her bafflement. "Why is it wrong? I am clearly over eighteen years which is the acceptable age to use epitaphs."

"It's not that, BangwI…it's, well, profanities, yeah, great Klingon past time, but…it just doesn't fit with you. Its really hard to explain because I don't get it myself…well you're well..."

The door chimed again.

"Love would you get that so I can finish changing?" B'Elanna whispered kissing Seven upon the full lips once more.

"I'll comply." Seven returned the kiss and departed the bedroom.

B'Elanna shook her head as she watched the young woman she loves leave the room. "Kah'less I've been a bad influence on her." She chided herself for becoming a coward in not explaining true the reason it seemed wrong for Seven to swear was that she appeared so innocent. Cursing would somehow taint the angelic form.

Seven closed her blue eyes savoring the memory of her Bella's lips upon her own. She was still sporting a smile when she opened the door.

"SEVEN!" Naomi called out and leaped with all of her might into the tall woman's arms. If not for the enhancements of the Borg-skeletal structure Seven would have gone arse-over-teakettle with the lithe Kataarian buddle in her arms. Seven automatically placed her arms under the girl's backside to help support her weight.

"NaomiWildman…you should…"

"Not jump on Seven. She's still ill." Samantha smiled walking in behind her child.

"Seven look what I have for you." Naomi presented a handful of red flowers, tulips and roses. "It's a custom Seven to give people who are not feeling good flowers. Because they smell nice and…they make smiles." The child quickly explained, knowing her friend would have asked the reason for flowers. Seven sniffed the bouquet and yes she gave Naomi one of her very rare full smiles.

"Hey there Spike…putting the moves on my girl are you? Brining her flowers and making her smile like that?" B'Elanna said in good humor as she walked out of the bedroom in jeans and a tee shirt.

Naomi rolled her hazel-blue eyes and smirked.

"She is under the belief that botanical matter brings a smile to the 'ill'." Seven answered.

Lanna wrapped her arms around the very trim waist of her lover and sniffed the flowers herself. "Humm so they do." She winked at the child in Seven's very capable arms before ruffling the soft strawberry blonde waves. She placed a soft kiss upon Seven's cheek near the starburst and whispered softly. "Babe you're pretty lucky to get flowers from such a little cutie. I don't think everyone gets flowers from her so you're very special."

Seven felt the corners of her lips curling into a smile. Indeed she did feel fortuitous: not only did she have her friend Naomi's attention back and she apparently allowed to give attention, she had the love of a remarkable woman.

Samantha looked on with a bit of fondness in her soft blue eyes. Naomi was back to her giddy self once more chattering on like a squirrel. How could she have even thought to separate the two from each other? It was so clearly evident that Seven and Naomi had a great fondness for one another. Which made her decision to see Chakotay even more prudent.

"Seven how's your tummy? Does it hurt? Maybe you should let me down. Do you like your new quarters? Do you like your new alcove? B'Elanna and Harry and Icheb made it. I chose purple for the lights. Red was too scary for lights. Purples nice you look good in purple. Purple is my favorite color and we didn't want to use green. Green is for grass not lights. Did B'Elanna wake you up with a kiss? She was wearing her armor…she woke you up with a kiss didn't she? She looked so cool in her armor, so neat!"

"Kah'less child take a breath!" B'Elanna laughed.

"Honey you have to give Seven time to answer." Samantha chided her daughter.

What either woman didn't know was this was a game played often between the two.

"Working in acceptable parameters. You are not encumbersum at this time. Yes. Yes. Then I am fortunate to have friends 'look out' for me. Purple is an acceptable color. I am fond of purple; however thank you for thinking of my favorite color. And thank you for the complement the plum bio-suit is one of my favorites to wear. You are correct green is a more acceptable color for grass rather than illumination. Yes I awoke several minutes after B'Elanna gave me a kiss. I concur she is stunning in her armor."

The other two women just starred because as quickly as Naomi had rattle off her questions, Seven had answered them.

"Two peas-in-a-pod." Samantha smiled warmly.

"Yeah no kidding."

"What?" Naomi cocked her head and raised her practiced Sevenish eyebrow.

Seven merely raised an eyebrow at the remark. "Clarify."

This of course added more humor for B'Elanna and Samantha.

"It means you are very similar to each other like two peas in a single pod." B'Elanna explained.

Seven and Naomi looked to each other as if to assess the truth of this declaration. The child was of course gratified beyond measure to be compared to her hero. Seven found little visual similarities. Perhaps then Samantha had meant demeanors. But once again Seven found little similarities save for the fact that Naomi did on occasion imitate her.

Before the tall blonde could ask for clarification, Samantha drew her attention. "Seven…" She paused. Everything she had rehearsed coming down the halls from Chakotay's quarters to Sevens, then B'Elanna's next-door had suddenly vanished as if sucked into a black hole. The shorter blonde had rehearsed every word of her apology but now looking at Seven it was gone.

"Hey Naomi." B'Elanna stepped in feeling that Samantha wanted a moment or two alone with Seven. "If is okay with your Mother, why don't we get some chocolate milk and cookies."

"Oh Mum can I?"

"May I." Samantha corrected automatically. "And yes you may."

"Yippee!" The child whopped.

Seven set her precious cargo down with a slight but exceptionally warm smile. B'Elanna extended her hand for the girl to take ad they would wonder off into the kitchenette. Samantha moved a little to the living room proper trying to find a bit of privacy.

"Seven, I was so wrong about what I said earlier. "And I am so sorry…" her paler blue eyes glistened in unshed tears. "I won't explain away what I did. I was wrong. So very wrong…"

Seven remained silent for a moment. It was her experience that when someone wronged another, they needed 'to get their guilt off their chest.' It wasn't an efficient way of asking for forgiveness but it was apparently a large part of humanity.

"Seven…I…if I could take it all back I would. I'd take it all back. I never thought that…I should have thought…I know Naomi means so much to you. That you'd protect her and you love her. She needs you in her life, you're her aunty, and her best friend. She has other friends yes, but you're her closest.

"I just want you to know I am sorry. I hurt you, said things that weren't true. Things I don't believe but I can't excuse myself for saying them. Seven you were never to blame for what happened to Naomi. I was mad, frustrated and so frightened for her. God Sev, I know you would never, never hurt her. Because of you she isn't in a maturation chamber. Because of you she was saved from the Picture Plant Nebula." Samantha grabbed Seven's hands into her smaller ones and pulled her friend over to the white leather sofa and sat down. She knew she would never have the strength to pull Seven down to sit beside her but she hoped Seven would get the hint and sit.

The taller blonde knew that most people especially when discussing something this profound needed to do so in relative comfort. Complying with the ensign's desire to sit, Seven took a cushion near the left armrest. Samantha sat sideways so she could look more directly at the young ex-Borg.

"Sev…I…." Samantha looked away unable to focus anymore. She pictured Seven's prone form, bleeding profusely in B'Elanna's arms. She recalled all the blood that coated the petite engineer's tunic until it was glossy black. Samantha recalled the hours the doctor and B'Elanna spent trying to save Seven's life. The four times the tall woman had to be resituated flashed in Samantha's mind. There was so much blood. Seven was so pale…dying….

"Seven…honey…I know how much of an integral part Naomi plays in your life and more importantly your presence in her's. Naomi would never have been hurt if not for Tom Paris. I don't care what happened to lead up to what he did. The fact is he sabotaged the alcoves. He did what he did because he can't stand to lose anything. He lost B'Elanna because he was self-centered, selfish and a pig. That race, his 'drive' for it…look Seven all I know is that you are important to Naomi and to me."

Samantha settled her breath once more as she looked at the PADD in her hand. Without explaining its presence or what was written on it the older blonde handed it to Seven.

"What is this?" Seven asked with a raised silver ocular implant. Her human hand reached for the PADD, and quickly scanned the information. As her mind digested the text her blue eyes widened a bit.

"Seven, you love Naomi and she you. If anything were to ever happen to me…I want you, Seven of Nine to adopt her. I want you to be her mother."

"Samantha, I had thought this position was taken by Neelix."

"She needs a maternal figure Seven. Neelix loves her, as she was his own. And I love him for that. But she needs you too. I've had Commander Chakotay make these documents so that in the event of my…demise you would have legal custody of Naomi. Her biological father will love her, but he is in the Alpha Quadrant. By the time we reach home she'll be a young adult so her father won't protest you having custody."

Seven remained silent. Her cerulean eyes lifted watching as the girl was teaching B'Elanna the finer points of dipping cookies into milk.

When the young woman didn't respond right away, Samantha started to panic. "Seven, please consider it. I've seen you with the boys and Mizoti. Granted you had a few bumps, but you 'adapted.' You make a great mother. Hell for anyone to be handed a seven year old, twin ten year olds and a troubled fifteen year old, you've done amazingly well. I don't even know if I'd been able to cope with it like you did. I would never worry for Naomi. I love Neelix to pieces, and he adores Naomi, but with you I know without a doubt she's protected. So please Seven...just think about it."

Seven still remained silent. In fact she was stunned. B'Elanna had been right; Samantha had recanted her early proclamation that Seven was to stay away form Naomi. But now this woman was asking Seven…no begging her to take custody of Naomi should something happen to her.

Naomi came out with a mouthful chocolate chip cookie and her glass of half drunk chocolate milk complete with floating crumbs for the consent dunking of her cookie. The girl flashed a toothy grin and climbed up onto the white sofa between the two women she adored.

"Honey I doubt Lieutenant Toress would appreciate chocolate cookie on her couch.

"Aw Mum…she said I could."

Samantha looked to the young Klingon for conformation. When the brunette nodded with a shrug, Samantha left her complaints aside.

"See Mum? I told you so." Naomi gave a smug smirk. "Hey Seven you want a cookie?"

"Not at this time." The tall blonde shook her head. "Thank you however."

Samantha's attention was diverted enough so she didn't see B'Elanna move her mouth in a near inaudible whisper. "Are you okay BangwI?"

Seven gave her lover a ghost of a smile and nodded yes she was fine. It was only then that Seven could see B'Elanna visibly relax and yield her sudden and very extreme protective streak.

Seven looked to the PADD in her hand once more then to the child who was leaning against her happily munching on her cookie. Considering the adoption of the girl was of no small measure. In fact this decision quantified a great deal of thought and contemplation. But to Seven, her instinctual reaction was to give a resounding yes she would adopt Naomi should something happened to Samantha Wildman. To be truthful Seven would never be comfortable with anyone else giving their influence upon the girl. Yes she trusted Neelix with Naomi and her beloved as well as the Captain, but no one else other than her mother would Seven trust with the girl's safety.

There was really no decision left to make. No debate to weigh pros and cons. Naomi nuzzled deeper into Seven's body enjoying the rare closeness had made the decision for the woman.

"Lieutenant Toress." Seven said in a near clipped tone that caused the Klingon to look up immediately. For Seven to utilize the formal title was serious. "I need to you to witness the signing of this documentation."

"What is it?" B'Elanna asked. She stepped up to the couch and sat on the lip of the walnut and glass coffee table.

Seven handed her the PADD so that B'Elanna could decipher the text for herself. When the young engineer had finished she looked not to Seven but to Samantha.

"No games here Wildman?"

"No of course not."

B'Elanna narrowed her eyes. "She can't take another thing like what happened before. And I'll not allow it."

Samantha looked away. "I know. And I am so sorry about what happened…I truly am."

"You are forgiven Samantha." Seven titled her head and gave a simple smile. "I'll not hold your words against you."

'I sure as hell want to.' B'Elanna was seething inside. She still had a problem with her childhood bullies that called her turtlehead. 'You're pretty amazing Seven.'

"What is that Seven." Naomi asked her friend rather then her mother considering it had been Seven who had given B'Elanna the PADD.

"It is a form of legality that stipulates that you would be remanded into my custody as my ward should…"

"Seven, let me give it a try." Samantha cut in, worried for the tender sprit of her daughter. Seven's explanation was so clinical with very little tenderness to soften the blow.

Naomi was following the flow of the conversation perfectly well. Seven always talked to her as an adult making Naomi feel special and quite grown-up. It was one of the many things Naomi loved about Seven. She also never spoke about herself in the third person since she was severed from the Collective. Mum and Neelix sometimes did and it annoyed Naomi as it made her feel like a baby. But apparently some adults felt this need to speak to her in such a manner and so she 'adapted' to the strange ways of adults. Naomi decided that when she becomes a mother she wouldn't do that. And she wouldn't make her daughter have a lot of times outs.

"Mum has asked Seven to look out for you if I ever got very hurt, Honey. That PADD makes it alright with the law." Samantha uttered softly.

Naomi looked to Seven then to her mother. "So if you were MIA or KIA then Seven would become my guardian like she was with the twins, Mizoti and Icheb." The child concluded. "This is acceptable."

This declaration stunned the three adults.

"I am not a baby Mum. I know what Seven was going to say." She kissed her mother's cheek. "But nothing will ever happen to you because Captain Janeway won't let it. She always gets us out of bad things." The girl shrugged once more. "Everyone knows that. The ship gets knocked about, and it's scary but the Captain makes it better. So does Seven and B'Elanna. So see Mum nothing will hurt you. You shouldn't worry."

This was the pure faith of a child.

"In the low probability that you are remanded into my custody you are not objective?" Seven asked the girl.

"Seven we're family. No I don't 'object.' It's just paper work anyway." Once more Naomi shrugged.

"Then I will comply." Seven said but with a rare warm smile. She signed her authorization on the PADD, and then handed it to her beloved who likewise singed it as a witness and ranking senior officer. The last to sign was Samantha. Now it was official should the unmentionable happen to Samantha, Seven of Nine would be Naomi's legal guardian.

B'Elanna's hidden anger for Samantha had melted away. In this sweeping gesture Samantha had proven herself once again. She had indeed made it right by Seven and Naomi. B'Elanna moved to the right armrest and perched upon it. Her hand stroked the long back of her lover as she leaned in and gave her a peck upon her temple. Now perhaps Seven could truly start to heal.

Amanda Rothery appeared before the ready room the same time Samantha Wildman was making her way to Chakotay's quarters. She hit the buzzer that would announce her presence and waited for the smoky tones of her Captain to admit.

She only had to wait a moment before Janeway's voice came over the combadge that tall blonde might enter. "You wanted to see me Captain?" Rothery said in a demeanor that spoke business.

"Concerning a few matters yes." Janeway smiled looking at her junior officer. "You want something from the replicater?"

"Actually espresso would be great." The tall blonde answered.

The Captain smiled widely, this woman was after her own heart, Rothery was a coffee fiend as much as she was. "Coming right up."

"Captain…" Rothery pushed for the reason she had been called. Considering Tuvok was now back on duty, Amanda was no longer the acting Chief of Security. Though she was still the 2IC of Security had handled a lot of the details delegated by Vulcan, he was still the chief. Amanda couldn't help but wonder if this had anything to do with the internment of Paris or the events that followed up to it. Rothery had made a full and detailed report to Tuvok concerning the incident, she knew there were no discrepancies so the summons to the Ready Room was befuddling to the young woman.

Janeway collected two small blue porcelain cups of espresso from the replicater and handed one to the Lieutenant. "Amanda as you know Voyager is without her main pilot. Next to Tom you're second best pilot we have."

"Captain…flying this boat is a far cry from the small fighters I flew."

"You were top pilot at the academy when you were there and your skills while in the…time you were with the cadres of New Hope…"

"I was a child then captain." Amanda remarked. "And as you recall a bit feral."

" I remember." Katherine grinned before taking a sip of the strong espresso.

Amanda's first encounter was something Kathryn was not likely to forget. It was not unlike when the compact Captain first encountered B'Elanna who was filled with fire and contempt. Or Seven of Nine filled with contempt and fridged reserve. Both women little more then apprehensive about the presence of Kathryn Janeway. Amanda was filled with contempt and pure feralness. She was more like a wildcat then she human. At thirteen Amanda was quick, deadly and wild. The woman's cadre had taken her in at the age of four just after the child witnessed her mother brutally raped several times and then murdered.

The cadre taught her how to kill, taught her the art of Ninjetsu, and taught her how to pilot small one-man fighters as well as pod-racers. When Janeway met Rothery she was a very successful ninja-esk thief, accomplishing several assassinations of enemy cadres clan leaders. Tiny and quick Amanda could get into places a full sized adult couldn't. She was lithe and lethal with little regard for the value of life. Since she was four years old she had only known violence. That was what life was. Life was pain. Life was fear. Life was violence. Life was death. Then Kathryn Janeway came. And life started to have a new definition.

She was unlike anyone Amanda had ever encountered including the women of the cadre who kept her safe during her formidable years. But that rabble knew the value of a young lean body and molded Amanda into assassin and thief. Becoming a skilled ninja-like warrior was the only way the young Amanda had earned her keep. They had taught her how to read a little and decipher sighs in the tunnels that had survived the holocaust.

Kathryn recalled the child that had watched their encampment with a mixture of wild energy and curiosity for almost a week. She also recalled the girl sneaking in the camp and stealing Janeway's' science tricorder, med kit and a few ration bars. The then Commander Janeway approached the youth with kindness, setting out more ration bars, talking to her when she knew the feral blonde to be watching.

The entire crew of Albitani was appalled by the conditions of the post apostolic living conditions of the lost colony of New Hope. The Federation had been made aware of the conditions and was sending transport ships for those who wanted a better life as well as immediate medical assistance. The world was sight of pure devastation. The vast majority of the population—avoiding radioactive zones or finding the way through endless miles of identical corridors was the only use for understanding letters. In the few tall buildings that had survived the drug-lords ruled high above the ruins and they kept what technology the colony had for themselves. The very powerful had the few luxuries such as plumbing, heat, and communication consoles.

Kathryn wanted to help this lost soul, she felt compelled to do so. It had taken three days for Janeway to even see hide or hair of the quicksilver child. Like a wild animal Amanda would approach wirily watching Kathryn curious was to why she continued to set out the food. The small blonde had decided to see if she could trade what she had taken form the redhead woman for more food. She set out the tricorder, and found that Kathryn had left twice the amount or ration bars she had previously. And each time Janeway would discover a part of her med-kit more food was traded. This trade continued until Janeway had everything that had been take from her minus the three first supplements of food. It was here a very, very tentative trust was given birth to.

Amanda was accustomed to starvation, freezing and pain. She wasn't accustomed to kindness, food, warmth and trust. Somehow the girl knew she could trust Janeway. The girl lived by night exclusively, so much in fact her vision was photosensitive. Even though she lived in the boarders of the cadre, the girl had gone more or less independent, as her sprit was fiercely independent. The cadre yes gave her security but they tithed her of almost everything Amanda had. And so she had started to keep a treasure trove hidden.

There was very bitter memory…Amanda had been on her way to see her new "friend" though she had yet to present herself, when she was jumped and beaten nearly to death. Five men were fully intending to rape her. The away team from Albitani had heard the fighting and disrupted them before they could violate the child. Janeway ran up to the girl who was thankfully out cold. The young commander had pleaded with her captain to take the lost child aboard Albitani, thinking she would not survive the night if she didn't receive immediate emergency medical help.

Captain Kathryn Janeway looked at the gorgeous woman before her who was a far cry from the emaciated, scruffy boyish looking feral she had rescued several years ago. There was still that hidden wildness to her as if she would never be fully tamed. At times Janeway would catch Amanda looking at a room before she entered as if to locate all possible exists and all possible threats. Only in Kathryn's presence did Amanda ever allow her guard to go completely away. But there would always be wildness to the tall blonde. Kathryn chuckled to herself thinking that Amanda would have made a fine Klingon warrior. Save for the fact the Klingon race had no blue eyed blondes.

"Amanda the fact you had learned to pilot at such a young age is very beneficial for my new pilot. I need you at the helm. That is why I am assigning you a knew position."

The younger woman opened her mouth to vocalize her protest but stopped when Janeway held up her hand. "Tuvok is more then reluctant to have you replaced as his 2IC that is why you'll remain Second Officer of Security just as Commander Tuvok is my Tactical Officer as well as Chief of Security. If he can handle the double duty so can you Amanda. I have every confidence in you."

Amanda felt the corners of her lips pull into a smile. "Thank you Captain. I wont disappoint you."

"You haven't so far Lieutenant. And as a member of the senior staff you'll be required to meet with every briefing." The Captain said with a jovial tone knowing that Rothery was still very much of a night owl. Amanda and early mornings were not the best of companions as they were barely on speaking terms.

"Yes ma'am." Rothery nodded her head, the small smile still very present upon her angular face. "And in that case, may I suggest serving espresso instead of that black sludge you normally drink in the mornings?"

To that Janeway chuckled loudly. "I'll take it under advisement." Kathryn looked at the young woman once more wanting to say something more but words failed her. She enjoyed staying in the other's presence very much. Amanda was an intriguing individual and Kathryn berated herself for losing touch with her. The lieutenant had been yet another crewmember who feel through the cracks. Kathryn hated herself for that, Rothery like B'Elanna and Seven had been lost and turned to Kathryn to help them chart their way. B'Elanna and Seven of Nine had found another other to help them pilot their course in life but Rothery was still in the fringes.

"Amanda…as part of your duties as second to the Chief of Security you train the junior officers in marital arts and marksmanship correct?"

"Yes Captain, under Commander Tuvok's delegations. He authorized the training. Is there a problem?"

"No!" Kathryn said quickly. Rothery like Seven strove for Janeway's approval. Both worried that Janeway would find fault in their work and judge them. "Look Starfleet Captains can get a little sated sitting in the Big Chair. I was wondering if you'd take on another student."

"You want me to train you?" Amanda was flabbergasted. Hell Janeway was very capable fighter, and Captains rarely went on away missions since the regulations had been changed eighty years ago. The era of James T Kirks was long over. However Janeway was no slouch. "I am assuming private less ones are in order. I can't have my students stumbling over themselves because you make them nervous."

The older woman chuckled. "I think that would be advisable. Besides I can't have my crew staring at me when you take down on the matt."

Amanda's golden eyebrows shot up at the Freudian slip. The flush of the redhead's checks indicated Kathryn knew exactly wheat she had said.

Amanda smirked. "Afraid I'd kick your ass Kath."

"I can still beat Seven at Velocity…well barely…I think I can give you a run for your credits."

"Fine. I'll take that bet. Staff meeting is at 0900 hours right?"


"Meet me in Holodeck one 0400 hours Captain…and we'll see if you can keep up. Calisthenics to begin with then an evaluation of your martial skills. I know you're a crack shot; you have to be when you play Velocity so I'll considerate on hand to hand combat."

Kathryn smiled meekly. "0400…are you trying to drive me to early retirement?"

"Afraid?" Amanda chided.

"Hey this ol' broad stared down the Borg Queen twice I can handle anything you can throw at me." Janeway shot back in good humor.

"Good it's a date then." Amanda was still smirking.

B'Elanna walked Samantha out of her quarters as Nomine pleaded to stay for a little while with Seven. Both mother and the two ladies agreed the child could for a few hours. The young Klingon and mother knew that Seven and the little girl needed some bonding time. For Seven to reassure herself that it wasn't because of her Naomi had been hurt. For Naomi to reassure herself that her Seven was okay.

"She needed that you know." Lanna commented softly knowing Seven would hear her regardless. Having lived three days in the ex-Borg's body Lanna knew exactly what Seven was capable of. "She's still in pain. Her heart…her spirit was broken."

Samantha looked away feeling viler, more evil then the Borg Queen.

"Look a few days ago you stormed into my office to yell at what you thought was me, defending Seven. That's the Samantha, Seven befriend. If she can put aside her pain and accept your apology…I guess I can try. I'm not one to talk…she and I were never exactly friends to begin with but I've always admired her skills. I care for her, hell I never wanted to see her hurt when weren't getting along. The day when she hid out in Engineering when her cortical node was killing her…I knew...then I'd fallen for her…. she means a lot to me Samantha. What you did to day meant a lot to her…I guess...just thanks."

Samantha Wildman flashed a shy ghost of a grin. "I mean it I couldn't think of a better guardian for Naomi then Seven. I just wish that I could…alter the time line. I never thought she would take it that far."

"Seven is extremely sensitive about her Borg implants and her past as a member of the Collective." B'Elanna felt as if she was repeating herself if not in words at least in thought. The Klingon thought back when she was in a self-destructive mode herself. But she did it to try to feel; Seven had done it to stop feeling. Neither were successful when you had someone who cars for you to pull you out if that funk.

"I know." Samantha answered the Klingon engineer. "Maybe if she heard how beautiful she is from someone whose opinion actually maters she may find a different view of herself. She is very beautiful woman." Samantha commented softly.

B'Elanna smiled. "Yes, my Seven is beautiful."

On the couch Naomi was cuddled up to Seven as the tall blonde started to read her a chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The two had finished the first book about a month ago before the incidents happened and Seven had promised to help Naomi read the second book. The child read as Seven would help her out with the larger words. Naomi had a difficult time with the name Hermione. Naomi also asked if Seven who could speak forty languages thanks to the Collective could speak Parseltongue, the languages of snakes. But Seven said she could not and seriously doubted serpents could speak.

"You remind me of Hermione, Seven." Naomi said seriously.

"How can I . I bear no striking resemblance to a thirteen year old girl, nor am I magically inclined. And I do not have dark hair nor dark eyes."

"Well she's super smart so are you and she got very hurt feelings when dumb Malfoy called her a mudblood and you get hurt feelings when people say Drone….and…both names are bad to say…and she has close friends and so do you who care for you tons. See you're a lot like Hermione."

Seven's answer was to let out a patient sigh and raised her eyebrow. "Perhaps we should continue reading. I believe Harry and Malfoy were engaged in the game of Quidditch."

When Samantha had gone B'Elanna returned to the sofa. "So what are you two cuties up too?"

"We're reading Harry Potter." Naomi answered.

"Oh yeah? Hey they were my favorite as a kid too. Always wanted to play Quidditch. And wipe that smirk right off of Draco Malfoy's piggish little face." B'Elanna smirked. "Malfoy reminded me of one of my cousins. He always picked on me...but Harry, Ron and Hermione were always cool."

Someone picked on Lieutenant Toress! Naomi could scarily believe it. Who would be dumb enough to pick on her? B'Elanna was always strong. Always powerful. She couldn't even imagine a little B'Elanna, let alone a child being teased. "Yeah I like em' too." Naomi chirped pleasantly.

Seven had allowed her mind to wonder. Perhaps this was something she could give to B'Elanna a pleasant memory of her youth the stories of Harry Potter and more importunately program the Holodeck for Quidditch. If B'Elanna had always wanted to play the game with holotechnology she could. That reminded the tall ex-Borg, there was another holoprogram she wanted to give to her beloved. In fact it was why they had retreated to B'Elanna's quarters from the cargo bay with some haste.

Seven shifted Naomi from her lap and kneeled before the couth to reach behind it.

"Love what are you doing?" B'Elanna asked enjoying the view of Seven's shapely backside. Privately she wished the child wasn't present as she imagined cupping the rounded globes of Seven's rear as Lanna kissed her.

"Retrieving the item I had for you."

"Oh hell I forgot all about that." The hybrid admitted with all honesty.

"I too admit distraction, however you have since reminded me." Seven rose from her knees and handed her beloved the amber data strip.

"A holoprogram?" B'Elanna narrowed her eyes thinking she had had the last of lovers who were preoccupied by the damn Holodeck.

"It is not very long." Seven said. "However it is something I believe you should view. It it's not interactive, I should inform you so. I merely wrote it share with you something I thought you should have been involved with."

"I am intrigued." B'Elanna commented. "Tell you what I'll go check it out and you two finish your book or chapter or whatever."

Seven slipped a small phantom smile. "I hope you enjoy your experience BangwI." She kissed B'Elanna almost chaste as she believed a minor should not witness too much adult displaces of affection.

B'Elanna was touched by Seven's offering and kissed her with a hint of more to come when they were once again alone. "I am sure I will, Lover." To Naomi the young Engineer said. "Spike look out for my Seven while I'm away okay. The Doc said she is supposed to rest."

"Okay." Naomi beamed in been given such an important assignment as to watch over Seven. "I'll call you if she needs you."

"Good." B'Elanna winked then smirked as she saw the expression on Seven's stoic face that told her the tall blonde was not amused. Placing a kiss on Seven's full lips once more B'Elanna darted out of her quarters for the Holodeck.

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