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A Perfect Moment
By atfm


The Sea

Standing at the edge of the gulf, Nora watched the waves roll onto the beach with a splashing noise. She curled her toes in the wet sand and felt her feet sink a little deeper into the soft ground when the water washed over them. The cool grey mud slowly closing around her feet made her feel grounded, somehow connected to the earth, here where land and sea met in a constant back and forth motion.

Nora leaned back into the warm body molded against hers, reaching for Nikki's arms to wrap them around her middle more tightly. Sliding her palms down forearms and over wrists and hands, she entwined her fingers with Nikki's and smiled at the light squeeze around both her waist and her hands. The gusty breeze carried the smell of the sea to Nora, and she drew it into her lungs greedily, closing her eyes to perceive every nuance of it – rich and faint, heavy and light, tangy and soft.

The water, the sand, the humid air, breathing calmness in and stress out. Turning her head to the side, she inhaled deeply once more, and this time, the aroma of the sea mingled in her nostrils with Nikki's scent, fresh, sweet, familiar, delicious. Nora licked her lips and tasted salt. It reminded her of the taste of Nikki's skin right after they'd made love. With a smooth move, Nora turned around to slip her arms around Nikki's waist, burying her face in the warm neck. In the solitude of the vast sea and the wide beach, they felt closer than ever before, experiencing the surroundings and each other with all their senses. It was a perfect moment, and everyday life held its breath.

The Sun

Squinting, Nora sat up on her beach towel and let her gaze travel over the water lazily. The bright light originating from high above was caught in the waves, casting a silvery reflection. Everything seemed sharp and vibrant in the sun, alive, and yet, lulled by its comforting warmth.

Nora tore her eyes away from the mesmerising sight and looked down on Nikki. With her right hand, she gently brushed a little sand from the brunette's naked back and then slowly trailed her fingers over the hot skin, wiping away the glistening moisture that had gathered at the base of her neck. Nikki sighed under the light caress and wiggled closer to the touch, causing the lean muscles of her back to tense beneath the skin shining in the sunlight. Pressing her lips to a sensitive spot between the shoulder blades, Nora simultaneously ran her hand down Nikki's side, enjoying the smoothness and the barely perceptible shiver that shook the other woman's body.

Without warning, Nikki rolled onto her back and pulled Nora down for a sensuous kiss. The sun warmed Nora's back and Nikki her mouth, and the blonde thought that while she loved the sun, it was Nikki she couldn't live without. Closing her eyes and shutting the rest of the world out, she clung to Nikki and allowed herself to get lost in the kiss. It was a perfect moment, and everyday life loosened its grip.

The Wind

A storm was raging over the sea; angry dark clouds raced through the sky and changed the colour of the troubled water from a dull brown to a gloomy grey to a threatening black. In the distance, a veil of falling rain fast approaching was visible. They stood on a large rock on the coast, feet firmly planted on its rough surface, arms outstretched to the side, Nikki's right hand grasping Nora's left, heads thrown back. The strong wind whipped into their faces and ripped through their hair violently; single strands carefully tucked behind ears came loose and clung to faces damp from the fine spray of salt water that waves crashing against the rock sent up towards them.

Nikki tugged at Nora's hand and shouted something, but Nora laughed and shook her head. The whistling and whooshing of the wind, coupled with the roaring of the sea, were too deafening to hear anything else. With its noise and its strength, the storm cleared their minds of all cobwebs and took all lingering thoughts with it. Their eyes closed again, and they simply stood to listen and breathe and feel, finding freedom on a rock in a storm and safety in the firm hold of each other's hands. When the first heavy raindrops hit their cheeks, they smiled. It was a perfect moment, and everyday life faded to black…

The End

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