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A Quiet Night
By Kurna


A light shimmer of gold announced her appearance. A quick look told the immortal woman that she had timed it exactly right. Any later, and she might have missed part of the show, any earlier, and the Warrior Princess would still have been more alert and might have felt her presence. But no, perfect timing, Xena had just started to kiss Gabrielle, while at the same time removing her green top with nimble fingers. Aphrodite, for the secret watcher was none other than the Goddess of Love, made herself comfortable.

The bard was now returning the favour by removing Xena's bracers, while the Warrior Princess placed soft kisses along her neck. It always fascinated Aphrodite how the most deadly fighter in Greece could be so sweet and tender with her lover. And this was just one of the reasons she loved to watch them. They hadn't really gotten to the good parts yet. Suddenly a second shimmer of gold announced another godly presence right next to Aphrodite.

"Hi, mum, had been looking for you."

"Hi, Cupid. I have just been watching one of my favourite couples for a bit. That was a good job, if I may say so myself. Their love is beautiful."

"Yes, their love is really shining bright. Still, I didn't expect you to be here and watch them."

"Why? I am very proud of my part in their story. They are such a good example for true love."

"Oh, I know. I am proud of you as well. I just always thought that you had feelings for the bard yourself. So it might have been difficult for you to watch them together."

"Doh, of course I love my little Gabrielle. But those two just belong together and I have no problems to accept that."

She didn't mention though that this acceptance had been difficult at first. But it got so much easier, once she got hold of those three naked dancing Gabrielles. Maybe she should check on them, see if they were already rested from their afternoon together.

The End

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