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By allie


"Oh by Kahless' sweaty jockstrap, would you get of out of my face and out of engineering before I rip you a new one in more places than you knew were in a human's body!" B'Elanna's growl was audible to everyone within a twelve foot radius. She positively radiated tension and palpable anger as her temper escalated to warp 25 and increased with every angry breath she took.

Whether it was bravery or sheer stupidity that made her nemesis stand his ground she wasn't sure but he retorted. "Or, what you know that if you lay one finger on me that Captain Janeway will confine you to quarters or the brig this time. You know that she has a soft spot for me because of my daddy. You've been reprimanded more than I have recently, especially since you got together with that...."

The sudden choking motion of B'Elanna's hands around his throat quickly cut off the remainder of that sentence. "Do NOT finish that sentence, not if you value your snot-nosed, pathetic little life; you are a horrible little man who by Kahless' sweaty socks doesn't even deserve to breathe the same air SHE does. You need to walk out of here while you can because I am warning you that if you don't then I am gonna make you regret commenting on my WIFE!"

Tom really didn't know when strategic retreat was the best course of action, if he had he would have known that right there was the point that he should have run for the hills and not looked back. As soon as her grip loosened on his throat he snorted, "Hah, wife! Yeah like that's gonna last!"

"Tom, for your information you snivelling little Targ shit, we have been together far longer than anyone on this damned ship realises. WE keep our private lives private unlike you. Now, out of respect for my wife, who has asked me to rein in my temper a little where you are concerned; I am ASKING you nicely to walk away and warning you that if you don't I am gonna beat seven levels of Gre'thor outa you."

Being the fool his mama raised Tom laughed in her face. "Did you bring the army with you? You may be fierce looking B'Elanna but you are not that tough."

B'Elanna spun back to him, grabbed his lapel and body slammed him into the wall with one hand while the other connected with his solar plexus knocking the wind out of him.

She pivoted on her right foot and twirled a perfect 180 and landed her right knee in his groin causing him to turn green and almost lose his lunch. She was about to launch a stunning blow to his temple which would, at the very least, have rendered him unconscious until she saw the tall form of her wife enter engineering.

"B'Elanna, is there a problem with Lt. Paris? Do you require assistance?" Seven's velvety smooth voice travelled the four metres smoothly like Jack Daniels over ice.

"No, bangwi, I was just showing Tom some new moves I learned on the holodeck yesterday. Now Tom? Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?"

The End

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