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It's About Time
By Dearlylovedaimee

When it comes to Bianca Montgomery, I've always been a little soft. She is the only person that can make me stop and think about what I am doing, before I do it. Sometimes it's a gift, but most of the time it's a curse. I hate that I am so easily wrapped around her fingers. I have never let anyone get away with the things I let her get away with. And in my book, that's never a good thing.

I wasn't particularly crazy about her when I found out how she 'really' felt about me. I was mortified when I actually heard the words come out of her mouth. I guess I knew it all along; but knowing it and actually admitting it are two completely different things. I wasn't very fond of her after that conversation; mostly because I didn't want to admit to myself what I knew all along, I was in love with her too.

Things seemed to just fall apart after I broke her heart that night. I couldn't find enough courage to be with her; but I also didn't have enough nerve to let her go. That wasn't what I wanted. What I wanted was for her to give me time. Time to figure out if I was feeling this way for her, because I did indeed love her; or was it because I had finally allowed myself to trust someone. I thought she would give me this time because she was truly my friend, but sadly that's not how it happened.

Instead of working through this together, we both just walked away. We never officially declared our friendship over; it just seemed to have worked itself out that way. She continued to work for mommy and attend PVU. I on the other hand, found myself a mask to hide behind. His name was Henry.

God if I had only stopped and thought about what I was doing before I did it, nothing like this would have happened. I decided to hide all of my feelings that I had for Bianca; and chase after someone else. I tricked myself into thinking I wanted him for all the right reasons. Now don't get me wrong, I do care about Henry. He has every quality a girl could ask for. He's sweet, charming, funny, talented, and not bad looking. But he isn't Binks. He doesn't make me smile the way she does, he doesn't make my heart skip a beat when we touch the way she did, and he sure as hell doesn't make me want to jump him the way she always did. I was always making up some lame excuse or sweet talking Binks just so I could put my hands on her. I loved making her blush when I told her how magnificent she was. I just plain loved everything about her; and only now, she wasn't there for me to tell her.

So I did what every other red blooded American woman would do in my situation, I slipped into denial. I buried myself in my nice little straight lifestyle; with this poor sweet guy, who didn't know that in the end, I was only going to break his heart. I knew that Binks and I couldn't stay apart for long. After all, it was a small town; but I was going to delay the inevitable for as long as I needed to. Unfortunately for me, sooner came rather then later.

Henry was suppose to be playing for SOS tonight, so we decided to head over there early and judge the crowd. It was your typical Friday night; the place was packed full of restless bodies, trying to free them selves from the monstrosity that was their week. There was nobody there out of the ordinary, we recognized mostly everybody; except for this mysterious looking brunette sitting in the back. She appeared to be patiently waiting for someone to return. Relaxed and into the scene, there was nothing out of the ordinary about this beautiful stranger, so I gave a quick shoulder shrug and was about to turn around to ask Henry if he wanted a drink when I noticed a familiar body making its way through the crowd. I recognized it immediately as Bianca.

My expression was caught somewhere in between excited and nervous. I wasn't sure what I was going to do or say if she saw me. But oddly enough, instead of coming in my direction, she headed towards the woman. I was okay with this, just thinking she was a friend; that was, until Binks walked up behind her, waved a drink in front of her face, and gave her a slight peck on the cheek. The woman responded by taking the drink out of Binks' hand, placing it on the table, then grabbed her by her arm, and pulled her onto her lap, and into a passionate kiss.

My eyes widened with shock as I witnessed this display of affection. I felt my heart stop beating as I realized what just happened, what I had just seen. Bianca was kissing another woman; and worst of all, she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it. They were intimately wrapped in each other's embrace for about thirty seconds, then the woman broke the contact and motioned for Binks to come sit beside her. This left me dumb founded, and I'll be damned if I was going to let this go without an explanation.

So I forcefully yanked Henry out of his conversation with the bartender, and over to where Binks and her obvious girlfriend were sitting. They seemed oblivious to us approaching until Bianca raised her head and caught sight of me. She wasn't scared like I figured she would be. She didn't seem to be at all worried about me seeing her falling all over this strange woman; in fact, she seemed more than egger to introduce us. She enthusiastically rose from her table and darted straight towards Henry and me engulfing me in a large hug.

"Maggie, good to see you!" She said brightly. Then she turned her attention to Henry, extending her hand to greet him and asking me a question.

"And who might this handsome gentleman be?"

Thinking I could falsely hide my hurt, I piped up with a weak attempt at a happy tone.

"This is my boyfriend Henry. And Henry this is my best friend Bianca. You can call her Binks, everyone else does."

"Nice to meet you Binks."

"Henry is playing tonight, and he needs all the support he can get! He's just a tad nervous."

"Well, we would love nothing more than to be your cheering section tonight Henry."

Henry and I both smile sweetly at Bianca's thoughtful gesture. That was my Binks, always trying to help out.

"Oh, I almost forgot, Maggie I have someone very important for you to meet!"

She grabbed me by the hand, leading me over to her table. When we arrived, she abruptly broke our hand holding and wrapped her arms warmly around her companion.

"Maggie, Henry this is my girlfriend, Lena! Lena, sweetie this is my very best friend, Maggie and her boyfriend, Henry. Henry's playing tonight and we are going to be his biggest fans!"

Henry blushed, as Bianca winked at me; and then Lena giggled as she shook both of our hands.

"It's nice to meet the both of you, especially you Maggie. Bianca talks about you non-stop."

The smile on my face grew wider with pleasure, upon realizing that Binks still thought about me.

"Honey, I'd better be going, I have to get ready." Henry exited, placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Maggie, come sit!" Bianca motioned by patting the chair next to her.

We sat there most of the night just talking, catching up on our lives, listening to Henry, and even making plans to get together just the fours of us. Over the next couple of months, we became quite the pair. We each finally had another couple to hang out with; and the best part was Binks and I were re-connecting again. I never really realized how much I missed her, until she wasn't there.

However, it wasn't all good times. My feelings for Binks became uncontrollable and I often found myself thinking about her at the most inappropriate of times. It even got so bad that I begin to think about her while I was having sex with Henry. I would simply climb on top of him, close my eyes, get a mental picture of Bianca, and give him the best ride of his life. The thought of her beneath me was almost more then I could handle, and one time I almost called out her name.

I thought my strange behavior had gone virtually unnoticed, but Henry was way too intelligent to let it slip past him. He often found himself confronting me on just who it was I was making love to; making sure to point out that it most certainly wasn't him. He also started to throw around little comments about how chummy Binks and I had gotten. I knew he was suspicious that the chemistry between Binks and I not entirely being one sided. I had stupidly opened up to him about Bianca's little crush on me way back when, and he was starting to wonder if the feeling wasn't mutual. I could see the gears turn in his head when we all hung out together. He noticed how I absent mindedly stroked Bink's hand while we talked, how I kissed her goodbye, and most of all, how I was blowing off quality time with him, to be with her. I had thought that I was the only one playing the bad girlfriend; but as I soon would find out, that wasn't the case. This brings us, to the last night events.

I was just sitting around my dorm, studying for my o chem test on Tuesday, when I was startled by the phone ringing. I hurriedly ran to answer it, and was more than surprised when the person on the other end was Binks. She was clearly upset and told me that she needed to talk to me. I didn't even give it one thought, telling her I would meet her at her place in 15.

I grabbed my coat and was swiftly on my way, when who should I run into, but Henry.

"Hey you, where are you going in such a hurry?"

"Binks is having a crisis, so I need to get to her."

"Maggie what about our plans? Remember, we were going to have dinner together and study? See, I even brought the take out!"

"Sweetie I know, and that's sweet, but Bianca needs me and she is way more important than studying. She was really upset, even crying; I just really think I need to be with her right now!"

"You know Maggie, it seems like you've 'really needed to be with her' a lot lately. What's going on here?"

"Henry please, not this again! I told you Bianca is very special to me, and I just want to make up for all the time we lost. I don't want something like that to ever happen again. I don't know why you can't just get that?"

"Because Maggie, its one thing to be there for a friend but you have completely forgotten that I'm even here! I just feel like you'd rather be dating Bianca, than me."

"Henry your being ridiculous! We go through this every time I put someone else before you; I do have other people in my life besides you!"

"Yeah, and I can appreciate that, but I don't think Bianca is just another person in your life. God, I didn't want to have this discussion, certainly not here; but I've been put on the back burner one too many times now, and I'm getting sick of it! Maggie, if you walk out tonight, then I don't know if there's going to be a you and me anymore. I didn't want to do this to you, but I'm sick of competing with Bianca for your affection. She clearly means more to you than you want to admit and I'm getting tired of fighting. I don't even no what I'm fighting for any more!"

"Henry, please don't make decisions like this when you're upset! Just let me go fix this thing with Binks; then, I promise we can have a nice dinner together."

"No Maggie, I don't think so. What's the point? So we can talk about nothing and then have sex, that I clearly know you want to be having with her!"



"Oh please Maggie, don't play dumb, it's beneath you! Did you not think I wouldn't figure it out? Did you think I wouldn't sense it when you touched me, that you would secretly rather be touching her? I'm not an idiot. I'm just sorry it took this long for me to come to my senses. Maggie, you are crazy about her. She and you have this spark that both Lena and I can't touch, and frankly I'm not sure it's even worth reaching out for."

"Henry, I'm…I'm…I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do this to you. I just can't deny how I feel. She and I have done this dance for over a year and I thought we were finally past it that is until Lena came along."

"Maggie, Lena and I know all about this show you two put on for us. Trust me it's all we've talked about for the past two months. I just hope that you two work this out before you jump into any other relationships and break someone else's heart."

"Henry…please don't…"

"I have to go; I really do need to study! Goodbye Maggie, and for what it's worth, I did love you!"

I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye, because he merely turned his back to me and walked away. I felt so guilty, but I also knew he was right. I was crazy for Bianca and there was no way I was ever truly going to be over her.

So with a heavy heart, I headed to Binks. Even though I had lost Henry I still had Lena standing in my way. I couldn't very well tell Binks how I felt while she still had a girlfriend that just wouldn't be right! Besides, as much as I hated to admit it, I actual like Lena and if I couldn't make Binks happy, at least she found someone worthy of her heart.

It seemed like only a matter of seconds until I pulled into Binks drive way. It was apparent that neither Boyd nor Myrtle were home so at least if something did go down, we would have the whole house to ourselves.

I didn't even get a chance to ring the door bell, before Bianca was out the door and in my arms. She was sobbing uncontrollably and most definitely heart broken; maybe Lena wasn't such a saint after all!

"Sh, hey there pretty girl, what's all the fuss about? Bianca talk to me, please your scaring me!"

I began to gently stroke her hair and rock her back and fourth in my arms. I some how managed to lead her inside, where we crashed to the floor, in each other's arms. All I could do was hold her until her crying subsided; but what I really wanted to do was take away the pain that she was feeling. I felt completely helpless, not being able to control her hurt and anger. Then finally, she managed to calm herself to a point where she was understandable.

"Hey there pretty girl, do you want to talk about it?"

"Oh Maggie, it was awful! Lena and I we had… we had a fight; and she…she…she broke up with me! She said that she couldn't be with me any more; that she didn't think I was in this relationship for the long haul. She thought it would be best if we just ended it now, before things got ugly. Maggie, how could she do that to me? I loved her, hell, I even tracked her down at the airport to confess my undying love for her; and she ends it just like that, without even a bat of an eye. Maggie, what am I going to do, I'm all alone again?"

"Bianca don't say that, you'll always have me! Don't you ever think like that, you hear me never! I will never leave you, no matter what happens! I almost lost you once, and I'll be damned if I loose you again! I refuse to let that happen! You got it?"

"Maggie I know, and don't think I'm not grateful but…Maggie lets face it, you don't love me the way I need to be loved. Lena wasn't just a friend, she was my girlfriend, and I thought she loved me!"

"Binks, did she say why she did it? I mean come on lets face it, no one in there right mind would ever break up with you unless they had a good reason."

That's when I noticed her body begin to tense up. It was all too clear that the reason Lena broke up with Binks, it was the exact same reason Henry broke up with me.

"Bianca, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just don't feel like talking about it right now, that's all!"

"Binks did she break up with you because of me?"

Probably wasn't the best way to ease into that subject; but hey, someone had to say it. With another look of fear, she confirmed my suspicions yet again, so I slid closer to her, and just held her once more.

She jumped at the sudden contact of my arms, but soon eased up. We must have sat there, just thinking about what to say to each once the silence was broken. We both knew that we had again, reached that awkward place in our relationship where the line between friend and lover was clearly a blur.

In the whole time, I don't know what she was thinking; but I knew it had to be pretty close to what I was feeling. She was wondering if she had used Lena to cover her true feelings for me, the same way I had used Henry to mask mine for her. She was secretly wishing deep down, that I would lean over and capture her lips in a kiss the way we should have done almost a year ago. But most of all, she wanted reassurance that it was okay to feel these feelings; that they would be reciprocated.

I must have been further in a daze then I thought I was, because before I knew it, she was removing herself from my embrace, and heading over to the window.

"It's a beautiful night out, isn't it?"

"Sure is!"

"What do you say we not let it go to waste?"

I quirk an eyebrow at her proposal and just can't wait to see what she has I mind!

"Okay Binks, I'll bite. What did you have in mind?"

"A girl's night out, just the two of us! No distractions, no boyfriends, no girlfriends, just us! We haven't really had any fun since we started hanging out again; we were always with our significant others. Now, I want to do something that's just us girls. Or has the adventurous Maggie Stone lost her stuff?"

By the time she got that last part out, I had already hit the floor dying in laughter. Even depressed, Binks was still the funniest person I knew.

"Okay Xena Warrior Princess, get your coat, we have clubs to hit!"

A majority of our night was spent jumping from any and ever club you could find in this dinky town. But if it had alcohol of any sort we were there with bells on. Now surprisingly, I wasn't the one who did most of the drinking, it was Binks.

By the time we arrived home, all she could do was stumble and giggle her way into the house. I found it quite humorous, because in the whole time I've known her, she hasn't had more than three drinks; and even then, that was pushing it.

"You know, this apple stuff isn't all that bad!" Hiccup

"Yeah Binks, it's wonderful. Now could you quit dragging your feet so I can get you up to bed?"

"No! I don't want to go to bed, I want to dance!"

With that, she severed the hold I had around her waist and grabbed my hands, bringing me into a twirl. I laughed as she pulled me around the living room. She really was quite entertaining when she was drunk.

"Okay Binks, you win we'll dance. But no dancing that has twirling in it!"

"Why not?" She asked with an adorable pout

"You remember that nice apple stuff that you just love so much; well, it isn't so nice on the way up!"

"But I want to dance!"

"Alright, already, we're going to dance, but let's do a nice dance!"

"What kind of dance?" Hiccup

"A pretty dance, with very minimal amount of activity, this is a thirty dollar shirt!"

"Pretty dance, but we have no music." Hiccup

"Let me take care of that! You just sit down here and try to relax."

I headed over to the stereo, looking for any kind of slow music that wouldn't create the need for the wild woman over there to start going crazy. Finally, I found the perfect song to compliment this moment. It had been a song that every time it played, I thought of Binks. Plus, it was one of my favorites!

"Okay Binks, you ready to groove?"

I didn't wait for an answer; I just pulled her up to her feet, steadying her by wrapping my arms securely around her waist, and pulling her close to me.

"Oooh, oooh, ooh
Oooooh yeah

I don't know how many times we've walked the streets
Talking for ages, about the people we're gonna be
We've been waiting for a change
But I don't mind if you don't change baby
Though it might seem crazy
But I'm happy with you this way

Oh don't you know that
You're a part of my heart
And these emotions that I got from the start
Are still with me babe
And I'm tripping up over my words to say

No-one ever told me life could be this sweet
Breathing easy
Breathing easy
It's time we shared the sweetness
No-one ever told me life could be this sweet
Breathing easy
Breathing easy

We talk about the places that we intend to be
But if we were there would you be you
And baby would I be me?
I don't want to be somewhere and realise this feeling's gone
I'm lost in these chances
Confusing my senses
Tomorrow is taking too long

Don't you know that
You're a part of my heart
And these emotions that I got from the start
Are still with me babe
And I'm tripping up over my words to say

No-one ever told me life could be this sweet (no-one ever told me)
Breathing easy (breathing easy) (so sweet)
Breathing easy (breathing easy) (so so sweet)
It's time we shared the sweetness
No-one ever told me life could be this sweet (no one ever told me) (so
Breathing (ooh) easy
Breathing, (oh) easy (I)

If I was a little wiser maybe
I wouldn't leave this focus-out lens
Out of this moment too long
I gotta find my way home

No-one ever told me life could be this sweet (be so sweet)
Breathing easy (I know)
Breathing easy (I know this life's so sweet)
It's time we shared the sweetness
No-one ever told me life could be this sweet (easy) (so sweet)
Breathing easy (breathing easy) (I know)
Breathing (breathing) (breathing) (no one ever told me)
It's time we shared the sweetness

No-one ever told me life could be this sweet (be so sweet)
Breathing easy (breathing easy, hey)
Breathing easy (breathing easy) (so sweet)
It's time we shared the sweetness
No-one ever told me life could be this sweet (so sweet)
Breathing easy, breathing easy"

I don't know what possessed me to do this next part, all I can do is speculate. Maybe it was the way she looked into my eyes, or the way she rested her head on my shoulder and snuggled in closer; but I suddenly found my mouth being drawn closer to hers, and before I knew it, we were kissing.

Now don't mistake kissing for KISSING; because this was without a doubt, KISSING! It was so intense that I didn't think I was going to able to break, even for air. I should have probably stopped, considering she was a) drunk and b) on the rebound; but for some reason I didn't think it mattered. This was a moment I was all to sure we've both wanted for a long time; and something inside of me was telling me that it would be wrong to stop.

We were barely able to keep our balance as we kissed and before we knew what hit us, we collapsed to the floor. She wasted no time unbuttoning my shirt, and I didn't hesitate removing hers. We fumbled and fooled with shirts, shoes, pants, and underwear; when finally we were completely free.

Amazed by the sight in front of me, I brought my mouth in for one last quick kiss, and then made a trail down first down her neck, then to her breasts. When I reached my destination, I took a hard nipple in my mouth, gently sucking it.

Moans of pleasure escaped from her mouth, as she tangled her fingers in my hair. When I was done with the first nipple, I moved to the next, repeating the exact same pleasing movements. She lost herself in the moment; deciding she couldn't wait any longer.

She squeezed her right leg in between mine, slowly grinding it against my center. Now it was my turn to let out the cries of pleasure. Amused by the expression on my face, she decided to replace her leg, with two of her fingers.

Up until that point, I had been completely able to control the rhythm of my body. I kept it at a constant, steady pace, being careful not move too slowly, without going too fast. But the minute she slipped those two fingers inside of me, my body took over.

I began to speed up, this time pulling her to me, crushing her lips against mine. I also decided that I shouldn't be the only one to feel this much enjoyment. So I played follow the leader, slipping her a little surprise of my own.

That was all it took, to make her body match my movements perfectly. We explored further and further, all the while never breaking eye contact for a second.

I learned more from that one experience then I could have possibly learned in a life time. I learned that Bianca Montgomery was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was the one I wanted to wake up to every morning and go to sleep to every night. And she was the only one I ever wanted to share an experience like this with ever again. I had never been surer in my life, that this was what I wanted.

So, I said the words; words that should have been said a year ago, words that I have been waiting a life time to say to that one special person, words that meant more to her then any others she has ever heard.

"Bianca, I love you!"

Upon hearing those words, she smiled at me, increased the movement or her fingers, and body; and before we both knew what hit us, we were released.

We came with each other's names on our lips. And just before we passed out from exhaustion, she said the best thing anyone has every said to me.

"Maggie, I love you too!"

This morning we woke up in each other's arms, with no regrets or reservations about what we had done last night. No words needed to be said, because our hearts were doing all the talking.

We both knew that this meant a new chance for us; a new opportunity to get it right. And I don't know about you, but it's about time.

The End

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