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NOTE: Second in Newtonian series.

By Cirroco DeSade


B'Elanna had paced back and forth inside her office mumbling all afternoon. Seven had kissed her earlier. Hell, more than that she had essentially told B'Elanna to stop teasing her with an incomplete mating ritual. Then the blonde planted the most delicious, passionate and sexy kiss B'Elanna ever remembered experiencing on her right there in front of everyone. Then the tall, strong, beauty turned and left her standing there in shock.

B'Elanna growled. She didn't mean to, but every time she thought about that kiss… her inner Klingon, well, she had something to say. Every time she thought about how Seven had taken her lower lip into her mouth and expertly drew blood with a minimal amount of pain. The room was suddenly hot again.

"Computer, lower room temperature by five degrees," the engineer called out.

"Protocol one four dash one two states that temperature shall not fall below…" the computer started to intone out in its nasally feminine voice.

"OKAY! Nevermind," B'Elanna yelled at the computer. Since she had gotten that statement it meant that she had already lowered the temperature as far as it would go without a medical order. Which meant it wasn't hot in the room… she was hot.

"Think, think, think! Why would she do that?" B'Elanna asked herself for the tenth time in the last few hours. She did not want to face the fact that Seven could be right. There was no way that she had been subconsciously starting a mating ritual over and over again with the Ice Queen. "Sure she's sexy… everyone knows that but she drives me crazy! Always coming in here and just taking whatever she wants, with that superior attitude and that gods be damned incredible intelligence. And those long legs and tight catsuit always showing off a flawless figure making me feel so damned small and weak… weak in the knees sometimes. Damn her! petaQ!"

Step, step, turn… step, step… stop and slam fist into desk.

"Why should I care?" she asked herself, again for the tenth time. She supposed she should be getting tired of the argument with herself, yet since she refused to listen to the inner Klingon's point of view, thinking it was all her fault anyway, she was still having the same argument. "I shouldn't care. I should just ignore it, ignore her. Those damned ice blue eyes can't see through me. I don't care if she can hear my pulse. Doesn't mean anything." She knew she was losing the battle when she got sarcastic and defensive with herself but she was long past noticing. "I don't care how her heart raced when she kissed me, or how good it felt in her arms… or that she called me beautiful… Why did she call me beautiful!? What kind of warped game is she playing?"

"AHHHHHHGH!" /Crack!/ "Shit, now I have to call stores for another desk… I haven't had to do that since Seven… since Seven first came into my engine room after the Doc removed her implants?"

"Nevermind, I have to get out of here," she told the empty room and promptly left, heading to Sandrine's for a beer… or four.

Walking into the bar she saw everybody turn and look at her for a moment, a hush falling over the place momentarily. Then the noise returned, artificially loud and everyone turned away as if they never looked at her. She felt herself growling. 'Great. Just Great. I just love being the topic of conversation.'

Striding up to the bar purposefully she got the bartender's attention. She ordered a large draft and when he set it down in front of her she downed half of it quickly. She swore she could feel the eyes of everyone present boring into her back. 'Damned woman has made me the center of attention.' She tried to ignore it, the feeling of being stared at, but it was unnerving her. Finally she finished her drink and left. 'To Gre'thor with this!'

Stomping down the halls, she found herself standing in front of the doors to cargo bay 2, wondering why she was even thinking of doing this. Finally she heard her mother in the back of her head, mocking her 'Are you a Klingon or a tikka cat?' She snarled and passed through the sensors that opened the doors. A few purposeful paces into what she thought of as Seven's domain, 'Store her like a piece of a equipment and not the beautiful woman she is, what does the Captain think about all day…' and she opened her mouth to tear into the subject of her ire.

"Listen you…" she started then noticed the room was empty. "Damnit, computer, where is Seven of Nine?"

"Seven of Nine is in Holodeck 2," the computer answered. B'Elanna's chest heaved as she realized her anger was going to be put off a little while longer.

Minutes later, the hybrid stood outside the door to the holodeck wondering what she was going to do now. The Borg had the program marked as private, and if she knew Seven, it would be encrypted so she couldn't even sneak a peak of the program files without breaking through tons of code.

Finally her frustration got the best of her and she threw her fist into the holodeck doors knocking loud. It made no sense to her what she was doing; she could always use the comm. system, yet instead she knocked and shouted, "Open up Seven!"

After a minute the doors hissed open and she barreled into the program. She had been getting more and more agitated all day and was by now quite beyond reason. Seven had turned her world on its ear and she knew that she could find a way to right it… she just had to see the Borg and find some answers.

However, when she lifted her head, prepared to rip into Seven, the sight froze her. This was not the Ice Queen. This was a woman fresh from a strenuous workout. Seven stood there in nothing but a small sports bra and tight standard issue exercise shorts. Her hair was down, pulled back into a loosely braided ponytail, making her look younger and less rigid. She was sweating intensely from whatever she had been doing, and her muscles rippled with untamed strength that her biosuit never hinted at. A small scattering of implants did not detract from how incredibly human… how spectacularly feminine she appeared.

"What is it you want little beauty?" Seven asked with a low growl. She looked over the smaller woman's body, and B'Elanna felt naked to her gaze. "Are you feeling dissatisfied that I left before you could finish torturing me today? Have you come to try and put me in my place again?"

Seven took two large steps into B'Elanna's space and held her arms out opening herself up to the hybrid. "Here I am. Throw your insults if you must… then leave."

B'Elanna couldn't believe it. Seven was mocking her in a very emotional way… no strict logic, or talk of 'irrelevance,' just a woman bearing herself. Nothing was going as she thought it might; actually nothing about this was normal at all. She found herself inhaling deeply, growling unconsciously and feeling urges she could not understand. Nothing was right. Oh, Kahless this was so wrong. The memory of the kiss and the precious pain of a bite she did not know she wanted from hours before overcame her when she smelled the blonde's musky sweat. She watched the blue eyes that so often left her feeling exposed dilate… then the ocular implant rose, displacing a bead of sweat. Riveted she watched its meandering journey down a fine cheekbone, over the edge of a chiseled jaw, then slipping quickly down the thin graceful neck to join a little pool in the hollow of her neck. The caramel beauty leaned in reflexively to take that bead of sweat onto her tongue, a growl of lust escaping her.

"No," Seven growled deeply as she paced away rapidly. "I thought I made myself clear to you B'Elanna. I will not allow you to torment me any more!" The ex drone was more animated than B'Elanna had ever seen. From her position a few feet away she pinned B'Elanna's eyes with her own with laser precision. "You may have captured my heart, and make no mistake I do love you, but I will live a lifetime alone before I will let you use me and discard me. I will accept nothing less than everything, and until you can offer me just that…" the Borg looked away, facing the ground. "Until then no more."


B'Elanna was beyond shocked, beyond confused. And by the time she had gathered her voice to question Seven… she once again could only follow the view of her back out a door. Once again B'Elanna was alone in a maelstrom of confusion, and the only sound was silence.

The End

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