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Afternoon Delight
By Demeter


It was perfect. For the first time in ages as it seemed, their jobs had allowed a three-day getaway, a merciful break from mayhem and murder. Nothing to do but long walks on the beach and – this, Lindsay thought happily as she leaned down to kiss Cindy. The delicious decadence of making love in the middle of the day.

She moved her mouth to Cindy's neck, her hand drawing lazy patterns on naked warm skin, slowly moving further south.

There were sounds in the hallway, probably their neighbors returning from lunch.

Cindy gasped, starting to squirm.

The voices grew louder.


"Wait, what?" If she sounded breathless, and somewhat frustrated to be interrupted in her ministrations, Lindsay couldn't help it. Usually, Cindy wasn't so easily distracted at this moment.

"The door. Did we lock the door?"

"I don't know..." Lindsay dipped her fingers beneath the waitband of Cindy's panties, lightly tugging on the fabric. "And frankly, I don't care."

"What if somebody comes in?" Cindy tried to sit up which was kind of a futile endeavor in her position.

"Then they're going to get themselves a show," Lindsay said, unimpressed. "Will you relax already? A girl could get offended."

"Linds, please."

With an exaggerated sigh, Lindsay rolled to her side, letting Cindy get up to check the door still in bra and panties. Too many clothes, Lindsay decided.

Especially when a quick check showed that the door had been locked all the time.

"Happy now?"

Cindy spun around, a sweet blush spreading on her face when she realized that Lindsay had been following her. "What if the cleaning lady had come in and--" She stopped when Lindsay crowded her against the door, her breath catching.

"Are you happy, baby? Everything okay now?"

"You goof," Cindy said, but she was shivering pleasantly under the tender touch of the hands that were following the line of her shoulders, running down her back to open the clasp of her bra.

"I'll show you," Lindsay promised. "Still worried about... anything?" she asked when Cindy's bra fell to the floor. She didn't wait for an answer, just sank to her knees in one fluid motion and quickly did away with the last piece of clothing.

Cindy drew a sharp breath turning into a moan at the first touch.

"I thought so," Lindsay told her with a smug smile and resumed her earlier activity. She was confident that she'd be able to keep her worry-free for awhile to come.


The End

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