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By T.J.

Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine were waiting for the airlock to pressurize after having spent six long hours repairing the microfissures that had opened on Voyager's hull after an encounter with a graviton pulse left the ship in a shambles. The internal systems were slowly getting back to normal and with the repair of the hull they would be able to go to warp once the core was brought back on line. While B'Elanna normally tried to avoid the former Borg whenever she could, she had chosen her specifically for this job because she knew that Seven would work silently for hours, and B'Elanna was in no mood for small talk. She had been in a foul mood for weeks now; the recent damage to her beloved ship was just the final straw.

Her rocky relationship to Tom Paris had finally ended when she had caught the helmsman in the arms of another woman in Sandrines. She had arranged to leave her shift early as a surprise for Tom, but she was the one who ended up getting the surprise of her life. She had been furious and it took most of the patrons of the bar that night to hold her back and stop her from inflicting serious bodily damage on the sandy-haired pilot. Tom had been embarrassed at being caught and at not being able to defend himself from his girlfriend in front of so many crewmembers and so he had unleashed a devastating verbal barrage on B'Elanna. He told her, in front of everyone present, that he had only strayed because he wanted a woman and not some Klingon warrior in his bed. He said that he wanted someone soft and feminine and beautiful—a real woman and that B'Elanna simply didn't fit the bill. He knew he was out of line, but he just couldn't stop himself. He knew that he had lost her for good this time and he wanted her to feel some of his pain.

The truth was that she was so brilliant and competent that he always felt inadequate when he was with her. He cheated with women he felt superiour to so that he could soothe his ego and feel special. After he had had time to reflect on what had happened he went to B'Elanna and tried to apologize for his words, but the damage had been done. Since her father had abandoned her as a child, B'Elanna had always felt different, wrong somehow, and Tom's tirade validated every one of the fears that nagged at her. Maybe she wasn't as beautiful as other women, too strong, too hard to be truly desirable. It was eating away at her inside and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. She remembered back to when she had first started seeing Tom and how his single-minded pursuit of her made her feel beautiful; hard to believe it had all turned to ashes so quickly.

So Seven had been the perfect choice for a day on the hull with only a two-way comm link for company. She didn't want to be cheered up, and she certainly didn't want to answer any questions about the demise of her relationship. She just wanted to bury herself in work—the only thing she had left that made her feel special.

The airlock finally engaged and they clumped through the doorway in their space suits. They had also been testing a new design for the environmental suits that Harry and B'Elanna had come up with several weeks ago. The suits were less bulky, but offered more protection from the cold of space. They also featured a complex air-scrubbing unit that allowed the wearer to extend his or her time in space by twice the usual length of time. The suits had performed beautifully and B'Elanna had found it much easier to work when she didn't feel like she was fighting against her suit all of the time. She still hated space walks, but at least the initial testing had been a success. They had one more day of work on the hull and then they would be finished.

Seven clumped over to the bench that ran along one wall of the room and sat down to remove her helmet. She heard the hiss of the air lock as B'Elanna removed her own headgear. Seven looked up and saw B'Elanna bend over to release the buckles on her boots. As she bent over the suit pulled tightly across her backside and Seven felt a familiar ache. Not even the bulky suit could disguise the feminine curves of the Chief Engineer's hips. Seven had long ago realized that she was in love with Voyager's irascible Chief Engineer; it was her most carefully guarded secret and she hugged it protectively to her heart whenever she caught a glimpse of B'Elanna in an unguarded moment such as this. She knew the Klingon-hybrid would not welcome her advances and so she had remained silent—loving from afar. The sight in front of her eyes now however caused her to lose control of her senses momentarily and without meaning to she engaged the mag locks on her boots. They activated and attached themselves to the floor with a very audible 'clack,' dragging her nearly off the seat as they did so.

B'Elanna heard the sound of Seven's boots engage and she dropped her head, looking at the former drone upside down through her legs.

"You okay there Seven?"

"I…uh…I accidentally engaged my boots. I am fine. I am rectifying the situation now Lieutenant." Seven cursed herself for being so clumsy and awkward.

B'Elanna raised an eyebrow in amusement. The normally cool drone was practically babbling, and making mistakes. If she didn't know any better she'd say that Seven was almost human after all.

As they continued to remove the suits B'Elanna discovered a few minor design flaws. The largest one being that the placement of the air scrubber coupling was inaccessible to the person trying to get out of the suit. It required help from someone else to undo the hose. B'Elanna made a note to herself to change the placement of the coupling as she turned Seven bodily around and began to undo the hose on her suit. Seven was rigid with panic at her proximity to B'Elanna. She normally tried to keep some distance between them, as she was worried that the Klingon's heightened senses would allow her to pick up on the signs of her arousal. She held herself as stiff as a board until she felt the attachment give way. B'Elanna patted her on the shoulder to indicate that she was finished and that Seven should begin to undo the hose on B'Elanna's own suit.

Seven's hands trembled as she struggled with the coupling and she was grateful that B'Elanna couldn't see her as she worked. It took her much longer than it should have to finish the task, but luckily B'Elanna let it pass without comment. The tighter fit of the suits and their improved heat efficiency meant that one no longer had to wear their uniform underneath for warmth. Instead all that Seven and B'Elanna were wearing were Starfleet issue tank tops and their underwear. Seven had managed to keep her eyes averted when they were suiting up, and she hurried now in order to finish dressing and leave the room before she was once again forced to endure being in such close proximity to the, mostly undressed, object of her desire. She was stopped in her efforts when she heard B'Elanna speak.

"Seven…can you give me a hand here. I can't get the front closure of my suit undone. I think it's jammed."

Seven steeled herself and turned around to see B'Elanna struggling with the closure. She stepped over, ignoring the intoxicating whiff of B'Elanna's scent that she inhaled as she moved closer. She managed to drag the fastening down a little further, only to have it snag again. Their foreheads were practically touching and Seven was uncomfortably aware of how close her fingers were to the perfectly formed breasts of B'Elanna Torres. She held her breath and prayed that the Lieutenant wouldn't notice the trembling of her hands. She finally managed to wrestle the suit apart enough for B'Elanna to get out of it, but as she pushed the stiff material away, the back of her borg enhanced hand brushed against B'Elanna's breast. She felt a sensation like a bolt of lightening rip down her hand, causing her stomach to contract, her heart to cease beating altogether and an insistent pulse to begin throbbing between her legs. An involuntary whimper escaped her lips.

B'Elanna felt Seven's hand brush against her breast. She looked up and was about to tear into the drone for her clumsy behaviour when the look on Seven's face caused the words to die on her lips. Seven's usually impassive face was filled with fear, embarrassment, and something else entirely—desire. B'Elanna missed being looked at like that, she felt her nipple grow hard under the former Borg's gaze.

"Lieutenant Torres, I must apologize. I never intended…"

"It's okay Seven," B'Elanna interrupted. "Accidents happen."

Seven couldn't believe that the Lieutenant wasn't furious with her. She was uncertain of what to do now that the tirade she had expected had failed to materialize. An angry B'Elanna Torres was a familiar scenario; she wasn't certain how to deal with a forgiving and amiable B'Elanna Torres. She licked her lips and cleared her dry throat before she ventured a word.

"I…thank you," was all she could manage.

They finished dressing in silence and parted company just outside of the dressing room door. Seven retreated quickly, anxious to be out of the presence of the one who made her feel so inefficient and clumsy—she was Borg dammit, why couldn't she act that way!

B'Elanna couldn't sleep that night as she replayed the incident in the airlock over and over again in her mind. She couldn't stop thinking about the look on Seven's face when she had brushed against her breast. After all of their legendary disagreements the Borg couldn't actually be attracted to her could she? She decided to take a closer look at the drone tomorrow when they went back to work on the hull. With that decision made she finally managed to fall asleep.

Seven was five minutes early for her shift the next day. She hoped to get her environmental suit on before the Chief Engineer arrived, so she was surprised to find B'Elanna already in the room doing a final check of the new rebreather system. Even more surprising was the smile the Klingon-hybrid gave her when she entered the room.

"Hey Seven, glad you could join me."

"I…I am sorry. I thought I was on time." Seven was flustered and did not know how to respond to this new aspect of the engineer's character.

"Relax Seven, I'm only joking. You're early as usual." B'Elanna continued to inspect the experimental unit for several more minutes while Seven stood awkwardly by.

When she was finished with the environmental suit, B'Elanna stood up and began to remove her tunic. She watched out of the corner of her eye as Seven's demeanour changed radically. The normally icy drone was positively flustered…she immediately turned her back, studiously ignoring B'Elanna while she went about removing her own clothing. B'Elanna shook her head at Seven's uncharacteristic behaviour, but there was work to be done so she didn't have time to analyze it. She removed her outer clothing and was beginning to pull on the environmental suit when she heard Seven mutter something under her breath. When she turned around she saw that the Astrometrics officer was having trouble getting her suit on over her shoulders. The sleeve was tangled and Seven was frantically trying to get her arm through it with little success.

"Need a hand Seven?"

She got no reply as Seven continued to struggle with the suit. B'Elanna suppressed a surge of irritation, and walked over to help despite the silence. She pulled the collar of the suit back and started to untangle the stiff fabric. When her hand came into contact with Seven's skin the former drone pulled away, uttering a little yelp.

"What's wrong, are you hurt or something?" B'Elanna couldn't keep the concern out of her voice.

"No...I…you startled me."

B'Elanna shook her head and continued to straighten out the mess Seven had made of the suit. She noticed a sheen of sweat covering Seven's brow, and wondered what was going on with the former drone. This behaviour was nothing like the Seven she had come to know. Although she had to admit to herself that this was the first time in months that they had worked closely together. Still, there was work to be done so she completed the job and turned to finish putting on her own suit.

Seven was in agony as B'Elanna came over to help her into her suit. She had to fight to stop herself from simply grabbing the beautiful engineer and telling her how she felt about her. It was too much to bear to be so close and yet so far from the fiery young Klingon. She bit her lip until she drew blood to stop herself from moaning when B'Elanna's hand made contact with her skin. It seemed to take forever until the engineer freed up her arm and then moved away to get her own suit on. Seven wasn't able to relax until they made their way out onto the hull and settled down to work.

Once again they worked in silence for hours. They remained in close proximity, always maintaining visual contact with one another. B'Elanna looked up and surveyed her surroundings. She could see Seven quite a distance away finishing up with the last of the fissures. She stretched her back out for a few moments and then bent down to complete her last task of the day. Just as she finished repairing the fissure she saw the lights on the control panel of her sleeve begin to flash. She felt her stomach contract with fear and she tried to reset the controls quickly before the suit's systems went offline. To her horror the lights on the suit went dark and she felt herself lose contact with the hull when the mag locks failed.

"Seven, I need help." Luckily the two-way comm link was not integrated into the suit's systems as of yet.

Seven's head shot up at the panic in B'Elanna's voice. She saw the engineer floating just above the hull.

"Computer, emergency, lock onto Lieutenant Torres and beam her to the airlock chamber." There was no reply from the computer; the deflector dish must be interfering with her comm signal. She began to make her way as quickly as possible to the Klingon's position, but it was very slow going and she watched with fear as B'Elanna floated further and further from the hull of the ship.

"Hang on B'Elanna, I am coming," she said as she began to move toward the engineer's position. The process of walking under these conditions was painfully slow, and Seven felt her heart hammering in her chest. After what seemed like an hour she finally arrived and reached up her hand to grab hold of B'Elanna's suit. Her heart contracted painfully as her hand missed B'Elanna's by several inches.

"B'Elanna, remain still." Seven tried her comm link again, but was still unable to raise the ship's computer. Her mind was racing as she tried to think of what she could do to get the engineer back down onto the hull. She saw the tool box B'Elanna was using tethered to the hull and she quickly pulled out her suit's own tether, attaching it to the tool box and pulling out a few feet of slack before she shut down her mag locks and leapt into the air. As soon as she was in reach of B'Elanna she reached out and pulled the engineer into her body. She felt B'Elanna's own arms go around her neck and for a moment the two of them hung weightlessly together in space. As much as Seven wanted to remain holding B'Elanna close forever, she knew that she needed to get them back down to the hull plating.

"Hang on B'Elanna," Seven ordered as she began to pull their bodies back down to Voyager's hull. Once they were close she activated the mag locks on her boots and felt her body relax somewhat now that she was once again anchored to the hull. She quickly pulled the tether out of B'Elanna's suit and locked the Klingon securely to herself before she released her tether from the toolbox. She felt B'Elanna tapping on her shoulder to get her attention.

She could see that B'Elanna's suit was dark, and when the engineer pointed to the oxygen rebreather and then put her hands around her throat to mime the action of strangling, she realized with alarm that B'Elanna had lost all suit functions including oxygen and heat—even the comm system had gone offline. She nodded quickly and began hooking her spare oxygen hose over to B'Elanna's spare O2 port in order to share her oxygen supply with the young engineer. That done, she began to move as quickly as possible across the hull with B'Elanna's weightless body held tightly to her chest. B'Elanna was breathing now, but the cold of space would soon penetrate the suit's defenses if she didn't get the Klingon back inside of Voyager quickly. Once again time seemed to move in slow motion for Seven as she rushed to help B'Elanna; yet, even though she was terrified of having the young engineer come to harm, Seven couldn't help but enjoy the sensation of holding B'Elanna's body close to her own. Finally, after what seemed like hours, she came to the airlock and punched in the code, breathing a sigh of relief when the door slid back and they were safely inside of the lock. She quickly ordered the computer to pressurize the room and she felt the weight of B'Elanna's body come to rest fully in her arms as she stepped through to the changing room and its artificial gravity. She sank quickly to her knees and released first B'Elanna's helmet and then her own.

"Ffffreeezing," was all B'Elanna could manage through her chattering teeth. Her lips had already turned blue and she was shaking uncontrollably. Tossing the helmets aside, Seven tore the environmental suit off B'Elanna and began trying to rub some warmth back into her hands and arms. She struggled out of her suit as quickly as she could, grabbing B'Elanna's tunic as a blanket, then pulling the Klingon's body close, and using her own body heat to warm the engineer. B'Elanna curled up in Seven's lap like a child and soaked up the heat that was emanating from the former drone's body. She felt Seven's hand stroking through her hair, and listened as she mumbled nonsense words of comfort in her ear, slowly she felt her body relax as she began to warm up.

Seven felt B'Elanna stop shivering and much as she hated to break the close connection between them she forced herself to lean back and look B'Elanna in the eyes. The Klingon's colour was back to normal, but still Seven knew she should have B'Elanna checked out thoroughly.

"I believe I should take you to sick bay and have the Doctor check you over Lieutenant." Seven fell back on her Borg mannerisms in her discomfort at bringing up one of B'Elanna's less than favourite topics.

"No, Seven I'm fine, really," B'Elanna protested. "I don't want to go to sick bay. I'll be fine in a few minutes," she said as she rested her head back into the former drone's shoulder.

Seven knew she should argue with the engineer, and at the very least she should inform the bridge of the incident on the hull, but the feeling of B'Elanna snuggling further into her arms was too wonderful and she couldn't force herself to bring the closeness to an end. In a moment of weakness she pressed her lips to the top of B'Elanna's head, hoping that the Klingon hybrid wouldn't notice.

B'Elanna did notice when Seven dropped the kiss on top of her head, and to her surprise she didn't mind a bit. She let her arms slide around Seven's waist; the scent of the beautiful drone filling her nostrils and making her head swim.

Emboldened by B'Elanna's embrace, Seven pressed another kiss onto B'Elanna's sweet smelling hair. She allowed her fingers to find their way up under the raven-haired beauty's tank top, her breath catching in her throat as her fingertips encountered the caramel-coloured skin of the engineer's back. At first she contented herself with simply tracing the line along the top of B'Elanna's underwear. When she again met with no resistance she let her hand slide further up the engineer's well-muscled back, tracing and exploring each of the half-Klingon's spinal ridges, her heart began to race as she heard B'Elanna's contented sigh.

B'Elanna was lost in the feeling of Seven's fingers exploring the sensitive ridges of her back. Almost without thinking she pressed her lips to the pulse point that was pounding beneath Seven's skin. The smell of Seven's life-blood as well as her burgeoning arousal was causing B'Elanna's own blood to sing in her veins. She let her tongue flick out to taste the porcelain skin of Seven's neck. She felt the drone's arms tighten, pulling her closer still. She couldn't explain why she was allowing this contact to go on for so long, or why she was enjoying the feeling so much. All she knew was that this felt right, as if somehow she had come home after a long and arduous journey.

B'Elanna felt a surge of irritation when her comm badge chirped to life.

<Bridge to Lieutenant Torres>

She fumbled with the jacket that Seven had drawn over their bodies and activated her comm badge.

"Torres here."

<How's everything going out there? >

"We're fine Captain. We had a minor problem with one of the suits, but the repairs are finished and we're back inside. I'll check the suit out tomorrow in the lab."

<Sounds good B'Elanna. Enjoy your evening. >

Seven felt a wave of disappointment when she heard B'Elanna's comm badge activate. She was certain that B'Elanna would take this opportunity to escape from her presence. She was surprised to hear the engineer downplay the incident on the hull, and even more surprised when she felt B'Elanna's head snuggle back into her neck as soon as the comm channel closed. Seven's heart was pounding and her breathing was ragged. Could this mean that at least on some level her feelings were reciprocated? She felt B'Elanna press her lips into the crook of her neck and realized with a jolt that B'Elanna was ready, even eager to proceed with what they had begun. She looked around the room and realized that as much as she wanted to continue with this activity she was not willing to have this long-dreamed about event occur in such sterile surroundings.


"Hmmm." The engineer's voice was dreamy and distracted from her sensual exploration of Seven's neck.

"B'Elanna, I believe we should cease this activity." That got a reaction from the engineer. B'Elanna's head jerked back as if she had been burned.

"What…I thought you…"

"Shhh." Seven placed her fingers gently over the Klingon's full lips. "My feelings for you have not changed Lieutenant. It is merely that I do not wish for my first time to be on the floor of a utility room. I believe that I deserve better, as do you."

At Seven's words B'Elanna herself took a quick survey of the room. She had to admit this wasn't exactly an ideal location for…whatever it was that was happening between them.

"I also believe that if you took the time to think about what is happening that you may not wish to proceed with this activity, given the nature of your feelings for me." Seven hated herself for saying the words, but she cared too much for the engineer to want her to have any regrets about what was happening.

B'Elanna was taken aback by the former drone's blunt comments. She could see the pain and conflict in Seven's eyes even as she spoke. Suddenly B'Elanna wanted to know more about the enigmatic young blonde, and about her feelings.

"Just what are the nature of your feelings for me Seven?" B'Elanna couldn't keep the need out of her voice, and she inwardly cursed herself for her display of weakness.

"I…" Seven's face suffused with colour at B'Elanna's question. She looked away, afraid to see the repulsion or derision in the engineer's face when she bared her soul. But before she could continue B'Elanna interrupted, saving her from her humiliation, at least for the moment.

"Look…why don't we clean up here and go back to my quarters so we can talk somewhere a little more comfortable than here." Now it was B'Elanna's turn to be unable to meet Seven's eyes.

"Acceptable." Seven eased B'Elanna off of her lap and stood to begin dressing. They didn't pass a single word between them as they stored the environmental suits away for analysis the next day. When they were finished, B'Elanna led the way to the turbolift and motioned for Seven to proceed her inside. She ordered the lift to her deck and stood back nervously waiting. She was afraid that Seven would be able to hear her hearts pounding in her chest.

They walked silently together until they reached the door to B'Elanna's quarters. As she reached out to key in the security codes Seven stayed her hand by covering it with her own.

"Are you certain you wish to continue with this," she asked quietly.

B'Elanna swallowed hard; looking straight into her impossibly blue eyes she nodded quickly and keyed in the code. She led the way into her quarters and paused nervously as the doors slid shut behind Seven.

"Do you, uh, would you like something to drink?" She moved over to the replicator.

Seven came up close behind her; her breath tickled B'Elanna's ear as the drone's low, husky voice whispered, "I do not require liquid refreshment at this time." B'Elanna felt strong arms encircle her from behind.

"All I require is you, now." Seven had made her decision to tell B'Elanna with words and actions exactly how she felt about her. Having come this far there was no point in holding back now. She threw caution to the wind and bent her head close to the Klingon's own.

B'Elanna felt Seven's lips caress the soft, sensitive skin just in front of her ear. She felt her knees grow weak, but Seven's arms held her up with no difficulty.

"I know you are afraid, but you do not need to be. With me you can be everything you want, have everything you desire. You will never need to hold back, and you will always be safe." Seven unzipped B'Elanna's uniform jacket as she spoke; allowing the discarded garment to fall unheeded at their feet.

"Seven I,"

"Shhh," Seven soothed. She pulled B'Elanna's tee shirt out of her pants, her hands sliding up underneath to caress the hard planes of the Klingon's well-muscled abs. "I know. I know how much Tom hurt you, how inadequate and unattractive you feel. I know because I feel that way too. I know what you see and feel when you look into the mirror." Seven turned B'Elanna around to face her, taking the Klingon's hand in one of her own. "Let me show you what I see."

Having said that, Seven led B'Elanna toward the ensuite bathroom. She gently stood the Klingon hybrid in front of the mirror, and once again stood behind her, arms holding her firmly around the waist. B'Elanna couldn't bring herself to look in the mirror, and she cast her eyes down toward the floor. Seven's human hand came up, brushing lightly over B'Elanna's chest as it did, to gently force the engineer's chin up until she was looking at herself in the mirror. Once again Seven's voice was maddeningly soft in her ear.

"Look. I see a woman. One so achingly beautiful that I sometimes fear my heart will not withstand the emotions that the mere sight of you evokes in me. I see what no one else has ever taken the time or had the sense to see. A warrior so strong and so powerful that she often requires near savagery to sate her needs, and a woman so soft and tender that she sometimes needs to be held and protected, treated like the fragile, precious gift that she is. Most only see the first part, but I can see both aspects of your nature, and I will cherish them both equally if you will allow me."

As she was whispering in B'Elanna's ear, Seven's hands once again slid beneath the Klingon's tee shirt, her fingers caressing the silky skin and moving inexorably upward, pulling the shirt up with them as they traveled. B'Elanna watched in the mirror, fascinated, as Seven explored her body, and when the former drone's hands reached the apex of their journey she obediently raised her arms and allowed her shirt to be pulled off over her head. She could feel Seven's body pressing into hers, Seven's hips putting gentle pressure on her body, pressing the sensitized flesh between her legs into the bathroom counter. The hard edge, contrasting sharply with the softness of Seven. She couldn't stop the moan from escaping her lips.

When she looked into the mirror she could see Seven's eyes, heavy lidded and darkened with desire, looking back at her.

"I know how you feel because I too am trapped in the duality of my nature. I am part analytical, strong machine," her mesh encased hand slid up to cup one breast as she spoke these words, "and part emotional and fragile woman," she finished as her fully human hand cupped B'Elanna's other breast. "Only with you can both sides of my nature be satisfied." She began to knead the Klingon's pert breasts with both her hands. Seven slid her hands to B'Elanna's back, the Klingon whimpering at the loss of contact, and as the sound escaped her lips she saw Seven's smile in the mirror. It was B'Elanna's turn to smile when she felt the former drone unclasp her bra and slide it slowly down her arms. She moaned when those talented hands returned to their pleasurable massage of her breasts.

The throbbing between her legs was increasing, and B'Elanna rocked up on her toes slightly so she was positioned better to rub herself against the counter. She was crazy with need, and her hearts hammered when Seven spoke again in her ear.

"Let me help you with that." Seven's human hand trailed down over her stomach and slipped into the waistband of her trousers, cupping B'Elanna's sex momentarily, eliciting a groan of desire, before it withdrew to undo the button and zipper, allowing the pants to pool on the floor at their feet. Seven's fingers slid beneath the elastic of B'Elanna's panties, dipping only low enough to skim the leading edge of the neatly trimmed thatch of hair between her muscular legs. She traced back and forth several times before hooking her fingers over the elastic and sliding the damp cloth down over B'Elanna's legs, kneeling to allow the Klingon to step out of the clothing. As she slid back up B'Elanna's body Seven allowed her breasts to skim the back of the engineer's legs, she felt her nipples harden as she made the upward journey. She stopped to press a kiss into the cleft at the small of the Klingon's back before she stood up fully and wrapped her arms completely around B'Elanna's body. She pressed her hips firmly against B'Elanna's behind, pushing her into the counter. Their eyes met in the mirror.

"Let me show you what beauty truly is B'Elanna." The engineer could only swallow in response.

Seven's left hand moved up to cup B'Elanna's right breast, while her right hand moved down to tease its way through the tangle of dark curls between her legs. At feeling the slick wetness within she gasped.

"So warm and wet for me B'Elanna." She nuzzled her lips into the curve of the engineer's neck and breathed deeply, while she rubbed her fingers between the swollen, dripping lips of B'Elanna's sex.

"I have dreamed of this for so long bangwI', wondered what your arousal would smell like, how it would feel to be inside your body," at those words she slipped two fingers inside the tight, hot opening that led to B'Elanna's very centre, the heel of her palm pressing against B'Elanna's swollen clit, while she pressed the Klingon firmly against her body. Seven began moving her hand slowly in and out of B'Elanna's body, her hips pressing a firm counterpoint to the motion of her hand. Her mesh-covered hand was massaging the Klingon's breast, rolling her taut nipples between eager fingers. B'Elanna was losing all sense of herself, but she never broke contact with Seven's eyes in the mirror. Only Seven's strength was keeping the Klingon upright now and she realized that Seven could easily support her weight; for once B'Elanna was leaning on someone else and she felt a rush of wetness drip down between her legs at the thought being protected by such power.

B'Elanna felt the pressure inside of her increasing exponentially. She didn't know what to do with her own hands until Seven whispered hoarsely in her ear.

"Touch yourself for me bangwI'." B'Elanna watched herself in the mirror as she began to caress her own breast. Seven watched hungrily as the engineer rolled her nipple between her own fingers. She brought her other hand up, around Seven's neck, holding her head tightly as Seven continued to nuzzle and bite B'Elanna's neck and shoulder. B'Elanna couldn't remember ever being so aroused, Seven had been nothing but gentle and B'Elanna could have sworn she would never be able to achieve release this way. But as she locked eyes with the former drone in the mirror and felt her body rock in time to Seven's thrusts she knew she was close.

"Cum for me B'Elanna, and I will show you beauty and perfection such as you've never imagined."

Hearing the former drone's words and watching as Seven's tongue skimmed up her neck to explore her ear pushed B'Elanna over the edge. Her body began to vibrate with tension, she watched in the mirror as her stomach muscles tensed and released, watched her face redden and contort as her climax hit her, never taking her eyes off Seven's as she came. When the aftershocks subsided she hung limply in Seven's arms, feeling safe and protected.

When she had some modicum of control over her muscles again she turned around in Seven's arms and captured the former drone's lips in a kiss. It was at once gentle and insistent as B'Elanna tried to convey all of her yearning, desire and love in that one embrace, her arms pulled the other woman close, her tongue begged a quickly granted entrance into the warm inviting mouth of her love.

"Seven, I want…" B'Elanna's chest was heaving and she was panting from the exertion of her kiss with Seven.

"Anything B'Elanna." Seven's voice was low, almost a whisper.

"I want to make love to you," she finally managed.

Seven's only answer was to sweep B'Elanna up into her arms and recapture those full wine-dark lips with her own as she carried the young engineer to her bed. B'Elanna's initial shock at being scooped so quickly off her feet did not stop her from beginning to remove Seven's biosuit even before they reached the bed. Even as they moved their lips never lost contact. Seven laid B'Elanna gently in the middle of the bed and quickly found herself pulled down onto the mattress by the strong, eager arms of the Klingon. B'Elanna slowly peeled away the barrier of Seven's biosuit, kissing her way back up the lithe body slowly. When she paused to press a kiss on the former drone's mons she groaned out loud at the spicy scent of her arousal. It was all she could do not plunge in right then, but she wrestled her desire under control and continued the path northward up Seven's body, her tongue tasting the salt of her skin as well as the tang of her implants. When her tongue traced the line of juncture between flesh and metal along her abdominal implant Seven could no longer hold back her moans. The engineer buried her face in the abundant valley between Seven's ample breast, a low growl emanating from her throat as her desire mounted. Finally she tore herself away and caught Seven's lips in a breathtaking kiss that left them both panting for air.

B'Elanna propped herself up on one elbow and drank in the sight of Seven's alabaster body lying beside her in her bed. She reached out a hand and gently traced the outline of the former drone's implants, before leaning over to place a soft kiss on Seven's lips. She feathered her fingers along Seven's skin, limning first the outline of her breasts, spiraling in slowly until she made contact with the straining flesh of her nipple. Her mouth moved down to capture the other one, she flicked her tongue out, circling the puckered skin, drawing it into her mouth, biting and soothing and inflaming Seven's desires until she was moaning and begging for more.

"I've never felt beauty before," B'Elanna murmured, in awe of the exquisite woman she was caressing.

All the fear of rejection that Seven had been holding onto, her worry that once B'Elanna saw the degradation of her implants she would no longer find her desirable, was swept away by the words and the look of absolute worship in B'Elanna's eyes as she explored Seven with hands and mouth.

B'Elanna slid her hand back down Seven's body, her lips and tongue tasting the sweetness of the former drone's breasts, her fingers finding the damp heat at Seven's core. She combed her fingers through the wet tangled curls covering Seven's mound, parting the lips, and sliding her fingers through the dripping wetness of her sex. Never taking her eyes off Seven's she slowly slid one finger inside of the former drone, easing her way inside slowly so as not to startle or hurt her lover. At Seven's sigh she began to move in and out in a slow, sensuous rhythm. Soon, Seven was rocking her hips in time to B'Elanna's movements, they became one in their connection.

"Tell me what you want sweetheart," B'Elanna urged.

"More," Seven gasped. B'Elanna smiled at the drone's inability to express herself in her usual articulate manner. She slid another finger inside the throbbing womb of the former drone and increased the rhythm of her movements.

"B'Elanna please," Seven panted, "God please…."

The Klingon slid the last of her fingers inside of Seven and began to circle the throbbing bud at the apex of her sex.

"Harder, Lanna, please…"

B'Elanna obeyed, thrusting deeper and harder, pressing her thumb against the former drone's bud and causing her to scream her pleasure in inarticulate cries. Sucking and licking at the luscious breasts, biting the erect nipples with her sharp white teeth B'Elanna sensed that Seven's climax was near.

"Let go Seven, let it come," she murmured before Seven's mouth sought out her own. The former drone was bucking up into B'Elanna's thrusts and suddenly her body went completely rigid, her mouth falling slack away from the Klingon's as she began to tremble violently. B'Elanna held her through the shockwaves of her first orgasm, soothing her with words of love, and soft, wet kisses until Seven lay still at last in her arms.

For the first time since she had been separated from the collective Seven felt herself drifting off into sleep. She felt warm and protected here in the circle of B'Elanna's arms. She knew there was much to discuss but she was certain that whatever happened they would face it together, as one. Seven had finally found the unity that she craved here with the one person who could love her in her entirety, woman, machine, Borg, human.

B'Elanna watched as Seven slipped into sleep. She felt the weight of Seven's head on her shoulder, the comfort of her arms holding her close, their legs entwined. As she too began to fall asleep she realized that for the first time in her life she didn't feel more alone than ever after sex. She felt a close, vibrant connection with the woman in her arms, and knew at last she had found the one person who could understand and love both sides of her nature, woman, warrior, Klingon, human. For the first time since her father had left B'Elanna knew that she had come home.

The End

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