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SEQUEL: To Ready Room

All Bets are Off

By Cirroco DeSade


“Damnit Tom!” Harry yelled impatiently after hearing about his boyfriend’s latest failed bet. “Now we’ll have to eat in the mess hall for a month! Why do you keep making these stupid bets with B’Elanna anyway? You know she will try just about anything!”

“Well how was I supposed to know the captain would let them get away with…” Tom started to reply but Harry cut him off.

“Um, excuse me, but before those two got married, who actually was in the lead in the pool of who would get to deflower the Ice Princess? And who ran around like a whipped puppy mooning after Seven for a month after they got together and just about killed everyone on the bridge almost simultaneously?!? The same damned woman who rescued Seven from the Borg… TWICE! You didn’t think that she might get a benefit to seeing them have sex!!?” Harry just flopped down on the couch in their quarters dejectedly.

Tom approached him from behind, removing the Asian man’s tunic and kissing along his shoulders, giving him a gentle massage. “I’m sorry pookey” he said and gave a puppy dog look to Harry.

Harry just growled and rolled his eyes. “I hate Neelix’s cooking. I’ve always had enough rations to replicate something. Now…” he growled again. “I’m just gonna have to figure out how to get our rations back sooner than that. But this time, stay out of it Tom! No more bets with B’Elanna!!”

**Three days later**

Harry was sitting in the mess hall, alone scowling into his Leola root stew. Seven entered and accessed the replicator, ordering a liquid nutritional supplement. She approached his table and tilted her head. “Ensign Kim. Is this seat taken?”

“Go ahead Seven, have a seat. I’m just trying to eat this stew with a fork and knife.” He said with little humor.

She sat primly before him and regarded him querulously. “You appear bothered Harry. May I assist you?”

“Yeah. Keep your wife from taking advantage of Tom with her bets. She’s tricked him out of all of our rations for a month!” he sneered depressed.

“Ah. That is why you are actually trying to consume that… ‘stew’. I cannot stop Tom from making bets, or B’Elanna either I am afraid.”

“Yeah, I know. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t make smart bets, if he’s going to bet against B’Elanna, you know? I mean, he could always bet on something that you two women are incapable of or a location even you two wouldn’t try!”

“Mr. Kim there is nothing within our relationship that we are incapable of as women as opposed to you men. And I believe if either of us wanted to ‘try’ a location the other would be willing, simply because we love the other and our passion is so consuming. Therefore, betting against our love is… Futile.” She replied with a little smirk, setting down her now empty glass.

“Well, I would bet my next month’s rations that I could come up with something even you two love birds couldn’t accomplish. I’m smarter about my bets than Tom.” He said with a grin.

“You would lose your money Mr. Kim. I would not wish to see you eating only here for another month. Do not be foolish like your lover. I respect you more than that.” She replied very seriously and started to rise.

“Oh no you don’t! Sit back down. Are you walking away from a bet? I thought you were awful secure Seven…” He smiled. He just knew he had her now.

She sat back down. “Very well. Proceed.”

“Ships hull. Within three days…one of you has to get off… and B’Elanna can’t know about our bet or what’s going to happen. It has to be a surprise.” He broke into a full-fledged smile.

Her face remained impassive. “Indeed. You have a bet Ensign.” With that she got up and left to return to Astrometrics.

He watched her depart and smiled. It was too easy.

**a day later**

Tom was whistling a tune as he sashayed into Engineering. He flounced into B’Elanna’s office and flopped into the chair in front of her desk propping his feet up, grinning at the beautiful Klingon. She looked up at him and snickered.

“What’s gotten into you flyboy?”

“Harry has made some bet with Seven, and I will be getting my money back from you two within the week. In fact, he was so happy last night….” He trailed off wiggling his eyebrows.

She rolled her eyes and looked back down at her work. “Get real Tom. Seven never makes losing bets.”

“Mmm hmm. Well, neither does Harry. In fact, I’m so sure that my pookey will win I came to apologize in advance… and gloat.” He grinned even wider.

She resisted the urge to lean across her desk and smack him… ‘Honestly! I should kill Vorik for his damned Pon Farr… if it wasn’t for that Pon Farr infection I would never dated this idiot!’ She reached over and pushed his boots off her desk.

“Care to put your money where your mouth is Tom??” She asked with a feral smile.

**The very next day**

B’Elanna woke up slowly, descending from an incredibly erotic dream of floating on air the smell of lavender, and her wife’s gentle ministrations. Opening her eyes with a low growl, she realized her head was hanging back and Seven was holding her suspended slightly over the bed in a pair of strong arms. Her beautiful wife was suckling her breasts gently at a furiously slow pace. Then she felt Seven’s slick, hairless center sliding haltingly up and down her left thigh.

“Oh Kahless…” B’Elanna hissed dropping her head back down and drowning in the sensation. She reached her arms around to the drones back dragging her fingertips over the smooth, yet oh so strong back.

Suddenly, the former drone leaned in and whispered into her neck., “my heart,” and bit down softly into the tender flesh before mewling and shaking. B’Elanna couldn’t help digging her claws into Seven’s back as she felt the flood of her wife’s orgasm coat her leg, and she fell into her own chasm.

Minutes later she blinked up into her favorite sight: eyes the color of sapphire staring down lovingly at her. They kissed briefly then Seven removed herself and put on her ridiculously short robe.

“Shower, BangwI. I will fix you your favorite breakfast, then I must report to my duty shift. I have a project I must complete, otherwise I do not think I would let you leave the bed this day.”

B’Elanna didn’t know whether to pout or to just succumb to this delirious feeling of ecstasy. She decided on the latter. It was rare that Seven teased her like that; but whenever she did, it meant that the day would be eventful.. or at the very least their night.

Smiling, she hopped out of bed and stretched like a big cat, feeling all sappy to see that Seven had set out her uniform for her, even affixing her comm. badge and pips.

**6 hours later**

Seven strode into engineering and quickly ascertained where her beloved was working. She appeared every bit the cool Borg of the past as she approached her. “Lieutenant.”

B’Elanna smiled at Seven and said “Seven, it’s a little late for lunch dear.”

“Indeed, Lieutenant.” She replied handing the Klingon a padd.

“Oh Benal… don’t tell me.. I’m not going to like this am I?” she looked down at the padd and her eyes widened. “Oh no! I am NOT going out onto the hull for micro fissures. Vorik can go with you.”

“Lieutenant, after consulting with the Captain, we both agreed that you and I were the superior candidates for this delicate job. The fissures are perilously close to the aft sensor grid, and therefore my scans are .035% out of alignment and decreasing steadily. I require /your/ assistance.” Seven stated imperiously, getting the attention of several engineering staff around them. Sure, these two didn’t fight as much as they used to, but when they did, boy was it incredible.

B’Elanna just whispered so nobody but Seven and her enhanced hearing could hear, “But you know I get space sick BangwI!”

Seven smiled and replied in an equally low tone for her engineer’s ears, “I have convinced the Doctor to give me a hypospray to counteract the effects in advance. Please my love, I need you.”

B’Elanna sighed and nodded her head. Turning around she raised her voice, “Yo! Carey! I’ve got to take a little walk on the hull. You’re in charge.”

**30 minutes later**

The pair was tromping slowly with the assistance of their gravity boots towards the aft sensor grids. Once they reached the spot the tied down, and B’Elanna began to take out her tricorder, only to have it covered by her wife’s hand. The Klingon looked up to see mischievous eyes and a long gloved finger in front of the drones faceplate in the universal ‘be quiet’ sign. Curious, the engineer watched as Seven retrieved two odd looking devices not much bigger than comm. badges and applied them to each suit.

“Now we can speak without being monitored my love,” Seven stated with a brilliant smile. She walked forward looking deep into coffee brown eyes, and felt her heart expand.

“Well, I’d rather get these repairs done quickly so my shift ends and I can come home to my gorgeous goddess of a wife,” B’Elanna smirked. “But I suppose a little delay won’t hurt.”

“Actually, Bella, you will find no need to repair the hull. I just wanted you all to myself away from the crew for an hour or so.” Seven came and wrapped her suited arms around her wife from behind.

B’Elanna openly laughed. “Well, we’re definitely away love… but I think these suits are an awful pain and a space walk is not very conducive to the kind of time I would like to spend with you right now” She leaned back into her love’s arms and stared up into the warp bubble, watching the stars streak by them. ‘Damn, I’m not even sick. Thank you Doctor… for once!’

“I agree that space suits are limiting my love… but I cannot help my feelings. Do you want to hear what I have been thinking about today?” Seven stated in a low seductive trill.

B’Elanna was the only soul who had ever heard her voice drop and trill like that, and it thrilled her to no end whenever she could hear such blatant desire from Seven. “Oh yes baby, tell me…”

Seven activated a neural link with her wife’s ‘altered’ Starfleet underwear and tank top. The design and alterations took an entire day, much to her surprise, but she was quite confident about her use and the results… after testing the prototype herself. “I’ve been thinking about laying you down on our silk sheets with a pillow under your stomach, so that your delicious ass was exposed to me… Do you know how much I love to massage your lower back and watch your firm ass flexing and calling for my attention love?….”

…B’Elanna groaned as she imagined the scenario, and could swear she could almost feel Seven’s warm hands massaging her lower back firmly; in fact her entire abdomen was tightened with pleasure, and there seemed to be waves of pressure traveling up her back next to her spine…

“I love to give you a long massage, then lower my face down to breath in your aroma.. to bite your strong muscles, then to lick my way slowly down to your asshole… to circle it with my tongue.. you know how excited I get when I watch it flex then extend for me.. to know you want more of the torture? Oh, baby, I’m getting so wet just thinking about it…”

…B’Elanna shivered at the imagery. She didn’t remember ever felt quite this excited before just from a story, but Kahless if it didn’t feel like she could /feel/ little waves of pressure touching her asshole, and when Seven groaned about getting wet, she felt her own body echo, and moisture flood her underwear…

Seven continued to speak in a low voice, but lowered her lover slowly to the hull, face down, on her hands and knees. Still holding her from behind, she positioned her breastplate over B’Elanna’s ass and reached up, holding her firmly by her sides. “… I love to lean over and stroke my nipples over your ass, and down your inner thighs..” The Borg used gentle pressure between their suits to mimic her words, and sent a directed signal to stimulate specific nerves. “…and reach up and pull your nipples into my hands, squeeze them roughly, while I dip each breast one by one into your moisture, pulling up in between your cheeks…”

… B’Elanna’s senses were in overload! She could /swear/ that she felt Seven pinching and caressing her nipples as the former drones hands moved over her breastplate! And God! But her lips were so swollen and pulsing…

“Oh, my beautiful angel… I can just feel your nectar coating my breasts, I swear I can smell your sweet musk…” Seven groaned out, followed by a deep moan from B’Elanna. “You know what happens when I feel you so wet bangwI? I need to touch you.. I burn with desire to feel your moisture,” She continued breathily, while reaching down with her left hand to cup B’Elanna’s mons through the suit, “to ply it between my fingers, then bring them to my lips so I can get a quick taste… It is torture to me not to taste you at this point…”

…B’Elanna felt waves of pressure, pounding over her labia. She was panting and feeling every breathy word as if reality…

“…and once I taste you, I must make you come… I must feel the absolute thrill of your body holding my fingers possessively.. to feel your muscles clinging to me, I will thrust into you, and hold you clits firmly under my thumb, trapping them against you while I drink in the sensation of your heat. Then I will slowly ply your walls, before beginning the slow strokes that I know you love…”

… B’Elanna was near hyperventilation. It felt so real… as if the wasn’t a barrier between them. So, surreal as she raised her head and watched the stars fly by. All the time she heard her beloved’s voice in her head, in her heart, and somehow in her body….

“…Then I would give you that final push that you want…” Seven brought her right hand around and held it over B’Elanna’s ass, approximating a direct line over the smaller hole.

… B’Elanna whimpered…

“.. I would push into your ass slowly, then rub the walls between my fingers faster and faster, until you lose…” B’Elanna starts to growl, “all….” Then her head thrusts back, “control.”

B’Elanna screamed aloud, coming hard from all the stimulation. Her own responses confusing and exciting her. Then she felt weightless as Seven lifted her up, disengaging her gravity boots, and holding her limp, suited body in strong arms.

“And that is what I’ve been thinking about my love.” Seven said in a soft crooning voice. “I love you, my beautiful wife.”

B’Elanna peered up through a foggy faceplate with adoring eyes and smiled…..

**an hour after Alpha shift is over**

B’Elanna and Seven enter the mess hall hand in hand. Seven leans down and kisses the ridges she so loves, and directs her wife over to their friends while she retrieves a large meal. B’Elanna sits down next to Tom and smiles at her friends.

“Hey guys, how are you?” she says rather chipper.

Tom babbles a happy reply while Harry looks suspiciously at the former drone seating herself beside him. Seven lays a thick juicy and rare replicated steak down in front of her wife and smiles fantastically, finishing it off with a wink. Then she hands a padd to Harry.

Casually taking the padd in hand, he splutters and coughs as he reads an initial transcript of the beginning of their conversation on the hull (verifying B’Elanna’s innocence to the ruse) and then he looks down over enhanced bioreadings of B’Elanna’s body throughout the rest of their visit (and there was no mistaking /that/ climax).

He sighs, enters his codes for the lost wager, then promptly lets his head fall to the table.

Tom, meanwhile, watches all this, initially in confusion. Enlightenment dawns upon him and her squeaks, “She won!?!” A sad Harry Kim doesn’t even remove his head from the table when he nods.

B’Elanna grins a big happy smile and looks at Tom, then her beloved. “Honey can I borrow that Padd?” Handing the padd to Tom, she looks back at Seven with adoration.

“One day will you tell me what the bet was about? I want to know how I won Tom’s money this time.” She leaned over the table kissed her wife quickly then dove into her steak after grabbing the padd back from Tom.

Harry can be heard mumbling “two months of Neelix’s cooking..” over and over again.

Tom swallows hard and then latching onto his bravery and trying his patented ‘adorable puppy dog eyes’, “Uh… Pookey…it’s four months now.”

Harry’s head shoots up and a deadly stare engulfs Tom. Suddenly Tom decides he has a pressing appointment… with the Doctor… that way he can get fixed as soon as Harry kills him, and he runs out of the mess hall with a shouting Harry right behind him.

**Camera pans past our lovely couple, then scene fades to a black starry sky through the view port**


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