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That All Depends
By Alex


"That all depends, on whether you are free to join me." Lena replied brazenly, taking Bianca by surprise. The younger woman smiled as she got over her initial shock.

"I'd love to have dinner with you tonight." She replied confidently. Lena's smile grew as she slipped her phone into her purse.

"I'm so glad." She said, moving towards the younger woman until their bodies were almost touching. "I've been wanting to spend more time with you outside of work. I mean, without Boyd." Both women laughed softly. Bianca's smile softened as she became acutely aware of the proximity of Lena's body.

"I've wanted that too." She admitted, locking eyes with her co-worker. Bianca felt a jolt as Lena's hand brushed an errant strand of hair from her cheek, the contact sending a shiver down her spine. Lena's hand lingered at Bianca's neck as she leaned her head in closer.

"So..." She breathed seductively. "Dinner?"

"Sounds good." Bianca replied breathlessly as their lips met. Lena's hand moved to the back of the younger woman's neck, pulling her closer as her other arm snaked around her waist. Bianca's hands moved instinctively to Lena's waist and shoulder as she returned the kiss, which was quickly growing more passionate.

Lena's tongue was granted entrance almost before it was sought, and entwined with Bianca's ardently. Bianca whimpered softly as the older woman's mouth left hers, the whimper turning to a moan as Lena's mouth found her neck, sucking and nipping at the soft flesh.

"Lena," Bianca gasped as the woman found a particularly sensitive spot. "This isn't exactly a filling meal." Her skin felt cold and empty when Lena tore her mouth from it to look Bianca in the eyes.

"I much prefer this to any food." She said as she hungrily claimed Bianca's mouth again, moving her other hand from the woman's waist to tangle in her hair.

"Me too." Bianca managed to gasp between fervent kisses. She pulled her mouth away from Lena's, trailing along her jaw to her neck, only to be stopped by the cumbersome fabric of the woman's turtleneck. With an almost primal growl, Bianca pulled the shirt from Lena's body, freeing the skin she so desperately wanted to taste. Lena moaned as the young woman's mouth traversed her chest, allowing Bianca her ardent exploration.

Lena decided that she had stayed passive for long enough, and pulled Bianca's lips back to her own, her nimble hands slipping under the younger woman's shirt. She rolled her eyes as she encountered another shirt, quickly breaching that one as well. It didn't take long for Lena to divest Bianca of said garments, moving to cover the young woman's chest with fervent kisses.

Slowly, the two backed up until the back of Bianca's legs came in contact with Erica's desk. Reaching behind her young lover, Lena swept the contents of the desk to the floor, sitting Bianca on it instead. Her new position allowed her hands to wander over Bianca's legs, slipping under her skirt to caress the sides of the woman's thighs. Bianca moaned into Lena's mouth, grasping for more contact.

Reaching behind the tall woman, her hands deftly disposed of the zipper of the woman's long skirt, sliding it over her hips. As it fell to the ground, Lena pushed Bianca into a laying position on the desk, sliding the skirt up around the younger woman's waist. Her thigh slipped in between the woman's legs as she leaned down to connect their mouths once more.

Bianca's hips arched into Lena's wildly, aching for more contact as Lena ground herself against a firm thigh. As their mouths found one another's neck, Bianca slipped a hand under the band of Lena's panties, sliding a lone finger between soft lips. Lena moaned as Bianca's hand made contact, and thrust against it with abandon.

Lena realized that the younger woman was still frustrated, judging from the desperate gasps escaping her lips as she tried to grind herself against the older woman's thigh. She took pity on Bianca, slipping her own hand down to meet her lover's warm wetness.

Frantically, their fingers slid through wetness, making fast, small circles around throbbing clits. Their hips rocked wildly against each other, the tempo increasing as Bianca reached her peak. Tearing her mouth from her lover's flesh, Bianca gasped Lena's name as her climax hit. Sensing that Lena was close as well, she worked her hand faster to meet her lover's thrusts. Lena buried her face in her lover's soft skin as she climaxed, her body shuddering and collapsing on top of Bianca's.

Fifteen minutes later, the women had managed to make themselves look presentable again, and replaced the contents of Erica's desktop. Bianca chuckled as she picked up her mother's flower bowl, silently thanking the powers that be for wall-to-wall carpeting. When they'd finished, the two women slipped out of Erica's office, fighting back the urge to giggle at Val, who looked at them with his eyebrow raised above his over-sized glasses. Lena winked at him before taking Bianca by the hand and leading her to the elevator.

An hour later, Erica returned to her office to do some last-minute paperwork. As she sat down at her desk, she noticed something wrong. She reached out and grabbed the picture frame, looking at it suspiciously. A five-year-old Bianca smiled up at her through cracked glass.

The End

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