Alternate Choices
By H.W.

Chapter 11

Three days later.

"Laren, I'm sorry I took so long," Jetur Adami said when she walked into Ro Laren's office. "But I got a visit from the Organians' representative. He, or should I say it, paid me a visit to tell me that they would stay neutral, like they have always been, but they did tell me that they would not mind a new female Bajoran Intendant visiting their planet to build good relationships. Of course, it being an Organian representative, it took him four hours to tell me this."

Ro closed the computer unit in front of her, deciding that she had done more than enough reading for the day, "Hmm, well, considering the fact that the Organians are always neutral, even when the Sol Empire reigned, I would not call that much of a surprise. But no bad news is good news I suppose."

"Oh, on the contrary," Jetur disagreed, "This is very good news."

"It is?" Ro asked surprised. She wondered how someone saying 'I don't get involved' could be good news.

Jetur sat down and smiled tolerantly at Ro, "Sure. As far as I know there is only one female at this point that has any chance of becoming the new Intendant. Of course, not an officially big chance, but still. If the news is 'leaked' that they invited you to visit their planet, an invitation Kira has never gotten I might add, it will be a tremendous boost to you officially entering the 'election' for the new Intendant."

"It is?" Ro asked again.

"Laren, the Organians are a very highly advanced race. So advanced that they normally only exist in forms of pure energy. They only take a different shape when they have to communicate with 'lesser' beings than them. And they are also very powerful. We know of nothing that can stop them and the only reason why they don't rule over us is because neutrality is their thing."

"Adami, I know about them, I also know that the Sol Empire once attacked them, and they simply flung the ships back into space and erected a force field around the planet that the Sols never were able to break. The Organians only took down the field once the Sol Empire was gone. I do know about them, I just don't see how this helps me so tremendously."

"Oh, sorry, Laren, I forgot that you were still learning about politics."

"Adami, stop playing, ok?"

Jetur leaned back in the chair and folded her hands in her lap, "Ok, next politics lesson. Here is how it goes. Say race X is debating with itself on which they will bet their credits: On Delik, who was the first advisor of the former Intendant, or some unknown woman who they never heard of before. Easy decision for them, right?"

Ro nodded since she did understand that this is what most would do. Support Delik since he was the one they knew by name.

"Right, but then... gasp, what is that? The mighty, powerful, and not to forget, very wise, Organians are inviting this unknown woman to their planet. They are extending a courtesy like that to this unknown woman, a courtesy they have never shown the former Bajoran Intendant. Then they start wondering... Hmm, if the Organians are polite to this woman, then maybe it would be better to support her instead of this Delik whose only good credentials are his smooth words. You see, Laren, this is great news indeed."

"Ah, I do see," Ro agreed, "Well that's indeed very good news. And talking about news, I'm sorry to say that I won't need your services anymore."

"Oh?" Jetur leaned forward at that and lifted her eyebrows slightly.

"Yes, Delik came to me this morning. He told me that he could see that I had won. And since he knew when to stop fighting and cut his losses, he said that he would pull his bid for new Intendant and fully support me. The only thing he would like in return was for me to make him my first advisor once I'm Intendant. You can understand that I would prefer him over you, can't you Adami?"

"Well, I can't beat that; shall I go and clean out my desk now then?"

"Please do."

They looked at each other for a moment and then both started grinning.

"Aww, is the poor boy getting nervous?" Jetur asked.

"So it seems."

"I'm surprised he would try something so obvious. I would expect some hints and suggestions. Maybe even some conversation with you first, in which he would then realize that, gee, he can't beat you."

"I'm willing to bet that was his plan," Ro agreed, "As a matter of fact, that is how the conversation started out. But then I 'accidentally' mentioned that I had been told that the Klingon Intendant is due to arrive tomorrow and suddenly he started stumbling over his own words. I guess he was trying to convince me before we meet the Intendant and it might became clear that you and I are considered one of the factions with a candidate for the post of Intendant."

"So, what did you tell him?"

"Oh, I first showed the expected suspicion, then I let him persuade me, and then I told him that I could see his potential. I told him that I had to think about it. He then suggested that while I think about it, he and I would meet the Intendant together tomorrow. Just to show that there are no hard feelings between him and me. I once again told him I would think about it and apparently that was enough for him and he started to make his exit."

"Are you planning on doing that?"

"Don't be ridiculous. I can't stand that guy, and I'm sure not condemning myself to having to be polite to him every time a Klingon is present. But, would it have been a good idea?"

"No," Jetur shook her head slightly to give the word more meaning, "Forgetting the fact that it would have shown the Klingons that even after all the time you had to prepare, you still didn't know who your true adversary is, it would also have shown that you don't trust me."

"True," Ro agreed, "But my not trusting you would not have been much of a problem. We are talking about the Klingons here; they practically invented using people they can't trust to do their work."

"But this is not just another Klingon," Jetur disagreed. "This is the Intendant. And even though the normal Klingon doesn't like politics, not even the Chancellor, the Klingon Intendant does have to understand the workings of politics to be able to be the Intendant. She does sometimes have to wield and deal like a politician. So she will understand that you shoved the politics in someone else's direction, me, and she will even think that you are smart for doing that.

"But if you are to stand any chance at becoming Intendant, you will have to prove to her that you can, and do, fully trust the person who takes care of the politics. If you show her that you don't trust me, then you will make it clear that even if you become Intendant, the political scene of Bajor is still not secure. That is something she will never accept."

"I see your point," Ro agreed, "But I also see that this will put you in the limelight as well. Are you trying to make sure that I can't do without you once, and if, I do get appointed Intendant?"

"Well, you really couldn't blame me if that is what I was doing, can you?"

Ro slightly shook her head no to indicate that she had to agree with what Jetur was saying.

"But no," Jetur continued, "Like it or not, Laren, you will need me at your side every time you meet the Intendant. You have to prove that we are inseparable. Imagine this, you two are having a conversation and she asked you: 'Who is the Bajoran governor on Bajor twelve?' What would your answer be?"

Ro knew that she would have no good answer, since she didn't know, "Um, I have no idea?"

"Then she would reply: 'You don't even know the names of the Bajoran governors and you want to become the Bajoran Intendant? I think not.' But when I am there I can immediately say to her; 'Intendant, Kira considered the number twelve unlucky, so that number was skipped when Kira changed the names of colonies. But if you want, I can tell you the name of the Governor of Bajor eleven, or thirteen. And Bajor thirteen is what used to be Bajor twelve, so the Governor of Bajor thirteen might be the person you mean?' You see, Ro, there won't be any problem with you honestly telling her that you don't know that, as long as I'm sitting beside you and can tell her everything she wants to know and more.

"The point is that you have the information at your fingertips, so to speak. You don't have to look for it, you just have to look at me and I can tell you what you need to know. Names, places, numbers. I know all of it. And as long as there is no doubt what so ever that all that information is not more that an 'um, Adami?' away, there is no problem."

"Ah, so that's Delik's plan," Ro said, finally fully understanding what the man was up to, "And that is also why he fumbled his words out this morning. He knew that it didn't really matter if I fully believed him. All he needed was that I would be seen by the Intendant without you at my side several times."

"Right," Jetur agreed, "And maybe even make it worse by asking you some questions, in the Intendant's presence, to which he would know you didn't have the answer. Even if you would say at that point that you had me for those things, the damage would already have been done. The Intendant would ask you that if I was so important to your being able to function at a level acceptable for being an Intendant, then why hadn't I been at your side with every step you take.

"It is not a bad plan; you have to give him that. Especially if you consider that the other fools who are helping him don't see that by doing so they have already given up every chance they might have had of becoming Intendant themselves. If Delik is able to get rid of you, he will simply turn around and say to the Klingon Intendant, 'See, they supported me, they want me to be Intendant.'"

"True." Ro agreed, "I would have thought that they would have been a little smarter than that. Despite what I think of them, they have shown that they have brains."

Jetur shrugged her shoulders at that, "I think they just underestimate the Klingons. They think that the Klingons will come in here and pick the one who has the best babble. They seem to have forgotten that the Klingons checked everyone out down to their ancestors the time that Kira was appointed."

"I still wonder how she did that," Ro thought out loud, "Someone like her normally would never have been appointed Intendant."

"Power can change people, Laren. Kira had a perfect background. The right family, having shown the right loyalties, and having shown that she can be scrupulous enough for the job. But the problem was that once she was Intendant there was nobody left who could say, 'Are you nuts?' The counter weight was gone and she could scheme and connive at will. Soon she developed a taste for playing with people and the Kira we all knew was born."

"Ah, I didn't know that," Ro had to admit.

"Not many people do. Kira was good at removing all traces of her past and making up her own past. In fact the only place where her history is still written down as it really happened is in the archives of the priests. And the only reason why they still have it is because Kira never knew that the priests also keep records from what's happening on Bajor."

Ro could not believe that Kira had made such a mistake, "That's quite some oversight."

"That's what she got for killing the person who was doing this for her before he was totally finished. He had made the mistake of saying that he was almost finished and Kira then killed him immediately to make sure that nobody was left who knew the truth."

"Then how come you know it?" Ro wondered.

Jetur laughed, "Because I happen to have a brother who is an archivist in the spiritual archives. Where do you think I got all my knowledge from? The priests don't change history. They record is as it happened without making a judgment about who is right and who is wrong. I spent many hour reading in their archives.

"That's where I also found out how to treat the different races in coalition space. While working here, I refined my methods a little but most of my knowledge comes from there. Here, I just keep up-to-date with the daily things."

"Well, as interesting is this is, we have other things to talk about. Now it is time for me to train you, Adami."

"Excuse me?"

"Tomorrow we will meet the Klingons, and frankly, you have to change your approach while we talk to them. While the Intendant is not like most Klingons, and your political knowledge and therefore your value to me, might be clear to her, you will also meet other Klingons. General Martok, Commander of the Klingon security department, will also be there and he is nothing like the Intendant as far as I heard. He does have the highest respect for the Intendant, but he is not like her."

"What would I have to do differently then?"

"First of all, your answers are too long. Now, don't get me wrong, while we are alone I prefer them that way. I want the extra information. But when you talk to the Klingons the way you normally talk, they will get bored. Sift out the important information and only tell that."

"But the small stuff is just as important," Jetur disagreed.

"No, what's important is that you know it. But you don't tell it until it becomes a bigger issue. That's how the Klingons work. They don't care about details. They don't want to hear that something can bite them in the ass two years from now. If it becomes a problem, then they will deal with it at that time."

"That explains why they still sell their weapons to the smugglers while the smugglers are using those weapons against them in raids."

"Exactly," Ro agreed.

"I never understood that," Jetur had to admit. "Why not get rid of those smugglers?"

"Because they give the Klingons a small challenge in this time where there is nothing that can really challenge them. It gives Klingons a chance to prove themselves in battle. Why do you think the Klingons never really went after those smugglers in force? The Klingons could obliterate them within a day, if they wanted. But the smugglers are nothing more than a small nuisance... right now. So the Klingons enjoy playing a little cat and mouse with them. Heck, it is even common knowledge that a lot of young Klingons actually join the smugglers for a year or two."

"I didn't know that." Jetur objected, "Why would they do that?"

"Well, let me rephrase that. It is common knowledge with the Klingons," Ro corrected. "And the reason they do it is because it gives the young ones a chance for adventure they don't get nowadays by being part of the Klingon society. The Klingons call it 'the wild years' and as long as you behave, according to Klingon rules, when you come back nobody cares.

"Anyway, back to the subject. Let me warn you so that you don't get offended, I don't know if it is necessary or not with the Klingon Intendant around, but there is a chance that I will act dismissive of you, or make fun of you. That's how the Klingons normally treat the ones lower than them. So don't get offended, and let the words just roll over you. As long as I don't outright insult you in front of them or send you away, you have nothing to worry about. But be advised, you might think differently about what is insulting than the Klingons do. Watch their reaction first before you think I insulted you."

"Ok, I think I can do that," Jetur said, having heard some of how some Klingons could be. As much as she knew about politics, she knew little about Klingon behavior. That was one race the others had never pushed in her direction. She had read about them of course, but not dealt with them, "Anything else?"

"Yes, you are a very attractive woman, Adami."

"H... Thank you," Jetur said, not knowing where Ro's reaction was coming from, "It's nice of you to notice."

"Mmhmm," Ro agreed before coming to the point, "The Klingons will certainly say the same. And where it didn't matter to Kira if it was a man or a woman who shared her bed, I know from a very reliable source that the Klingon Intendant is solely interested in women. I warn you right now, Adami. Don't fuck with her."

"Why, you want to do it yourself?"

Ro covered her eyes for a moment when she realized that Jetur had interpreted her words totally wrong, "I don't mean that kind of fuck. I meant don't mess with her. Don't try to play with her, Adami. The Klingons are very to the point with most things, including sex. If she shows any interest in you, and you don't mind, you better be prepared to go all the way. There is no middle ground.

"If you aren't interested, you show it from the beginning. Don't lead her on or else she might just decide to take what you have been teasing her with. If you show no interest then all will be fine, I know the Intendant is honorable enough and I don't think that she will purse a woman that has shown no interest what so ever. But, if you did show interest, then you have entered the world of Klingon sex and its rules. If you suddenly don't show any interest anymore after first doing so, then this will be only part of the game to them and it will excite them even more. Adami, Klingons do sex quite rough."

"I... see," Jetur said, not liking the concept. She didn't mind using her body, but she did want to be the one deciding if she used it, "I will remember that."

"You do that. Trust me, I have been there. You don't want to have sex with a Klingon unless you actually enjoy playing rough."

"So you like playing it rough?" Jetur asked.

"I didn't say that. The result justified the means so I did what I had to."

"So you didn't like it?" Jetur now asked.

Ro laughed, "I didn't say that either. Let's just say that it was an experience and leave it at that."

"So who was it?" Jetur asked, not wanting to let the matter drop just yet. She knew it was to her own advantage to know as much as possible about Ro, "Was it Gowron? Is that the reason why he apparently likes you?"

"No, I turned him down. As I said, if you do that in the beginning, there is no problem," Ro decided not to add that for a moment she had feared that she would have had to kill him. For a moment, Ro wondered if she should tell Jetur about this part of her history. But then decided that it really didn't matter. And maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to give Jetur some information, "One of the instructors at the Special Forces training was a Klingon. She was there to instruct us in the Klingon martial arts."

"But I thought that you told me that you joined the Special Forces when you were twelve!" Jetur said, realizing what this meant.

"Let's just say that Rac'E liked them young. I was in her class for three months and she taught me all she knew; which is far more than she taught the other ones. So she did give me something in return for having her way with me at least three times a week. And it really wasn't all bad; I actually learned to like it.

"But the first couple of times until my body had adapted... Come to think of it, I think that, for her doing, she was actually quite gentle. It hurt and I think I sprained some bones back then, but she never made me bleed, except the occasional bite that was a little too hard. But I don't think a Klingon would hold back like that with a grown woman like you. It would be rough. I really don't wish that on you Adami."

"I will remember that," Jetur said, taking the warning very seriously, "Now, do we have any plans for tomorrow?"

Ro shook her head and stood up, "No, I was planning on improvising. I have a feeling that it would not be that good to plan everything in advance. If the Klingons do something differently, one suddenly doesn't know how to react. Come, let's mingle. Actually, let's give Delik a show. Let's go out there and you act as if you are really pissed at me."

"Hmm, I have to think of a reason to actually be able to look at you with hate in my eyes," Jetur said with a smile.

Knowing that Jetur's little joke was actually very true; Ro came closer and leaned over the still sitting woman, "You want a reason? I'll give you one. If you mess this up, the worst thing that happens to me is that I don't become Intendant. But you, Adami, you will curse the day that you heard of me.

"I have seen you with your little brother, having fun, playing with him. If you mess this up, I will cut his fingers off with a dull knife, one by one, and force-feed them to him. And then I rip his tongue out and shove that up his ass. And when he still lives after that, I will bring him to Zharydein prison and throw him in the sexual offender's wing as their new plaything. So you better be very convincing, Adami. Remember my background, I'm not bluffing."

Jetur's nostrils flared and she lifted her hand to hit Ro for daring to threaten her brother, only to have her hand caught in a vice like grip.

Ro bent Jetur's arm so far over the armrest that it was close to the breaking point and Jetur was shouting out her pain, "This isn't a game, Jetur. You act as if this is all fun and, all in all, I don't mind that, it's actually quite entertaining and I normally like that. But you better remember that this is real. You are no longer running with the herd, you are now amongst the predators and only one of the predators will survive.

"You better hope and try your hardest to make sure that I'm the last one standing. You hear me? At this point, I'm your only hope. And at this point, I will do what ever it takes. As long as I have a chance. What... ever... it... takes," Ro suddenly let go of Jetur and took a few steps back and leaned casually against the desk.

Jetur looked at Ro with pure hatred in her eyes, only to see Ro starting to smile.

"Good, that's more like it. Just remember this when you have to find a reason to be convincing."

"You better believe I will remember this," Jetur now saw Ro in a new light. She still knew that she had chosen the right person to back, now even more than before. But having seen the raw energy the normally so calm Ro could radiate, it changed her whole view of the quiet woman. Jetur realized that Delik had no idea of what he had gotten himself into, "It was you who killed Kira, wasn't it?"

"Does it matter? She is gone, and Bajor will be better for it."

"It matters to me."

"Adami, I can't answer that question to your satisfaction. You make your own judgment and what ever I say won't change your perception of things. If I say I didn't do it, you won't believe me, and if I say I did do it, you won't believe it either because you think I would act differently than I do now."

"Alright, you're right." Jetur acknowledged while she got up, "Well, after that nice motivation, let's get going, okay?"

Ro made the few steps that would bring her to Jetur's side and put her hand on the woman's shoulder, feeling the other woman flinch slightly at her touch, "Adami, I'm sorry that I had to do that. But it really was necessary."

Jetur sighed and slowly turned around, "I'm sorry too that you had to do that, but you are right, it was necessary. But please don't do it again."

"As long as you remember, I won't have to."

"As I said, I will certainly remember," Jetur treated Ro to one of her many smiles and Ro was glad to see that it was a genuine smile, "Now, let's get out there and give them a show."

"You ready, my pet?"

"One moment, mistress, if you please."

"What's up?" Torres asked while she walked to the table where Seven was sitting at and looked over the blonde's shoulder at the computer unit on the table.

"Mistress, I wanted to read up on Bajoran customs, and the personal reports General Martok sent over last night."

"Then why didn't you do it last night?" Torres asked, knowing the reason only too well.

Seven looked up over her shoulder into the Intendant's eyes, "Because I was otherwise occupied last night, mistress. Taking care of my mistress is of paramount importance to me."

Torres could not resist and took a moment to kiss those delicious lips that were so invitingly close, "Mmmhmmm, and you do it sooo well. I'm just glad that I can return the favor now… when you let me."

"Mistress, are you still upset about yesterday morning?"

"No, not really upset, just a little disappointed I have to admit. Now that I have discovered that pleasing you can be just as much fun as being pleased by you."

"Please, mistress, do not distress. I have found that I enjoy pleasing you at any moment of the day; but that I do not enjoy being pleased myself within the first two hours after waking up. I enjoy pleasing you then, just not being pleased myself."

"But I still feel kinda bad about taking from you while not giving back."

"Mistress, I believe that you are forgetting that I am your body slave. I am supposed to only give to you without getting anything in return."

"Hush," Torres kissed the blonde again. She loved the interaction that had formed over the three days of their journey, and the best thing was that as soon as they stepped out of the door, the blonde acted like the perfect body slave. There had been no reason what so ever to punish her, or even raise her voice to the blonde, "You are supposed to do what ever I tell you. I simply tell you to like it when I please you. So you do."

"Mistress, if I may say, that is a very weak explanation."

Torres laughed and sat down on the blonde's lap, "But the good thing about being Intendant is that every weak explanation is still a good enough reason. Now, read up, it's about time we got out of here. The Bajorans are preparing for my arrival as we speak and I don't do being fashionably late."

"Yes, mistress," Seven moved away some of the brown hair that was obscuring her view on the computer unit and started going over the information.

Torres also looked at the screen and saw screen after screen of information being loaded and disappearing, "Okay, that's it. I'm getting me some of those implants too," Torres joked. "You really read all of that?"

"Of course, mistress."

"So, found anything interesting?" Torres asked when the blonde started to close the computer unit down.

"Yes, mistress. I found several interesting things about the Bajoran customs, but I will inform you of those if it becomes necessary. And as far as personal is concerned..." Seven opened the computer unit again and brought up two pictures onto the screen, "...It appears that these two people are the ones that you might be interested in. These are Delik Jetur and Ro Laren. The Klingon spies informed General Martok that these two are the ones having the most chance of being regarded for the post of Intendant."

"Only two?" Torres asked surprised while she looked at the photos, "That will simplify my job quite some."

"Yes, mistress. Apparently a power struggle has ensued between these two. Both of them were advisors to Intendant Kira Nerys before she was killed, two of twenty advisors in total."

"So what are the power bases, and why are the other advisors not also potential candidates for the job?"

"Delik has succeeded in getting the other advisors to back him in his fight against Ro; which also explains why the other advisors are no longer a potential choice. Delik has put them out of the race, and they do not even know it."

"Impressive," Torres had to admit.

"It is," Seven agreed, "But that is basically the extent of his power base. That, and the fact that some obvious races have officially backed him, for example, the Ferengi and the Bolians. The most obvious power base for Ro is that she has the faith of the Special Forces; she once was a captain of the Special Forces."

"Really now? Tell me more," Torres got up and walked to the replicator and got something to drink for the both of them, "That's no small feat. Having the Special Forces in her corner will give her an advantage in controlling people who might object to her being Intendant."

"But as far as... Thank you mistress," Seven interrupted herself when Torres put a drink down in front of her, "But as far as the spies were able to find out, Ro has no political footage what so ever."

"Well, there go her chances for becoming Intendant. Pity, I would not have minded appointing another female as Intendant for Bajor."

"But, she also has the Organians inviting her to their planet, if she were to become Intendant."

Torres spent a moment to contemplate that, "Well, that certainly is something I would call a political footing. What's the deal?"

"The spy reports say that Ro has no political knowledge what so ever, but one of the helpers of the other advisors has chosen her side. And she appears to be very knowledgeable in the field of politics."

"Really? Show me a photo and tell me more."

Seven did as she was told and soon Torres could see the photo of a very beautiful redhead filling the screen, "She was normally known as a quiet person who would never object. Because of that, people pushed almost all the work in her direction, assuming that she would always continue to quietly do their work. But it seems that she took the opportunity and formed an alliance with Ro Laren."

"Not a bad choice, for both of them. So I first have to test their resolve to each other. As long as they stay true to each other, they will have a chance. But if I see one crack forming between them, they can forget about it."

Seven was about the close the computer unit, but Torres stopped her to have a last look at the photo, "She sure has the looks," Torres closed the computer unit before adding, "I can see how people could underestimate her. Hire her as a piece of candy and not find out that she had an independent brain until it is way too late."

"I do not understand what her esthetics have to do with her intelligence. One does not influence the other."

"Well, for some reason a lot of people do think so. Often when someone is very good looking, people tend to think that that person only got the job because of the way they look, maybe even gave some ass to get the job."

"Give some ass?" Seven repeated.

"Old expression," Torres explained. "It means that someone had sex with someone to get the job."

"I see. So people assume this, but it is not true?"

"Um, no. More often than not, it is true."


"Easy, Seven." Torres interrupted, not wanting to get, once again, into a discussion about the right and wrongs of daily life in the Coalition. "That is also one of the things I am slowly trying to change. But there is only so much I can do by myself. But for now it is actually quite common to use sex to get ahead in life."

"Why?" Seven asked, having learned the last couple of days that the Intendant always stated how things were, not necessarily that the Intendant also agreed with the state of things.

"Mostly it's a question of you do it too, or you lose out," Torres said while she sat back down on the blonde's inviting lap, "If you have seen people, nowhere as good as you, getting all the good jobs simply because they said yes while you said no, eventually you decide that maybe you can sleep with someone just once to get the job. And if you did it once, it soon is also okay to do it to get a better job. And soon it's an accepted way of doing business. The thing is that I can't really do much about it. It's not like people are going to tell me that they got their great job by sleeping their way to that position."

"Thank you for explaining, mistress."

"Mmhmm, thank me later," Torres said with a smile.

"I will," Seven said with an equal smile.

It was something that had formed quickly in the last couple days. Seven, eager to please her mistress, was thanking Torres all the time for almost everything. So soon the 'thank me later' had formed as a reaction. It was an easy way for Torres to accept the thanks, and also, it was something that could be said in front of the other Klingons.

"She did look like she could be fun in bed though," Torres said, bringing the subject back to the matter at hand, "I think I will see just what she is willing to do and what she wants in return."

"Yes, Mistress," Seven said, suddenly no longer smiling. "May I get up now?"

Torres moved off the blonde's lap and let her get up. She wondered why her pet was suddenly acting different from just a minute before. Torres went over the conversation in her head and then realized what the problem was. She could not hide her grin while she watched the blonde put away the computer unit, 'Time to have some fun.' She waited until Seven came back and then told the blonde to sit down and sat down opposite of her, "So what do you think, what would have more of an effect? Approaching the redhead in front of Ro, or should I better do it behind her back?"

"If you were to do it in front of Ro, it would be clear that it is a test, and she would not accept your advances," Seven said, feeling it her duty to inform the Intendant of this fact.

"You're right, of course. And another advantage of approaching her separately is that I can have her immediately if she agrees. No need to let such an opportunity go by if it presents itself. Right?"

"If you say so, mistress," Seven answered neutrally while folding her arms over her chest and looking down.

Torres wanted to go on some more, but seeing the blonde sitting in a way she had never done before told Torres that the joke had gone far enough, "You know something, my pet? You are very cute when you're jealous."

"Mistress?" Seven asked looking up.

"You. You really look very cute when you are jealous. Especially if you are pouting like you are doing now."

"I am glad that you are entertained, mistress."

Torres got up and went to sit beside Seven, following the line of the blonde's ear with a finger, "Come on, my pet. I thought you told me that this wonderful hearing had picked up the conversation I had with Martok about you. You should really know that even if I wanted to, which I most definitely don't, but even IF I wanted to have sex with someone else, I'm not allowed to."

"No, mistress, I know that you are not allowed to have sex with another slave while I am your body slave. But Jetur Adami is not a slave. You are allowed to have sex with her."

"Oh, I forgot about that. Sorry, my pet," Torres softly kissed the neck of her slave. "If I had I remembered that, I would not have played with you." Torres put her arms on Seven's shoulders and turned her around to face her, "Listen, Seven. It doesn't matter." She moved her hands until she was holding Seven's face in her hands, "Listen to me. I'm thirty-five years old. I have been sexually active for twenty of those years. And in all of that time I have never had sex with a person twice. And I never actually let someone sleep in my bed, ever. That is until now. Do you really think I would give that up for nothing? Whatever that woman could give me, I can have from you."

"But she is not me, she would not be me in bed, she would act different than I."

"Don't be so insecure, my pet. You act different too. It's not the same all the time. Since you became mine six days ago we've had had sex... how many times?"

"Including the times where I only pleased you, mistress; eleven times."

"Right, and each and every time it was different. And I was not kidding when I told you that you were the best I ever had. That is the best in twenty years. You really think I would give that up for a little romp with a woman I have no further interest in? Why would I take some mindless sex when I can have you?"

"But you would still have me if you would do this. I am your body slave after all. I would still be that if you prefer someone else in your bed."

"Seven, I would not do that to you. Have a little faith in me, ok? You were the one who wanted to stay my body slave, and I must admit I like that. But that doesn't mean that you mean nothing to me. I simply would not do such a thing to you. As far as such things are concerned I don't see you as my slave, but as more. Trust me."

"I am sorry, mistress. Being... jealous is a new feeling for me. I told myself that I could accept you having someone else, since I am your slave. But I can not. You are mine, mistress. And I do not share."

"And you won't have to, my pet. But tell me right now, can you accept me having fun with your jealousy, or not?"

"I trust you completely, mistress. Seeing how quickly I became jealous now, I think that I will become jealous more often. But I trust that you will not hurt me by actually having sex with someone else."

"So I'm allowed to flirt with the redhead?" Torres asked with a grin.

"Yes, mistress. But if she does touch you in any way I find inappropriate, I will break her neck."

Torres laughed when hearing the statement, "My, aren't we possessive. Come on, let's get going."

"Yes, mistress. I am sorry, mistress."

"I'm not. I think I like you jealous. But I'm not about to make you jealous just for the fun of it. Now let's get going."

"Yes, mistress," Seven said while standing up, "Do you want me to change before leaving our quarters?"

Torres took a step back and let her eyes roam over the blonde's body. Taking in the shiny black, and formfitting, bio-suit. It had become the bio-suit Torres loved to see her blonde in the most. Torres walked around Seven to take it all in, her eyes coming to rest on the blonde's backside for a moment. Torres had to close her eyes for a moment to compose herself. The shiny black material showed off every sensual curve of that great body. And it was all hers.

She walked further until she was standing once more in front of the blonde. Torres saw the smile on the blonde's lips. Her little vixen sure knew what kind of effect she had on her. Torres replied the smile with one of her own.

"Kahless, woman the things you do to me. And you really think I could have eyes for another woman? Get real."

Seven moved her hands over the slick black material, following the curve the material made where it stretched over her chest and then folded her hands behind her back, "You approve?"

"Do I ever. I'm seriously contemplating being fashionably late. I'm this close to jumping you right now."

Seven looked at how Torres was holding her thumb and index finger only a fraction apart to indicate what she meant with 'this close,' "I assume I do not have to change then?"

"Nooooo, you stay just like that, baby. I feel like torturing the poor people that can only wish they could touch you."

"Yes, mistress," Seven was proud of the fact that the Intendant liked her body and services so much. Seven remembered when she was doing research about mating behaviors on Voyager. B'Elanna had told Seven that there had to be more to a relationship then sex and desire.

But Seven was glad with what she had. The Intendant liked her services and her body. Being the fact that she was only a slave, Seven figured that this had to be enough. Especially when she considered that she had more now then when she was on Voyager.

No, like Janeway had told Seven once on another subject; you can not have it all. And Seven had more than she ever had. The only thing she really missed from Voyager was the contact with her friends, B'Elanna, Tom, Harry and Naomi.

"Come on," Torres said while she walked past Seven to the door, using the opportunity to pat Seven on her rear.

Part 12

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