Alternate Consequences
By H.W.


Chapter 8

She softly kissed the smooth surface that was so close to her lips, smiling as the surface moved as her lover turned around. That was alright, she really loved to be in this position as well. She placed a kiss on the soft curls that were still damp from their recent activities.

"You like doing that," An amused voice from above her said.

A soft laugh escaped her lips before kissing the spot again. "I thought that by now we had firmly established that I love ravishing you."

"I'm not talking about that," The voice above her said as she saw a finger appearing in front of her eyes, becoming her up that wonderful body that she loved to touch so much. "I'm talking about you kissing my ass. You love to do that."

She followed the finger until she was eye to eye with her lover. She leaned down and they shared a long sensual kiss, sharing the specific taste that was just... them... that was still on both their lips. "Laren, it's your own fault. You like to tell people to kiss your ass; I just like the fact that I'm the person who can actually do it."

Laren laughed at the remark. "That's only because you are too kind to them. Listening to their proposals while we, and them, know only too well that we can never agree to it." She moved a hand to one of Adami's many sensitive spots and smiled when she saw Adami's eyes flutter close.

"By the prophets, did I ever tell you how much I love the fact that you are so good at this?"

The hand moved a little and put just the right amount of pressure on a certain pressure point. "This you mean?" Ro asked as with just the right twist she treated Jetur to a small orgasm.

"Yes, that," Jetur said after a moment. She lowered her body until she was lying fully on top of her lover. She didn't worry about smothering Ro; the woman had told her that she loved to feel Jetur lying on top of her.

"Well, let me assure you, my wife, you are pretty damn good yourself."

"Compared to who?" Jetur asked. She really liked the fact that she and Ro could talk about the things that Ro had done. Sure, she didn't like to hear some of the things. Sometimes it still made her sick to the stomach to hear Ro describe in detail how she had killed someone. But that was the price she had to pay for being the only person that knew ALL of Ro's little secrets. Despite the upset stomach it could give her at times, Jetur loved the fact that Ro trusted her so completely.

"Compared to everyone. Just before we joined my former mentor told me that having sex with you would never be wonderful, but making love to you, it would be the best experience in my life. He was almost right, it isn't the best experience of my life, but it is in the top five."

"Really now?" Jetur asked with a smile. "Now what could be better then making love to me, especially since there are apparently four other things that are better?"

"Adami, you really want a list? Alright. The best thing in my life was hearing you say the words 'I do, for the rest of this life and the eternity beyond.' The second best thing was when I told you about my, parents, and you cried the tears that I never could. The third best thing in my life was to find out that your family accepted me just as unconditionally as you do. The fourth best thing in my life is the fact that you tell me at least five times every day that you love me. And yes, the fifth best thing in my life is when we make love, and also yes, I'm hedonistic enough to fully admit that I absolutely love the fact that when we make love, we make it last."

"What do you mean, 'make it last?'"

"Adami, until now we always made love for more than two hours, and sometimes a lot more than two hours."

"So?" Jetur asked.

"So, let me tell you from my experiences of having sex, sex normally lasts for about fifteen to thirty minutes."

Jetur's eyes got a little wider at that. "Laren, I'm not new to the world of intercourse, as you know. Prophets, when I... applied for the position of you assistant I offered you my body if that was needed to get the job. I'm not new to sex, and in my experience, the quickest I ever had was forty-five minutes."

"Really?" Ro asked. With a sudden move she turned both of them around until she was on top. "Then I guess it's just you, because let me tell you, if I had such a beautiful and sexy woman in my bed I also wouldn't stop making love to her any time soon." Ro tilted her head a little while smiling down at her wife. "Hmm, wait a minute; I do have such a beautiful woman in my bed." Ro pinned both of Jetur's arms above her head and leaned in to steal a kiss. "So beautiful woman, now that I have you naked and willing in bed, what do you think I should do to you, hmmm?"

"Love me?"

"That I already do every minute of the day. How about I love you, and make love to you?"

"That'll do," Jetur said as she felt a hand starting to explore her body.

"So, beautiful woman, wanna shoot for a new endurance record?"

"That depends," Jetur said as she freed her hands and brought them to Ro's soft breasts.

"That depends on what?" Ro asked, now it was her time to close her eyes. Never before had a person's touch set her skin on fire like that.

"On whether you are willing to let me focus on you for the rest of the evening."

"Ah, you want to ravish me again?"

"Yes," Jetur said as she moved one of her hands lower. She didn't know as many ways of bringing pleasure as Ro did, but then Ro had been trained in how to please someone. It didn't matter to Ro, for Jetur sure knew more than enough to bring Ro to ecstasy time and time again until Ro truly was too tired to move.

"Ro Laren! Prophets be damned where are you woman?!" Jetur could barely stop herself from stomping her foot in frustration. "Of all the days to go missing she picks this day."

She had already searched the 'work part' of the palace, where Ro and she went to meet the people and do their Intendant thing. Now, frustrated with the fact that she couldn't find Ro, she had gone to their private chambers in hope of finding the woman there. Once more she mentally cursed Kira for having all internal sensors in the palace removed as a 'security measure' once she became Intendant, and Jetur once again vowed to have them reinstalled. She wondered what the real reason behind those 'security measures' were, but now with Kira dead, they would never find out what the crazy woman had been thinking. She opened the door to their living room and walked in. "Laren, damn it all, don't you know what day it is? We..." Jetur stopped talking when the changes to the room registered with her.

The lights were out and the room was lid up by the light of dozens of candles. The chairs in front of the fireplace were removed and in its place there now lay some large pillows. To the side stood a low table filled with finger foods and several flasks of what Jetur assumed were different kinds of wine.

"Oh, I know exactly what day it is today, but maybe you have forgotten," A soft voice said from behind Jetur.

Jetur turned around to see Ro standing there in a soft red gown and holding a bouquet of blue desert roses; the Bajoran flower of love.

"Laren, what...?"

"Being Intendant keeps us busy during the day, so much so that we only have the nights for us. Therefore I signed a new Intendant decree into action today. From now on, on all Bajoran holidays, we got the day or days off and we are only about us, or about us and your family, depending on the holiday. No Intendant business on those days, except for extreme emergencies."

"Laren... I..."

"You object?"

"No! Prophets no. But all Bajoran holidays? We have forty-six holidays every year, which is why with half of them are of the kind where people work on that day."

"I don't care. all holidays are ours, and also weekend day is for us from now on. From now on we work only seven days every week, the eight day is only for us. And beside all that, we also take one whole week off every quarter year."

"But what about our work?"

Ro came closer and softly caressed Jetur's cheek. "Adami, yes, because of this time off things won't go as fast as we both want it, but the thing is that this time off will prevent us from burning out. This time off will enable us to do our work for many years to come. It's a tradeoff, yes, but when that tradeoff means that I get to spend more time with you, then I gladly take that tradeoff."

Jetur smiled and leaned into the caress. "One thing that I never expected when I fell in love with you is that you would be the one of us that would do the romantic things."

"You know, I never knew that I could enjoy doing something like this, until I met you. There was no reason in my life for romance, until I met you. Now that I met you, I savor every romantic thing I can do for you. I enjoy that I can do this for you just as much as I know that you enjoy me doing it for you."

Jetur leaned in and softly kissed an only too willing Ro. "I love you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Ro smiled and took her time to return the kiss with a kiss of her own. "I love you too, my wife. So, tell me, do you know what day it is today?"

"Oh!" Jetur exclaimed when she was remembered of the reason that brought her to their living room to begin with. "Yes, we need to prepare, Intendants Troi and Dax will arrive in one hour. We need to,"

"Wrong," Ro interrupted. "Today is lover's day. Do you really think that I would spend the most romantic Bajoran holiday exchanging pleasantries with two women I don't even know?"

"But they are coming here to,"

"They are coming here because they need us as much as we need them. I contacted them and told them that we would be busy the entire day and couldn't see them until tomorrow. That if they can't live with that; that they can kiss my ass."

Jetur closed her eyes and groaned, wondering how much political damage Ro had done, and if it could ever be repaired. "Please Laren; tell me that you are joking."

"I'm joking," Ro replied dutifully. "I'm not that much of a hack that I would go and insult two Intendants without reason. I did survive five years under Kira, remember? But I did think that it sounded impressive, me telling off not one but two Intendants so that I can spend the day with you."

Jetur closed the little space that was still between them and took Ro into a soft embrace, resting her head on the woman's strong shoulder. "That was so not funny," she said, her body never the less slightly shaking from laughter. Ro had got her good.

"I actually found it quite funny," Ro said before placing a kiss on Jetur's head. "Alright, the real deal is this. The whole pleasantries are already planned for over a week, the first day of their stay would have just existed from excursions to some of the places that have to do with the things they want to talk about, like one of our space stations and the gambling establishments on it. I contacted Intendants Troi and Dax and very politely informed them of an error in OUR planning; that they would be arriving on the most romantic Bajoran holiday and that I hoped that they could understand that we wouldn't be joining them today. I gave them full access to the sights they wanted to see and arranged an escort for them.

"I assured them that there was no other motive than the fact that that we would like to spend this day together, and I also fibbed a little and told them that Bajorans would frown upon us if we were to ignore this important Bajoran holiday since we are newlyweds. They politely told me that they could certainly understand our reasoning and that they were looking forward to seeing us, tomorrow."

"You know, it did sound impressive," Jetur agreed. "You telling them off just to spent time with me; stupid, but impressive. So, now that we have the whole day for ourselves, what's the plan?"

Ro took hold of Jetur's hand and led her to the pillows in front of the fireplace. "The plan for now is for you to sit and be pampered."

Jetur sat down on one of the pillows and a smile came to her lips when Ro set down beside her. "So, I'm going to get pampered, huh?"

"Yes." Ro reached over to the table and took a piece of finger food, offering it to Jetur who happily bit down on it. Letting the taste of one of the most famous and most outrageously expensive Bajoran delicacies melt in her mouth.

Jetur decided that this was the best thing she ever tasted. Then she saw Ro coming closer, 'And then maybe there are things that do taste better,' Jetur thought just as soft lips touched hers. She felt Ro's tongue asking for entrance and Jetur gladly gave it. 'No, this tastes so much better than any food I ever had.'

Ro placed a soft kiss on Jetur's neck before whispering in her ear, "Thank you for coming into my life and making it complete."

Jetur tilted her head to the side to give Ro better access before taking one of Ro's hands and placing a kiss on her knuckles. "And thank you for turning the good life that I had into a continuing dream. I love you, Ro Laren; you are the absolute best thing that ever happened to me."

They kissed again, and hands started to wander.

"Does... does that food keep?" Jetur asked with a shaky breath while she tried to keep her arousal under control.

Ro kissed Jetur's throat. "Yes." Another kiss, this time on the swell of a very sensitive breast. "I kinda hoped that we would need food that keeps," Ro admitted.

"Good," Jetur said, all thought about food already forgotten. All she wanted right now was the woman that was now placing tender kisses on her breasts.

They walked in silence down the long hallway. Every person they came across stopped what they were doing and looked that them in total disbelief.

Torres knew that it was only her status as Intendant that was preventing some of the people from stepping forth and challenging the presence of her blonde companion.

"Don't they all look friendly?" Torres asked amused.

"Indeed," Seven agreed. "I do not understand their behavior. Since I have become your body slave I have seen Klingons look at me in many different kind of ways, some with open hostility, but I have never seen this mix on hatred and disbelief. This is like something happened to them that they did not expect, and it is my entire fault."

Torres laughed at the comparison. "Well, it's nothing that extreme. They just look at you that way because you are the first slave in one-hundred-and-fifty years to be walking through the Hall of the Great. The last slaves that walked here were the former Sol Empire leaders that were brought in front of the Chancellor of that time to be killed by him personally. Those slaves however, were restrained and pretty much dragged to their destiny instead of actually walking. You are the first human to freely walk here since the Sol Empire still had a governor on Kronos."

"Hall of the Great?" Seven asked as they continued to walk down the long hall that had to be at least a kilometer long (1110 yards).

Torres gestured to some of the many statues that were lining the sides of the hall. "These are the greatest warriors from Klingon history. Even when the Sol Empire ruled over Kronos they didn't dare to remove or destroy the statues that have slowly been added ever since the Klingon Empire existed, starting with the very first statue; one of Kahless. The Sol Empire knew that if they were to remove them, every Klingon would raise up against them. Not that they feared us, then, they figured that this would mean that they would have to kill all Klingon slaves and they could not afford to lose us all. Several thousands or millions, sure, but kill us all they could not. Anyway, as I said, normally there are no slaves in this hall, ever. Even the cleaning is done by Klingons."

"If this is so, then why am I here now?" Seven asked before stopping for a moment to look at a statue that was very clearly one of a Klingon woman. Even with the Klingon armor she was wearing is was clear to see that she had a chest that even put Seven's ample bosom to shame.

"Because there is also no law against slaves being in here; it just has never been done. I'm making a statement today, Seven. By walking down this hall with you I'm making it very clear that I have a body slave and that this body slave is here to stay. Just you watch, by the time this day is over there won't be a Klingon in entire Coalition territory that doesn't know about you."

"Mistress, who is this, and why is her statue standing in the Hall of the Great?"

Torres looked at Seven with disbelief clearly in her eyes. "Come on, my pet, don't you go and tell me that you don't think that women aren't capable of deeds that would allow their statue to stand in the hall of the great."

"No mistress, that is not at all what I mean. It is merely that I am reading Klingon history, as you know. The last thing I read was that the Sol Empire took control of Kronos, and I do know that until the Sol Empire took over Kronos, women were considered, less, than men."

"Come on, we don't want to keep Worf waiting," Torres said as she started to walk again. "That is one of the few good things that came from the Sol Empire enslaving us. The humans knew that they couldn't take the Klingon women as sex slaves; they would kill their masters before the masters could ever touch them. You just can't break the spirit of a Klingon. You can beat them into submission, but you can never beat them to the point where they rather open their legs than getting another beating. A Klingon woman would always choose the beating, even if it meant losing her life.

"So for the whole Sol occupation they treated men and women equally in all ways, let them do the same jobs, let them sleep in the same cramped sleeping places. Over the one and a half century occupation even the Klingons started to treat each other the same. Once the occupation was over the women weren't about to simply give their equal status up again. Having just freed themselves from oppressors, even most of the Klingon men could understand that the women wouldn't stand for being second class citizens and so from then on women were also officially seen as equal to men, having the same rights, and duties."

They finally reached the end of the hall and they saw a Klingon man waiting for them. "Intendant, Chancellor Worf asked me to inform you that he would see you in his private chambers."

"Good," Torres said a little relieved, though she didn't show it. She had made a statement by bringing Seven into the Hall of the Great. Worf could have chosen to make a statement as well by meeting her in the hall and ignoring Seven. She was glad to see that this wasn't the case and that Worf was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

"Please follow me," The Klingon man said while turning around.

Torres gripped him by his shoulder and pushed him out of the way, knowing that she didn't have to bother with tolerating they guy. She had never seen him before and knew immediately that he was one of the many aides Worf had had over time. They never lasted long. While it sounded like an honor to be appointed aide to the Chancellor, in reality it was a punishment for those that couldn't be officially punished for whatever reason. There hadn't been an aide yet that had lasted longer than a month, Worf had to strange tendency to kill his aides when they brought him bad news. Of course, him knowing only too well why these people were appointed his aides didn't help them any.

"I don't think so. I know where Worf's chambers are; I'm certain that I have been there more often than you."

The man stepped closer again, holding up his hand in a stopping manner as he tried to block the way. "Intendant, I really must insist that... aaaarrrgggg."

The man's words were cut off when Seven grabbed his hand with her own enhanced hand and applied enough force to bring the Klingon man to his knees from the pain. "Nobody touches my mistress without her permission. If you try to do so again I will break your hand, and then your neck."

Seven let go of the man's hand and Torres looked at the man for a moment while he tried to get up. "If you're really smart you just piss off, before my pet here gets really annoyed." She turned around and walked through the door, fully expecting Seven to follow, and the man to get lost, which they did.

"You know that you can be a real showoff?" Torres asked once Seven was at her side again.

"Does that mean that you were impressed?" Seven asked with a smile.

"As your mistress, my pet, I'm sorry, but squeezing someone's hand doesn't impress me, I'm the Klingon Intendant, remember. But as you're lover, Seven, oh yeah baby, call me impressed alright."

"That is all that matters. The woman, mistress?"

"Ah, right," Torres said, reminded of Seven's question about the statue. "She was Malki and she later went on to form the first house ruled solely by a woman; the house of Kal'O. Her house was recognized by the first high council meeting after the Sol occupation. Anyway, Malki fought the last battle on Kronos against Sol troops.

"The remainder of the Sol troops had pulled back into the Yu'aH mountain range, thinking that they could take advantage of the fact that the minerals in those mountains prevent the use of energy weapons like disrupters or phasers. They couldn't have been more wrong. They had to cross a bridge to get to the caves deep in the mountains, but when they came there they found one single Klingon waiting for them with a bat'leth in hand. Ten thousand troops against one Klingon with only a bat'leth; she seemed doomed even before the fight began."

Torres saw the raised eyebrow and grinned. "Alright, so that's the official number, I don't know the real number, but since it was the remainder of the Sol army here on Kronos, I assume that it had to be a lot more than just a few."

"Mistress, even before the Sol occupation the Klingons were known well beyond Kronos for favoring bladed weapons. Trying to hide in a place where bladed weapons are the only weapons that can be used would be an extremely illogical step."

Torres grinned at the very true statement. "That may be so, but you have to see the bigger picture. They were trapped on the planet and had no place to hide. Since they weren't Klingons they would be recognized in ten seconds flat anywhere they went. So the only option they really had was to hide somewhere where there weren't any Klingons, and where sensors wouldn't work for the very same reason that the energy weapons wouldn't work, and hope that the Sol Empire would send troops to help them. After all, Kronos was one of the first planets to be freed; it wasn't too far fetched to assume that the Sol Empire would send more troops. Which they did, I might add. It is just that those troops never reached Kronos thanks to the slaves on the ships the Sol Empire sent."

"You said that she went on to form her own house, may I assume that she won the fight?" Seven asked, knowing that she could still have gone on to form her own house even if she had lost, as long as she had survived the battle. After all, with the Klingons sometimes a battle lost with honor gave more glory than a battle won by a decisive force. Had Malki been the commander of a force that matched the Sol force one on one, the victory would have been nothing more then a footnote in history.

Torres stopped in front of a door but didn't open it yet. "She did, barely. Eventually she went on to be a great name in Klingon history, and not just because of that one battle. But enough of her for now, you will soon read about her in you history files anyway. Let's go and see what Worf's got to say."

They walked into the meeting room of Worf's private chambers and only stopped once they were standing in front of a sitting Worf.

There was a long stretch of silence before Torres finally spoke up.


"Torres," Was the short reply.

Another long stretch of silence went by before Torres finally started to grin. "Told you that there would come a day that you would curse the day that you appointed me Intendant."

"That you did," Worf agreed.

"So tell me, did I use up my free pass?"

Worf got up and stood for a moment towering over Torres before suddenly clasping her firmly on the shoulder. "I don't know yet, I'll let you know when I have decided."

"Fair enough. Well, in the mean time, let me introduce Seven to you."

"And she is what to you?" Worf asked, not yet acknowledging Seven. "You slave? Your lover? Your friend? Your... Mate?"

"Yes," Torres merely said right away. "That, and my advisor, my personal guard, my... name it, she is it."

Now Worf finally fully looked at Seven, taking her in for a long moment before shaking his head slightly. "Of all the people she could fall for, she falls for a human. Do you have any idea how much trouble you can cause her?"

Seven saw Torres close her eyes for a moment and saw a small smile tug on her lips. It became clear to Seven that Worf's reaction had been even more important to Torres than she had told Seven. Clearly the fact that he was talking to Seven was a huge relief for Torres. "I am only too aware of the problems my relationship with my mistress can cause her. However, as she likes to say; that is for her to worry about. I am her slave, to everyone that does not know better. For those that do know better, it was my mistress' decision to let them know, not mine. But let me assure you, no matter how people look at what I am to my mistress, it pales to what my mistress is to me."

"And just what is Torres to you, human?"

"She is my sole reason for being," Seven stated simply. All three of them knowing that this simple statement said more then any hour long discussion could.

"Huh. Well, either way, seems that we have some things to discuss. Come." Worf turned around and walked to a door with the women following him.

Seven was surprised to see that they entered a secondary set of quarters and she realized that the layout probably was the same as the one Torres had used on her ship. This could mean that it was a common thing for the people in power to have such a layout, which she doubted. After all, if it was a common thing even only amongst Klingons, than Intendants Troi and Dax would have known about it and not be surprised by Torres' ship. More likely, Torres had known the layout of Worf's quarters, liked it, and had her quarters on the ship designed in a similar way when she became Intendant.

"Free pass?" Seven asked as they walked to the sitting area.

"Yes. Did you ever notice that I don't seem to fear Worf... or better said don't fear him in my normal decision making process?" Torres asked as she sat down on the couch opposite the one Worf had set down on. She noticed that Seven kneeled by her feet, also facing Worf, which was the normal thing to do if someone else was present. "You can sit on the couch if you want."

"If it is my choice to make, mistress, than I prefer to sit here, but if you do not mind I might take you up on your offer later when I feel like changing position."

"Fine with me," Torres said in agreement.

"And yes, I noticed, but I thought that this was because you are related to him."

Worf snorted at hearing that and Torres grinned. "Hardly. Being related to Worf doesn't get you anywhere except that you can come to visit him without having to put your name on a waiting list that can be several months long; Worf isn't big on nepotism. Add to that that I'm not related to him by blood, but that he adopted me into his family, and you can understand that being family doesn't bring me squat.

"Anyway, to explain the free pass comment. When Worf appointed me Intendant he told me, 'don't make me regret this, Torres,' to which I pointed out to him that I couldn't promise him that. That there was bound to come a day that I would do something that would make him curse the day that he appointed me, and that if he couldn't accept that, than he should appoint someone else Intendant.

"Seeing that Worf appointed me to cross the plans of the people that indeed wanted him to appoint someone else, he made me a deal. I would try to be the kind of Intendant that would bring him less work and not the kind that would give him more work by making stupid decisions, and he made sure that I didn't have to worry about his reaction with everything I did.

"He gave me one free pass. I could do something as Intendant that would get any of the other Intendants killed, and he would let me get away with it, once. Until now I never needed to take that free pass. But you, my dear, could cause me that free pass. If Worf decides that he really can't accept me having you as my body slave... than he will still accept it, but I will have used up my free pass and I will have to start to fear him as much as the other Intendants do."

"And I was sure that you had used up that free pass," Worf spoke up, having enough of the women talking to each other and not to him. "When I got Martok's report, I thought you were nuts. When I spoke to him over subspace, I was sure that you were nuts and he was nuts. In fact, I still question your power of judgment on this matter." Worf leaned forward and took a padd off the low table that separated the two couches.

Worf looked at the padd for a moment before leaning back again and looking at Torres. "I was planning to make this very simple on myself. I was planning to simply tell you that I don't care if you got yourself a new toy to play with, as long as you keep that toy behind closed doors from now on."

"And if I had insisted on keeping Seven at my side at all times despite what you told me, which I would have, then you would also have accepted this, but this would then have been my free pass," Torres said in understanding. "Well, let there be no misunderstanding on this; I will have Seven at my side at all times, no matter what it will cost me with you."

"I know, Martok stated as much," Worf said, waving the padd in his hand a little. "Well, as I said, that is what I was planning to do, but the closing synopsis of his report forced me to talk to you, both, before making my decisions." Not waiting for a reaction, Worf looked at the padd and after searching for a moment he began to read out loud.

'It is that she has looks favored by most races in the Coalition. People look at her and know for sure that that her sole purpose is to deal with Torres' libido. They will never see anything else in her, which automatically puts her in an advantage over them.

'The simple truth is that she has the physical power to overpower most in the coalition, the intelligence to out think the vast majority, and a technological advantage that is literally built into her body.

'I could try to convince you with more examples, but instead let me put it like this; if it wasn't impossible because after all she still is a human and therefore part of a slave race, and also impossible because she will never leave Torres side, than I would feel comfortable enough to offer her the position of my second-in-command.'

Worf loosely threw the padd back onto the table to lie between several other padds that Worf had put there because he might need them in his conversation with Torres. He looked at the two women and could clearly see that Torres was quite impressed while Seven didn't know the importance of that last sentence.

"Martok doesn't have a second-in-command," Worf finally said, explaining the importance of the statement to her. "One of his task as commander of the Security Department is to flush out the backstabbers. We Klingons hate backstabbers. An honorable challenge, sure, any time, but an act like K'Trelan Erzian did when he tried to kill Torres in her own home, something like that is despised by almost all Klingons.

"Being that one of Martok's tasks is to flush out the backstabbers, he is very paranoid about having a backstabber in his own department. So he decided to take away the temptation and got rid of the second, third, fourth, and so on in command concept by simply creating ten divisions and all ten department heads report to Martok, therefore there isn't a clear second in command that is almost certain to take over from Martok if... something were to happen to him. For him to say that he would offer the position of second-in-command to you, it does indeed mean more to me than a report two thousand margins long about how wonderful and perfect you are."

"And that leaves me, where?" Seven asked. While she was glad that Martok had given her a favorable report, she still didn't know what the result of that report was.

"And that leaves you, right where you apparently want to be; at Torres' side." Worf looked at Torres before continuing. "For now I want to ask you, not tell you, but ask you, to continue as you have been doing. You keep her at your side if you want, you let her give you the information she has been giving you. If only half of the abilities that Martok reported are true, you would be stupid not to use her in such a way. But don't let her advise you in public. Inform you of something you should know; sure. But don't let her tell you in public that you are wrong."

"Don't worry, no matter how much I like her, how much I love her..." Torres grinned when she saw Worf cringe slightly at hearing her say 'love,' but she wanted him to know just how deep her feelings for Seven were, "...she and I both know that I would have to punish her in public if she ever did something in public that would seem like her undermining my authority. She never yet has put me in a position where I have to punish her.

"Besides, my pet is too smart for that. She knows that undermining my authority won't get her anywhere, but she can give me information in such a way that I would make the decision that she wanted me to make. She doesn't do this, and I trust her not to do this, but the fact is that she can if she wanted to. She knows that asking me in public to spare someone's life will only result in me still killing that person and having to punish her. But she only would have to tell me that it might be better not to kill this person because this or that, and I would believe her, and more over, the people around us would see that this information is the reason why I didn't kill that person."

"Alright. In that case I have a few questions for you... Seven." Worf said, still tripping a little over addressing a slave he hardly knew by name.

Seven merely dipped her head a little to indicate that she was awaiting his questions.

"Martok told me that you could have had your freedom several times already, but that you choose to stay with Torres, as her slave; why? I know what you told Martok, but I want to hear it from you."

"Beside the fact that I want to be with my mistress?"

"That is exactly my point," Worf interrupted. "It isn't just about the freedom you could have had by getting away; I know that you are a lot more to Torres than a slave. Hell, we just have been talking about that very fact. Yet you continue to call her you mistress, you continue to sit at her feet. Why? I really don't think that you also do that when you two are alone."

"Actually, I do," Seven disagreed. "True, my mistress and I do talk on an equal level several times daily now, and at those times I do call her B'Elanna, but if you were to add that time up, than it is on average two hours every day that we are on an equal level. For the rest of the day she is my mistress. I still do almost everything for her. I still lay out her clothes in the morning; still make the bed at night because my mistress prefers the bed to be made at night just before we get into it. I still bring her our food, food that she has selected. She still calls me 'my pet' most of the times, as I prefer it. Most of the time I am and act like her body slave, and I did finally manage to make her use me as a body slave from time to time."

"Make her use you?" Worf asked.

"Worf, you might not want to hear this," Torres interrupted the conversation, "but I really do love Seven. For a time I didn't want to 'use' Seven for sexual satisfaction because I didn't want to use the person I love. In fact, Seven's average of us being on equal level for two hours a day is only for the hours of the day that we aren't in bed at night. When I take her to bed than we are lovers, and when we want each other during the day we still make love. True, some times we play roles then, sometimes I'm her mistress, and sometimes I let her control me. She is the only one that can make me beg, Worf. ME, beg. And boy, do I love it when she makes me beg.

"I did not want to use the person who made me feel so good, but Seven... my pet, was able to make me understand that I was taking something away from her by only wanting satisfaction if she wanted satisfaction too. She loves the idea that at any time during the day, well, any time that we are alone, I can call her over and simply say 'please me.' She loves that unknown. Why did I call her over this time? Do I need a drink? Do I need some information? Or do I need her to kneel and lick. She knows that I won't, can't, hurt her, so when ever I call her over it is for something that will pleases me, and because it pleases me, it please her."

"And I assume that as much as Seven likes for you to tell her that, you really like it when you call her over and simply tell her to start licking?" Worf asked.

Despite him being the Klingon Chancellor, he still was a man and the idea of two women together was a huge turn on for him. Which was why he had two female pleasure slaves with whom he never did anything else but watch. He had gotten the two women as a gift from the Cardassian Intendant Dukat, and when he was about to take one of the women to bed, he found out that the two had become lovers during the time that they had shared a cell with the slavers.

They had been together since they were taken as children from the Sol planet, and had become lovers a few years later at age sixteen. At age eighteen they had come into Worf's position. It had been by nothing more than sheer luck that they never had been separated before reaching Worf. Worf had made them an offer, something that was very rare for him. They would get positioned as two of the ten favored slaves of the Chancellor. They would not be separated, and would never have to sleep with anyone but their lover, but in return he would sometimes call upon them to give him a show. A show in which the love they share would clearly show. A 'show' in which the lovemaking between them was absolutely and totally real with not even a single fake sound.

He had that couple of slaves for ten years now and he and the two women were the only three people that knew what their real services to the Chancellor were. For anyone else it looked like Worf took them to bed from time to time if he wanted more than one woman at a time.

Worf might have been as much a Klingon man as they could come, but that didn't mean that he couldn't appreciate the love that he saw between the two women when they made slow passionate love.

And that was only when both slaves had him watching, he was certain that there would be even more love to see when they were alone. So he understood the 'make love' that Torres and Seven were talking about better then the two women could ever assume. It just didn't mean that he liked to talk about it. He was a Klingon man after all.

"Worf, I'm a Klingon woman after all," Torres said, not realizing how close her words came to the thoughts that were running through Worf's head. "You can bet your ass I do. I am lucky that Seven here likes to keep up with me and that most of the time we are in my private chambers all day long anyway because that's where I work. I get lucky about twice a day."

"Actually, on average you 'get lucky' one point eight times every day, including the 'quickies' as you call them. And I 'get lucky' one point four times a day," Seven couldn't help but clarify.

"But that is only because you love to give the quickies, but not get them. As you say, you prefer to wait until the evening where I can fuck you right."

"True," Seven agreed before asking, "Mistress, my I ask a question?"

"You just did," Torres teased. She was incredibly happy with how well their conversation with Worf was going and it was showing. Besides, the more Worf could see just what they meant to each other, the less likely he was to actually call her on the free pass. No matter how carelessly she spoke about that, she really didn't want to lose that safety net. "Alright, ask."

"Why is it that Klingons feel comfortable talking about sex and about how often they 'get lucky,' but they cringe when they hear someone talking about loving their Mate."

Torres and Worf looked at each other for a moment before they both started to laugh.

"It's the perception thing," Torres said after a moment. "Remember the bat'leth training I'm giving you? How during a friendly bat'leth fight we leave openings at times that our opponent can use, only so that we can show off by still blocking the attack even though it went past our defenses? We Klingons boast to prove that we are the biggest and meanest. That mentality is what brings us victory in the fights that truly are for our lives.

"The story I told you outside about the Klingon woman Malki Kal'O? She was only one person against the remnants of the Sol army. Forget the official number, those forces still had to number into the several hundred, if not even over a thousand. If she had been as tactical inclined as the humans were, she would never have stood her ground. No, she would have sneaked away to warn the rest of the Klingons and get reinforcements. But she didn't. She was a Klingon. She was a Klingon with a chance to vengeance all the Klingons that were killed by the Sol Empire. She was a Klingon with a chance to vengeance all the years that they had treated her as an animal. She was a Klingon with a chance to spill human blood, and by Kahless she was going to do it. That mentality made her win a fight that no rational mind would ever have started.

"Boasting about a very active sex life is much more impressive than boasting about how you brought your love some flowers. But you see, the really great thing is, that unlike most Klingons my boasts about my sex life are nothing but the truth, since I have you that is."

"Besides," Worf added, "we Klingons simply are sexually very active, it is part of our nature. Having sex once a day is the average for a Klingon, as long as they have a Mate and therefore actually have the opportunity to actually have sex once a day, or have the credits to buy one or more pleasure slaves to service them. If you have sex at least once a day then having sex is such a common thing that you don't go hide the fact that you have sex, no, you boast about the fact that you have sex even more then the normal Klingon does."

"If you have the credits to buy yourself a pleasure slave?" Seven asked, indicating that she could see the logic of the rest of the statement, but that this sentence confused her. "I thought it was common to have sex slaves."

"Not uncommon, but certainly also not so that every Klingon has one," Torres answered. "True in our circles it is common, but you have only met the people that are very wealthy. Slaves cost credits, and the average common slave will set you back about five thousand credits. And a slave that looks like you, my dear, would fetch at least two hundred thousand credits. Blonde slaves are very rare, and to have a slave as blond as you, and with that body you have, baby, on an auction you could break several yearly records. So you can imagine that only the people that actually have a lot more credits to spend than what a slave cost can afford to spend that amount of credits. Having even the most basic of slaves isn't something for everyone.

"The average worker's pay is between one and two thousand credits a month. If you make only that, then buying yourself a basic slave that still costs as much as you make in five months time is a luxury that the common worker just can't afford. So most slaves are actually bought by companies and such to work for them. After all, for them having slaves are normal business expenses."

"Which explains why you told me that normal slaves only have to have forced sex a few times in their lives, and most do not at all," Seven said in understanding. It wasn't that the others didn't want slaves, and if they had them they would most certainly have sex with them, even if they were meant to be engineering slaves or cleaning slaves. It was simply that most people could not afford to have slaves. Especially considering that if you had a slave you didn't only need to pay for the sale, but you had the continued expenses of feeding and clothing them. Replicators did cost credits to operate after all. "But I did hear Martok say to you 'every household has at least one' when you were talking about body slaves."

"Yes, and?" Torres asked confused before realizing the thing Seven didn't understand. "You mean that if every household has a body slave, how can I say that most don't have slaves?"

Seven merely nodded her head a little in agreement.

"Seven, maybe it would be a good thing if you researched the present day makeup of Klingon society, it would explain a few things to you. But let me simplify to the extreme. From what you told me, from where you come from, a household is a family that lives in one house. Here a household it the top of a House. I, being the leader of the House of Torres, have a Household, and you are part of my Household even though we are not related," Torres stopped for a moment before adding with a sexy grin, " Luckily not I might add. And normally the person in charge of a Household also has the credits to buy themselves a body slave.

"But as I told you in the beginning, the position of body slave is actually a very special one amongst slaves. True, a body slave has to service the master's every whim, sexual or other wise, but the thing is that a body slave only has to service that one master, unless the master orders the slave to have sex with someone else. And just as important, if someone has a body slave they are not allowed to have sex with any other slave, as you know. They either have to get rid of the body slave; more than likely sell it for some good credits, or simply take their sexual lust to their body slave to deal with.

"Which is why most families, and families are the kind that you know, the ones that live together in one house, normally first buy a pleasure slave once they have made enough credits to afford one."

"Because a pleasure slave is not limited to one person and can be 'used' by the entire family when and how they want," Seven said in understanding, and it was very clear for both Klingons to see what the blonde thought of that concept.

"Right," Torres said in agreement. "But another reason as to why they buy the slightly more expensive pleasure slaves instead on simply buying a common slave and use that one for sex, which they could do if they wanted to, is that pleasure slaves have undergone a four year training on Risa to be able to give you exactly that you want... well, let me put it this way, the good pleasure slaves have been trained on Risa. There are some that want to profit from that market and pretend to train slaves as pleasure slaves as well, but everyone knows that a real pleasure slave has been on Risa for four years."

"I understand," Seven said, indeed understanding. "A normal slave might be cheaper to buy but the sex would not be as good as a more expensive slave from Risa. After all, if you get a slave from Risa he or she will be able to please the whole family with 'great sex' because the slave knows how to give the masters what they want. And it is also this good name of Risa-trained pleasure slaves that keeps most others slaves from having to perform sexual acts. After all, why buy just any slave if you can have a Risa slave?"

"Right," Torres said in agreement. "The situations where normal slaves have to have sex with masters normally comes from situations where, say a guard, doesn't have the credits to buy himself a pleasure slave, or even a common slave, but he is guarding slaves all day at work. Not that hard to pick one of those and have sex with that slave."

"Which would leave their post unguarded," Seven pointed out.

"Which is the risk they take. If they want to fuck a slave that they shouldn't be fucking, then the guard has to deal with the consequences of whatever the other slaves did while they weren't guarded. It wouldn't be the first time that a guard gets killed for leaving their post while on duty."

"Get killed for leaving the post, and not for raping a slave," Seven clarified.

"Right," Torres merely said, knowing that this old discussion point between them was bound to come up several times yet down the line. But that was alright; Torres herself also didn't agree with it, it was just that she simply stated the things as they were.

Worf leaned forward and tapped on another padd. "All this talk about slaves brings me nicely to this proposal you been shoving under my nose for some time now, Torres. But before I get to that, I have one more questions for you, Seven. Martok told me in our subspace conversation that the biggest proof of your total loyalty to Torres here was in the way of what your cybernetic implants enable you to do, yet you don't do it except to aid Torres. Not that I doubt his words, but can you really do that he told me you can do or was his perception colored by him being impressed with what you can do."

"Actually, I can probably do more than Martok told you that I can," Seven said before explaining, "I merely told him honestly what some of my implants enable me to do, I told him that I have enhanced vision, but for him it was enough to know that I could read what was written on a padd that he was holding a body length away from me. He was not interested in the fact that the same artificial eye that made this possible also makes it possible for me to zoom in to read micro writing on a wire less than the thickness of a hair.

"He knows about my enhanced hearing, but does not know that on the most sensitive setting I can hear someone breathe in another room through a closed door. He told me that the specific abilities of my implants were something Torres should know, if she wanted to know, and not he. He only wanted to know what I my implants could do. Those are the things he probably described to you, but you should realize that the combination of these things also add to my abilities."

"Hmm, there is one question he couldn't answer me because he didn't ask you; why? Why can you do this? I mean, I know that you have cybernetic implants that enable you to do this, but what I mean is why would someone give you those implants? If I could give someone such an advantage, I would never do it; it would only be a matter of time before that person would do something that would cause me problems to deal with."

"The Borg... that is the name of the collective that did this to me... do not have to worry about that, normally. The Borg are connected to a hive mind that controls the individual drone and as a drone I do not have the free will to do anything against the collective. Also, I do have this advantage here because I am one person with these abilities where others do not have them, if they even heard of them to begin with.

"My enhanced sight will sound unbelievable for anyone that has not seen me prove this. But the Borg exists out of billions of drones, and when you have billions of people that have the same implants, than you do not have to fear them; it is a normal thing."

"True," Worf said in agreement. It was quiet for a moment before Worf spoke up again. "Well, as I said, I think we should discuss this proposal of yours, Torres. If it wasn't for my little problem with Alexander, I wouldn't even think about considering this. But despite the fact that this would solve my problem with my son, I can't agree to this; it's just impossible."

"Worf, as I told Martok, that is my first proposal, something to start discussing until we reach something that can be done. I know that you can never agree to it the way it is now."

"But there is also something like asking too much, Torres. You can ask so much that the person you are asking simply tells you to take a hike instead of starting to negotiate."

"And are you telling me to go take a hike?" Torres asked.

"I don't know yet. Tell me honestly, Torres, is this your idea or hers?"

With the last word Worf had pointed at Seven and she wondered what she could have to do with this proposal Torres was working on from time to time; a proposal that apparently also affected the Chancellor's son in some way. Until now Torres had never told her what it was, but Martok too had asked Torres if she had made the proposal because of Seven.

"As I told Martok, and as he probably told you, Seven has nothing to do with it. She never read the proposal; we never talked about it, hell she doesn't even know what it is about."

"Really now?" Worf asked before he reached over and took the padd he had been tapping on some time before. "Well, since Torres said that you are her advisor amongst other things, here tell me that you think of this." Worf threw the padd over to Seven and she automatically caught it. She didn't read it however. Instead she looked over her shoulder to Torres.


Torres nodded her head a little to indicate her agreement. "Go ahead and read it, now is as good as time as any."

Seven activated the padd and started to read. Within seconds her eyes got a whole lot wider.

"Well?" Torres asked after a moment. She knew the length of the proposal, which really wasn't that long, and she knew how fast Seven could read, therefore she knew that Seven had the time to read it more than ten times by now.

Seven looked back at Torres before asking in nothing more then a whisper, "You want to abolish slavery?"

Chapter 9

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