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Amateur Play
By Demeter


Lindsay Boxer wasn't really fond of role play. In her opinion, it was a poor attempt of people trying to spice up their boring sex lives. That being said, up until two months ago, she would have said the same of threesomes.

She'd been cured of that high and haughty notion for good by a certain attorney, and her reporter girlfriend.

I'm so easy, Lindsay thought with a sigh as she leaned into her closet. "I'm not even sure it still fits!"

Cindy giggled at that and she turned to glare at her. "Just wait. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into."

"Oh, I think she does." Jill was lounging on the bed comfortably in nothing but powder blue lingerie. Not a lot of lingerie to begin with. Lindsay found herself slightly distracted by the view. Oh well. Might be worth it to say a few silly lines and squeeze herself into her uniform if the girls liked it. They'd make it up to her. "Come on now, Officer, get your ass into gear."

This time, Cindy did not giggle but she tried hard to keep a straight face and was failing spectacularly.

Lindsay shook her head. "You guys are so funny. You really owe me for this."

"And we love it when we owe you." Jill seemed determined to have the last word tonight. Cindy's only reaction was to blush furiously.

Come to think of it, Lindsay loved that, too.

She felt incredibly silly. Of course, Lindsay knew that a uniform would be a turn-on for some people, but she'd never cared. She'd never met anyone who cared before.

They had dimmed the light to the point where the corners of the room lay in shadows when she returned, her hair bound back in a low ponytail the way she'd worn it in those days when she'd actually dressed like this for work.

Jill had stretched out on the bed again. She was clearly thrilled, her face nearly glowing with excitement. She was absolutely beautiful. Again, Lindsay found it hard to tear her gaze away only to let it fall on Cindy who stood in the middle of the room, a tight red shirt and jeans cutoffs, that deer in the headlights look on her face. Don't give me the laser vision, it makes me really nervous. It had been that moment when Lindsay had began to wonder what else she could possibly make her do.

She spun her around by the shoulders, not that there was much resistance anyway, and pushed her against the wall lightly. "Assume the position, ma'am."

The embarrassed laughter wanting to bubble up inside of her died very quickly the moment she felt the heat of Cindy's body pressing against her. Her breath caught in her throat as she ran slightly shaky hands down her lover's sides, up again and down her arms. Her fingers were tingling with the need to touch, but Lindsay made herself stay true to the script of the fantasy.

"Am I under arrest, Officer?" Cindy squeaked, her voice easily an octave higher than usual.

Lindsay leaned down to whisper in her ear, "I'm afraid so. You're under arrest for lewd and lascivious behavior." Finally, she let her hands slide under Cindy's shirt, over satin and lace and then bare skin yearning for her touch. "You have the right to remain silent."

"Oh God," was Cindy's breathless answer. Lindsay smiled at that. Cindy would not make much use of it, that much was for sure.

"Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney--"

Her hand was halfway down Cindy's shorts by the time Jill was next to them saying dryly, "I think we have that part covered." Her kiss muffled Cindy's sounds of protest when Lindsay let the cuffs jingle and then put them to good use.

Between them, Cindy shivered.

Lindsay felt herself blindsided by the intensity of this scene. So it wasn't like she was getting off on the power given momentarily - authority was probably a too strong word when you used your uniform like this. Well, maybe she was, just a little, but it was more the effect it obviously had on the women for whose sake she agreed to it in the first place.

She ran her fingers up Cindy's neck and into her hair, making a fist. Then she gently tugged. Cindy obliged easily, letting her head fall back against Lindsay's shoulder, giving access.

"I plead the... Fifth..." she gasped.

"That, I would not recommend," Jill chuckled. "It takes all the fun out of it."

"Counselor, why don't you make your client a little more comfortable?" Lindsay suggested. It was pretty silly since Jill didn't actual have private clients but then again, Lindsay wasn't wearing a uniform to work these days.

For their little scene, it didn't matter.

She cupped Cindy's breasts again as Jill dropped to her knees, pulling down Cindy's short and slip in one quick motion. They shared a smile in anticipation.

"Make sure you hold on tight to your suspect. We don't want her to get away."

"Right," Lindsay agreed, her voice dropping to a breathless whisper at the sight of the scene she was about to witness. Getting dragged out of one's comfort zone could be so worth it, especially when it was Jill and Cindy doing the dragging.

The latter was currently reduced to a boneless heap in her arms due to Jill's talented tongue.

Lindsay pressed her own heated face against Cindy's neck, holding on as she'd been advised to. "Relaxing a little already? You know, you're lucky to have a counselor who knows what she's doing."

Without looking, she knew that Jill would be smiling. They've had quite a bit of fun getting Cindy all worked up with dirty talk. Even of the implied kind.

It worked this time, too, Jill's work relaxing her unraveling their younger lover nicely.

Lindsay had known she wouldn't stay silent all along.

"Now, Officer," Jill said, her eyes sparkling with mischief, "We'll work out a deal for my client."

Come to think of it, Lindsay Boxer was really very fond of role play.

The End

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