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An Angel In The Night
By Zenecekida


In the starlight you look like an angel and I catch myself staring at your back to see if you've sprouted wings since I last looked. I almost reach out to touch your delicate skin, silvery in the dim light, but I hold back. I don't want to wake you. You need your rest.

Besides, watching you sleep is a rare treat and I intend to savour every minute of it.

You let out a deep sigh and mutter something. I wonder who you're ordering around in your dreams this time. Would the dream-version of you be talking to a dream-version of me?

Are we lovers in your head tonight? Am I even there?

"Lanna..." you mumble and I smile slightly. I'm there.

I study your face. An almost childlike innocence marks your features when you sleep. And I feel privileged that you trust me enough to let me see you so vulnerable.

I can still vividly recall when you looked at me, and I mean really looked at me, for the first time. You had that same vulnerability on your face. There was no Starfleet, no Voyager, no Delta Quadrant. Just you and me.

`Here I am,' your eyes said. And I remember how my heart caught in my throat at the intensity of that look. You gave me power over you at that moment; to make you or break you. I secretly admired you for your guts. And I was humbled by your trust in me.

I recall clearly how I kissed you, tenderly, and how you melted in my arms. All mine. I couldn't believe my luck. And sometimes I still can't, because you're everything I ever wanted and so much more.

I used to believe I wasn't made for love. You proved me wrong. And I've never been happier to be wrong in my entire life. You saved me from myself.

I really do believe you are an angel.

My angel.

And the only reason why I can't see your wings is because they are on the inside...

The End

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