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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 12

The last time Sabrina was in Becker's office things had gotten out of hand. She had gone inside knowing very well she was walking into a trap, and trapped she had been. The redhead guard, blinded by the misguided desire to posses something unattainable, stalked her, cornered her and even managed to sink her claws into her. But for all her cunning she made a fatal mistake; she had given Sabrina the reins of their forbidden liaison's destiny. It was a mistake Sabrina fully intended to use to her advantage. Now she was once again about to enter Becker's office, but things were going to play quite differently this time around.

"Goldberg, you sure took your time." Becker chided Dan Tanna as soon as he entered her office with Sabrina.

"I'm sorry, ma'am." Before he could offer an explanation, Becker dismissed him; she was far more interested in Sabrina.

"Just get back to your post." The handsome detective just nodded and left, not looking at Sabrina for fear of arising any suspicions. Becker went to the door and locked it. "Hello Kitten, how have you been?" The tone of her voice was pleasant; the irritation of just seconds before was gone. Sabrina was aware of Becker's mood swings, an indication of the woman's mind instability. She needed to play her cards carefully.

"Fine." It was all Sabrina said. Becker walked from the door to the window and looked outside for a short while, then, she turned to look at Sabrina again.

"Is that so?" The guard's green eyes scrutinized Sabrina's face, like waiting for her to add something to her answer. When Sabrina said nothing else, she proceeded. "Come here, let me show you something." Sabrina obeyed, wondering what the guard was getting at and stood next to her, keeping a cautious distance. "As you can see from here I can see practically the whole yard." Becker explained demonstrating the fact with her hand, still keeping a pleasant demeanor. "It was right here where I was standing when I saw you, you and that other woman getting into a scuffle."

It never crossed Sabrina's mind that the fake fight she had with Kelly was going to be witnessed by anyone else but the few inmates that were there at the time, and now she feared the very real possibility that even though they were able to fool Renee and her crew that the same might not be true in Becker's case. But she didn't jump to conclusions; she kept her cool and waited for Becker to continue without attempting to explain anything.

"I don't really care what happened. I just want you to confirm something for me. What happened, it was Renee's idea, wasn't it?" Becker's question put to rest Sabrina's worry.

"Yes, as a matter of fact it was." Sabrina answered the question while taking a couple of steps away from Becker not seeing the need to stand so close to her any longer.

"I knew it. She continues to defy me, and I suspect they were planning to take things further, maybe even rough you up a little." Becker's irritation was back. Sabrina saw that there was clearly no love lost between the redhead and Renee.

"That's one way of putting it." Sabrina said with quite a bit of sarcasm but her attitude lasted only a second for Becker rushed to her and took her hands between her own, almost desperate.

"That's why I sent for you. Do you understand now what I've been trying to tell you all this time? As long as you are with me I can keep you safe, even in the face of betrayal."

"I'm assuming you mean Renee's betrayal." Sabrina decided to ignore Becker's statement about them being together and concentrated on the other things Becker said, suspecting that there was something going on that she wasn't aware of but that she definitely should be. "How exactly did she betray you?"

To Sabrina's relief Becker let go of her hands and walked back to her desk taking a seat. "Please, sit down." There were a couple of food trays on top of the desk that Sabrina noticed for the first time as she took a seat on the opposite side of it. The trays were completely covered, concealing the food, but it didn't smell at all like the food the prisoners were usually served. "Renee is a big gal, and the company she keeps is just as threatening looking. They're rude, selfish and don't think twice about inflicting pain to whomever looks at them the wrong way. I admit I have allowed some of it to happen, nothing too bad of course, but they keep the inmates in line; even more so than the guards do." Sabrina listened to her carefully. She couldn't believe that Becker was practically confessing to her about her wrong, not to mention illegal doings. But she knew it was partially a lie too, because she wasn't about to believe that Becker didn't allow Sandy Whitman to be killed, or possibly even ordered her death.

"I still don't see how she betrayed you."

"Because, dear Kitten, I ordered her to take care of you, to watch your back and keep you safe, and if she is putting you in the middle of situations in which you can be hurt that is definitely a betrayal to me."

"I can take care of myself." Sabrina said defiantly, not happy with all the attention the other woman had been giving her. It was because of her obsession that she had unknowingly complicated Sabrina's part in their current investigation.

"That maybe so, but you see, from the very first moment I saw you I knew the kind of woman you are. So strong, willful, spirited…The kind of person those bitches like to take on, and I wasn't about to let that happen. Not to you." Becker stood up and went to Sabrina, kneeling by her side. She cupped the side of Sabrina's face and spoke softly to her. "I told you I was going to take care of you, and as for Renee, I'm going to teach her the consequences of disobeying me." Sabrina felt Becker pulling her closer, seeking her lips for a kiss, perhaps thinking she deserved to be rewarded for playing the hero. But Sabrina wasn't about to let the other woman take any more liberties with her. She placed her hand over Becker's mouth both halting her advances as well as her protests and spoke to her in a carefully threaded sensual tone; enough to convince Becker that she was losing nothing.

"I thought you said we were going to take things at my pace." Sabrina lowered her hand, freeing Becker's lips, trying to keep the other woman from thinking that she was being rebellious. She continued to soft talk her though. "I see you have arranged an intimate lunch for us, which is getting cold. Why don't we eat?" She smiled as sweetly as she could and gave the redhead's hand, which was yet to leave her face, a gentle squeeze to reinforce her coercing, bringing it down to hang between them.

Becker searched Sabrina's eyes wishing she could read the brunette's thoughts, but was hard-pressed to find any deceit in them. She smiled back and stood up, going back to her seat. "You are right. I sent for this lunch to celebrate this special occasion, the beginning of a long and rewarding union between you and me. We cannot let it go to waste."

"Thank you." Sabrina had to resist the urge of grabbing one of the food trays and hit Becker over the head with it.

The chief guard stared at the woman she desired judging her reaction and deluded herself into thinking she was seeing shyness. She found it endearing and felt very pleased with herself. "You are very welcome, Kitten." Becker proceeded to uncover the food trays, placing one in front of Sabrina. She stood up again and from a small refrigerator she produced a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Before going back to her seat she switched on the radio, letting the romantic song that was playing at that moment complete the ambience. "We are going to have a good time."

Sabrina was astonished at the lengths the other woman was going to fulfill her own fantasies and she hated the fact that she was the main character in them. Still, she kept playing along; reluctantly feeding Becker's demented delusions. Like Kelly would say: Jesus!

"Kelly, are you sure you're all right?" Kris asked again from her kneeling position in front of Kelly, still trying to shake the odd sensation she felt when she saw Sabrina leaving her on the floor and unconscious. Kris had taken Kelly back to their cell, hoping to find refuge from Janet's big mouth.

"Yes, she didn't apply the sleeper hold all the way." Kelly was rubbing her neck muscles, looking to relax them after her fight with Sabrina; not the physical fake one, but the very real emotional fight that her friend had cheated her into losing. "I wonder what rumors Janet was talking about. What did she mean when she said that Sabrina was probably going to end up suffering the same fate Renee wanted for me? What is Becker going to do to her?"

Kris rose up to sit at Kelly's side, inwardly cursing Janet for putting the extra anguish on Kelly's mind and struggled to find words to appease her. She didn't want to lie to Kelly, but she had promised Sabrina not to tell her about what was going on with Becker and her. She had to think fast before Kelly's eyes made a hole on the side of her face or became aware that she knew the truth.

"Kelly, calm down. First of all, we are not the kind of people who place any faith in rumors. Second of all, we don't know what Renee wanted you for. For all we know she only wanted to see if Bree was going to obey her in taking you to her. You were a test for Bree, remember?" Kelly started to visibly calm down and Kris felt encouraged to continue. "Third, Sabrina told me yesterday that she was assigned to clean the main offices, maybe she was called in to clean Becker's office again."

"So early? We start working after lunch." Kelly was not ready to let go of her worry just yet.

"Maybe she spilled something, or maybe she is a neat freak, I don't know. But we shouldn't worry over something unless we have a real reason to."

"I can't stop worrying about her, but I guess you're right." Kelly finally accepted Kris' reasoning, believing the truths she hid within the lies, and Kris envied her because she knew better. Silently she said a prayer for Sabrina and for her plan to work.

"Good. Would you tell me then what is this 'Chinese Dance', and where did she learn to do what she did to you?" The blonde Angel signaled Kelly's neck, referring to the sleeper hold.

Thinking back to her and Sabrina's time at the police academy Kelly never imagined that what they had learned while training would ever be used in such a way. "When Sabrina and I were in the police academy we were Karate enthusiasts. Way before we had to start the self defense classes I was trying to master what I already knew and Bree offered to help me. She even taught me a few things. I guess we were just trying to make sure that we could do as well as the men. You know the way it is."

"Yeah, I remember." Shaking her head Kris pondered why it was so difficult for men to accept that women were capable of doing almost everything men could, taking upon themselves to make the training more difficult than it had to be. She imagined the same was probably happening in other places where women were trying for 'men's' positions.

"Anyway, we started talking and discovered that we both loved martial arts movies. She was particularly fond of one movie titled 'Chinese Dance'. It was a movie in which the martial artists integrated the martial arts with dance, and there was a scene in the movie where two guys are dancing an attack and defend technique instead of fighting with it...

"Now, Sabrina knew the entire scene by heart and she suggested that we should learn it and do it like an actual fight in front of the whole class during the self defense training. It was a ruse to make the others respect us…

"I was more than willing to do it and for days we practiced until we had it down. Of course, we dubbed it 'Chinese Dance'."

"What about Jill? Did she practice with you?" Kris asked eager to learn a few stories about her big sister.

"No, Jill's motto was: 'Don't sweat more than it is absolutely necessary'. She decided to play it by ear." Kelly laughed softly at the memory.

"And how did she do?"

"Have you met your sister? With that hair, those eyes and let's not forget the smile…those men couldn't help losing to her. I mean, they literally couldn't concentrate."

"Yeah, that's my sister alright." Kris conceded, after all, she had a lifetime of experience seeing the effect her sister had on people.

"I still can't believe we remembered the whole routine." Kelly reflected, her mind returning to the fight.

"Except for that last part." Kris reminded her, once again referring to the sleeper hold.

"Yeah, but that sleeper hold was not part of the 'Chinese Dance'. That came courtesy of Bree's father. You do know she was an army brat, don't you?" Kelly wondered if the topic had come up during Kris' quest for all things Sabrina.

"I think Jill mentioned it once. Isn't that a weird thing to teach your daughter?"

"Sabrina might've been an army brat, but she didn't want to follow in her dad's footsteps, so her dad taught her all sorts of defensive and attack moves to make sure that she at least could defend herself. Bree says it was his way to inherit her with some of the army training since she was not going to enlist. That's why she was and is so physical sometimes." Kris nodded comprehending.

"I guess that when she was teaching you she forgot to teach you how to defend yourself against that sleeper hold."

"Yes, and I'm not happy at all with what she did." Kelly's countenance expressed what she was feeling. It didn't sit well with her that Sabrina had taken away her right to make the decision of whether or not to take whatever risks were necessary to solve the case; their case. Why did she think she was the only one who could stand up and face the dangers of their chosen career?

"But Kel, Sabrina was right. What is the point of you getting in trouble with that group when Sabrina is already in that position? That situation could've easily taken us away from our goal here."

"The point, Kris, is to keep her from ending like Sandy did." Kelly snapped at Kris, upset with her inability to understand. But Kris understood all too well, allowing her friend her moment of frustration and not minding at all how she was choosing to express it.

"You don't want her to end up like Sandy because you love her too much. Now think about her motivations when she kept you from the very people who probably murdered Sandy." Kelly opened her mouth, but her protest died on her lips not making a sound as the meaning of Kris' words sank in. She looked at her friend with teary eyes and Kris raised an eyebrow at her, a small smile tugging at the corner of her mouth as she witness realization finally dawning on her friend. Kelly finally closed her eyes and let out a heartfelt sigh. At that moment she understood Sabrina's actions with a clarity she never had before and more than ever, in that precise instant, she loved Sabrina even more than she thought she possibly could. But, as much as her love for her filled her heart, Kelly was still saddened that she couldn't do the same for her. Her only consolation was that nothing had happened to Sabrina, but she wasn't sure how long her luck would hold.

Two tears escaped the confinement of Kelly's eyelids and Kris hugged her, knowing what she was thinking and imagining how she felt. She said nothing because it was not a time for words. She just held her, sensing that it was all she could do; at that moment it was all Kelly needed.

Sabrina Duncan swallowed the last bite of her lunch and had to admit that the food had been quite good, definitely a respite from the awful food she had been eating for the last two days, but she couldn't really enjoy it because the company left much to be desired. More than that, it was undesirable.

Becker kept observing her the entire time with intensity and Sabrina could only conclude those green eyes were intend on finding a weakness in her, a lack of her control, a moment of distraction that left her exposed to some form of attack, or perhaps they were only looking for an answer. An answer to the conundrum she had become to the other woman. She imagined Becker had never let anybody dictate the happenings between her and the women she wanted to be with. The fact that she had given Sabrina that power could only serve to demonstrate the effect she had had on the other woman, without her doing absolutely nothing to warrant such a response. Sabrina knew she was on shaky ground, and that for better or worse every step counted, she just needed to make sure they counted in her favor.

"I think I better get going. My duties start in a few minutes." Becker didn't protest, she didn't even move, she just kept observing her with those penetrating green eyes. "Thank you for lunch and for what you did for me earlier." Sabrina pointed to the window, making reference to Becker's timely rescue, but the redhead didn't react to that either. Not having anything else to add Sabrina headed for the door, feeling like she needed to escape but keeping a prudent pace.

"Hold on, Lisa." When Becker finally spoke Sabrina easily detected a hint of anger in her voice. What was the reason of her anger, she had no idea.

"Yeah?" Sabrina said cautiously, turning around. Becker came face to face with her, invading her personal space as was her habit.

"I can't quite read you and I don't like it. You seem all right with this but at the same time I can tell there's something off." Becker took another step forward forcing Sabrina to take one back. "You wouldn't be trying to deceive me, because I really don't recommend you doing that!" Another step forward and another back, the last one back in fact since the door marked the end of the road for Sabrina.

"I'm not, but you have to understand, I've never done this before and our first encounter wasn't exactly kind. To tell you the truth, I can't give you what you want right now; you have to give me time." Sabrina's voice transformed from defensive to an almost pleading one. It was a perfect act, but she hated it. She hated the words she was forced to say, the things she was forced to do, but above all she hated Becker. She truly didn't know how much longer she was going to be able to take it.

"I know. I know I didn't treat you well that night but I'm treating you well now. I just don't want to discover that you've been lying to me." Becker reached for Sabrina's collar with both hands, gripping it tightly in them, but not roughly, like threatening Sabrina with the possibility of a violence she was yet to demonstrate.

"Becker!" Sabrina exclaimed half warning the guard of the mistake she was about to make. The redhead's eyes softened instantly, and she loosened her grip just enough to put the brunette somewhat at ease.

"I don't understand this, what you've done to me. I've never felt this way before." Becker cupped both sides of Sabrina's face and engaged her eyes with hers, like trying to pour her green pools into her soul, looking for a truth she knew was escaping her. However, after just a few seconds, the lack of distance between their bodies made Becker forget about the secret she wanted to uncover and made her concentrate on the arousal the other woman elicited in her.

Sabrina saw the change in the guard's eyes and tried to move out of Becker's human cage but she couldn't, not without being forceful, something she couldn't risk seeing that Becker was on the verge of losing control. "I'm pretty sure that I haven't done anything, and I really have to go."

Becker lowered her hands and took a minute step back considering what to do, still very much under the veil of paranoia. "You want to convince me you're not lying to me? Show me." The lustful woman took Sabrina's hand and pulled her away from the door, leading her to the office's sofa, her body practically shaking with desire. Sabrina knew exactly what Becker was expecting her to do to prove her sincerity. Decision time was knocking at her door again and this time she was willing to risk the case itself, knowing this was a sacrifice Charlie would never ask her to make, not that she would even if he did ask.

Sabrina stopped in her tracks, resisting the implications of the other woman's actions, but the tall redhead proved to be an impatient woman, waiting only a couple of seconds before starting to unbutton Sabrina's shirt, wanting to see her naked body and taste the caramel skin. Defiant hands took hold of assaulting ones and Becker's advances were halted for the second time that day, preventing her from undressing the trim body of the woman she so wanted. "You want to convince me to be with you? Trust me." This time Sabrina was able to distance herself from Becker but she didn't leave just yet, not until she made sure that Becker wasn't going to go ballistic on her.

Becker stared at Sabrina with darkness in her eyes. Her mind was divided between fighting the urge to just grab her and satisfy her lust, and letting her walk away. She felt that her anger was about to go beyond her control and decided to just nod her permission to the beautiful brunette to leave. Becker received a nod in return; a moment later she was alone.

The tall guard paced from one corner of the office to the other, she stood still in the middle of the room looking nowhere, seeing nothing. Her mind was full of confusion and frustration, and she was enraged. Being rejected was not something new for her, but accepting to be rejected definitely was, and she didn't know what had possessed her to allow that to happen. The woman she knew as Lisa Meyer was an enigma to her, a challenge the likes of which she had never faced before, and she wanted her.

The early afternoon light coming in through the office window offered to counter her darkness and she went to it. Her reflection on the glass stared back at her and she contemplated herself for a while, like getting reacquainted with who she was. Becker realized she had been doing things the wrong way. She was the most powerful woman in the prison and she didn't need to wait for no one. In her mind what she needed to do became very clear. Things were going to be done her way because by those rules she always got what she wanted, and what she wanted was Lisa Meyer.

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