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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 17

The emerald-like eyes threatened to swallow and engulf her forever in the dark abyss that hid behind them. It was a perceptible assault that didn't need to perturb the deafening silence to let its presence be felt. Sitting on her cot Sabrina kept calmed and waited for Becker to make her move. She knew it was going to be a battle of wills of which she had plenty, but Becker had the clear advantage of not being battered and stiffed with pain. After interminable minutes of waiting Becker finally started to move, but not inside the cell, rather she started pacing in front of the door.

"I've been thinking about your behavior all afternoon, and I think I finally understand what your problem is." Becker said, choosing to center their first round on words.

"You are my problem." Sabrina didn't care about letting her know how she really felt not needing to pretend anymore.

"Am I, or am I the solution?" Becker gave Sabrina an inquiring look, but received a blank expression in return. "Your passive aggressiveness can be devastating, Kitten. But I can take it, do you know why? Because I see an aura of light around you, but I also see that there's darkness inside of you and that makes you just like me, which means that we belong together." The redhead stated the words as if they were the simple and obvious truth.

"I'm not anything like you. Don't you dare…compare me to you. If there's any darkness in me…it's because I'm sick of you and all you've put me through."

"What did I tell you about not lying to me?" Becker took a menacing step inside Sabrina's cell and the brunette was on her feet in a second. Becker stared at her and then relaxed, as if she had lost track of what was it that she intended to do, casually going back to her previous attitude and to her analysis of Sabrina. "Kitten, I know what's in your heart, I've been there and the moment I realized it, the moment I understood what was happening inside your head I knew I had to help you, to save you from it."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about fear. You are obviously afraid of being hurt, here." Becker touched her own chest like trying to embrace her heart. "I promise you that I won't hurt you. I want us to be together forever. Forget whoever it was that couldn't recognize how beautiful and precious you are. Forget about the love you gave and was never returned. Don't pay any more attention to ungrateful and uncaring insignificant others that don't deserve you. All you'll ever need and want I can give to you, and the sooner you see that the sooner you can start enjoying real happiness." Sabrina was perplexed at how Becker could so easily extend the boundaries of her own dementia all the while trying to drag her in with her. The Angel took a painful deep breath so she could talk and sound with the same conviction she was feeling, trying to keep fragility out of her voice.

"Becker, listen to me carefully. I don't nor would I ever care about you, let alone love you. You have to stop this craziness. Get it through your thick skull; it is not fear I feel, I despise you and if you come anywhere near me you'll find out how much I'm not lying to you." Sabrina let the anger of the past days come through in her words and demeanor, more than ready to demonstrate how much she meant what she had said.

"Seems to me that Becker never got around to clipping the kitten's claws." Renee said to no one in particular, mocking the redhead. But Becker didn't respond to her taunting, as if she hadn't heard a word. Instead, she continued her conversation with Sabrina.

"You see? Right there, that is your fear and insecurities talking." Becker took a few more steps and approached Sabrina. "I want you to feel how big my love for you is so you can understand that you don't have to be afraid anymore." Discarding Sabrina's warning Becker placed her hands on Sabrina's neck so she could pull her close and kiss her on the mouth. But the moment her hands touched Sabrina, she shot her arms through Becker's in a triangle shape freeing herself from the touch and followed her actions with a right hook to Becker's face sending the guard backwards, almost all the way out of her cell.

"Did you spread the word?" Kelly asked Janet when they reunited in the middle of the long corridor.

"I got the ball rolling. You?"

"Same thing. How about the clandestine night shift?"

"I don't know why, but the place is desolated, so we're good." Janet responded, feeling both excited and anxious for what they were doing and were about to do.

"Then, there's just one thing left to do. Let's get there." Kelly started walking determined to see things through to the end and Janet followed her.

Thomas Sheridan was escorted to the room where his prize was waiting for him and he arranged his necktie nervously. The door was opened for him and he entered, immediately seeing the young woman standing in the middle of the room with her back facing him. The door was closed again and securely locked. Now that they were left completely alone he addressed the woman. "Good evening, Jessica, or do you prefer Kris?"

Kris turned around faster than a lightning bolt at the sound of the voice and saw that behind the phony mustache and painted white hairs was the unmistakable sweet smile of a dear friend. "Bosley!"

"Not so loud." He warned her, but had only a second to brace himself for her incoming body rushing to him for a tight hug which he returned in kind.

"Boy, am I glad to see you. How did you know about this place?" She asked, finally letting go of him and subconsciously getting rid of the little bottle of perfume.

"Charlie and mine investigation of Gallagher led us to this place and apparently just in time."

"Yeah, your timing was perfect, but listen Bosley, how are we going to get out of here because we need to get Kelly and Sabrina out of the prison, especially Bree. We need to get her to a hospital."

"We are aware of that situation. Dan contacted us, although things were already put in motion." Their conversation was interrupted by the loud sounds of several police sirens. The warning lights of the police cars sent a gamma of colors through the mansion's windows and Kris and Bosley went to look at what was going on. The policemen were starting to get out of the cars and out of one of the cars climbed out Kristopher Benson. "As for how we are going to get out of here…" Kris looked at Bosley and started laughing, once again hugging him.

Becker touched the side of her mouth where Sabrina's fist had landed and felt something warm wet her fingertips. Perhaps not wanting to believe it she looked at them to see the blood and stared at it like reproaching it for being outside of her body and not inside. Becker got herself out of the spell and looked at Sabrina who was wincing in pain for her effort, but she was not mad at her. On the contrary, she just smiled, sending shivers down Sabrina's back.

"You are behaving quite badly again, Lisa. You are lucky I already know that what you need is my help. I don't want you to aggravate the already delicate state of your body so we'll do this in a different way because I want it to be tender and memorable for the both of us." Becker inserted her hand in her shirt pocket and took out a syringe filled with a clear yellowish liquid. She took the cap off and tapping the tiny tube she made sure to get rid of all the air bubbles.

So, that is why you wouldn't let the doctor give me any painkillers. Sabrina had the most overwhelming feeling that she couldn't let Becker insert that needle into her or it would be all over.

"I know that once we consummate our relationship you will no longer have any more doubts." Becker declared submerged in an endless delusion.

Kelly and Janet stood in a darkened corner hoping to remain unseen while they waited. "Do you have it with you?" Kelly asked the question for the second time, but Janet opted to be patient and answered her politely.

"I do, I do."

"How much longer?"

"One more minute, max."

"All right." Kelly was tired of all the waiting, but this wait was necessary for her plan to work. One minute, Bree. I'm coming.

After considering all the possibilities Becker advanced towards Sabrina again. "I'm sorry it has to be this way, but you'll thank me in the end." With blurring speed Becker kneed Sabrina in her lower abdomen causing agonizing stabs of pain to ripple through her entire body, weakening her instantly. The much taller guard took advantage of Sabrina's state and forced her facedown on the cot, pinning her down with the weight of her body. She made sure Sabrina's arms were under her so she couldn't fight her and used her free hand to turn the brunette's head to one side exposing her neck to her. "This will only take a second and believe me, it'll make all the pain go away and you'll feel so good. It was especially design to make people feel nothing but pleasure."

Sabrina was moving as much as it was possible and she was trying to move her head away from Becker, but the truth was that she didn't have the strength and could hardly breathe with the other woman on top of her.

"Want to do the honors?" Janet asked the question with absolute calmness. Now that the moment had arrived her mind was doubt free and she felt strangely empowered.

"No, I think you deserve to do this." Janet nodded to Kelly and her eyes carried a heartfelt thank you. She adopted the right position.

"This one is for you, Sandy; one last flight for the eagle." In a quick motion Janet flicked the metal lighter on and sent it flying towards the kitchen. Then, they both took cover.

The battle was over and it was hard for Sabrina to admit defeat, but as soon as the needle started to enter her neck she knew she was done. Whatever it was that syringe contained was sure to leave her at Becker's mercy and mercy was not something Becker was capable of. Sabrina's only thoughts were of Kelly and how was she ever going to face her again.

Becker, having inserted the needle, started to push the contents of the syringe slowly inside Sabrina's neck artery, but suddenly the tremendous uproar of an explosion shook the building to its foundation sending Becker to the floor. The thunderous blast that had already instilled the terrifying probability of being capable of bringing the old prison crumbling down was followed by another equally strident explosion and then another and another…as if their rage had no end and with each volatile expression the walls trembled, threatening to succumb to the abuse. But then, as suddenly as they had started they stopped.

"I'm going down to solitary to get Bree. In the meantime, go get the guard I was talking to earlier in case I need help." Kelly's voice carried the command through the commotion and the smoke. Janet looked at Kelly questioning her requirements. "He is a detective too. Now go." Kelly took off running towards the solitary cells and Janet did the same in the opposite direction.

Warning sirens were now permeating the air, mobilizing the guards in light of the destruction that the entire kitchen, dining room and basement had suffered and continued to suffer due to the ravaging flames; all but one. Sabrina managed to rise to a sitting position in the confusion and was rubbing her neck, not sure if she had been drugged or not. She saw that Becker, instead of responding to the emergency, was still very much concentrating on her diabolical task. Not wanting to give the woman the opportunity to stick the needle in her again Sabrina punched her in the face a second time as soon as the guard started to get to her feet and then she kicked her in her mid section sending her completely out of her cell this time. Sabrina's body protested painfully and she had to sit down as a wave of dizziness overtook her, but she wasn't sure if it was because of the pain or the drug, or maybe it was a combination of the two.

"Why, Lisa? Why can't you accept that no matter how much you fight me at the end the result will be the same? This is my prison and in here what I want I get." Becker was screaming at the top of her lungs, furious. "You are going to be here for a very long time and I guarantee that you won't fight me forever, so just accept it, you belong to me now. Do you hear me? From now on you will always be mine."

"Actually, she is mine."

Becker turned at the sound of the voice challenging her proclamations and recognized the woman that was decidedly coming towards her. "You!"

Kelly saw the needle in Becker's hand and her anger blew out of proportion. Now at arms length of the redhead Kelly kicked the needle out of Becker's hand and just as quickly connected a frontal kick to the guard's chest. The impact sent Becker to the floor, landing on her rear end.

From her cell Sabrina saw what was happening, but her sight was starting to blur a little making her unsure if it was Kelly who she was actually seeing. "Kelly?"

Momentarily distracted by Sabrina's voice Kelly turned her back on Becker, feeling the urge to rush to her side. But she didn't have a chance to reach her as Becker trapped her in a bear hug from behind. Kelly stumped her heel on the guard's foot, slammed the back of her head against her nose and then connected an elbow to her ribs effectively freeing herself from her captor, but she was not finished. Kelly pivoted around and hit Becker under the chin with the heel of her hand as hard as she could. The guard's head jerked backwards, her lower jaw smashed noisily against the upper jaw with the force of the strike, making her take a few steps back, but Kelly gave pursuit and as Becker straightened her neck the left side of her face was met with a powerful blow from Kelly's right elbow. This time Becker's head jerked to the side and she stumbled away from Kelly.

Penetrating green eyes concentrated on Kelly as the enraged woman recuperated slightly and she went after the intruder again. The brunette Angel was still full of ire and relished the chance to inflict more punishment. "I don't know who you are or what you think you are doing, but I'll make sure you never see the outside of this room for the rest of your life for interfering in my business." Becker threatened, but Kelly didn't bother answering, knowing well her threats held no water. Becker tried to punch Kelly in the face, but Kelly was faster and grabbed her wrist and using the guard's own momentum she flipped her making her hit the ground once again. With Becker's wrist still firmly clutched in her hand Kelly twisted Becker's arm around her back extending it, and using her free hand she put pressure on the hand, forcing the wrist to bend beyond its limits.

Becker screamed in pain. The tall redhead tried to get free and she tried to get up, but every effort only made Kelly put more pressure on her hand and wrist which was now on the verge of snapping in two. "Let me go, you bitch!"

"This will teach you not to touch anybody against their will." Kelly turned her gaze towards Sabrina, the woman she loved, standing just outside her cell barely able to keep her balance. She saw the bruises and her pained face and decided Becker deserved to have one less hand after all. The chief guard's screams became louder and more desperate from the awful pain Kelly was causing her, but her suffering wasn't enough to make her stop.

"Kelly, let her go. She is not…worth it and you…are better than this." Sabrina's voice was weak, but the meaning of her words reached Kelly just the same. Kelly looked at Sabrina and saw that she was beginning to give in to the abuse her body had received and the only way she could go to her was to finish with Becker, so Kelly finally let go.

"I'm going to kill you and I'm going to keep her." Becker yelled at Kelly while she sat on the floor cradling her hand. At her words Kelly turned around and kicked her in the face with absolute brute force knocking her out, her hunger for vengeance finally satisfied.

Kelly looked back towards Sabrina's cell, but she wasn't there anymore. She rushed to the cell and saw her partner sitting on the cot and she looked quite ill. "Bree?"

"Well… that was no Chinese Dance." Her voice sounded weaker.

"I attacked, but she sucks at defending." Kelly went to kneel in front of Sabrina. "Let's go Bree, we have to get you to a doctor."

"Hold on, what were those explosions?"

"That was Janet and me. We kinda blew up the kitchen." Sabrina looked at her incredulous. "What? I had to find a way to get down here to get you."

"What ever happened to subtlety?"

"I didn't have time to be subtle." Kelly noticed that Sabrina was having difficulty focusing her eyes and her breathing was still labored. "Come on Bree, let's get out of here." Kelly grabbed Sabrina's hands with the intention of helping her stand up, but Sabrina stopped her.

"Kelly wait, there's something…I have to tell you."

"Whatever it is can wait, we have to-"

"No, no more waiting. I have to say this now." Sabrina felt a strange urge within her, like she was running out of time. Let me say this, my Angel. I promised myself not to leave you without telling you this. "I owe you an answer and it is way past due." Sabrina lifted a shaking hand to Kelly's face, but Kelly seriously doubted it was nerves. "Kelly, I love you and just like you I also mean I'm in love with you." Sabrina tried to take a deep breath but couldn't, instead the pain caused her to wince. "I'm sorry…I was such a coward about it and for making you…think that I didn't when in reality you are the most important thing in my life…You wanted to know where you stand in my life…you stand here." Sabrina took Kelly's hand and placed it over her heart. "You are my center…my direction…my destiny and my all." Sabrina had to pause to catch her breath, hating how her condition was getting in the way of such important conversation. This wasn't how she had imagined telling Kelly that she also loved her, but still she went on. "I too am tired of the dance and if you are still willing…I want to discover what else is in store for us beyond that dance." Sabrina looked at Kelly with hope in her eyes. But she was not hoping for an acceptance she already knew she had, she was hoping for time, to live this dream, to feel this love. She was hoping for time because she felt as if life was slipping away from her.

Kelly's tears made their way down her beautiful face as an immense joy took hold of her entire being, and there was so much she wanted to say, but she had a big lump in her throat keeping her words inside, so she nodded her response instead; an emphatic yes that marked the end of the past agonizing days and the beginning of untold happiness to come. Sabrina smiled radiantly at her even though her face hurt so much and in spite of her thoughts, because the sublimity of the moment was more powerful than any pain. Her hand snaked behind Kelly's neck and she pulled her closer, wanting Kelly to feel the love she offered and wanting to experience that which she had dreamt so much about, at least... Kelly allowed herself to be guided, and as the slow movement of their heads brought them closer her heart thundered inside her chest with anticipation.

"Kelly, don't resist."

"Never!" Their mouths finally found each other and they kissed slowly and lovingly. The kiss was soft and warm, shy and valiant, deep and elevating. They let the worries of the world fade away in that moment and concentrated on the promise of love they were sealing with their first intimate contact. And they didn't rush it, wanting to make the moment into a wonderful memory, but they didn't let it expand into anything else either for then was not the time to unleash their passion for each other.

Kelly and Sabrina finally separated and stared into each other's eyes, but this time neither was afraid of the repercussions of such open and unguarded act. However, while Kelly was seeing a future full of possibilities Sabrina's sight blurred again and only Kelly's fast reflexes kept her from hitting the floor.


"Kelly, I feel very strange and so horrible. My head feels like is gonna explode. I think Becker drugged me."

"That's it; I'm getting you out of here." Kelly said to her, feeling really scared.

"I'll help you." Dan Tanna announced his presence with the offer, sounding out of breath; Janet was right next to him. He immediately took Sabrina's arm to put it around his neck to help support her weight, but Sabrina resisted the movement due to the pain it cost her, instead, she took Dan by the arm to support herself on him. Kelly offered her arm at her other side.

"Janet, please, hand me that syringe?" Kelly told Janet whose eyes were glued to Becker, not believing that the woman who had ruled over them like a Hitler was just lying there, inert and powerless. It was as if she had never had any power at all.

"Wow, Kelly. You really did a number on her. Or was it you?" She directed the question at Sabrina while retrieving the syringe from the floor.

"We both did." Kelly responded for the both of them.

"In any case I want to say thank you on behalf of everybody in this prison, but especially on behalf of Sandy. Because of you she didn't die in vain. Thank you for what you've done here." Janet's sincere words were absorbed solemnly.

"What's that?" Asked Dan when Janet handed the syringe to Kelly.

"Evidence, probably the only one left of its kind. But right now we need it to know how to treat Bree." Kelly answered Dan as they started walking. "Let's get out of this hell hole."

Sabrina was looking at Becker's still form on the floor and felt oddly free after days of constant harassment even though she never quite surrendered. Kelly's voice brought her back to the present. "Not yet…we have to take a little detour." She announced.

Colton, the guard in charge of the prison's main gate, was momentarily gripped by fear at the sight of the police armada that had made its way to his doorstep. He saw police cars, fire trucks and an ambulance, all lined up and ready to breach the prison's perimeter. He could understand the fire trucks after the sounds of the explosions had rocked through all the guards' bone marrows, but the countless police cars that seemed to be there to raid them was puzzling to him.

"Open the gates, right now." The driver of the first car in line ordered him but Colton defied him, even in the face of such overwhelming odds.

"On whose authority?"

"Mine." The man who had spoken climbed out of the car and his presence immediately put to rest further protests.

Colton opened the gates and saw as car after car entered the prison without having the slightest clue as to what would prompt the Mayor of Los Angeles to pay them what he was sure was not an amicable visit.

"What are we doing in the Warden's office, Bree?" Kelly asked, but Sabrina held her answer. She freed herself from her colleagues and went to the bookcase. However, finding what she was looking for proved to be difficult due to her failing sight and the disorientation she was also starting to feel. But finally she found the Warden's journal.

"Getting this."

"What is that?" This time it was Dan asking the question.

"This is a prosecutor's dream and…the solution to this case." Sabrina handed the journal to Kelly who had moved to her side for fear that she would fall, her deteriorating condition not escaping her attention. Dan followed suit and Sabrina allowed him to help her again. "Now we can go home."

The trio exited the Warden's office, walking as fast as they could without hurting Sabrina further in their rush to get her to the ambulance Dan knew was outside waiting for her. Suddenly, the corridor's features started to lose their contours as Sabrina's eyes blurred yet again, but this time it was different. Blackness was starting to overtake everything she looked at seemingly at the same speed as a piercing pain exploded inside her head worse than ever before. Sabrina was terrified by the notion that she had been right in thinking that perhaps she had cheated death one time too many and that this time she wasn't going to get away with it. In a desperate attempt to not go quietly into the night, Sabrina let out a single word, all she had time for. If she was going to die she wanted Kelly to know that she had been her last thought.

"Kelly." It was but a whisper and Sabrina couldn't even tell if she had been heard because she couldn't see anymore, and a second later neither could she feel.

Slightly but surely Dan and Kelly had been noticing how Sabrina's weight was increasing, her body needing more of their support. Dan considered carrying her, but he didn't know how the independent woman was going to take it. Sabrina's sudden collapse made the decision for him, but Kelly's scream made him reluctantly consider that possibly it was already too late.


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