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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 2

It was Wednesday morning, only fifteen minutes shy of nine am when the Angels entered the office submerged in what seemed to be a small debate. About what, Bosley couldn't tell with all of them talking at the same time. It was something he had to admit he would never master; the ability women have to make sense of what they are saying to each other even if their voices are trampling one another. The only thing he knew for sure was that he probably didn't want to know. Sadly, their enthusiasm was going to die soon enough, as soon as they got briefed on their new assignment. One that not even he liked one bit. For an instant he felt compelled to tell them to tune it down a little but then thought better of it. He allowed them to have their moment. Secretly, a part of him did enjoy their banter. The Angels however, turned him from simple observer to participant in the blink of an eye, rushing him with inquiries and asking him to take sides. "Girls, now now, I would very much prefer if you wouldn't put me in this position. You know that no matter what I say I'm only going to end up in trouble anyway. So, I think I will remain on a tangent on this one."

"Smart guy, Bosley." Sabrina said as she took her customary place behind the bar. Kris and Kelly each took a seat on the armchairs that were against the elegant desk.

"Well, Bosley, if you won't give us your opinion, could you at least give us a premise on this new case?" Kris asked him. It did not escape them the sudden change in his facial features which only made them even more curious.

"Bosley?" Kelly pressed.

"Charlie is about to call and you will find out then." Seeing the look on their faces he reluctantly added. "But this one is a tough one." Kelly and Kris opened their mouths with the intention to continue the questioning, but Sabrina spoke first.

"All right, Bos, waiting ten minutes is not going to kill us." The other Angels took this as a warning from Sabrina to leave the poor man alone.

Like clockwork, ten minutes later, at exactly nine am the phone rang. Bosley put it on speaker as always so Charlie could address them all at the same time. "Good morning, Angels."

"Good morning, Charlie." A far cry from their usual enthusiastic chorused greeting caught Charlie by surprise.

"Is something the matter?"

"Ah no, Charlie." Started Sabrina. "We are just a little concern about this new case."

"Has Bosley already briefed you?" At his question Bosley became very nervous. He could've sworn there was a reprimand coming if Charlie's tone of voice was any indication.

"On the contrary, Charlie," Responded Kelly. "…it is because he's been so mysterious that we got worried." Bosley felt relieved to have been bailed out so quickly.

"I see. Well Angels, I do believe that it is your curious nature that made you an excellent choice to be PI's, but let's get to the matter at hand. Angels, this new case is very difficult and very dangerous. I have been thinking about not considering it. However, the level of corruption and dirty hands all around it made me reconsider. By dirty hands I mean that people who are supposed to be upholding the laws are the very ones bending the rules to allow many kinds of atrocities to be done." Charlie fell silent, like continuing his line of thought in a private reverie.

"Sounds serious, Charlie." Kelly spoke after a few seconds.

"It is, Angel."

"But Charlie, we have dealt with dangerous cases before. What makes this one so particular?" Asked Kris, voicing what they were all wondering.

"Because, Kris, this case will send you back to a place I really hoped I wouldn't have to send you again, ever. Prison." Charlie added before they had the chance to even ask. Sabrina and Kelly looked at each other in disbelief and then at Bosley who raised his eyebrows like saying, 'you see? a tough one'. Kris was not with the agency during the case that took the Angels to jail but knew all about it thanks to Jill, so she felt a great sense of dread as well.

"Charlie?" Sabrina finally broke the silence. "Are you sure there is no other way to investigate this case than from the inside?"

"I'm afraid not, Sabrina. I've been studying this case for a while and there is no telling how many of the people in charge of the prison are involve in the whole scheme. However Angels, you do have a choice. If you don't want to take the case I will understand, but consider this. The case was brought to me because of the uniqueness of our situation. I have the only agency with enough female personnel to infiltrate the prison who also have experience in a case of the sort, and on top of all that have been working together for so long that that would ensure a smooth and quick investigation."

"He is right about that, you know." Bosley added unnecessarily. Sabrina raised her eyebrows at her two partners who consented with their eyes their agreement to at least listen. Taking their cue Sabrina spoke again.

"All right, Charlie, what exactly is going on in that prison? Who's our client?"

"Bosley?" Charlie commanded through the speaker box. Bosley dimmed the lights and turned on the projector. Sabrina made her way to the remaining armchair between her colleagues and sat down. On the screen in front of them there was the image of a white man in his early forties, dressed in a three piece navy blue suit and a charming smile under a well kept mustache. "This is our client, Mr. Kristopher Benson and he is the right hand to the current Mayor of Los Angeles, which in other words means, should you decide to take the case that you'll be working for the Mayor without him knowing it."

"So, the Mayor is not using his assistant to contact us, he actually doesn't know he is hiring us, Charlie?" Asked Kelly a little skeptical.

"That's exactly right, Angel." The ladies looked at each other in confusion.

"But why?"

"Well Kris, Mr. Benson is trying to avoid any sort of scandal from reaching the Mayor's office that can affect his re-election. Unfortunately, the problems that could arise due to what we suspect is a corruption ring, at the end might as well take the Mayor down."

"He is looking after his boss." Commented Sabrina.

"Indeed. This is what we have so far on this case. A woman by the name of Sandy Whitman, a not so proud member of the Los Angeles Women's Correctional Institution, was found dead in the showers, victim of a brutal beating. This took place just two days after having a frantic conversation with her lawyer about what she described as a mob like operation going on inside and out of the prison and that they were all in on it." The image of Kristopher Benson was replaced by the image of a white woman with long dark hair and soulful dark eyes. She looked to be around twenty seven years old and had a small resemblance to Kelly. In the picture she was smiling sadly, like someone who carries around an enormous sorrow.

"They, Charlie?" Kelly asked.

"I'm afraid, Angel, that is the question we have been hired to answer."

"Has anybody been charged for her death?"

"No, Sabrina. According to the reports no one saw or heard anything. Not even the guards who apparently were too late to do something for her."

"That is if they even wanted to." Sabrina said with a scoff. "I tell you, I don't have any fond memories of prison guards."

"Amen!" Kelly looked at Sabrina remembering with sadness how the guards had treated her.

"Charlie, what did she mean by out of the prison? How could she possibly know what was going on outside when she was locked in?" Sabrina said, hoping that he at least knew the answer to that.

"How she knew is unclear, but she was not wrong about that. I did some preliminary investigation and found some disturbing information. It was what initially made me have some doubts about taking this case. There have been other deaths in the prison, as well as a couple of disappearances. Bosley?" Once again Bosley was prompted to manage the projector. The mug shots of two mean looking women appeared on the screen. "These women were also found dead, but this time the cause of death was an over dose. According to a very vague report submitted by the Warden, what drugs were involved could not be determined, or where they came from." The three women looked at each other surprised. "These two," The image changed to another set of mug shots, but the women in them looked like well mannered, well raised women. "…vanished without a trace."

"Before you ask, these deaths were not investigated either, and the disappearance of the other women was never reported at all. We only know about them because Sandy Whitman told her lawyer that one day they left with one of the prison guards and she never saw them again, and they were supposed to be in prison for quite a while. These women didn't have anybody to claim them, let alone to want an explanation of what happened to them." Bosley informed them. Kris stared at the photos on the screen. The women were about her age and if it wasn't for the prison attire they would easily pass as the proverbial girl next door. She turned to look at her colleagues and noticed they were saddened, just like her.

"What about the Correctional Institution? Don't they know what is going on inside their own prison?" Kris couldn't help but feel a little upset.

"What does the Warden have to say about all of this?" Kelly added.

"This should shed some light on that, Angels." Charlie stated. "Sandy Whitman's lawyer sent a letter to the Mayor's office relating the conversation he had with her two weeks after the fact. He said in his letter that he was kidnapped by masked men and was given two choices: either take a bribe and forget all about what Sandy said or get killed. Needless to say he took the money but his conscience eventually made him act, hence the letter that he sent. The letter didn't have a returning address. It is assumed he has left the country. But, there was another piece of information on the letter that prompted Mr. Benson to contact me." The Angels listen more intently. "He said that one of the men mentioned the name 'The Hunter', and that he is sure they were referring to District Attorney Carl Gallagher."

"What?" The three Angels said at the same time. "But Charlie," Kris beat her fellow Angels in asking the next obvious question. "…isn't that just a nickname? How can he be so sure that they were talking about the District Attorney?"

"Because that is the name for which Carl Gallagher has been known since he was in law school. He seemed to have a natural knack for prosecution and litigation. He has only lost one case in his entire career. If a suspect came his way, it was from there to prison. He became the pride of the then District Attorney."

"Except that now he might be playing for the wrong team." Kelly said with disappointment. It was always bad when a good guy turned bad. She knew of a few who went through the police academy but apparently the police academy didn't go through them.

"As you can see," Bosley interjected. "…this case has layers to unravel."

"If the District Attorney is indeed involve then it would make things easier for this corruption ring to function. I mean, who better to bend the law."

"And if he has some other lawyers in his pocket," Kelly continued Sabrina's train of thought. "…they can keep the bad guys out of trouble."

"Precisely, Angels." Charlie said, satisfied that they were getting the picture.

Sabrina stood up and walked towards the screen, then turned around to face the others. "So, to recap. Our suspects are: the District Attorney who may be handling the legal/illegal parts of the operation…"

"The Warden and prison guards who are letting too many bad things happen right under their noses for anybody's liking…" Kelly continued.

"And the prisoners who are probably the ones getting their hands dirtier since they have not only nothing to lose but apparently something to gain." Kris finished the somber list.

"Well, Angels, now you know of at least the bulk of what you will be facing. Do we take the case or not?" Charlie asked them, keeping his promise of letting them make the decision.

"This is quite a case; many dangers and no backup." Sabrina said to Kelly and Kris as she approached them.

"No doubt many humiliating things waiting ahead." The despair in Kelly's voice was apparent.

"And five victims with no one to stand up for them and who knows how many more to come. So, I say yes. Let's take the case." Kris decided with determination, once again staring at the mug shots of the disappeared women. Sabrina and Kelly followed her gaze and then looked at each other. There were so many things said without any of them having to utter a word. They didn't want to do it, but they knew they had to. If they were going to be the difference between right and wrong, life and death…then there was nothing else to think about.

"We agree, Charlie." Kelly stated simply. Bosley looked at them with pride, but inside he was worried sick.

"Very well, Angels. Bosley and I will be investigating the District Attorney and his contacts. These will be your covers. Kelly, Kris, you are going in as cousins serving a sentence for fraud." Kris and Kelly were handed their fake criminal files by Bosley so they could start learning their false backgrounds. As if Charlie had seen the hand out he continued to explain and all three Angels wondered if Bosley knew Charlie that well, or if maybe they rehearsed things. "As you can see in those files you won't be using your real names, not even your first names. Learn every detail well, Angels. Your covers will be your best protection while inside, that is aside from you watching each other's backs. Everything has been arranged. Anyone makes a background check on any of you and they'll get the same information you are getting now. The same goes for you, Sabrina."

"What is my cover, Charlie?"

"I'm afraid, Angel, yours is the most dangerous." Kelly became immediately anxious. She looked at Sabrina who was passively awaiting the rest of the information Charlie was sure to give, but she found she didn't have the patience.

"What do you mean by that?" Sabrina walked up to Kelly and placed her hand on her shoulder. At this, Kelly settled down a bit.

"Sabrina, your new name is Lisa Meyer, a transfer from Chicago to Los Angeles to stand trial for first degree murder. Back in Chicago you were serving a sentence for money laundering and assault with a deadly weapon."

"Why have I been so busy, Charlie?" Sabrina's demeanor remained passive.

"We thought you needed a background that could help you fit in with the tough group in prison. According to our contact there is a hierarchy in place. If you are tough and bad enough they let you in, but if you are not, then you are very likely to be victimize by them, and since those women are the most likely to have committed the murders..." Bosley offered as way of explanation. Kelly and Kris looked at Sabrina not liking the set up at all.

"Hold on a minute? What contact?" Kris jumped out of her seat. She couldn't stay still any longer as her nerves were threatening to get out of control. She needed to move to release the tension.

"Yeah Bosley, you didn't say anything about a contact before." Kelly also left her seat.

"Discussion points. All things in order, and as it turns out now was the time to discuss the contact." Bosley defended himself. Before anyone could say anything else, Sabrina gestured with her hands to halt the silly conversation.

"Who is it, Bosley?" Sabrina asked him pointedly and Bosley once again used the projector to show them yet another mug shot.

"Her name is Janet Eastwood and she was Sandy Whitman's cellmate." The answer came through the speaker box as the Angels got acquainted with the face of the light brown haired woman staring back at them. "She is not an official contact but according to Ms. Whitman's lawyer the two had a close relationship, so getting close to her could prove fruitful. I will try to place an official contact for you inside. Someone I can trust. If things get out of control just say the word and I'll have you out of there immediately. No matter how important this case is, you three are more important to me."

Sabrina took her own fake criminal file from Bosley's desk and let out a long sigh. She looked at the other women and saw in their faces the same feeling of resignation that was surely plastered on her own face. Then, she directed her attention to the speaker box. "When do we start?"

Part 3

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