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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 20

Sabrina's steps resonated quietly behind Kelly's on their way to the front door and she was immediately reminded of the last time she had been at Kelly's house and of what had almost happened between them. It seemed like a long time ago…But, she was beyond regretting her retreat, at this point it didn't matter. After going through hell together they ended up more united and sure of what they felt than a frivolous kiss, however romantic it could've been, would have made them. After such a kiss they would've had endless conversations about their feelings, reassuring themselves and each other of what they wanted or were expecting of one another, and promising to take things slowly to make sure their relationship blossomed into something durable if not something for the ages.

That kiss didn't happen.

Their everlasting love, its strength and truth, its passion and power, was discovered in a different way. It took courage on both their parts, patience, but more than anything it took faith. Trial by fire was a good way to put it. The trial: proving to each other with actions what words couldn't due to the barriers of distance and silence. The fire: surviving against odds no one saw coming and getting to the other side, although no unscathed but triumphant, and in reward they obtained what they deserved all along; each other.

That was the reason why Sabrina no longer cared about that night and was way more interested in the present situation. In the fact that she was not there to drop Kelly off after a case or stopping by for a cup of coffee and some light conversation…She was there to stay. Granted, it was for a few days until she got better because she couldn't move in with Kelly just yet, but one day it would be forever. In the meantime, their emotional and spiritual bond was more than enough, so even if she was not physically with Kelly she was still with her.

Kelly entered the house first and placed Sabrina's suitcase on the floor. She saw the other Angel enter with a cautious step, but she knew that it didn't have anything to do with her injuries. Her own stomach was sporting a fair share of butterflies at the significance of Sabrina's action. She was not just entering her home, she was entering her life in a whole new way, but it was also in the best way possible. When Sabrina was finally inside, Kelly closed the door behind her. "Welcome home, Bree."

Sabrina smiled at her shyly at first, but then she let her face mirror what she was feeling at the moment and she gave Kelly a broad smile that reached her eyes in a way Kelly had never seen before. "Thanks." Kelly walked up to her and caressed her face.

"You are so beautiful."

"You make me beautiful." Sabrina responded solemnly.


"The way you described me back at the office…Kelly, is that how you really feel about me?" Inwardly, Sabrina was wondering if she was going to be capable of equaling Kelly's love, but she knew one thing and it was that she was never going to stop trying.

"It is the way you make me feel because that is the way you really are. I just hope that one day I can measure up." Kelly kept caressing Sabrina's face while speaking.

"Kelly, that day is today." Their eyes became entranced, seeing beyond flesh and bones and time.

Their past had been the building block of their relationship. The future would be theirs to be molded into whatever they wanted. Their present was pure ecstasy. Sabrina leaned forward and her lips brushed Kelly's, teasing them before claiming them fully. Her hands held on to Kelly's head letting her know that she wanted to really kiss her and Kelly very happily indulged her. Sabrina caressed the rosy lips with her tongue softly, like asking for permission to go beyond them and found herself being invited in without hesitation. They both were past being tentative around each other, knowing quite well what they both wanted and they both let it show in that kiss. When Sabrina demonstrated the need to take, Kelly surrendered, and when Kelly showed she wanted to have the luxury of just savoring the moment through tender passion, Sabrina allowed her to take her time. And they cheated their need to breathe dividing the kiss into smaller ones that allowed them to take breaths while their closed eyes created a world of unsurpassed intimacy. Kelly's knees became very weak as her lips were suckled, bit and licked, but she didn't conform herself with just receiving, giving Sabrina's mouth thorough exploration with her smooth tongue.

As if they were planning to let the kiss last forever Sabrina allowed Kelly to embrace her, but the goal was not to extend its longevity; they both knew what the kiss really meant. They knew there would be time later for a thousand kisses and much more, but right now it was about time lost and lost chances, about survival, about comprehension and forgiveness, succumbing fear, about trust and surrender. The dance was finally and truly over.

Slowly, their lips conceded to stop their union at last. Sabrina's thumbs caressed the porcelain like cheeks softly while Kelly just looked at her in pure wonder. A great sense of déjà vu washed over her, taking her back to the last time Sabrina had done that to her, when she had wiped away her tears while she waited for something that never came. "This is exactly how I wanted to answer your questions that night." Sabrina's words made Kelly gasp. "I think things would've turned out quite differently, don't you think?"

"Quite." Kelly was surprised that she could at least let that one word out because she was in shock. It didn't matter how much she had dreamt of kissing Sabrina she really had no idea the real thing was going to be so overwhelming and perfect. And the kiss was as full of emotion as the kiss they had shared in the prison, but at the same time it was so much more. Sabrina was not just a great kisser; she had to be the best kisser in the world. Kelly let her mind wonder about the extent of her friend's dexterity... Somehow her mind also made room for Sabrina's words. How different, how much better everything would've been if Sabrina had kissed her that night. She would've been saved from so much anguish and despair. But now it was all a thing of the past.

"Kelly?" Sabrina was very amused with the effect she was having on her partner.

"Yeah, quite." Kelly said in a daze.

"You already said that." This time Sabrina had to laugh. Kelly looked at her sharply and paused only for a second before she glued her lips to Sabrina's once again. Their second kiss was shorter than the first, but no less wonderful.

When Kelly's lips left Sabrina's she felt intoxicated and light headed. There was so much she wanted to experience, but she knew that it was not a good idea to put Sabrina through such exertion due to her condition, so she had to make the regretful decision of putting her needs on hold. "Bree, I think you should go change and go to bed to rest. You've been up for a while and you must be tired." Kelly glanced at her watch. "It is almost time for your medication. I'll go take a shower," Which I now desperately need. "…while you rest and then I'll cook something for both of us so you can take your medication. Okay?"

Sabrina squinted, considering the proposition while holding on to Kelly's waist. She was fairly sure of the reason why Kelly was holding back and decided to behave. "That's a good idea." She answered and let Kelly go. Kelly grabbed Sabrina's suitcase again and took it to her bedroom, urging Sabrina to follow her.

"Estás en tu casa. You know where everything is so make yourself at home. I mean, like I said, you are home." Kelly said while putting Sabrina's suitcase on the bed. Sabrina nodded, smiling at Kelly with grateful eyes. She took her red silk pajamas out of her suitcase and placed them on Kelly's pillow, then, she started to unbutton her shirt. Kelly's presence felt natural to her so Sabrina proceeded without a hint of shame. Her actions however, were causing Kelly some problems.

The brunette was observing Sabrina with a new sense of wonder and curiosity. She had seen her take her clothes off before, but now the experience was very different to her. Everything from that day on was going to be, feel and mean something different. Kelly saw Sabrina slide her shirt off her shoulders and she knew how true that was. She had to swallow when she saw her naked back. "I'll just go in here and take that shower now." Kelly's nervousness became more intense when she saw Sabrina with the intention of taking the rest of her clothes off to slip into something more comfortable as per her own instructions. Bree is getting naked in my bedroom! The shower was now practically screaming at her to jump in before it was too late. Kelly stumbled into the bathroom, closed the door and reclined against it heavily, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, but she found that the action was quite useless in times like this. She started to take her own clothes off to take a shower; a very cold shower.

Very little escaped Sabrina, but when it came to Kelly nothing escaped her. That was why she was shaking her head and laughing quietly at her jittery friend. But soon, her laughter ceased. Sabrina was ready to put on her red silk pajamas, but then placed them back on the bed, changing her mind. She was not as nervous as Kelly was, but she was definitely feeling the same needs. The kisses they shared were like taking a peek inside some sort of Pandora's Box of which she had the key. It was clear that Kelly wanted to wait because of her condition, but Sabrina wasn't about to let soreness and a little bit of pain get in the way of her being with Kelly, especially when she was sure that once in Kelly's arms that wasn't going to be an issue. Like the saying goes, 'Love Conquers All'. Making up her mind Sabrina finished getting undress and walked to the bathroom. She was going to open Pandora's Box and unleash in all its glory everything they both had been putting inside of it throughout the years.

Kelly didn't hear the bathroom door open; her head was under the shower spray. She was breathing rapidly, trying to brave the coldness of the water that was finally winning the battle against the heat emanating from her. When the shower curtain was slid aside Kelly almost jumped out of her skin. "Hold it!" Sabrina lifted her hand, the palm facing Kelly to keep her from saying a word. "It's me, not Jesus."

Kelly looked at Sabrina totally surprised, at first due to her presence in the bathroom, but then, she noticed her nakedness and even though it seemed impossible she opened her eyes even wider. "Sabrina, what are you doing?"

"A couple of things: First of all, I know what you're doing, and I'm grateful that you want to be so considerate and wait, but I'm fine, really. Plus, I've told you before, I'm not that patient. And second, I remember you saying something about how you and I taking a shower together in some forsaken prison was the closest we'd ever come to making love…I'd like to have the chance to erase that image from both our minds." Sabrina smiled and looked at Kelly with mischievous eyes, but Kelly was in shock again, seemingly unable to react. "But, if you don't want to…" Sabrina started to leave after her taunt.

"Are you crazy? Get in here." Kelly practically screamed when the naked beauty walking away broke the spell she was under. Sabrina turned around and her eyes engaged Kelly's with intensity. Playtime was over.

The first thing Kelly needed to do when Sabrina joined her in the shower was to bring the water to a decent temperature and when she turned around to do so Sabrina stepped closer and molded her body to hers, hugging her from behind. The quiet embrace became a scene of contrasts as the soon to be lovers' image blurred under the water descending like torrential rain over them, washing away fears and doubts, cleaning their souls of past disappointments, reviving the seeds of life and hope and love. The contrasts came from their position that looked so carnal, but its symbolism made it almost spiritual because of its commitment, its promise…It was indeed a joining of souls. Another parallel that seemed to quarrel was the way their bodies looked. One resembled purity, innocence…a white canvas waiting for an artist to write its story with the colors of life while the other was already a painting depicting a long road traveled and marked with the consequences of the occasional misstep. Only they knew the truth of how equal they were and how perfect for each other. Of how some bruises can't be seen because they're carried deep within and of how the ones on the outside can fade away, allowing a different story to be told. Of how what appeared to be innocence was merely calmness brought up by wisdom after living too much in too short a time, and missteps were the means to an eventual steady stride. Only they knew.

Sabrina extended her arm and grabbed the bar of soap. She rubbed it between her hands and then she started to apply it to Kelly's back in a sultry way. She let her hands travel the length of the beautiful back, all the way down to the waist and then make their way up again, but this time she chose Kelly's sides as her road. She repeated the cycle a couple more times. Kelly closed her eyes while enjoying the sensations Sabrina was causing her with her sensual touch. Kelly's arms were next in Sabrina's quasi ritualistic process, but when she reached the elbows she took the opportunity to snake her hands in between Kelly's arms and body, effectively enclosing her. The soapy hands started to move again, masquerading their exploration with the washing of the delicate and snowy skin. Sabrina's hands moved with delicate tempo over her love's navel and then, with measured adoration started to descend. Kelly's moans were elicited by the intrepid act. Sabrina stopped short of the place she most wanted to touch, but Kelly didn't have time to object the decision because Sabrina was merely responding to the beckoning of her breasts and as she started to wash them with diligent caresses her mouth moved to Kelly's shoulder and her teeth bit the skin playfully. More moans were escaping Kelly in guttural like fashion and Sabrina turned her around, pulled her from under the shower spray and kissed her in total abandon, swallowing them. Kelly allowed herself to be guided without even opening her eyes for her trust in Sabrina was absolute. Sabrina's fingers that were yet again exploring the tempting breasts ceased their actions when Sabrina's own breasts merged with Kelly's in their own ritual. Needing a new task, said fingers slid down Kelly's back again, both caressing and embracing.

Kelly grew tired with her own inaction and trapped Sabrina between her arms, pressing their naked bodies so close together that it was as if she was trying to get inside Sabrina, trying to make her one with her. The passionate woman opened her eyes to look at the woman she loved and the taller Angel, sensing her gaze, stopped the amorous attention she was paying to the luscious lips to look at her as well. Sabrina felt Kelly's hand traveling softly down her arm until she found what she was looking for. Taking the soap from Sabrina she prepared to duplicate her arousing actions.

Kelly's touch landed on Sabrina's skin with electrifying power in spite of its tenderness and Sabrina vibrated under it for her entire being was hungry for said touch. Kelly observed the image in front of her and her mind struggled, trying to decide where to send her trembling hands next while Sabrina's ever increasing body heat threatened to consume her. But, while Sabrina's eyes danced in anticipation Kelly's couldn't help but focus on the damage her friend's body had received. The bruises, which were very dark and in an array of colors, stretched, covering over forty percent of her torso, giving faith of the merciless attack she had been a victim of. Kelly had to shake her head mentally because she knew 'victim' was not a word that could be paired with the woman in front of her, especially not after learning the fate the women who had attacked her suffered. Still, it was not easy for Kelly to ignore the impact the sight had on her. She lifted her gaze, like trying to escape the image, only to find more of its vileness on Sabrina's face. Sabrina saw Kelly trying to avert her eyes and stopped wondering what Kelly's hesitation was about. She grabbed Kelly's hands and pushed them away slowly, shying away from her.

"If it bothers you we can wait until I don't look so-"

"No, Bree." Kelly cut her off while at the same time taking a firm hold of the very hands that suddenly were seeking distance. "I'm sorry I gave you that idea. It's not that at all." One of her hands cupped Sabrina's face to make her look into her eyes. "I'm in love with you and even with all those bruises I find you extremely sexy. What bothers me is the fact that this happened to you and I did nothing to prevent it. I hate that I couldn't help you, defend you…But I swear to God, I'm going to make you better. I'm going to love you until you forget what pain is. I want to be and I'm going to be your cure." Kelly pulled Sabrina to her, tenderly kissing the bruises on her face; her left eyebrow, her right cheek, the busted lip…and she kept descending along Sabrina's neck like a river rushing to meet the sea until she reached her breasts, and then further down to her abdomen where she devoted her lips to the loving task of erasing the awful memories of the fists that landed on her with brutality with new ones composed of soft kisses and unconditional love.

Sabrina breathed a sigh of relief at Kelly's words, but now the ministrations she was receiving were presenting her with a new ordeal; their surroundings were less than suitable for their present activity. "Kel, I think you should fulfill that promise in a more comfortable place, like say, your bed." The moment those lips abandoned her skin Sabrina regretted her own words.

"You're right." Kelly changed positions with Sabrina and pushed her under the shower head to rinse the soap off her. Sabrina had had a shower already when they were at her place gathering her things. She really didn't need to shower again, so as soon as she was free of the slippery substance Kelly handed her a towel and sent her out of the bathroom.

Was I just manhandled? Sabrina thought amused. "I'll be waiting for you. Don't take long." She incited sensually.

"Not a chance." Kelly winked at her and Sabrina left the bathroom to wait for the woman who was going to be the sculptress of her new life, whose love was so grand she knew the result would be nothing short of a masterpiece. She wished she could rush time.

It was rare, like the singing of a bird in the middle of the night, but it could happen; perfection could be reached, accomplished, obtained…be lived. Nothing and no one could at the moment convince Kelly of the contrary. Not when she had the proof within her grasp. She was tempted to pinch herself to make sure this was not another of her fantasies, but resisted. There was a far better way to test reality and it was to surrender to the feelings and sensations she was going to receive and give until her senses exploded. For that she only needed to take a couple of steps to the waiting arms of Sabrina Duncan.

The towel she was using to dry her hair joined Sabrina's on the floor by the foot of the bed forming an unimportant pile; the one covering her body was discarded with even less care. Very gently, as a falling leaf kissing the ground, Kelly descended her body on top of Sabrina's. She saw her close her brown eyes and feared she had hurt her, but her attempt at retreating was cut short when Sabrina pressed her to her completely. The tall brunette opened her eyes again and spoke to Kelly with soulfulness. "Now I welcome you home, my love." Not a second later her lips took possession of Kelly's.

In an out-of-body-like experience Kelly could see herself in her bed, finally in the arms of the woman she had loved and desired for so long and in secret, after having denied her own heart, after being consumed by the weight of an unfulfilled passion and the fear of never seeing her love returned Sabrina was hers at last. From now on she wouldn't have to dream of her love, to imagine her touch or dwell on what could not be…Sabrina was hers, only hers, forever hers. And I'm yours, Bree. Kelly's thoughts were invaded for a split second by the memory of Sabrina almost dying, making her doubt if she was indeed living reality, but Sabrina's kisses, her caresses and the heat of her body told her everything she needed to know. Kelly came back to all her senses unwilling to miss a second with the wonderful woman loving her and thought that they might be called 'Angels', but heaven would have to wait until they were done enjoying their own version of it.

However, it didn't matter how much she was enjoying herself, Kelly couldn't help listening to the warning voice that kept screaming in her ear. She decided to follow her instincts. "Thank you, Bree. You are my home, but, I don't want to break you the very first day. Let's be prudent about this. I think this is not the best position for you, even though I'm kind of enjoying being on top." Kelly said with a sassy smile. Sabrina raised her eyebrow at her, but ultimately decided she was right.

"Fine. It is practically preordained that I'd be on top anyway."

"What?" Sabrina took advantage of Kelly's perplexity and rolled her over until her body was under her. Kelly shook her shock and tried to speak. "What do you mean by pre-" Sabrina kissed her again not allowing her to protest.

"Kel, didn't you say you were going to be my cure?" Kelly could only nod because Sabrina was kissing her again. "Well, start curing, or should I get another doctor?" This time Kelly answered by pushing Sabrina off of her and making her rest on her side so they could face each other.

"I didn't know you were such a difficult patient. Lucky for you I am very devoted. Tell me where it hurts." Kelly purred, already tracing the contours of Sabrina's body. Sabrina closed her eyes, not wanting anything to distract her from what she was feeling. Kelly's hands kept exploring the slender body, and with each touch her knowledge of their effect grew. And she wanted to learn. She wanted to know how to touch her, how to tease her, excite her…make her fly. Suddenly Sabrina spoke to her; answering the question she had asked.

"With you in my life nothing hurts anymore." Sabrina opened her eyes and looked at Kelly with sincere adoration, trying to communicate the truth of her words. Kelly placed her left hand on Sabrina's neck and pulled her closer to kiss her deeply, and without missing a beat she slowly pushed her on her back again. The kiss deepened, growing in intensity, disarming them both of their inhibitions and giving free reign to their passion. Only partially on top of her, Kelly started making love to Sabrina with all the love, the hope and the passion she had been harboring in her heart for months. "Hey, what ever happened to the preorda-"

"Shut up, Bree!" Kelly pressed her lips to Sabrina's neck, feeling how life rushed through the vein under them. She provoked its pace to increase when the tip of her tongue tasted the caramel skin. Sabrina's body trembled. Every touch, every kiss or caress were rapidly taking her to new heights.

"Kel, I don't want to get there alone."

"I want to do this for you, Bree. You don't have to-"

"No Kelly, this road we travel together. I would never leave you behind." Sabrina's fingers disappeared within the long, dark hair and she trapped the tresses in her fists, perhaps as a way to convey that she was finally taking and she was never going to let go. Sabrina pulled Kelly to her and let her passion take over, consuming Kelly's mouth with such overwhelming kisses that they bordered on primal. But she received as good as she gave because Kelly needed her as much as she did Kelly. Sabrina was still holding on to the long hair and she pulled at it to make Kelly tilt her head back, leaving her neck exposed which she immediately proceeded to ravish. But her attack didn't last long because Kelly pulled back freeing herself from Sabrina's hold. However, she didn't move too far, but she did move quickly and pinned Sabrina's hands above her head. The taller Angel found herself suddenly imprisoned and about to be taken; the tables were turned on her.

Kelly pressed Sabrina's hands down a little bit harder, but just for a second, and then she released her. Sabrina understood what she wanted and remained in that position. Kelly hovered above the trim body considering her options, knowing well that the expectation alone was driving Sabrina crazy, but still she held back and made her wait. In the meantime she breathed Sabrina in, the aroma of her arousal was intoxicating and she knew she was going to be addicted to it for the rest of her life. Soon enough, Kelly's own arousal made her take action so she lowered her head to the sensitive breasts that waited for her.

The moment Kelly's warm mouth started to possess her body, Sabrina arched her back wanting to offer more of herself to her, needing even more of her touch. Kelly was more than happy to satisfy her and took her other breast in her hand, taunting and squeezing, feeding Sabrina's hunger. This time it was Sabrina's turn to moan and Kelly immediately discovered that she absolutely loved the sound and she wanted to hear more of it. Her lips traveled down the hot body under her, through the valley of Sabrina's breasts, making their way to her navel with painstaking worship, tasting the skin, memorizing the contours, teasing and pleasing, but above all trying to heal. Kelly became aware of the small tremors that were taking over Sabrina's body and she grinned, knowing well that they were her doing. Her hand was exploring simultaneously with her mouth, running rampant towards Sabrina's waist and hip. It was a territory without frontiers so Kelly continued to let it caress further down until it finally reached the source of the intoxicating aroma. To Kelly's pleasure Sabrina sang her approval so she made it her mission to stimulate more melodies to flow out of her, going deeper into the source where her caresses lingered, delighting in the warmth and the incredible softness engulfing her fingers, and adamant in giving her lover all of her devotion, to create a state of blissful ecstasy just for her. Sabrina's throaty moans let Kelly know that she was accomplishing her goal, but suddenly and to her surprise Sabrina made her stop touching her.

"Together, remember?" Kelly simply nodded and let Sabrina take over, who was already pushing her on her back and settling half on top of her like Kelly had done.

Already quite familiar with Kelly's lips and neck Sabrina went straight to the perfect and soft breasts which she had touched, but was yet to taste. After Kelly's loving treatment Sabrina had to make the extra effort not to be extremely indelicate, but she knew she was not succeeding entirely because Kelly had taken her too close to the edge. However, the other brunette didn't seem to mind, grabbing the covers with fury in one hand while the other held Sabrina's head in place in spite of the fact that the most sensitive part of her breast was being squeezed between sharp teeth and continuously slapped by Sabrina's tongue which sent shocks of electricity to her very core. The possessive bite became a kiss, then a lick, and then just gentle suckling, but it still managed to have the same electrifying effect. Kelly's other breast called to her and it only took Sabrina a few milliseconds to reach it; still, Kelly hated the wait, but then Sabrina started the ritual all over again increasing her overwhelming arousal, making the pause irrelevant.

The small bites, designed to tease or perhaps to mark her, continued to come in between hungry kisses and self indulging licks that savored the soft skin, leaving a trace of reddish spots from Kelly's breasts to her stomach and ultimately her thighs where they became butterfly-like kisses. Instinctively, Kelly took care of that last barrier in Sabrina's way at the closeness of her mouth, but Sabrina fought the temptation and moved up, choosing to kiss her instead. Yet, and quite promptly, Sabrina's audacious fingers accepted Kelly's offering, determined to compensate her surrender with as much dedication as Kelly had shown her, conquering the cradle of her passion with greedy and continuous thrusts until she took her to the threshold, but not allowing her to cross it, making them both equally ready.

After drowning Kelly in long moments of sweet torture Sabrina replaced her hand with her thigh while supporting her weight on her arms. Vibrant brown eyes concentrated on Kelly's communicating to her what she wanted her to do. As always, the rapport that existed between them and allowed them to understand each other without the need of words permitted the message to reach her loud and clear. Seconds later Kelly's own hand found itself submerged in Sabrina's folds again, and sustaining a powerful bond of love and trust with their eyes, their individual personas simply vanished.

Out of nowhere a new dance engulfed them and they danced…To the rhythm of their hearts, with the emotion of their passion, following a melody that was only for them. Their bodies swayed, leading and being led never missing a step, as if they had been rehearsing an eternity, giving the performance of their lives…And they laughed in the face of all that had tried to keep them apart on their way to the mountaintop they were reaching. They danced on, venturing to hope for ever after, freeing from the soul true laughter for it was love their song. Until at last, in a chorus of angelic voices, the last notes were sang in perfect unison and for a moment nothing else existed in heaven or earth but each other.

Sabrina let herself collapse next to Kelly and slowly, almost reluctantly, both started to descend from their bliss, completely entranced with what they had just experienced and the realization of what they had done. Their surrendering was absolute and amidst the ardor of their lovemaking both women witnessed a truth that fascinated them; they absolutely belong with each other. Their breathing trembled, heavy with exhilaration and emotion as carnal and sentimental needs were merged in each woman finally sated. After a few minutes of total silence Sabrina looked lovingly at Kelly, finally finding her voice. "I love you, Kelly Garret, and I think I never knew what making love was until just now." She took Kelly's hand in hers and squeezed it slightly. "You have made me believe in love again. Now I only need you to make me believe in forever." Sabrina's voice carried a hint of a plea, as if her words meant that this was her last chance at something tangible and everlasting; the real happiness that always seemed to evade her. She was tired of short and fruitless romances, of loves full of promises but meek foundations. She could never tell what was missing, but now there were no doubts in her mind that she had finally found everything she had been looking for and she didn't want to lose it…Ever. A tear, which couldn't get confused among Sabrina's sweat, rolled down her cheek and Kelly caught it with the tip of her index finger.

"I will, Bree. I will." Kelly deposited a tender kiss on Sabrina's temple and then she whispered softly to her. "You have also restored my faith." Kelly settled behind Sabrina and took her into her arms, spooning with her. Both her arms were around her protectively for Sabrina was her biggest treasure. There was no need for other reasons; she didn't need an explanation for she was at last at the point in her life where everything made perfect sense. Kelly never knew love like this and she made the silent commitment to always be by Sabrina's side, at a whisper's reach, to be her rock, her armor, her friend, but above all her eternal love. Their hearts' content was lulling them to sleep and they happily relented, and in their slumber the Angels' dreams were born anew because their last one was now and forever a reality.

The End

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