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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 5

Kelly and Kris sat together at a table by themselves. It was unclear who was avoiding who; the other inmates avoiding them or them, avoiding the other inmates. Either way they preferred it that way. Kris looked around the large room trying not to make eye contact with anybody, unable to find what she was looking for. "She's still not here."

"I know. Maybe they decided to make the transfer at night. Less complications, I guess." To Kris Kelly's respond sounded as if the circumstance was not given enough importance. She just stared at her food, probably wondering about the nutrition value of the pale pile of goop as Kris immediately dubbed it.

"Doesn't it bother you that we won't be able to have practically any contact with Sabrina while in here?" Kris couldn't believe Kelly would be so mad at Sabrina to let it cloud her judgment to the point of not caring about her. Kelly met her eyes. The question caught her by surprise and she wondered if the hurt she felt had gotten the best of her. There was a reason why Kris had felt compelled to ask the question.

"Of course it does, Kris. We'll find a way to contact her, to share the information we gather, and to make sure she is safe." The heartfelt answer reassured Kris immensely. "Hey, seven o'clock." Kelly lowered her eyes pretending to enjoy her dinner, while Kris very discretely turned to look at whatever Kelly had pointed out. Sure enough and quite easily her eyes found her target. Janet Eastwood, Sandy Whitman's ex-cellmate, was having her dinner a few feet away from them.

"Should we go talk to her?" Kris resumed playing with her food, not really relishing the unsavory menu.

"No. I'll do it. In my experience these women are always reluctant to talk, especially after what happened to Sandy. She might respond better if only one of us approaches her."

"You can also use the fact that you look a little like Sandy to your advantage." Kelly nodded her agreement. "How are you going to do it?"

"I'm pissed off at you and I need some space." Kris contorted her facial expression to make room for both pain and panic, and Kelly was reminded once more of the big difference between working with her and working with Sabrina who always seemed to understand the plan, sometimes even without discussing it. She looked at Kris pointedly, hoping her brain would caught up with the idea. After a few too many seconds, Kris closed her eyes and gave a sigh of relief finally getting what Kelly had meant.

"Space. Right." Kris felt her cheeks get hot with embarrassment. Kelly took her food tray and stood up, not able to offer any solace at the moment. She needed to act before letting the opportunity of such casual situation pass her by. Kris couldn't hold it against her, in fact, she admired how professional Kelly was despite her own problems.

"I swear, if I'd stayed one more second I would've punched her face in." Janet Eastwood looked around her, wondering where the angry brunette had come from.


"It took two of us to screw up the whole thing. Not just me. You partake of the loot and you partake of the blame. Pompous…If you weren't the only family I have left…" Kelly continued with her babbling, trailing off here and there to make as less sense as possible, all the while ignoring the other woman on purpose.

"What the hell are you talking about? Who are you talking about? And while you're at it, who are you?" Kelly finally met the other woman's eyes, pretending to realize for the first time that she was there.

"Oh, sorry-"

"Never mind sorry. Just answer the questions." Janet snapped at Kelly cutting her off.

"That blonde over there, she's my cousin, and she exasperates me to my boiling point sometimes." Janet's sympathy was far from making an appearance judging by her less than favorable frown, but Kelly went ahead. "We were caught doing something illegal. I mean, obviously," Kelly demonstrated the room with her left hand to make her point. "…fraud to be precise, but she acts like it was solely my fault. I say, she did half the deed so she is as guilty as me. Am I right? What really gets me is that she accepts her part in this, and then just goes and changes her mind. As if that could erase what she did. Why did I have to inherit the responsibility?"

"Third question." Janet stated surprisingly calmed after having a look at the proclaimed exasperating blonde.

"What? Oh! My name is Elizabeth, Elizabeth Lewis. And my pain for life is Jessica Lewis. Sorry for interrupting your dinner so abruptly, which you apparently do like." Kelly couldn't believe that Janet had finished all her food.

"It grows on you whether you like it or not."

"I'm afraid that it may kill me before it grows on me. I don't think my sentence is long enough for that to happen." Not yet a smile, but it was getting there. Kelly however smiled freely.

"If you want I can beat some sense into her. You know, hammer the point home." Janet looked more than ready to proceed at that very moment.

"What? No!" Kelly answered genuinely worried, fearing she had taken things too far in her berating of Kris.

Janet's laugh reached Kris' ears and she smiled conspiratorially. Reel her in, Kel, reel her in. She thought proud of her partner.

"Oh," Kelly said relieved. "…you were kidding. Because I complaint a lot, but I do love her. I kind of have to."

"If you change your mind look me up." Janet took her empty tray and left the table. The ice was broken which was all Kelly needed to work her way up to more important topics later on. Mission accomplished. Now, I think I owe someone an apology.

The redhead woman couldn't be more satisfied with the new inmate. She had arrived late, but just in time to save her from another fruitless day of one insignificant woman after another. This woman, she noticed from where she was sitting, was strong and spirited. She could tell they were on a collision course that would unravel something grand, and she couldn't wait to taste it. Of course, like many times before, she would have to work the new beauty into a willing fountain of endless rivers of ecstasy. Looking down at the file of the new transfer she read the details that had paved the way of the beautiful woman to her. Interesting. You'll need a lot of reeducation. Just as I like it.

Cain, the female guard that had received Kelly and Kris, was preparing to take her new charge through the routine of showering, sanitizing and dressing when she was called back by the redhead. "Hold on, Cain. I'll take care of this one."

"Whatever you say, Becker." Cain gave the prisoner a knowing look and then left the room.

"So, it says here that your name is Lisa Meyer and that you have the habit of behaving quite badly." Becker roamed Sabrina's body from head to toe appreciatively.

"I've been behaving quite well for the last three and a half years." Sabrina said smugly.

"You've been in jail for the last three and a half years, darling." Becker said truly amused with Sabrina's attitude.

"You see? There's proof." Sabrina smiled as if she had gotten away with something. Becker walked up to her, so close she was that Sabrina had the misfortune of having to smell her. When she spoke next her voice sounded like a purr.

"What I'm interested in it's you, proving to me, that you can behave even better here." For the second time, at least that Sabrina knew of, the green eyes of the other woman traveled the length of her body with leisurely.

Instead of responding, Sabrina decided to adopt a defiant air, preferring to be punished than to make a deal with the devil after barely ten minutes of her arrival. The green eyes, the braided red hair reaching pass the shoulder blades, and white complexion of the other woman made her extremely attractive. She was tall, slender, and surprisingly feminine. Her body had more curves that one would usually find on a prison guard, and it looked athletic and strong. She obviously was also a bully. The attention Sabrina was getting from her unnerved her to no end, and she instantly knew she had another reason to watch her back.

Becker let out a small laugh. She loved to be challenged. It was easy to take on challenges. This was her jail, her domain. After the Warden, she was the second in command and even he followed her lead more often than his own. "Not to worry, Kitten. I'll help you reach the perfect level of manners needed to survive in this place." A very subtle threat if Sabrina ever heard one. Becker took Sabrina by the elbow and led her to another room. Sabrina's spirit took a hit as she realized it was a shower room. Not only did she know what was coming; she had to do it in front of the dreadful woman. If things start this way, I don't want to even think about how they are gonna end. "You know the drill, Kitten, clothes off and a shower. Then we'll see if we can find some clothes that can do justice to that body of yours." Sabrina wondered why the guard was using subterfuge to pay her the unrequited compliment when she had been undressing her so blatantly for the last five minutes. Besides, who ever heard of prison clothes making anybody look good?

"Don't I get some privacy?" Sabrina ventured.

"Why do you think I sent the others away, Kitten?"

"Would you stop calling me kitten?" Her anger was palpable in her voice.

"Shower, and take your time. I'm not in a hurry." Fine, make me go through this, but I so hope you are one of the people we're after, because then, we'll have a real party. Sabrina's anger fueled her to go ahead and do what she needed to do, as fast as she could to not give the other woman the satisfaction of seeing her naked longer than it was absolutely necessary. To her relief however, Becker walked out of the room.

Sabrina finished her shower but couldn't find a towel to cover her nakedness; she was willing to forgo the drying herself part. Becker came back into the room and to Sabrina's derision she was holding a towel between her extended arms, like waiting for her to run into them. "Could you throw me the towel?"

"Do you know how long a prisoner spends in solitary for attacking a guard? One week, sometimes two. Of course, if the guard is me, it could be a whole month." Sabrina knew Becker was trying to prevent her from acting against whatever she had planned, and if she wasn't there to do a job she would gladly spend a month or two in solitary. Unfortunately, under the circumstances, her hands were tied.

Becker must have taken her silence as submission because she risked approaching her. But, as soon as the towel was within her reach, Sabrina all but ripped it away from the guard's hands. "Your shyness will go away eventually. Open your towel; it's time for you to be sprayed." From a locker that was against the wall, the guard produced a little brownish tank with a short hose and a nozzle. Sabrina did as told noticing that Becker didn't pay her as much attention as before while spraying her. She didn't ponder why, she just counted her blessings. "Follow me, Meyer." The sudden lack of interest alerted Sabrina to a change in the other woman's tactics. It was a game that the guard was making her reluctantly play.

Now in the other room Becker quickly looked for Sabrina's new clothes and threw them to her. "Get dressed, and you can go behind that curtain over there. I believe you were asking for privacy." Sabrina grabbed the clothes and didn't spare her a glance. When she was done she thought that it had never felt so good to be fully clothed.

What didn't feel good however was to be suddenly yanked and thrown against the wall. She hardly had time to protect her face when her body was pinned forcefully, keeping her in place. Becker was using her entire body to obtain immobility, and grabbing Sabrina's hair she forced her head back painfully. Becker's left hand was groping Sabrina's side, from her breast to her buttock. "Do you feel that, Meyer? One day, very soon, you will be asking for this. You are at my mercy now. You'll live or die by my word, and I promise you, I'll tame you."

Sabrina, who had her hands pinned palms first against the wall from when she kept her face from smashing against it, gathered all her strength and pushed back, not really surprised when she was freed of the unwelcome weight. Becker had to fight hard to regain her balance while at the same time resizing the woman whose strength she had so obviously misjudged. A cynical laughter filled the room. Becker was no longer interested in attacking but Sabrina was not about to let her guard down.

"You sent for me, Becker?" Cain came into the room unable to read the situation.

"Yes. Take Meyer here to her cell. She is ready to have some rest, and put her with Stefano. It's been so long since her last friend." Cain gave Sabrina another knowing look and she had the feeling that her new cellmate was going to be the punishment for her actions. As Cain took Sabrina out of the room Becker stared at her. Now, this one has spirit. And it is my job to break it.

"Wake up, Stefano. Look what I have here. The newest member of our big house, and she is all yours." As soon as the cell door was opened Cain shoved Sabrina inside. Stefano looked quite mad, but she directed her hateful stare at Cain. "Have fun." After locking the cell she left immediately.

Stefano stood up sizing Sabrina up, but Sabrina didn't move an inch. She couldn't show any weakness. After all, she was supposed to be the new tough cookie on the block. Stefano was as tall as her and had more or less the same body type. She had short, dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and her skin was pale, almost sickly pale. The hard look she was giving before was no longer there, and instead of charging Sabrina as she was half expecting, she spoke softly.

"I'm used to the lower bunk. You take the upper one. Don't get on my case and I won't get on yours. Do you need any help getting up there?" Sabrina couldn't believe her ears.

"Ah, no. I'm good." She looked the way the guard had gone and then back at her cellmate. "I thought-"

"I no longer do their dirty work for them. You and I will be fine as long as-"

"I don't get on your case." Sabrina finished for her.

"You see? We're already getting along just fine." Without another word Stefano went back to sleep leaving a very relieved Sabrina alone in the dark. A break! A rare thing that I will not question. I hope Kelly and Kris' welcome was not as eventful.

Resting her body on her temporarily new bed Sabrina closed her eyes, trying to forget what had just happened to her. Her mind drifted effortlessly to Kelly, and how exactly she was going to fix their shattered relationship. At the moment, only their professional liaison was keeping them together. Timing had become a relentless enemy for her lately, and it was still winning. Instead of being able to take Kelly on a nice dinner so they could have the most important talk of their lives, here they were in prison, unable to admit they knew each other, let alone talk about how they felt. Sabrina let out a long sigh. I'm not giving you up, Kel. I have an answer for you. I just hope I get the chance to give it.

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