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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 7

"Antonio Ramirez has been arrested a couple of times for possession, but never convicted. He doesn't own the warehouse he led you to yesterday. The owner is Lester Wolf, a suspected major drug dealer from San Francisco. The police have been after him for years but they can never gather enough evidence to put him out of business." Charles Townsend read from the pile of files in front of him. John Bosley, his colleague and friend, was sitting across from him also with a few files resting on his lap.

"And now he's maybe trying to bring his dirty business to Los Angeles." Bosley commented.

"I'm afraid so, Bosley."

"Could he be the one who provided the drugs that killed the two prisoners?"

"It's possible. I think you should go back to that warehouse today and see what kind of activity can be seen during the day." Charlie closed the file and put it aside.

"Of course. Charlie, what about those other license plates I told you about?"

"I'm still receiving information on some of them, but from the information I have so far I've already found a pattern. All the vehicles are registered under the names of very rich and prominent men, and a few of them are lawyers that work for District Attorney Gallagher." Bosley took the files on his lap and put them on Charlie's desk.

"The license plates I investigated shed the same results, but I'm not surprised, those cars were top of the line. And Charlie, you should have seen that mansion. Whoever owns it is really loaded." Bosley became pensive. "What could be happening in there? You don't suppose they are all involved in drug dealing, since Antonio Ramirez was there last night and he could be working for Lester." Bosley had been following Tony all day long and was intrigued with how a man like him could go from a warehouse that looked to be holding together thanks to cobwebs to a multimillion mansion full of riches. He couldn't believe that drug dealing was so weaving.

"I find that unlikely. Drug dealing is a very competitive business and all these men are from Los Angeles. There's no much room to make a profit. But I have the feeling that whatever it is could be as bad, or even worse. As for the mansion itself I still haven't found who owns it. It's as if the paperwork had disappeared." Charlie was sure that Gallagher or any of the lawyers under him had somehow manipulated the paperwork to make sure the owner or owners could not be traced.

"We have to find a way to get in there if we are to find out what is going on." Bosley said eager to uncover the truth.

"I'll make some calls and see what I can do."

"Charlie, what about the contact for the Angels?"

"Getting into position as we speak." Charlie saw that Bosley was very concerned about the three women that had become like a family to him and tried to reassure him, feeling exactly the same way. "Don't worry, Bosley. The Angels know how to take care of themselves, and I was serious when I said that I'll pull them out if necessary."

"I know, Charlie. I just wish there wasn't so much concrete and steel between them and us."

"Me too, John, me too."

It was another sunny day in Los Angeles, perfect for swimming and enjoying all sorts of outdoors activities. And she would, except that she couldn't overcome the fact that she was in prison nor she could avoid doing what she was about to do.

Walking around the basketball court Sabrina observed the women around her, trying to identify the marking characteristics that governed their small society. The point of her little social study was to find out who behaved like a lamb, and who like a predator. Once she did that, she then needed to find a way to become part of the predators' group, and she was not looking forward to doing so. Thank you, Charlie Townsend.

Sabrina divided her dreaded task with a search of more important connotations. She discretely looked at the women, close and far, but there was no sign of the face she most wanted to see. However, it didn't take long for her to find some of the tough and ruthless women that proclaimed themselves the rulers of the rest. More accurately, they found her. The basketball hit Sabrina squarely on the chest, too hard to have been an accident. "Hey!" She protested as she saw three women approaching her.

"Sorry, love, didn't see you there." The taller of the three said half smiling, in a clearly hypocrite way. A long scar marred the left side of her face, from the corner of her eye to the corner of her mouth. Her black pony tail reached her waist and her skin was the color of mocha.

Sabrina knew they were testing the waters with her, needing to make her understand who was boss as early as possible. It was an understanding that for the sake of the case she could not reach. She picked up the ball from the floor. "If your eyesight is so bad maybe you shouldn't be playing basketball. It is a game of precision, you know. You wouldn't want to look like an inept out there." Sabrina countered with a smile as insincere as the one she had been given. She threw the ball back at the woman with only enough force to let her know that she was not going to be an easy mark.

The other woman caught the ball just in time to prevent it from hitting her on the face, which had lost its amused expression to be replaced by a frown. The other two women were also frowning at Sabrina, not liking at all that she was standing up to them. "Ooh, careful Rita, she's tough."

"I tell you what, if you apologize right now for calling me inept, I won't have to break your little neck." As soon as she said it she threw the ball back at Sabrina trying to hit her on the chest again, but Sabrina swatted the ball away from them all putting an end to the annoying exchange. The other two women flanked Sabrina on either side. Around them, the other prisoners that were closest to them and saw what was happening, started to gather in a semi circle, close enough to see but far enough that it was clear that they didn't want to get involve.

Kris and Kelly were on another section of the prison yard, trying to keep to themselves, discussing when and how to make contact again with Janet Eastwood who was in their line of view. Both noticed how little by little the other inmates started to walk, almost rush to the other side of the yard, including Janet. Wanting to find out what was going on they followed suit. The semi circle had grown too thick to allow them to pass through, so they decided to walk away from the crowd hoping to have a better point of view. Kelly saw that Janet had had the same idea and used the still unknown event as an excuse to go talk to her with Kris not far behind. "She is gonna get it now. I almost feel sorry for her."

"What?" Kelly asked Janet who directed the comment at her without looking away from whatever she was looking at.

"Elizabeth!" Kris pulled Kelly's arm to make her look in the direction of the basketball court. An 'Oh my God' almost escaped Kelly's lips when she saw Sabrina being surrounded by three women who apparently wanted to hurt her. She saw as one of them tried to unsuccessfully hit her with a basketball. Kelly looked at Kris who clearly shared her anguish. Neither could do anything about the situation if they wanted the charade to work. As Charlie had said, they needed to maintain their covers. But they had no idea how difficult it was going to be for them to not be there by their partner's side at that moment, and who knew how many other moments to come.

Sabrina glanced quickly at the ever growing crowd, doing a double take when she saw Kelly and Kris at the far side of it. She wasn't prepared for the rush of emotions that the sight of Kelly provoked in her, but she managed to mold them into a powerful determination that invigorated her. She turned her attention back to the menacing prisoner in front of her. "I'm not in the habit of apologizing for stating the truth." Sabrina said, standing her ground once more.

Almost immediately Rita charged her with the intention of connecting her right fist to Sabrina's left cheek with enough force to break her jaw, but she wasn't prepared for the speed or the strength of the much thinner woman. Sabrina, who had been studying Rita's eyes, knew the precise moment the other woman was going to attack. She positioned herself sideways and bent her knees, at the same time forming the letter E of the sign language with her right hand as hard as she could and backed by the weight of her entire body she sent a precision blow that connected with the other woman's sternum, each one of her four knuckles hitting their target. Rita's fist lost its purpose halfway to Sabrina's face.

For a few moments nobody moved or said anything. They just watched as Rita bent down grabbing her chest, trying to catch her breath. Her face was completely red and it was obvious that she was in a lot of pain. All of a sudden, as if they were all one mind, the women looked from Rita to Sabrina who was still very alert and in a fighting stance. Everyone was surprised that she was able to practically neutralize Rita with just one blow, but not happy. For them it just meant that there was another bully they needed to watch out for. But Rita's companions were unhappy the most and once the initial shock wore off they charged Sabrina at the same time, each holding her firmly by one arm.

Kelly felt a tight grip on her forearm and looked down to see that it was Kris holding her back for the second time. She knew what she needed to do, she knew she couldn't help Sabrina, but that was a conscious decision that her heart couldn't understand or wanted to obey. Kris and she had been amazed with Sabrina's prowess, but they weren't sure how she was going to get out of her current situation. If they hurt her I'm going to kill them. The case be damned.

Rita finally regained her composure enough to become a threat again, especially with her friends holding on to a struggling Sabrina. No mattered how much she tried, she just couldn't get loose of their tight grip. Rita smiled like a devil about to rip off an angel's wings. "You shouldn't have done that. I'm going to make you pay for it until you beg me to stop, and then my friends will have a go." Rita started walking to her and Sabrina braced herself for what was coming, already planning her next defensive moves.

"Nobody touches her. Nobody! No one touches her." Rita and her two bully friends recognized the voice. Rita stopped in mid attack, but the others didn't let go of Sabrina.

The crowd of women started to move, making way for the woman who had spoken. Not only enough space for her to pass through but a human corridor so wide that it was as if the woman was infected with some fatal decease that no one wanted to catch. Her stride was ample thanks to her long legs, and the muscles of her arms glistened under the morning sun since her shirt had the sleeves ripped out. In fact, her entire body spoke of an enthusiasm for weight lifting, giving her an impressive posture; like an Amazon. Her brown hair was curly and long, and her eyes were dark and cold. Her skin was perfectly tanned. It was as if she was the permanent resident of some kind of gym and spa instead of being a convict like the rest of them.

She at last reached the trio of aggressors and their would be victim, not saying a word, just taking her time to look at Sabrina, like she was engraving her face into her memory. After what seemed like ages she spoke. "Ms. Lisa Meyer, I was hoping to meet you under better circumstances, but I see that Rita here couldn't wait to make your acquaintance." The woman threw a hard look at Rita making her shy away, and then at the other two still holding Sabrina who immediately released her.

"And now she knows me more than she wanted to." Sabrina's gutsy attitude didn't falter her.

"Now Lisa, don't think that just because I didn't let them beat you up today that I won't let them do it tomorrow." The woman said warning her.

"And who are you? How do you know my name?"

"I'm Renee and I know all. What you should learn is that in here I'm the law. Everyone has a place and some places are more important than others. Your place is yet to be decided." Renee walked closer to Sabrina but not in a menacing way. "Come talk to me tomorrow, around this time. I'll decide then." She turned around and left. Rita and the others followed her without the need to be told. The crowd was next, dispersing as if it had never been.

Now that she was practically alone Sabrina finally allowed herself a moment of weakness letting out a sigh of relief. Her eyes desperately tried to find Kelly again, but she was gone. To contrast the positive effect seeing her for the first time that day had had, her absence sent a dagger to Sabrina's heart painfully wounding it. She wanted to believe that Kelly left because she had to and not because she didn't want to see her. Despite that thought she couldn't help feeling terribly abandoned.

"I can't believe she got away with that. Rita must be fuming like a rabid dog." Janet talked about the incident they all witnessed as if it was something of great importance and Kris had the impression that maybe it was. By the looks of it, it was not a common thing for anybody to stand up to that gang and she doubted that whoever did would still be around to tell the tale. Or maybe they were, in silence and submissive after a lesson painfully learned. She hated the fact that Sabrina was there to do just that.

"She was lucky though, if Renee hadn't come when she did…" Janet trailed off sure that the rest was quite obvious. Kris listened to her and wondered how long it would take Janet to realize that she was the only one paying her any attention.

Force of habit took Kelly through the motions of walking, and the route came courtesy of her two companions because consciously, she couldn't let anything else into her mind at the moment. She was bombarding herself with questions that to her perceptions were being asked too late. Did they really know what they were getting themselves into? Were they prepared to face all the adversities? Did they consider how much danger they were going to be in? Was it really reasonable to be working apart and without backup? In a place like this of all places! Kelly decided that the answer to all those questions was a rotund no, but since they were already inside it didn't matter anymore. Except that it did matter and that's why the questions were too late. Not to mention the answers.

Seeing Sabrina about to be hurt put the whole case into perspective for her. It put their whole relationship into perspective. Not only was she keen more than ever to solve the case as soon as possible, she also no longer cared if Sabrina didn't love her. Kelly had felt such fear for the woman she loved, fear of losing her with such finality, that she realized that she could live without her love, but not without her presence. She cast aside her plans of leaving the agency, of leaving Sabrina and the painful memory of a love not realized forever behind, because she now knew that the tall brunette was so deep inside of her that there was no place she could go where she could possibly escape her. If Sabrina indeed didn't return her love, she just would have to learn how to live sweetly wounded by her side because she needed her in her life. Like I've been doing all this time, my love.

"…eager to go there, why is that?" Janet raised her eyebrows at Kris questioningly when the woman she knew as Elizabeth once again remained silent.

"Elizabeth doesn't react well to violence." Kris answered Janet while discretely pinching Kelly's thigh. "I always say that she must have a Mother Theresa complex, trying to help those in need." Kelly gathered by what little she heard that Janet was intrigued with her urge to go help Sabrina.

"Really? And yet you deceived people so you could steal their money. Ain't that a contrast?"

"Yes, but there was no violence involved." Kelly responded curtly, not welcoming the other woman's pass of judgment, forgetting for a moment that she was innocent either way.

In reality, she was upset with the woman for making her leave the yard after the fight ended. Janet, as all the rest did, lost interest in the situation once the matter was resolved, and started to leave the yard involving her and Kris in a conversation that took them away from Sabrina, and they reluctantly went with her. They were doing a job and Janet was part of the case they were investigating. Which meant Kelly couldn't show she cared, she couldn't run to Sabrina to make sure she was fine; she couldn't take her in her arms and ask for her forgiveness for not having been there by her side. The only thing she could do, was expected to do, was to not give a damn, and she felt trapped. Kelly laughed inwardly at the irony. Here she was in jail, but for all its walls and steel bars she was only a prisoner of her own lie; confined within the walls of pretense.

Janet didn't react to the sudden curtness in Kelly's voice, perhaps due to a skin thickened by prison life. "That's fine and dandy, but in here playing the Good Samaritan can cost you dearly."

"What I want to know is why the guards didn't intervene. Aren't they supposed to try and diffuse any potentially dangerous situation?" Kris asked Janet, bothered by the lack of security.

"Ha! Only a riot would make those bastards get their hands dirty, and it would only be to rescue their own necks. Disorderly conduct of that magnitude could only attract the wrong kind of attention, which they don't like around here. But as you may have noticed, these women are not riot people. Besides, that one is not worth it. I hear she's a murderer and no doubt she deserves all that comes her way. Anyway, I've got kitchen duty now. See ya around."

Her hasty departure didn't allow Janet to see the reaction her words provoked. Kris squeezed Kelly's hand to keep her from saying anything that could jeopardize their investigation. Kelly looked at Kris relenting, and took a deep breath to calm her anger. "Let it go, Kelly. Remember that you have to work with her to find out what she knows."

"I know." Kelly said grinding her teeth. Several deep breaths later they both reported to be assigned their duties.

Chief guard Becker neared the opened cell that at the moment looked like a conference room. In the middle of the group, comfortably sitting on her bed was Renee. "Leave us." At her words the small group of women immediately left, sensing the guard's anger. Once they were completely alone Becker addressed Renee. "I thought we had an agreement?"

"We do." Renee answered simply.

"Then, what the hell were your girls doing? Didn't you explain to them what I wanted?" Renee stood up, towering over the other woman.

"I think that that was precisely the problem. I guess Rita took to heart being replaced so soon." The explanation for the behavior of the rogue convict only served to make Becker even angrier.

"I don't give a rat's ass if she cries herself to sleep over this. Just keep her away from Meyer, or I swear you'll all pay the consequences."

"Now look, Becker-"

"No, you look, Renee. Whatever power you have around here it's because I gave it to you and I can take it away. So don't mess this up. Keep Rita away from Lisa Meyer." One final angry look to make her point was directed at Renee before she left the jail cell.

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