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Anniversary Plans
By sofia_lindsay


Part 2

Across the room, Tom stood with Jacobi and Claire completely engrossed with the scene. While Claire had somewhat of a 'Proud Mother' look on her face, the two men were in a state of confusion.

"Tom, what is with Lindsay and those two?" Jacobi asked while not taking his eyes off the women.

"I have no idea. If I didn't know better, I would say Jill and Cindy were hitting on Lindsay."

"Well Tom, you can't exactly say you blame them, can you? After all, she is your ex-wife." Claire butted in, trying not to grimace at how unaware the two men were.

Tom smiled, "Exactly. My ex-wife. All the evidence you need."

Jacobi smiled, "Now I know why you have a desk job. If you think that's all the evidence you need, how in the hell did you ever get your shield?!"

Tom opened his mouth to reply just to close it and quickly walk into his office. Cindy watched him, and then quickly made up her mind to follow.

"I need a favor and don't know who else to ask since she trusts you for some reason unknown to all of us." Cindy quickly blurted out as soon as the door shut.

The Lieutenant looked up from his desk to see a fidgeting reporter looking at him with puppy-dog eyes. Seeing that she had his attention, Cindy continued. "Jill, Lindsay and I are going away for a girls' only weekend, but she won't leave Martha with just anyone. Claire is going to her in-laws, so she's out of the question, and there is no way in Hell we're taking Martha with us but Lindsay won't leave her with just anyone."

Finally seeing where he fit into the picture, Tom grimaced, "So let me guess. You want me to watch Martha while you girls are having a weekend of fun in the sun?"

Obviously taking them out of context, Cindy blushed at his words and nodded.

"I don't think that is a good idea. Heather and I want kids, and Lindsay will make sure that never happens if I dog-sit her mutt." Seeing the reporter's lips form into a pout and her lower lip quiver, he relented. "Fine, just don't blame me when she hates you."

A smile lit up Cindy's face as she thanked Tom and literally ran out of his office to collide with Lindsay.

"I have a sitter for Martha!!"

Lindsay's eyes narrowed, "Please tell me that, and the fact you just came out of my ex-husband's office is just an odd coincidence."

Biting her lower lip, Cindy replied in a small voice, "Um…well, you trust him with your life, so I thought you'd trust him with Martha."

Without saying another word, Lindsay glanced at her watch and upon seeing she had been off the clock for two hours and knowing the rest of the office was emptying out, grabbed the reporter's arm, steered her to Jill's office.

Jill looked up when her door was slammed closed and her younger lover was pushed inside and shoved up against it roughly. Leaning back, she smiled. "Ah. My very own personal porn movie starring the loves of my life. Just the way to end a long day."

Part 3

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