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Anniversary Plans
By sofia_lindsay


Part 5

After calling Jacobi to let him know she was taking the night off, Lindsay drove herself to the closest bar she knew. She knew he would come looking for her, but was hoping she would be drunk by then. Walking into the bar, she sighed heavily as she flopped down on a stool.

"What'll it be?" The bartender asked with a sympathetic smile.

Knowing she'd regret it later, she replied dejectedly, "Jack and Coke. And keep them coming."

Sure enough, Jacobi found Lindsay on her third (or was it fourth?) drink. Sitting down next to her, he signaled the bartender to cut her off.

"Lindsay, is there a good reason you're drinking yourself stupid in a bar?"

"Yep. There's a good reason. Or at least I think it's a good reason. Jill and Cindy won't think it's a good reason when I don't come home tonight, but they'll get over it 'cause I think it's a good reason. Wow… I think there were too many good reasons in that sentence. Oh well, it's still a good reason."

Jacobi sighed; this was going to be harder than he thought. Lindsay was just drunk enough for her Texan drawl to become more prominent as she said anything that popped into her mind, yet make absolutely no sense whatsoever to him.

"What do Jill and Cindy have to do with you not going home tonight?"

"'Cause they think I'm out fuckin' Tom." The expressionless way Lindsay replied would have made Jacobi laugh had he not been trying to figure out why the two women would care if she were, in fact, sleeping with her ex.

"Why would they care?"

"Cause I'm supposed to be fuckin' them right now and usin' my cuffs." Again, it was an emotionless, straight-faced reply. Jacobi was torn between taking her to the nearest emergency room to make sure her drink hadn't been spiked and going ahead with his questioning as if they discussed this sort of thing daily.

"What makes you think you are supposed to be sleeping with them?"

"'Cause I have for the past year." Lindsay's mind was swimming, and she could have sworn she was explaining something to a two-year old.

"Lindsay, are you saying the three of you are…lovers?"

"Duh! Or at least we were 'til they accused me of bein' in love with Tom." Lindsay's eyes welled up with unshed tears that she made no attempt to hide.

Jacobi saw the tears, and knew he was one of the few people to ever see Lindsay Boxer completely unguarded and heartbroken. He also knew better than to try to console the younger woman. Deciding he liked drunken Lindsay better than controlled Lindsay, he shrugged.

"Are you?"

"Not anymore." She looked at him and with an almost childish voice continued, "I love two people. Tom is not one of 'em. I didn't tell 'em that before I left and now I can't go home 'cause they're mad at me."

"Lindsay, all couples have fights. People get mad. You should know, after all, how many times have you locked up Cindy when you're mad at her? Now get up, I'm taking you home to your woman…er, women." Gripping her arm, he threw down a handful of dollars to cover her tab and steered her to the door and to his car.

To Be Continued

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