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Another Boring Day in the Life of our Two Favourite Hotties
By jay357


"What is this?!" B'Elanna was furious. She couldn't believe that this stupid Borg again had come into her engine room to annoy the hell out of her. And now there was a power surge of the kind that made her squirm and want to scream in happiness. Engineering now had ten percent more power available, and she had no clue why.

"What the fuck is this?!" She screamed again. She knew the Borg was behind this, but she couldn't be thankful. This stupid Borg came into her territory, playing with her toys. That was SO not acceptable! She stormed onto the upper deck, seeing a familiar aloof being standing there, playing with her consoles.

"Borg! What the heck are you doing to my engine room?! I don't need your Borg efficiency here!"

"I was simply trying to surprise you, Lieutenant."

"Yeah, well, you succeeded, now would you mind telling me where all this energy comes from?!" B'Elanna quickly walked over to the blonde, pushing her slightly aside, ignoring the annoyed look on the Borg's face.

"I corrected some fluctuations, rerouted the power route and realigned minor electron routes."

"Yeah, right…" B'Elanna was out of her mind, she couldn't believe that this Borg indeed had managed to gain ten percent more power by doing only minor corrections. She simply stared at the Borg, not believing that this irritating woman in front of her was actually smiling now.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

"Happy birthday to you, B'Elanna." And with that the Borg made her way to the exit, ignoring the questioning look on the Lieutenant's face.

"Wait, Seven!" B'Elanna swiftly jumped onto the lift, jumping the last few metres to catch up with the fast blonde outside of engineering.

"Seven, it's not my birthday."

"Yes it is. The time is 0100 hours and 34 minutes. Today is your birthday."

"I can't believe you gave me a birthday present!"

"Indeed, I thought it is a human tradition that friends and lovers engage in."

"It is, I just thought… Uh, forget what I thought, come here, bangwI!"

"I had the impression that you were angry just a few minutes ago. I am not willing to kiss you now."

"Seven, come on, I had a really shitty day! And I really, really need your Borg efficiency elsewhere now, not in my engine room."

"You do?"

"Yeah, come on, I'll clock off now and we go have some nice dinner and go to bed after that, okay?"

"I am not hungry."

"Fine, then I'll eat and you can massage my feet."


"Kahless, I am such a lucky woman."

"Only if you do not fall asleep, I do have some plans for tonight I do not wish to cancel."

"What would that be?"

"It includes you and our bedroom." B'Elanna gulped audibly, blushing furiously.

"Really? Then I think I'll skip dinner and the foot massage!" Seven's raised eyebrow did nothing to soften the smile that spread on her face.


The End

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