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Just Another Leap
By Ohyjo

After three years of leaping from one life into another Sam Beckett had gotten used to a lot of strange things. He had been a fighter pilot, a schoolboy and god knew how many other people. He'd even given birth to a baby once, so appearing as a woman didn't surprise him as much as it used to.

However as he looked into the mirror he couldn't prevent the words from escaping his lips.

"Oh boy!"

As his/her hand went to touch the strange ridges on his/her forehead he wondered what was going on this time. Temporarily forgetting about his strange appearance he took in his surroundings. He first noticed the bed standing to the side and as his gaze went around the rest of the room he abruptly stopped as he noticed the window.

"Oh boy!"

Disbelievingly he nearly ran to the window of the… apartment? Quickly getting used to the dynamics of his new body as he moved along he couldn't keep his eyes of the sight before him. There was no mistaking it, he was travelling through space, passing stars at an incredible speed.

"Beautiful isn't it." A familiar voice came from behind him.

With a strong feeling of relief Sam turned to his one companion during all his leaps.

"Al, what is going on here?"

Looking at the small device in his hand Al wasted no time. "According to Ziggy, your name is Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres; you are a Klingon/Human hybrid who is currently serving on the USS Voyager, an intrepid class star fleet vessel. You are married to the former Borg drone Seven of Nine whose real name is Annika Hansen. You used to be a Marquis terrorist but since you got stuck 70,000 light years from Earth you've been working together with your former enemies in order to survive the Delta Quadrant."

Sam looked at Al as if he saw water burning. He hadn't heard a word after Al said he currently was a…. Klingon/Human hybrid…?

"What is a Klingon/Human hybrid?" he asked while trying to control his Oh boy reaction.

"The offspring of a human and a Klingon. You are currently in the 24th century, dozens, no hundreds of different alien species have been discovered. According to Ziggy, B'Elanna's mother is a Klingon and her father was a Human."

Shaking aside all the other things he heard, Sam concentrated on one aspect. "I'm in the 24th century? How? I can't travel this far into the future. How the hell does Ziggy know all this stuff?"

Al scratched the back of his head. "We are not entirely sure about that yet."

Shaking his head again, as confused as ever, Sam asked, "Does Ziggy also know what I'm supposed to do here."

Al actually looked embarrassed, "Yes, you are here to stop Kathryn Janeway, Voyager's Captain from marrying Chakotay, the ships' first officer." Sam/B'Elanna frowned, "Why?"

"Within two days of their marriage Voyager will find a way home to Earth, where Janeway is supposed to meet the real love of her life with whom she will have a child. That child will be the key factor in negotiating peace between two warring planets. However if she marries the first officer she will feel obligated to stay with him. Which could have serious consequences for Earth."

Before he knew what to say in reply a door opened, a beautiful blonde woman, with strange metal decorations adorning her face walked into the room. Not that he had much time to consider the `decorations'. The woman quick marched up to him, embraced him and kissed him with vigour.

He was too stunned to respond.

Seven cocked her eyebrow. She'd been married to B'Elanna nearly a year, and never before had the shorter woman reacted in such a way. Meaning she had not responded at all, if you didn't count the stunned _expression on her face.

With a gentleness that those crewmember who still saw Seven as the ice princess wouldn't believe she possessed, she looked at her wife.

"What is wrong?"

`Oh boy,' Sam thought as he stared into two incredibly blue eyes. Al who was still present started to laugh at his buddy's inability to react. Than again who would after they'd been kissed like that.

"Wrong?" was what Sam managed to say.

Now Seven looked a bit worried as well as she asked. "BangwI, you are not yourself. Are you all right?" Now that Seven felt secure in her herself and her love, she felt more comfortable loosening her speech patterns with B'Elanna.

`All right!' Who could possibly be all right after being kissed like this? Not to mention having to deal with a laughing Al in the 24th century. What was he supposed to do? Sam's mind was working overtime until Al urged him to say something.

"Of course I'm all right…" what was her name again?

"Seven!' Al supplied him with the name, nearly yelling.

"..Seven. Why wouldn't I be?"

Indeed why wouldn't he….?

To his surprise `Seven' didn't look at him. Instead she was looking straight at Al. Touching the strange decoration above her left eye she suddenly propelled Sam behind her.

"Who are you?" she demanded of the Admiral who was supposed to be invisible to her.

"She can see me?" Al looked incredulous.

Seven glanced at B'Elanna, that would explain her strange behaviour somewhat. But if they had this intruder why hadn't her wife called for security yet.

Seven ignored the stranger and touched her com badge.

"Seven of Nine to Tuvok…"

But B'Elanna's urgent request stopped her from saying more. "Seven please don't."

Tuvok answered Seven's hail with a terse, "Yes, Seven?"

Seven could not refuse her wife anything and replied "I apologise for disturbing you Commander. It seems I do not require your help after all. Seven out." She closed the com channel.

"Very well," was Tuvok's only reply.

With a sharp turn Seven faced her spouse, making sure she kept an eye on Al as well.


Now what was he supposed to say?

Hi, I'm 21st century Sam. I'm currently occupying your lover's body and mind so I can stop your Captain from marrying the wrong person……

So that's what he did.

She believed him!!!

Apparently the Borg had assimilated other people with similar experiences, the knowledge of which she now possessed.

More than that, she'd agreed to help, because she wanted her mate back as soon as possible, and because she believed the match between the Captain and her first officer was wrong to begin with.

With the simplicity of a few words Sam had the answer they both needed. "How do you wish to proceed?"

They only had three days to prevent the wedding.

After roaming around Voyager for what seemed an eternity Sam finally found Main Engineering. At least it had been easy to find once the ship's wall had decided to help him. For forty minutes he had tried to follow the seemingly simple directions Seven had given him.

But because every part of the wide halls seemed alike he'd soon gotten lost anyhow.

Standing next to the wall contemplating what he could do best he'd muttered, "Why doesn't a ship this size have directions anyhow?"

A map had lighted right next to him in response, and after some study, more muttering, the wall had even shown him the most direct route to Engineering.

Now all he had to do was enter the room and make his way to the Chief-Engineers office and he should be alright. Seven would join him there as soon as she delegated some of her own work. Then they would put their heads together and figure out a way to prevent Janeway from marrying. However before that he had to cross hostile territory before reaching the safety the office offered.

Taking a deep breath, lifting her/his head he took on a very confident posture and strode into engineering. Stopping right in his tracks as the first thing that he saw was a huge glowing light bulb… only it probably wasn't.

He nearly stumbled over a person in the golden topped uniform who was lying on the floor. Joe Carey looked up and was just in time to see his Chief regain her balance.

Suppressing a smile he decided the best thing to do was to pretend he hadn't seen or felt her stumbling over him. Even though her marriage to Seven had mellowed her quite a bit Torres's temper was still legendary.

"Morning Chief," he greeted jovially.

"Morning," Sam didn't dare say more than that and he wanted to continue on his quest to find the Chief-Engineers' office.

Carey had already refocused his attention on his job, so he didn't think anything of it when he asked his Chief to hand him the hydro spanner.

Sam tensed as he heard Joe's request. Several items were lying on the floor close by the engineer. Cone shaped items, rectangular items, square thingies... Sam was a highly educated fellow but he didn't recognise anything.

`Play it cool Sam.' He squatted down, grabbed an item and placed it in Joe's outstretched hand. S/He got the hell away from him, leaving Lt. Joe Carey wondering why the woman had given him a tricorder. He'd asked for the hydro spanner hadn't he?

Arriving in the office Sam quickly ordered the computer to lock the door and to block the com signal. According to Seven of Nine not even the Captain would override this because senior officers had the right to do so.

All she/he had to do now she/he had shown up for her shift was to wait for Seven. After the Astrometric's officer had delegated a few of her duties she would join him there. What was Astrometrics anyhow? During their all night study session Seven hadn't brought it up.

Instead she had told the man who occupied her wife's body some general things about the ship he had suddenly found himself on and all she could tell him about Chakotay and Janeway.

He had finally gone to bed for a few hours while the tall woman had left the room to go `regenerate' which basically meant that she went to sleep in the cargo bay.

Suddenly he recalled what the big blue glowing light bulb was called. It was the `warp core' the thing that was the power source for the entire vessel.

Sighing deeply he realised just how out of his depth he was in the 24th century.

Seven was out of her depth. It was one thing to know of Quantum Leapers like Sam existed through the collective, it was another thing entirely to have one of them stuck in the body of her wife.

Last night as she was filling Sam in on the romance of the Captain she had to fight the urge to pick up the body of her lover and try to shake the man out. While she realised full well this would be futile at best, it was a good indication of how frustrated she felt at the moment.

Having never been separated from B'Elanna for longer than a duty shift Seven had also become aware of the fact just how big a part of her life the half – Klingon had become. Not being able to talk to her was unacceptable.

Since she felt she couldn't go to the Captain with the story, that if she was to get her wife back she couldn't marry Chakotay. Maybe the Captain would believe her but she knew the stubborn woman. Just the say so of someone who basically had intruded her ship would not be enough for Janeway to give up on her marriage.

No the Captain would demand more proof than the word of someone whom she could not really trust. They would lose valuable time in their effort to convince the Captain with logical reasons. No they were on their own in this. But how….?

Of course Seven being a person with a brilliant analytical mind soon got a shimmering of an idea. After all she didn't have to break up the happy couple right now, she just had to make sure it got `postponed' for the time being. Long enough for Janeway to meet her true love.

Now to delegate work to Delaney and Celes, and to find B'Elan… , eh Sam so they could get this over and done with. However she required more data and some of it had to be provided by her unwelcome guest. Maybe he could tell her just how long the wedding had to be postponed.

Two days later Sam had managed to avoid most of B'Elanna's closest friends. Though by now he'd lost count of the strange looks he'd gotten.

He supposed the regular Chief Engineer didn't use the walls to guide him. Though luckily the yellow clad crewmember who asked what s/he'd been doing believed him when he had said he was just seeing if the wall was still working.

When that same crewmember had seen him look at the turbolift walls, he'd been looking for the control panel, he'd laughed and said, "Also checking to see if the turbo lift walls still work Chief?"

He hadn't known what to say so he'd just nodded and looked at the tricorder Seven had given him. According to her nobody would think it weird if the Chief – Engineer seemed a tad distracted while looking at one of those.

He had to admit a certain fascination for all the bleeping light the `tricorder' displayed but he still had no idea what to do with it otherwise. However he had been forced to look up when the crewmember asked him if it was all right to use the turbo lift or if he had to wait for another cart. After stammering his permission Sam had finally discovered that the turbolift was voice activated.

How much easier it was when he had Seven to accompany him across the huge vessel. She had been on his side during most of his time onboard, and had proven to be the best guide he could wish for.

The biggest upheaval had been his mess hall incident. Seven had believed nothing could go wrong for the few moments it would take her to get her nutritional supplements from the replicator. All he would have to do was ladle food on his tray from the many dishes Neelix had prepared.

And no doubt the real Chief Engineer had known by now to avoid Leola root stew.

Neelix had even asked him if he was sure he wanted Leola root stew. Not wanting to look like an idiot he had smiled and said of course he was certain. This had earned him a smile from the Talaxian and Neelix had said approvingly, "Well I knew someone would appreciate Leola root sooner or later. Bon appetite Lieutenant."

Of course he had made an idiot of himself when he spat out the first bite he'd put in his mouth. Which had caused everyone present in the mess hall to laugh. Neelix had looked a touch hurt but at Seven urgings put something more palpable on his plate while suggesting suggestively that B'Elanna had other things on her mind for that evening.

At the tone of voice Seven had used Neelix had laughed but Sam had gotten red faced even though he knew nothing would happen.

Now that the entire senior staff was sitting in their customary seats in the meeting room, the meeting was in full swing. You could literally feel the excitement oozing from everyone but Tuvok, as they responded to the news that Seven had just shared with them. They were ready to go home.

Of course Sam already knew what the news was and concentrated on looking as if he belonged there. He was certain the Vulcon (This is a deliberate mistake) was already suspicious of him. That might have something to do with coming into the room, and first sitting down in the Captain's seat.

He realised full well it was stupid to sit down at the head of the table. That spot was generally reserved for the person in charge of a meeting. He'd just been busy ogling as a brushed haired and spotted alien order a drink from a device hanging in the wall. It just appeared out of nowhere!...

Sam was brought back to reality as Seven drew his attention. Hastily he schooled his expression and to his dismay he found the pointed eared Vulcon looking at him again. That guy could be a problem.

Janeway was still talking about the discovery the Astrometric's team had made. A stable wormhole home, it was an incredible find. They had even been in contact with Star Fleet command for two days now.

The final tests had been done and Janeway had given the green light to start travelling.

Unfortunately the wormhole was not large enough for Voyager to travel through. They would have to go home in Voyager's shuttles and the Delta Flyer.

Of course there was one other thing the Captain wanted to discuss. Taking Chakotay's hand in her own and giving him a small smile she addressed the rest of the senior staff.

"Last night Chakotay and I discussed our wedding, and we have decided that we would like to get married on Voyager, in the Delta Quadrant. This is where we met and this is where we would like to get married, with all our friends present. So we decided to get married tonight. Tuvok has agreed take care of the honours." This last was said with a fond look at the tall Vulcan, missing the stunned look on B'Elanna's face. Seven cringed inwardly as she heard the Captain, this was unacceptable.

It was Harry Kim who unexpectedly came to her aid. "Captain wouldn't you rather get married with your mother and sister and the rest of your family present?" Harry really didn't want to waste another second in getting home.

"I would love to have them present Ensign Kim," Kathryn Janeway replied, "but we feel that if we don't get married now, with all the things that will undoubtedly fall down on us when we get home it will be a long time before we can get married."

Seven had another idea, which would probably land her in a lot of trouble but she did not see any other alternative.

"Captain according to all the tests this wormhole will only remain open three more days. As you know we can only go through with shuttlecrafts. It is a journey of more than 20 hours, so the first shuttles if filled to capacity will be unable to transport every crewmember.

The shuttles are ready to depart in less than one hour. Would it not be expected that either the first officer or the Captain should be aboard the first to arrive in order to represent the crew?"

Both Janeway's and Chakotay's faces fell as the implication of what Seven said hit them. She was right of course.

Neelix chipped in and after Sam heard what the fuzzy man had to say he mentally cheered him on. The Talaxian had a serious look on his face as he spoke earnestly, "Captain you cannot deprive the crew of your celebration. They should all be able to enjoy the celebration of you getting hitched up. They served very loyally under you for many years, don't you think they have earned that."

Al chuckled standing behind Sam, it was rather endearing to hear this little energetic alien use the old fashioned term of getting hitched up. "So how are we doing?" he asked his friend.

Of course Sam couldn't answer right than. That would certainly get the Vulcon security officer's attention on him.

Sighing deeply it was Chakotay who made the decision for them. Squeezing the hand of his fiancée gently he said, "I guess I'd better go pack a few belongings than."

He realised that Kathryn wanted to stay on board Voyager as long as possible, and he would be the one going.

Janeway quickly dismissed the meeting and everyone hurried out to make last minutes adjustments to the work they had been doing in the past few days. Everyone but Tuvok that was.

"Lieutenant Torres, a word please."

Belatedly Sam realised again he was Lieutenant Torres, and he realised it was Mr. Vulcon who had called him. His stomach sank to his feet, or was that his two stomachs' sank to his feet. Why couldn't he just go back to being an ape again, it seemed so much simpler than dealing with a logical telepath. Noo, he had to jump into the body of a half – Klingon – half Human and he had to deal with Vulcon's instead.

"What can I do for you Tuvok?" he tried to sound jovially.

Tuvok's right eyebrow moved slightly upwards. "Lieutenant your behaviour of the past days has been somewhat… unusual. Perhaps there is something that I can assist you with?"

"Uh, no thanks Tuvok, everything is fine."

His eyebrow went up a notch again, "You are certain of this."

Frowning slightly, though unaware of this, Sam silently wondered what pointy ears was after.

"Yes, I am?" Mentally repeating over and over `please believe me, please believe me, please believe.'

"Very well, Lieutenant, than you can continue with your upgrades of the metastatic crystals before the shuttles depart."

You could not tell it from the Vulcan's face but he was watching the reaction of the Chief-Engineer very carefully. The fact that metastatic crystals didn't exist was a little test. His Vulcan logic told him there was something wrong with this particular Chief.

Sam hadn't gone through fifty odd leaps to not to suspect something was up. He didn't know how to reply. However he didn't have long to consider it.

"Marquis, I'll need your help with the EPS conduits in the Chocrane if we want to leave in an hour." Harry unwittingly came to the rescue of the Quantum Leaper.

"Of course," Sam didn't wait one second longer and seized the opportunity immediately. He quickly grabbed Harry's arm and guided him to the turbolift. Since he now knew how they worked he ordered the cart to go to engineering.

Tuvok was left standing with raised eyebrows. He had his own duties to perform but he would be keeping an eye on the Lieutenant.

Seven had been able to arrange it so that both she and B'Elanna were on the same shuttle as Chakotay to make the flight home. This regardless of Tuvok's suspicions.

The flight to the Alpha Quadrant had been exciting to Sam, but in fact nothing really exciting happened.

With them were fifteen others and again it was difficult for the two conspirators to keep attention away from B'Elanna. However thanks to the fact that everyone was so excited to be finally going home they managed.

The USS Florentine was waiting to pick them up at the other side of the worm hole. Contact was made by the meeting parties and excitement rose yet again. The Captain of the USS Florentine wanted to beam every one on board his ship himself, such was the occasion.

To his surprise he could not log onto three of the fifty odd life signs packed together on three shuttles. As all the others had been beamed aboard safely he turned to his transporter Chief. However the transporter Chief was no match against Borg algorithms, and all he and his collegues could think was, oh boy!, as one of the newly arrived shuttles jumped to warp.

"What the hell do you think you are doing Seven?" Chakotay yelled as he tried to type in commands to stop the shuttle.

"Getting my wife back," Seven said absentmindedly as she carefully watched B'Elanna's for reactions.

She wasn't disappointed. By basically kidnapping Chakotay Seven and Sam had assured Chakotay would not marry Kathryn Janeway. They were certain Seven would be able to keep the man away from the Captain for at least a year. Thus ensuring Earth was safe.

Sam felt the familiar feeling of a quantum leap. No more Klingon for him as he wooshed to his next target.

The end.. or is it… Sam said to himself as he looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of himself. A dark skinned, pointy eared Vulcon stared back at him. It seemed the 24th century wasn't through with him yet.

Oh Boy!...Tuvok…Oh boy! It seemed the eyebrows were stuck to his hairline for a long time to come.

The End

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