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Another Year Older
By Geekgrrllurking


Another year older. Another year wasted. Another year tolerated, worked through, a battle won and lost. Hell, old warriors don't fade away we just end up dead or dead inside. At least that's what I'd come to believe, what I used to feel. What I felt last year at this time.

And then she came into my life.

Jaime Sommers, with her soft curves and flashing eyes, and those legs that never end. Her smile promised heaven and her body was made for sin. I never stood a chance.

And still I fought it. I fought it damn hard. I shut her out, and was rude and tried to mess with her head. And this little spitfire just sidestepped all my usual tricks and walked right past all my strategically placed walls. She waltzed right into my frozen heart and made it beat again.

How can I be a stone cold warrior in this brutal world when her beauty and her humour and her determination to live life to the fullest floods into me, seeping down to my inner core, finding and warming the deepest reaches of my hardened soul?

I'm in her apartment staring out the kitchen window, watching the sun rise over the tops of the neighbouring buildings. I hear movement behind me, but I stay still. I recognize the sound of her now. I've memorized the way her body sways, the rustle of clothing against her tender skin, the swish of her long dark hair tossed carelessly over her shoulder. I know her, the smell touch taste of her, I know it better than I know myself sometimes.

I turn slowly and find her staring at me, her bionic eye glowing acid green in the darkness of the room for a microsecond before bleeding back to her normal eyes. It's still creepy when she does that. Reminds me of the short time she has left on this earth. She's making the most of her time, I should too.

"Happy Birthday Ruth." Jaime bites down on her bottom lip, her teeth sharp white against the plump flesh. She steps closer still, slowly like she's approaching a dangerous wild animal. Maybe she is.

"How did you…" I lean back against the kitchen counter, my glass of milk and cookies forgotten at the sight of something much tastier approaching before me.

"I am a spy now too y'know." Jaime smirks, her long arms snaking around my waist, tugging me into her warm embrace. "I have many, many skills…" Her breath hot against my cheek I close my eyes and hold her tight, soaking her in.

Jaime sucks at my earlobe and I chuckle, luxuriating in her slow sensuous movements, her whole body pressed up against me. My hands stroke along the stiff white material covering her body and I long to feel her hot skin, slick and smooth under my fingertips. She shifts against me and I know she's wet and ready for me.

"Mmm … you most certainly do." I shiver as she finds that spot below my ear that makes me weak, that she alone knows about. Only she can do that to me. The woman inside this warrior surrenders, giving herself to this young pup, easily and without reservation.

"Nathan told you, didn't he?" I gasp as long fingers move down my body, along my twitching stomach, before tickling along the waist band of my underwear,

"No fair guessing." Jaime kisses a trail down my neck, before nuzzling back into the soft fine hair above my ear. One finger hooks into my underwear and she pulls away from me, taking her body from mine. I feel the loss keenly. Tilting her head, she smirks seductively and lets the elastic snap back against my abs.

"Let's go back to bed, birthday girl." Jaime's fingers drop to tangle with mine before pulling me towards her bedroom. My eyes rake down her half naked body, my crisp white blouse that she's wearing barely covering her assets. Letting my hand go, she pops a button and then another, the plunging neckline revealing more of her tempting curves below.

"You need to come and unwrap your present … " One last smile and Jaime turns to head for bed, her shirt slipping off creamy white shoulders as she goes.

Another year older, another year wiser, another year filled with love. These are the gifts she has given to me. With an overflowing heart I follow my lover to bed.

The End

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