DISCLAIMER: This contains F/F interaction. If you are under 18 or this is illegal where you live, please don’t read. Disclaimers: I don’t own these characters, Paramount does. The premise to the story is mine though. No copyright infringement meant. It is not Betaed, and definitely just a PWP.


By Cirroco DeSade


B’Elanna Torres was just finishing the last adjustment on a stubborn relay that had kept her in cramped Jeffries tubes well past her duty shift. She wondered what the willowy blonde she was supposed to meet for dinner was doing. As she closed the panel, she wiped perspiration from her brow and called out, “Computer reinitiate sub-relay gamma 14-b.” The relay hummed back to life and she double checked it with her tricorder before putting her tools away in her tool-bag.

She heard a soft noise behind her and turned to see her lovely Borg wife entering the tubes behind her. An evil grin tore across B’Elanna’s face as she noticed that the willowy blonde feral expression.

“Computer, Initiate condition Seven omega in access tube 14-b, authorization Seven delta omega nine,” the buxom beauty called out huskily. There were a couple of short beeps, then the hissing sound of force-fields raising, enclosing the two women in the 10 meters of tubing that made junction 14-b. B’Elanna yelped as her feet began to leave the ground, the artificial gravity gone.

As she raised her arm above her to keep from hitting her head, she noticed the stunning beauty propelling herself to the Klingon with a look in her eyes that reminded B’Elanna of a predator. “Seven, what are you doing?” she gasped out.

“Your duty shift lasted much longer than I had patience for. I decided it would be inefficient to wait for you in our quarters. Therefore I have come for you as you completed your work. Now, I may indulge my appetites immediately,” the tall woman said as she reached her prey. She grabbed B’Elanna by her uniform jacket and spun her around in the air so that the warrior woman’s back was pressed up against her breasts. Reaching around she cupped a pert breast in her Borg enhance hand, massaging firmly, while her human hand unfastened the jacket. Leaning down a little, she licked and nipped the caramel neck. Growling she took a solid bite into the back of B’Elanna’s neck, and pulled the jacket away from the svelte body.

B’Elanna growled her rapture as Seven’s hands dove once more over her shoulders grasping her tight breasts, kneading them until the nipples were rock hard. Their bodies started to drift apart so the tall blonde wrapped her legs around the smaller woman’s holding her tightly against her. The blonde ground her hot sex into the Klingon’s tight ass and whispered into her ear, “I /will/ hear you scream my name tonight. You /will/ submit to me.” She grabbed the sides of the caramel skinned beauty’s tank top and shredded it, tossing the rags away to float down the tube. Her human hand returned to massage the pert right breast, but her enhanced hand trailed teasingly down the taut stomach now bared to her.

“Kahlessss…” B’Elanna hissed out.

They were floating up towards the ceiling now, so the engineer reached out, grasping the ceiling grates before they collided. The Borg was planting torturous bites and nibbles down B’Elanna back stopping every now and then to sooth a bite with her tongue. The lanky blonde used her hands enticingly all over the front of the smaller woman’s body. When her hands reached the waistband of the Starfleet uniform pants, she let her fingertips tease their way in only a small amount to trace the thatch of hair. Pulling her fully human arm around the small waist she used her long left arm to remove black boots and the offending pants. When done, she let the enhanced hand trail up the shapely left leg before her. She stopped momentarily on the engineers inner thigh massaging gently, while licking with the very tip of her tongue up her back. When she reached the feline neck she once again leaned her head to the small shell of an ear and spoke in low tones, “You are so soft be’nal.” Her enhanced hand traveled further up the leg and briefly dove into the heaven in between the strong legs. She moaned deeply into B’Elanna’s ear, and the combinations of the two acts caused the woman to quiver. “Oh, and you are so warm and wet for me.”

Seven brought her finger out slowly, showing them to her wife before bringing them back to her lips to taste. “Your taste intoxicates me. I /need/ more.” She grabbed B’Elanna’s stomach again and used her other hand to push off of the ceiling, breaking the Klingon’s grip. As they sailed down to the floor, the Borg twisted her wife’s body, maneuvering herself so that when they hit the floor the blonde would be able to open her wife’s legs upon her face.

B’Elanna was surprised by the sudden maneuvers, but managed to get her hands out in time to stop from hitting the floor. At that moment she felt her Borg wife’s tongue dive deep into her folds. A variation of the word ‘Seven” was moaned out loudly and she helplessly pushed off of the floor as if to ride her wife’s face. But in the free-fall of no gravity she was carried well beyond her original intent. It was only Seven’s vice like grip of her arms around the warriors legs that kept them from flying apart.

They tumbled wildly down the tubes, all the while Seven’s grip never faltered, she increased the speed of her tongue’s plundering of B’Elanna’s hole as she felt the beautiful muscles inside beginning to tighten and quiver. The Klingon gripped a support post as it tumbled past her vision stopping their wild freefall.

Seven used this stability to her advantage. Pulling her right arm around, she trailed her tongue over the hardened bundle of nerves she had neglected, immediately replacing the loss with two fingers. Reaching into B’Elanna with those long fingers, she found that soft spot that always drove her to distraction and massaged it quickly under her two fingers. Simultaneously she began trailing tiny circles around and over the hardened nub she had captured in her mouth.

B’Elanna’s utterances were incoherent and keening. “Please… Ani…..more….oh yeah… ugh….” Seven knew that she would need more soon, so she gave her wife another finger slowly, pumping it in out and out rubbing it over her g-spot along the way. She began to suck harder on the tiny bundle of nerves, occasionally flattening her tongue to lap up juices from next to her finger all the way over the clit.

The Klingon was powerless to stop her hips from moving. The motion wouldn’t have helped in zero-G if not for her lover’s firm grip around one thigh. She was quickly losing all sense of herself. Finally she felt another finger enter her womb and her wife fluttering over her g-spot rapidly. Combining with a torturously gentle touch to her clit, B’Elanna could no more have stopped her orgasm than she could have pushed Voyager home.

“Aniiiiiikkaaaaaaaaa!!” she howled and trapped her wife’s face and hands between muscular thighs. She had let go of the rail she was holding, so they were slowly spinning through the tube. When her thighs relaxed, the blonde crawled up her wife slowly. Kissing her slowly and softly, Seven locked her azure eyes into brown ones and said, “I love you, be’nal.”


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