DISCLAIMER: I own nothing <sniff> I just put digits to keys and here we are, with nothing much but a couple of random words that vaguely relate to each other, but only if you squint real hard. I won't claim this as a story, it's too blah for that, but it's what came to me before I tried writing the vampsex multi crossover with green mushroom sauce.

By ralst

"I want to kill her. I want to put my hands around her scrawny little neck and squeeze the life right out of her," B'Elanna's eyes glazed as she pictured her deepest desire. "She'd pop like a cork."

"B'Elanna." Tom was actually enjoying her rant, but needed to calm her down a little before she got them all thrown in the brig. "I'm sure she didn't mean it the way you think."

"Of course she did," her voice raised, she punched the air in agitation, "she's been trying to ruin my life for years."

Tom rolled his eyes and settled in for an evening of ranting and raving; it was almost as if they were still married.

"Are you listening to me?" not bothering to wait for an answer, B'Elanna, began pacing the floor of her quarters. "She did it on purpose. I knew she was planning something, she's been far too nice lately. Almost human."

Tom snorted. "You really need to get perspective, maybe talk to her."

"Talk to her?" Incredulity had never sounded so fierce. "I don't want to friggin talk to her, I want to kill her!"

Turning in her pacing, B'Elanna, walked past Tom's seated position and headed towards the door and out into the corridors of Voyager. Those unlucky enough to be in her way were almost scorched by the anger radiating from her in waves. Getting into the turbolift she gave a curt instruction and settled her features into a non-homicidal look; she didn't want anyone stopping her before she could deliver her blow.

The turbolift doors swished open and B'Elanna stepped out, only to be stopped by the bulky form of Tom Paris.

"How the hell did you get here?"

"Site to site," Tom smiled at his ingenuity, "the only way to travel."

"Mr Paris, Lieutenant Torres," Tuvok's clipped tone made it clear their personal conversation was not welcome on the bridge.

"Sorry, Tuvok, we're just going." Tom grabbed B'Elanna's arm and tried to lead her back into the the turbolift, but she was having none of it.

"I want to see her!" B'Elanna's voice echoed throughout the bridge and drew every eye in the room. "She can't hide from me in..."

"Lieutenant," Seven of Nine's voice instantly silenced the other woman, and as the tall blonde made her way out of the doorway to the ready room, she began to circle the seething engineer. "Is there some reason for you're presence here?"

"Yes," B'Elanna gritted out.

Seven raised an ocular implant, her superior attitude on overdrive. "I hope it pertains to ship's business."

Tom chuckled, while at the same time stepping a little further out of range.

"You know damn well what it pertains to, you stupid Borg!"

"Lieutenant Torres!" Kathryn Janeway's voice ricocheted across the room, her diminutive figure stepping up beside, Seven, as if she intended to protect the younger woman physically. "I suggest you rethink that tone before you end up spending quality time in the brig."

B'Elanna growled, her eyes burning into the auburn haired woman who was at that moment placing a protective arm around Seven's shoulder. What she wouldn't have given for five minutes alone with the sanctimonious bitch. "It would be worth it."

"I fail to see how anything this trivial could be worth spending time in the brig," Seven commented.

"Trivial? You call this trivial?" B'Elanna's hand jerked out and came within an inch of Seven's porcelain cheek.

"B'Elanna, Seven's right," Tom attempted, while trying desperately to stay out of the line of fire.

"Seven's right! Seven's right!" B'Elanna shouted.

Everyone, except for Seven, took a step back at the outburst. "I often am, Lieutenant."

B'Elanna growled again but couldn't help a tiny smile from marring her anger. "Shut up, Seven," she whispered, trying desperately to rebuild her homicidal urge.

"In fact, I am right about most things," Seven continued. "Especially when it comes to you, Lieutenant."

B'Elanna shuffled her feet, disconcerted by the truth in the statement. She didn't want to spend any time in the brig, but she couldn't let this latest insult to her honour go unpunished. "So what? I just forget it? Forget the fact she tried to break us up?"

Seven looked at her wife and wondered when her insecurities would fade enough to realise that no matter what Kathryn did, she could never pull them apart. "She doesn't matter. All that's important here is you and I." Seven stepped forward, and taking B'Elanna's hand in her own, began to lead them towards the turbolift. "Besides, I know of a much better way to punish her." With that Seven drew B'Elanna into her arms and kissed her soundly on the lips, only releasing the precious hold after she heard Kathryn's strangled sob.

"Hmm, I like the way you think," B'Elanna purred, dragging Seven further into the turbolift, her hand 'accidentally' cupping the blonde's behind. "We're taking the day off," she informed Janeway, a smile of triumph directed at the slumped form of the captain.

The End

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