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Part 2

Seven noticed the well toned Klingon's flushed complexion and instantly became concerned.

"Lieutenant, you are burning up... I shall contact the Doctor."

B'Elanna, not really wanting the Doctor to confirm that nothing was wrong, just raised hormone levels, quickly intervened.

"I'm fine Seven, really, I just got a little embarrassed..." The Chief Engineer answered truthfully, remembering that the ex-Borg could detect whether a person was lying or not.

The blonde considered this a moment before replying. "Because of my question?"

'Trust her to realise...' "Yes."

"I am sorry, Lieutenant, I shall not pry further. I understand the need for privacy." The blonde turned on her heel, heading in the general direction of the Bridge.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby!!" Ol' Janers screamed in the privacy of her Ready Room. The recently replicated holo-novel depicted a story between a young girl and her terrible family. 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl was a personal favourite of hers, recommended by Harry Kim one evening when the annoying auburn-haired woman found herself wandering down to Cargo Bay Two. Harry had set up camp there, needing to feel closer to Seven. Ol 'Janers had joined him, the two bonding over coffee and tales of night-vision binoculars.

"If I could get my hands on that Trunchbull... the feisty little sex-kitten..."

Seven decided to walk in at that moment.

"Sex-kitten? Elaborate." The ex-Borg was decidedly worried about the Captain of Voyager. She, too, had been noticing the recently erratic behaviour of Starfleet's finest female leader. 'Her behaviour became this way after we imported those coffee beans from planet Kuku Nocho.' Seven observed, wondering if it was fair to let the Captain abuse her silver pen set in such a manner.

"Captain, I was unaware that you could write with those muscles..."

The Captain sat up, eyes wide and hair ruffled. She assigned herself a story. "Well, Seven, lovely to see you again so soon. You know what they say... got to keep everything in working order."

Seven walked out, the sight of the Captain with her legs spread and chained to the desk was too much to look at, even for her...

"Shit, now I can't even control myself around her..." The young officer chastised herself, distraught that she was unable to act normally around the beautiful blonde.

A chime at the door to the Chief of Engineering's quarters stopped the one-person argument in mid-sentence.

"It's open!" B'Elanna yelled through, too lazy to physically answer it herself.

The subject of the argument stepped through, seemingly unsure of what was expected of her.

"Lieutenant." She said as way of a greeting. "I am quite worried about the Captain. I have just witnessed her in several abnormal positions, concerning her desk and a large chain."

Laughter bubbled out of the depressed Klingon who was glad to have a distraction to counteract her thoughts.

"It's the coffee beans, Seven. Don't worry about her, Chakotay will sort her out once the full effect of it's worn off."

The ex-Borg considered this a moment, then, when satisfied with the answer, invited the half-Human to dinner. B'Elanna, not really feeling like leaving her quarters, replied by asking Seven if she would like to have dinner in her quarters instead. The tall blonde confirmed she would be round at eight.

At eight o' clock, the door to Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres' quarters chimed. Then it chimed again, the occupant not answering.

"Seven to Torres."


"Seven to Lieutenant Torres, please respond."

Yeah, Seven, I'll be there in a minute, kinda' lost track of time. Come in and make yourself comfortable.

"Very well B'Elanna, Seven out."

The Borg entered the darkened quarters, the sound of the sonic shower drifting through. 'The Lieutenant asked me to come in... I am unsure as to whether she was referring to her quarters or her bathroom.' Seven thought idly. She decided. B'Elanna must have meant her bathroom as no one was in the lounge.

"Lieuten..." The word fell from her lips as the Drone walked in to find a very naked, very wet, very pissed off Klingon trying unsuccessfully to cover herself in the shower cubicle.

"What the HELL?! Seven, get out!!"

The younger woman turned immediately; coming to the conclusion B'Elanna did, indeed, NOT mean her bathroom.

B'Elanna frowned, concerned when she heard the door slide shut and the sound of Seven running down the hall echoing through.

Seven walked into Cargo Bay Two feeling like she'd just been slapped. The Lieutenant would never speak to her again. The image of the naked engineer entered her mind and Seven frowned, 'I did not realise how attractive B'Elanna was until now.'

Still distracted, the Drone was alarmed to find she hadn't even detected the presence of a very naked Ol' Janers leaning against her workstation, one large chain still attached to her ankle.

"Captain," the worried young woman began, "are you feeling well?"

"Never better." The husky voice vibrated through the room. "Now come here before I have to drag you here..." The hyperactive Starfleet Captain jumped onto the shocked Drone, knocking her to the floor, and began the task of trying to rip off a skin-tight biosuit.

That was when B'Elanna Torres came in, with every intention of coming to some sort of reconciliation with Voyager's resident Borg. Seven saw B'Elanna. B'Elanna saw Seven, then Janeway, and left, her initial look of embarrassment mixed with confusion was then replaced with one of utter deflation.

To Be Continued

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