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By allie


"Get outa there you Kahless forsaken son of a two headed D'Argul!"

The sudden coarse expletive caused several raised eyebrows and heads to peek over their work stations a la Kilroy was here and cast a speculative glance in the general direction of the Chief of Engineering.

They had been listening to her good natured grousing for the majority of the morning as she modified the console Seven preferred to utilise but the tone she suddenly used seemed more than the jocular teasing she had been using for the last couple of hours and more frighteningly like she was about to lose her infamous fiery temper.

Casting a worried glance to the rest of the crew Carey cleared his throat and squeaked, "Everything okay there Chief?"

"Yeah, fine. Carry on Carey, get the rest of the modifications organised and be ready for testing in about twenty minutes would ya?" She growled as she peered at the offending piece of equipment which stubbornly refused to budge from its location, much to her disgust.

Refusing point blank to be stymied by a non sentient piece of machinery she glared at the offending bolt hoping that her stare would dislodge it from its current resting place and remove it from her presence and in turn enable her to complete the upgrade to the console her beloved preferred.

"You know that it's inevitable that you will succumb to my will and remove yourself from there." Thinking to herself that she was beginning to sound like her partner now, she grinned and returned to the offending bolt and attacked it with a ferocity that Kahless himself would have been proud of.

Several hours later when the upgrade had been completed and the newly upgrade console tested to death Seven strolled into engineering to find her partner.

"B'Elanna, did you manage to complete the upgrade to Console three?" She queried.

"Yeah, I had a little bit of a problem with one of the bolts in the support joist though. It was a tough little fucker but I got it loose eventually." B'Elanna smirked proudly.

Inwardly rolling on the floor laughing her ass off, Seven politely queried why B'Elanna had such a hard time with the bolt in question. She knew why, she'd tightened it with her Borg enhanced strength, resulting in hours of frustration for B'Elanna. "So how did you manage to dislodge the bolt then?"

"Works every time." B'Elanna retorted. "Brute Force and Bloody Ignorance!"

The End

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