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By allie


For the last time Seven; you need to understand that shifting the warp core manifold inducer is not an option. It is not possible to move it and still maintain the structural integrity of the ship. You will blow us all apart since we don't have the option of Borg shielding to protect us!"

"There is no other logical conclusion to reach other than that your decision making is flawed as usual Lt. You have failed to take into account my superior intellect." The ex-Borg smirked. "As usual I will prove you wrong."

B'Elanna stormed from the holodeck cursing her girlfriend all ways except sideways. "Kahless' left fucking love sac, the woman bloody drives me mad! She wants improvements that take a flippin' space station and repair yard and months of double shifts....AND she wants it done in the 48 hours Janers has given me to get us outa this latest fix.!"

Grumbling her way into her quarters B'Elanna launched her jacket at her console and her boots at the fireplace, accidentally setting them on fire.

"Janeway wrecks my ship; gives me 48 hours to fix it; then Her Royal bloody Borgness waltzes in to tell me she knows how to fix it in one easy sentence? Well, not on my shift she doesn't! Just wait til I get my hands on her!"

Her rambling was cut short with Seven's entrance into the quarters they shared since becoming a couple. Glowering at her entrance B'Elanna moved swiftly though to the bedroom to change out of her uniform.

Discarding her trousers and uniform top onto the chair in the corner of the room she glowered as well as she could in her underwear when she heard Seven enter.

"You know, B'Elanna," Seven began conversationally. "I am correct; we could shift the warp core manifold inducer to a more secure location and still maintain structural integrity. It is not often that I gloat but this is; in your own words, the perfect opportunity, since `I KNOW I am right and you better get used to it!"

The End

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