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By allie


"But Sevvvvvvven, you agreed that it would be interesting to see what happened." B'Elanna practically whined at her girlfriend's reluctance to participate.

"Pouting will be of no use to you in this instance B'Elanna. I will not fall for another of your little 'tricks' I do not wish to be ridiculed again,"

"I didn't ridicule you last time Seven. I was only teasing you." B'Elanna was still smarting from the rebuke Seven had issued when she'd inadvertently crossed the line Seven had drawn in regards to their relationship while they were on duty.

"Indeed." Up went the ocular implant making the word sound like a question. "And you had to spend the following 3 nights satisfying my needs with no reciprocation as a result of your 'teasing'. Do I surmise that you want that to happen again?"

"No! Absolutely not! Never again!" B'Elanna rushed to reassure her partner vehemently about her wish to never experience THAT particular form of torture again. "I just thought that since you'd already done the research we could put it into practice?"

"Your reasoning is flawed as usual B'Elanna." Seven was softening with each sentence the Klingon uttered. "My research is incomplete. I still have at least one more thing to investigate before I could consider it complete."

Intrigued, B'Elanna queried, "Oh yeah? What might that be?"

"I have yet to test the theory on 'phone sex' to determine if it is as you say that Brilliant Minds Think in Parallel Gutters!"

The End

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