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By allie


Seven had become used to the shortened versions of messages that she had received from B'Elanna over the last couple of weeks but this one had her stymied.

She had managed to ascertain the correct meaning (with a little research) of the correct meanings of the abbreviations B'Elanna had used in her conversations previously but this one completely flummoxed her.


She held the stored knowledge of several thousand species and for the life of her she could not fathom what the acronym actually meant. This was simply unacceptable so she strode from engineering with a scowl on her face: Torres wasn't there; she'd dismissed herself from duty a few minutes prior to Seven's arrival.

She slammed her Borg-enhanced hand at the turbolift controls and immediately regretted her actions and the panel collapsed under her hearty slug. She knew that B'Elanna would berate her once she discovered how the damage had been caused.

And then she would demand that it was repaired by the person who'd damaged it in the first place; meaning Seven would spend several meaningless hours doing maintenance work when she could be better employed elsewhere in her opinion.

Not giving into the need very often Seven swore; "Damn. She will skin my hide and hang me to dry like Kahless' louse infected scalp when she finds out I damaged her precious ship."

Striding to her quarters she made up her mind to decipher the code; Janeway had finally given into the moral crisis her conscience had given her a few months earlier and granted her quarters with another senior officer; (un)fortunately the quarters she shared were with B'Elanna.

Today was not a day she wanted to be sharing; never mind sharing with a raging Klingon whom she'd infuriated; never mind sharing with the woman she loved.

Today she just wanted peace and quiet to work out what the HELL the bloody acronym meant, it was driving her mad.


Brother's rotate by giving the greatest ***** times?

Boys really b*** girls to get p**** (censored)

"OH Kahless left nostril!!!" Seven stormed from the living area of their quarters into the en suite to shower inadvertently echoing B'Elanna's favourite curse. "What does it mean?"

Striding into the room B'Elanna had heard the curse and smiled at the beautiful use of her cursing and answered. "It meant, be right back gotta go pee!"

(sorry, some of that had to be censored as it was making ME blush)

The End

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