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Batman's Daughter Doesn't Say She's Sorry
By Teh_no


"It's no big deal," Helena said, pulling her shirt down over where the spear had scarred both entry and exit point on her stomach. "He got lucky."

"He wouldn't have gotten anything if you'd listened to me."

Helena spun around, trenchcoat whirling briskly as if holding up a mirror to her displeasure. "If I'd listened to you, he'd have gotten away. It's just a scratch. I'm all bandaged up and ready for tomorrow."

Helena stared at Barbara, who crossed her arms over her breasts. Helena mirrored her with an added slouch.

They stood in silence for a few moments, long enough for Dinah and Alfred to clear out. Helena spoke first.

"I didn't meant to scare you--"

And Barbara second.

"If you were really sorry, you wouldn't have disobeyed me."

Helena jaunted forward. "If it were you and my dad was telling you to back off, would you have?"

"That line of thought put me in this chair."

"And you think it was any easier for my mother? I know the risks, Barbara."

"No, you don't. And until you learn…"

"What? You're gonna send me to my room?"

"No more sweeps. Dinah can pick up the slack."

Dinah, who'd been listening in, went bolt upright. Alfred patted her on the shoulder.

"Fine," Helena said, making a hands-washing gesture. "Maybe I'll pick up a few extra shifts at the bar. Or maybe I'll go it alone. That's what my old man used to do, right? You're always saying, 'be like him, be like him.' Maybe it's time I listened."

She went for the window in a fast walk designed to get her out of there as quickly as possible without running.

Barbara thought of things to shout after her, thought better of them.

It was two days before Barbara heard from or saw Helena again. Dinah saw the occasional flapping trenchcoat or beat-up thug, but she didn't mention it to Barbara. Then on the third day of Helena's little exodus, a signal came through to Delphi. It was Helena comforting a victim of some sort.

"There. There. You're safe now. Good thing I decided to come out tonight."

The signal went dead shortly after that.

"Oh God, it finally happened," Barbara said as she kneaded her sinuses. "I was wrong and Helena was right."

"You should patch things up with Barbara," Dinah said to Helena, who stormily ran a washcloth over the counter.

"This is a bar where booze is served. How did you even get in here?"

Dinah shrugged. "Showed the doorman my tits."

"My girl." Helena slapped the counter with her wet washcloth, making Dinah jump. "If Barbara wants to apologize, she knows where to find me."

Alfred brushed a feather duster over the flat-screen monitor, jerking Barbara's attention away from the computer. "Far be it for me to overstep my bounds from the professional into the personal, but I do believe that the quality of forgiveness is the best tool to repair a broken relationship."

"She's not taking my calls," Barbara said.

"Did you try?"

"If she were Bruce, she wouldn't take them."

"Perhaps that's the problem. You see her as Batgirl, you see her as Batman, you even see her as herself when she was your young ward… but do you see her as Helena Kyle, your partner?"

It was a week before Helena came into the Clocktower. When Barbara got up in the morning, her friend was sitting on the computer desk, swinging her legs like she didn't know how much it irritated Barbara to have her workspace sat on.

"Dinah said you wanted to talk," Helena said. "Of course, it was a little hard to hear her over the fire I was pulling her out of."

"I've had to pull you out of a few fires myself."

Helena snorted. "You going to apologize or what?"

"I'm not entirely at fault here. I may have been unnecessarily severe, but that doesn't mean I didn't have a point."

Helena snorted again, swinging her legs up onto the desk beside her. Her muddy boots despoiled Barbara's mouse pad. "All the time you talk about how Dad was so stubborn. You take after him more than I do."

"Only because I care. Your father was the most caring man I ever knew. For Gotham, for me…"

"Did you fuck him?"

Barbara's eyes widened. Not the usual imperceptible opening of surprise, but full-on shock. "No! Where did you get that idea? No!"

"Okay, okay, I believe you. If it was true, you'd be sputtering." Helena pursed her lips. "You talk about him all the time."

"I do not."

"Yes, you do." Helena stepped down from the desk. "Every time you look at me, I feel like you're comparing me to him… and finding me lacking. You never would've yelled at me like you yelled at Dad."

"I didn't yell…" Barbara rubbed at her jaw. "That was Alfred's job."

Helena knelt down so she was at eyelevel with Barbara. "I hate feeling like I'm in a competition with my family. And I hate feeling like I'm losing."

"You want to be judged on your own merits?"

Helena crossed her arms. "It'd be nice."

"Okay. Bruce got hurt plenty, but never because he was careless, which you were." Barbara held up a hand to silence Helena. "Yes, he took risks, but they were calculated risks. And Bruce never would've stormed out for a week on an ally. You want to talk about putting the job first? He'd put aside his personal feelings and be the best he could be, no matter how he felt about his teammates." Barbara took a breath. "And when he apologized, I'd hear him say 'I'm sorry.'" That was a bit of a lie, since Bruce never apologized in the conventional sense, but it was close enough to the truth for her point.

Helena nodded, processing the information with a set to her jaw that was all Batman without the cowl, then she rose. "Then I guess I've been a bad girl."

And the inflection there was all Helena.

Barbara reached for Helena's belt and the other woman danced back, smiling cheekily. "I should be punished."

Barbara's breath caught in her throat. "Yes. You should be."

"I know it's going to hurt, but I'm willing to submit to whatever you want to do to me."

Bruce never apologized in the conventional sense either.

"Take off your pants. Just your pants," Barbara said. A week without sex. Ironically enough, she could've swung that easily when she was Helena's age, but being apart for Hel for this long made her feel like she was a thirsty woman drowning in salt. She was being rescued.

"You mean… these pants?" Helena asked with the same cloying, mocking innocence as she pushed down her waistband to show the hip tattoo Barbara had given her hell for. It was the mascot of the local hockey team… the Gotham Bats.

"Yes. Those pants," Barbara said breathlessly. "Those pants would be good."

Helena kicked off her boots, sending them sailing past Barbara to either side, then undid her belt. The leather rasped as it was pulled through her belt loops and then the buckle made a clank as she dropped it to the floor.

"I suppose you'll be wanting these panties off too?" Helena mused as she pushed down her pants to show the skimpy white panties that were riding up into her pussy lips, which had to be getting her off if Barbara knew the first thing about her lover.

"Oh yes."

Helena tore her panties from her hips. She obviously enjoyed it from the breathy moan she released.

"Now what, Babs?" Helena asked in the same precocious tone she had used throughout the interrogation. "You wanna watch me fuck myself?" Her fingertips moved between her legs, her nails scratched at her clit. "You wanna watch me fuck myself to sleep like I did every night without you?"

"No," Barbara said, with every ounce of willpower at her disposal. "I want you to lie down across my lap."

Breasts jostling with each step, naked thighs rubbing together, nude from the waist down, Helena sashayed over to Barbara and obediently prostrated herself across Barbara's legs. Barbara pushed the trenchcoat up, revealing the curved globes of her ass, the scarred muscles of her back, the slope of her shoulders. Finally the coat hung backwards over Helena's head, putting her in the dark. Barbara thought it made for a nice bit of suspense.

"How many do you think would be fair, Hel?" Barbara asked, rubbing Helena's perfect ass with deceptively slender fingers. "Ten?"

"I've been a very bad girl," Helena said, not able to keep the grin out of her voice. The first spanking knocked that away.

"Twenty, then."

Barbara really liked the sound Helena's ass made when a hand slapped it. It was resounding, fleshy, and as sharp and cool as ice. It was like she was so attuned to Helena's body that she could hear its wants and needs in every smack. But even better were the smaller signs Helena gave. The way her teeth ground together in temperance. The way her eyelids fluttered and body tensed, in anticipation and culmination of each blow. It was a thousand little things she felt more than sensed and each one inflamed her with passion. Making her hungry for more, much more.

Helena had to get it from her mother.

Barbara lost count of the spanks, of everything but the perfect red prints that marked them. Helena didn't seem to care. Her wild squirming was more for show than anything else… the way she wiggled her ass invitingly made that very plain. And while Barbara had no idea where Helena had learned her pillow talk, she had to admit it was a more than adequate substitute for actually having Helena touch her. Of course, God help her if she let Helena know she could get off just on the brunette's voice. They'd never get any sweeps done.

"That's all you got? That's all you got!? I know my girlfriend's got more than that..."

On the other hand, what was so great about sweeps?

Helena couldn't feign submissiveness any more than a leopard could change its spots.. She smiled widely and wiggled her ass for more. "Spank me, baby!" She scream-muttered in the sexiest drawl Barbara had ever heard. "Hit my ass harder! C'mon, you can spank harder than that, can't you? Or have all the hours sitting behind a keyboard made you soft?"

"Oh, I'll fucking show you soft," Barbara said. Her left hand snaked down and grabbed Helena by that beautiful black hair, wrenching it back painfully. "My little bitch wants it harder? You'll fucking get it harder."

The smacks didn't come as rapidly, but when they did they sounded off like cannon fire.

"Harder. HARDER! C'mon, make me feel it!"

Barbara's hand continued to strike against Helena's soft and pliant flesh, cracking with a noise like thunder. "You feel that? Huh?" Barbara asked over the booms.

"Now we're getting somewhere," Helena murmured dreamily, her voice rising and fall with each blow. "Your arthritis medicine finally kick in?"

"You calling me old?"

"If the orthopedic shoe fits…"

With a growl that put Huntress's intimidating wildcat yowl to shame, Barbara spun Helena around on her lap and started in with a fresh hand. Helena actually cried out in pain. Barbara considered stopping, but knew Helena would never forgive her for that… or stop taunting her, the little minx…

"You like it, don't you?" Barbara demanded. Sadistically, she kept her voice as even as if she were asking Huntress about a crime scene. "You like it when I spank your hot ass."

"I love it," Helena panted. Her ass stung and tingled from the spanking. "But I get off on it because you get off on it."

It was true. The label of 'control freak' fit Barbara to a tee and Helena putting herself completely at Barbara's mercy made her feel like a dam was about to burst inside her, like she could fly completely out of control. The fact that Helena's bare cunt lay right on top of Barbara's, and that the hacker could feel Helena's heat and moisture right through her pants' crotch, didn't help matters.

"And you will learn your lesson," Barbara said archly. "You will be a good girl."

"Yes! Yes! That's it, Babs!" Helena cried as Barbara spanked twice as hard. "I'm a bad girl! Bad girls get spanked! Bad girls get spanked into good girls! Spank your naughty little girl! Teach her not to be bad! Spank her harder, harder!" Her breaths came in heaving, pained sobs. "Give… me… what… I…"

She bit her lip. It wasn't until Barbara smelled the strong, animalistic scent of her come that she realized Helena had orgasmed all over her lap.

"Deserve," Helena finished, head lolling down as Barbara released her hair. With a dreamy sigh, she flowed off Barbara's lap and puddled at the floor. Barbara laughed when Helena had to roll over to avoid her rosy red ass touching the floor.

"I'm sorry I had to spank you, but you know you have to be punished when you've been bad," Barbara said, chest still heaving with effort and arousal.

"I know I was bad, love. You only gave me what I deserved." Helena kissed Barbara's foot. Although Barbara obviously couldn't feel it, warmth tingled up her spine nonetheless. Helena laughed again as she rubbed her sore ass. "I'm not gonna be able to sit down for a month."

"You don't need to sit down for what I have planned." Barbara unzipped her pants. "You wanna sixty-nine? You can be on top while I kiss your pretty little ass all better."

"Mmmmm," Helena smiled, giggling a little. "Tempting. But I have a better idea."

Barbara watched Helena's heart-shaped ass jiggle as the Huntress went to the closet, reaching up to the high shelf for the box marked Stay out! Official Birds of Prey business! This means you, Dinah! Dinah had probably already opened it, as one of the vibrators was missing. Helena didn't care. Her objective was more… fulfilling.

Barbara purred unironically as Helena walked back to her, a rubber double-headed dildo of more than a foot's length flopping about in her hand. Helena stopped next to Barbara's wheelchair and gave her end of the double-dildo a playful lick.

"Touch my pussy, Babs," Helena ordered, straddling Barbara's armrest. "Feel how wet I am for you."

Barbara smoothed her hand over Helena's thighs and dipped it between those perfect legs, her fingers gliding up through the drying ejaculate on those perfect thighs.

"My God, Hel. You're soaked."

Helena shuffled onto Barbara's lap once more, like she was giving a private dance. "Hells damn yeah I am," she said, taking a drag from the dildo like it was a cigar. "I'm just so fucking juicy, aren't I?" She fondled the dildo between her milky white breasts. Barbara breathed in sympathy as Helena pumped the double-dildo up and down. "For you, Barbara. You make me so damn wet I can't control myself. You bring out the beast in me." The dildo slipped lower, crossing old scars and new bruises. "And you make it so fucking easy for this monster of a dildo to slip…" It was between her thighs… "In." Her pussy. "Side."

"Fuck, Hel," Barbara breathed.

"I love you, Barbara," Helena said, the remainder of the double-dildo jutting out of her like the phallus of some absurd fertility idol. "Let's fuck."

Helena Kyle: Hopeless romantic.

Barbara's glasses fogged up. Helena took them off and set them down, with impressive care considering how many inches of black rubber were inside her, on a nearby surface. The other end of the double-dildo she picked up and let flop down on Barbara's clothed belly. Its touch was electric, but Barbara was frozen in anticipation.

Helena shrugged off her trenchcoat, letting it pool at the floor with a velvet-thin sigh. Her bare arms were more erotic than a pair of spread legs or flashed breasts from any other woman. Swaying gently as if to inaudible music, Helena lifted her arms above her head in a lazy, sensual way. Then her hands tapered back down and lifted her T-shirt up over her head. Still encased in their bra, her breasts were pushed up close together, making them look bigger than they were.

"I think I'll just leave my bra on," Helena said. "It's so hard to take off and you already know what my tits look like, right?"

Barbara slid her hands around to Helena's reddened ass, enjoying the way her lover cooed in slight pain.

"Take it off."

"Yes ma'am!"

The bra burst loose as soon as Helena unstrapped and Barbara was pleased, although not surprised, to find Helena's nipples fully erect. Hel always had been easy to rev up.

Lifting Barbara slightly, Helena stripped her pants down, uncovering Barbara down to her ankles. She resisted the urge to kiss her way back up, settling for a brief peck on Barbara's knee. Then she straddled Barbara's lap again… tried to, at least. Barbara pushed her back and reclined the wheelchair's back until she was almost horizontal. Then she let Helena maneuver her legs over the armrests, an action which stretched her pussy wide open. Helena resisted the urge to clamp down on Barbara's swollen clit.

"You brought lubricant?" Barbara asked, assuming Helena had picked some up along with the dildo.

Helena picked a jar of it up from beside Barbara's glasses.

"Lube it up," Barbara said.

Ever since she was paralyzed, Barbara had a little trouble lubricating. Helena didn't mind. Just made it more rewarding when she did, and lathering up a dildo was a form of foreplay. All she had to do was ask and Helena knew watching those deceptively slender fingers rub all over the fake cockhead would get Barbara breathing a little faster.

"I'm gonna put this in your cunt," she said as she jerked the dildo off. "I'm going to fuck you like a man." It became almost a chant, the ebbs and hollows of her words matching the way she lubricated the dildo. "I'm going to fuck you with a dick. I'm going to fuck you like Dick. I'm going to fuck you like Dick never could."

With the thumb and forefinger of her left hand, Helena spread Barbara's pussy open. Her right hand placed the head of the dildo against the wet opening. For a moment, Helena doubted Barbara would be able to take it. She almost went back for more lube, but Barbara grabbed hold of the double-dildo at mid-point and forced it into herself. It wasn't until Barbara exhaled in smooth, soft comfort that Helena realized just how accepting Barbara could be.

Barbara's labia stretched slowly to accommodate the gentle pressure of the rubber dildo. Helena was gritting her teeth, obviously reining herself in from just impaling Barbara with it. As much as she wanted to fuck, well and truly fuck, the need to avoid any pain for Barbara overrode all other considerations. Then, little by little, Barbara's cunt swallowed the dildo. Helena, both hands on the double-dildo, screwed it to the left and right as she worked it deeper and deeper into their pussies. At last she let go. Of its own accord, the gigantic dildo connected the two of them by their dripping cunts.

"Fuck," Helena breathed, awestruck. "Fuck. Don't come, Babs. We're not done yet. Oh fuck…"

Her wiry hands wrapped around Barbara's waist and she push-pulled herself forward. It took a moment for Barbara to realize what the brunette was doing; she grabbed hold of the dildo to stop it from penetrating any further. Helena was impaling herself on the dildo, forcing her end of it deeper and deeper into herself. She grinned wildly at Barbara throughout, sweat coursing over her athletic frame and too-pale skin.

A crazy, babbling thought struck Barbara. Helena shouldn't be here. Shouldn't get so little sun that her skin was the color of cream, shouldn't have to fuck an invalid, shouldn't be in Gotham following in the footsteps of a man who'd abandoned them all. She said so.

Helena slapped her.

"We're fucking. Stop putting so much thought into it."

"I love you," Barbara said, her teeth clenched. "You're fucking me. You're inside me."

"We're fucking," Helena confirmed, accepting another expensive half-inch inside herself.

Any pain she felt, any pain she had ever felt, was flipped into pleasure. Barbara's arm muscles bulged and corded as she manipulated her half-unresponsive body up and down again to match the driving pace Helena set. Hel was moving her hips up and down in a pantomime of coitus. In the mirror of a blackened monitor, Barbara could see her lover's asscheeks bouncing and rolling as she threw her body wholeheartedly into the task.

With a wink, Helena pulled out and out and out, jutting her ass backwards, away from Barbara. The dildo slipped out of both her cunt and Barbara's, until it bridged the space between their trembling bodies, held in place only by the cockheads being swallowed by clasping pussies.

Then Helena's lithe body came crashing down on top of Barbara's, the dildo was buried between them until not a hairsbreadth separated them. Now both of the women were panting excitedly as the artificial prick brought them to the brink of orgasm.

"I love you," Barbara panted breathlessly. "I love you, I love you, I love--!"

Barbara's red hair was tangled with sweat and exertion. It splayed out like burnished bronze over the headrest of her chair. Helena, hovering over Barbara like an inverted shadow, brushed a strand of it off Barbara's forehead. Her face was inches from Barbara's. Their lips met in a hot, torrid kiss. Their bodies worked together as the dildo pushed into them both..

Helena slipped her hands under Barbara's ass, the flesh cool and strong. Then she pumped harder.

"Oh, hell!" Barbara sobbed. "Hel! Hel! Hel!"

"We're fucking, Babs," Helena said, so out of breath she might've just run a hundred miles.

"I know, Hel! I know we're fucking!"

"God, you're beautiful," Helena whispered. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met. And you're—all—mine…"

Barbara slapped Helena's ass as it pumped the dildo in and out of her. Helena groaned with renewed desire, like a fire flaring back to life. Barbara spanked. Helena fucked. Two halves of the same circle, giving and receiving, burning off energy even as they reclaimed it.

"You're naughty, Hel." Barbara paddled Helena's tight, firm ass. It was already warm and ready for her. "You're a bad girl. You should be fucking me harder."

"I should!" Helena said, giving into the undercurrent tearing through her subconscious.

Something animalistic was guiding her hips, telling her just where to press Barbara's buttons, how to take more of that constant dildo into her depths. Her ass humped like a piston and Barbara's hand crashed against it.

"Bad girl, bad girl," Barbara gasped. "You should wear a fucking mask, you know that? You little whore…"

"I am a little whore." Helena licked Barbara's sweaty face, tasting pain and arousal. "I'm your little whore. The Oracle's my john." She bit Barbara's ear. Nibbled it, worked her tongue inside.

Barbara beat Helena's ass red.

Neither of them ever wanted to stop.

Helena stiffened, eyes wide, mouth open.

"I'm ready." She bucked. "I'm ready!"

Barbara didn't need an announcement. Frenzied jerks and wild screams said it louder than Helena ever could. It blew Barbara's mind that she could bring this wild creature to orgasm, tame her, make her soft as… a kitten.

"Come, baby," Barbara said. "I order you to come."

Then Helena started vibrating. Her entire body shuddered, shook, seized. Barbara smashed her ass with her hand, driving the double-dildo deeper inside both of them. Helena sagged against Barbara, her forehead pressed up against Barbara's, their eyes meeting.

"Only if you do too," Helena promised.

And then, in a perfectly timed duet, both women began to sob and groan in a rhythmic staccato which signaled the advent of their mutual orgasm. Their voices were muffled by the kiss they shared, but the passion would be obvious to a deaf-mute. Helena's shouts were loud, as she proudly proclaimed her arousal to the world. Barbara expressed herself in fragile, whispered fragments of thoughts, poems, sonnets, dirty limericks which flowed out of her exploding mind like a flash flood. Helena chronicled each one of them, considering it as much an expression of love as the eager way Barbara's body responded to her touch. Then that precious oasis of a moment was lost as Helena reached her peak.

"I'm coming," she wailed, her head falling back. "Ooooo, I'm coming, Barbara." A brief smile flitted across her contorted face. "I'm gonna cream! I'm gonna cream us both!"

It probably made sense to her.

Helena's pants and moans asked for what she wanted more eloquently than words ever could. Barbara gave her everything she could've asked for. As orgasms tore through Helena's body with explosive force, Barbara pulled the brunette against her, biting and scratching at the lean, perfect, predator's body.

Helena's head snapped back, her eyes rolling as she stared up at the ceiling of the Clocktower. The gears, meticulous in their rotation… "I'm coming so much!" Her head jerked down and she stared at the top of Barbara's head as the redhead's teeth gnashed at her breast. "Jesus, Babs! I can't stop coming!"

Her juices left the dildo dripping-wet, flowed down their conjoined bodies to short out the motor of the electric wheelchair. It did a spastic dance as it died, jerking back and forth, putting an exclamation point on their fuck. To Barbara, it was just a physical metaphor. It couldn't eclipse the way Helena's thousand tiny orgasms were pushing Barbara to one final, cataclysmic come.

Helena went into spasms. Contorting atop Barbara's body, her tits bouncing, she came again. She humped up, twisting her hips, her clit a lightning rod attracting storms.

"Can't! Take! Much more of this!" she gritted out between orgasms. But didn't stop thrusting into Barbara, against herself. "Your turn."

Helena's screams grew louder. She threw her whole upper body back and forth in time to the dildo strokes. She grabbed Barbara's tits and squeezed them, making them ache. Barbara quivered, feeling a growing heat that penetrated every ounce of her, even the dead weight of her legs. Helena got a knee up against part of the out-of-control wheelchair, opened her legs wide, and backed up off the dildo. Barbara's cunt held her portion like a vice. Finally, the entire dildo was out and Helena gripped just the tip of her end between her thighs. With a yowl more feline than human, she rammed the entire remaining length deep into Barbara.

Barbara caught a glimpse of elliptical-irised eyes staring into her when she came.

Helena held Barbara's head in her hands and pressed her face tight against Barbara's. As the quivering stopped, Barbara pulled her down against her so that Helena's softening tits pushed down over her sharp-pointed nipples.

"You creamed your fucking brains out," Helena said, justifiably proud.

"I know," Barbara panted as the wheelchair came to a stop. "It was so damn good, honey."

"Bet your ass it was." Helena, still huffing and puffing with the strain of her effort, climbed to her feet, pulling the well-lubricated dildo from Barbara's pussy. With the double-headed dildo still jutting out of her, Helena let out a long sigh of completion. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Helena groaned with every inch as gravity slipped the dildo out of her pussy. "I don't know about you, but I could use a nap."

Barbara hugged herself to cover up her nipples, which strained against her sweater. "You broke my wheelchair."

Helena rolled her eyes and picked Barbara up, carrying her to the couch where the two naked (or nearly naked) women collapsed atop each other. Helena rolled around so that she was atop Barbara, sore ass in the air, head cushioned by Barbara's ample breasts.

"You should spank me more often."

"You should deserve it less often."

Helena's canines brushed over Barbara's jugular. "Keep talking, bitch. We'll see who the alpha female is."

"I'm cold. Go get us a blanket."

Helena frowned.

Barbara tapped her ass. "I didn't say later."

Helena sat up. "When I get back, you'd better cuddle my fucking brains out."

"Yes, dear," Barbara said, enjoying the sight of Helena's reddened ass swaying as she went to find a blanket. "'Alpha female.' Pah."

The End

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