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Be Who You Are
By ralst


I saw her sitting there, back straight and hair perfect, her whole demeanour screaming indifference. As if the world around her didn't exist. There was only her and her damn reports.

"What are you working on?"

I took pleasure in her momentary annoyance, but it didn't last long enough for me to form a smirk. "A recalibration of the aft sensors."


"Yes." She turned away from me, a clear sign of dismissal. "Now if you don't mind."

Damn, someone's been teaching her manners. It's almost as sickening as watching dogs beg for treats. "Manners don't suit you."

"Excuse me?"

I bet it was the captain, either in person or by proxy. That woman drives me nuts, always so insistent that we conform to Starfleet's standard of nice, normal and well adjusted little plebs. "You're an arrogant, pigheaded former drone. So act like one."

I would have thought it impossible, but her back straightens even further. "I am also a human being."

"Hardly." I can tell she thinks I'm insulting her. But really I'm not. "You were a human, but now you're something else. Something unique."

"An outcast." Her voice is low and laced with shame. "Less than human."

"No!" I realise my exclamation has garnered the attention of half the messhall, but I don't care. "More than human."

She shakes her head. "A damaged human."

"Hell, all humans are damaged, you only have to look at the crew to realise that." I don't know why I chose today to talk with her. Or why it's so important to me that she doesn't let them turn her into a cookie cutter version of themselves, but it is. "You are unique, Seven, a one of a kind."

"I am well aware of the meaning of unique, Lieutenant."

"Kahless, I love your arrogance." She looks startled.

"You are lying." This is more like the former borg I know. "You have constantly criticised what you perceive to be my arrogance. Called me derogatory names on account of it."

"I know." I won't apologies. Apologies aren't who I am. Not any more. "That was just an act. Me trying to be the good little officer. The real me, the one I've kept hidden these past few years, cheered every time you told that pompous old broad where to shove it."

The gathering crowd start to mumble in disagreement. Their little Starfleet hearts balking at the idea of defying the almighty Janeway.

"Why are you saying these things now?"

Yes, why am I saying them now? "Because I'm sick of lying. Pretending I'm something I'm not." I grab her arm, forcing her to look me in the eye. "Sick of watching her brainwash you into being the perfect little pet."

"I'm no-one's pet." If she were even a hundredth part Klingon she'd be growling right now.

"Then be who you really are." I don't know what I'm saying. Or what I want. I just know that we need to have this conversation. "Be the arrogant, stubborn, beautiful genius you were meant to be."

In that moment I see it. The dissolution of civility. The return of her true self.


Before I can form a response she is dragging me towards the exit. For a moment I want to protest, but her quick pace leaves me no time to speak. Within what seems like seconds we are entering my quarters.

She pushes me up against the wall. "I am not arrogant." My struggles are in vain. "I am superior."

God, I love the way she says that. "Then act like it."

She crushes her lips to mine in a move that is more aggression than passion. Years of repressed desire expressed in one brutal kiss.

In a moment the kiss is over and I can see the doubt clouding her eyes. "Don't think." I grab her hand and pull her towards the bed. "Be who you really are."

"What if I don't know who I am?"

"That's her talking." I force her to look at me. "You know who you are."

Her second kiss is just as urgent. But now the aggression is fuelled by passion and not anger. Her touch arousing. The danger exciting.

As we claw at one another's clothes I feel free for the first time in years.

No more pretending.

No more good little Klingon.

Just me.

Just her.

Just us.

The End

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