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Better Than Green Tea
By Demeter


It's such a cliché that cops use their handcuffs in bed. Lindsay smiles as she thinks of the rather absurd idea, testing the knots of the white silk ties, finding them to her satisfaction. Truth be told, she has cuffed her once, but that was work. Kind of.

"These will hold for a while," she tells Cindy who stares up at her, eyes dark with desire.

"I count on it," she says, and Lindsay touches her face gently, brushing a finger over her lips. This is as far as their exploration of boundaries will go, though. She wants to hear her voice, hear her talk, her sounds of pleasure and the way she says Lindsay's name at the height of it.

Control – Lindsay has never denied that she likes having it.

Cindy sighs, her arms twitching reflectively; she wants to touch Lindsay, pull her closer, but she can't. Lindsay takes her time, fingers brushing over the inside of Cindy's thighs, sweet torturous caresses.

"You're evil." The words might suggest a complaint; the tone, warm and breathless, not so much. She might have a point though.

"And you like it." It's not a question. Lindsay knows from experience. Slowly, she lowers her body over Cindy's, her breath catching at the sensation of skin to skin. Skin she is now free to explore with her hands, lips and tongue. Cindy is rolling her eyes a little, but her lips open eagerly to Lindsay's kiss.

"I do," she gasps. In the confines of her bonds, she is squirming, pressing up against Lindsay in a way that is almost enough to distract her from her best laid plans... but not quite.

For now, she's on an important mission, but much later when she's removed the ties and Cindy has fallen asleep in her arms, Lindsay will give some thought to the wisdom of Jill's idea to give Cindy and Lindsay some 'one on one bonding time' on the day of Tom's wedding.

Jill has no idea yet that they have taken her words quite literally.

The End

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