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Better Or Worse
By Demeter


As she walked trough the packed bar, Lindsay was well aware of the curious looks thrown her way. Wearing the dark glasses at night, she must have conveyed the appearance of a run-down 80s rock star who kind of hoped people would recognize them.

There seemed to be no empty seat left. She didn't want to go look any further, because she was itching for a drink or two; besides, she simply didn't think she could stand on her feet much longer. Maybe someone would be willing to share.

That's when she saw him. It might have been a bad idea, but things couldn't really get much worse on that front.

"Hey, Jamie," she said, pointing to the empty chair. "Would you mind?"

Lindsay was curious. A little scared of what she might find out. A little out of her mind, too.

Jamie Galvan's lack of focus clearly showed that the drink on the table wasn't his first one. "I kind of hate you right now, but help yourself."

"Thank you." She was so very tired she nearly sighed with relief when she could finally sit down. When she finally took of the glasses, Jamie made a double-take at the first look at her face.

"Whoa." He eyed his drink suspiciously for a moment, then shook his head at her. "This time, it wasn't me, Inspector. Though I have to admit, there was a moment or two when I really wanted to."


"It's stupid, okay?" he claimed. "Because I knew. I knew the first time I saw you two together, but I still thought it could work out, somehow."

If only I'd known, too.

"Knew what?"

The look Jamie gave her was almost sympathetic, then he turned his attention back to his glass. "I just want her to be happy, you know?"

Damn it, he was going to cry. This might be a good moment for a quick exit. Me too, Lindsay thought. I want her to be happy. But I don't know what to do.

"I've got to go, Jamie. Nice talking to you."

Sadly, she realized, a month hadn't made her any braver as to the decision she had to make. But fears were there to be faced, and all of a sudden, she knew what to do.

The End

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