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Bianca's Butch
By Texbkwrm

Part Nine

A few weeks later Bianca was watching, Jordan play basketball. Applauding loudly whenever, the PVU team made a basket. Maggie and Jeremy were also there. So Jordan had her own cheering section in the crowd. It was a tight contest; it went to the wire, Jordan blocked a shot by the other team at the buzzer preventing the game from going into overtime.

They went down to the floor to congratulate the victorious players. Jordan made as if to hug Bianca, "Honey I love you but you smell." Bianca told her sweaty girlfriend.

"I'm hurt." Jordan making an exaggerated pout and sniffing noises.

Kissing her lips lightly Bianca said. "Go take a shower and I'll make it up to you."

"I'm holding you to that." She said laughing as she went to the locker room.

"Hey I'm out of film I'm going to get some from the car." Jeremy said. "I want to get a picture of the team for Jordan."

Fifteen minutes later Jordan emerged smiling and clean, still energized from her victory she swung Bianca around and hugged her close. Seeing Maggie she even drug her into a three way hug. "We won!" The girls were laughing at her antics. Looking around, she asked. "Where did Jeremy run off to?"

"He should have been back he just went to get some film." Bianca told her.

Jordan walked over to the doors of the gym to see what was keeping him. Shouting over her shoulder. "Call the cops." She ran out the door.

Bianca ran to the glass doors as Maggie started dialing 911. She saw two guys holding Jeremy against a car while another one beat him. "Oh my god!" Just as Jordan pulled one of them away and punched him in the gut. Soon she was lost in the brawl.

The team hearing the commotion ran out and soon pulled the three assailants away. "Jeremy are you okay?" Jordan asked.

Jeremy looked up from the ground. "No, three guys just beat the shit out of me. I think they broke my nose."

"Don't get up." Maggie said as she checked Jeremy out. "You could be hurt worse than you think."

Bianca embraced Jordan. Then she took a towel someone had given her to wipe the blood from Jordan's mouth and eye where her opponents had got lucky hits in. "I was so scared."

"Me too." Jordan said holding on tightly to Bianca.

When the police got there they took everyone but Jeremy to the station. Jeremy went to the hospital to get checked out. Jordan asked before they led her away. "Maggie would you check on him and let me know he's okay."

"Sure Jordan." Maggie said.

"Jordan, I'm calling Uncle Jack he will meet you at the station." Bianca assured her furious that the other girl was being taken out of there in cuffs.

Jack met Jordan in a briefing room. "Jordan what happened?"

"I'm not sure how it started. What I know is I looked into the parking lot to check on my friend Jeremy and saw these other guys beating him up. I ran up and pulled one of them off and slugged him. Then it was a free for all. They were calling him fag and fairy." Jordan just looked down at her bruised knuckles. "How's Jeremy?"

"He is going to be fine, he has a concussion and they want him to stay overnight because he is seeing double. They are pretty sure he will be out tomorrow. Still they don't want to take any chances. Bianca is in the waiting room." Jack told her.

Anna came in a few minutes later. "Jack, Jordan is free to go one of the guys confessed to attacking her friend."

Jordan asked. "Why did they do it?"

"It seems that it is a fraternity game." Anna explained.

"What kind of game?" Jack asked incredulously.

"They get points for beating up gays." Anna explained as if she too had a hard time believing it.

"They get points for beating us up. Hell what do they get if they kill one of us a car." Jordan lurched out of her seat with murder in her eye.

Jack was soon struggling to hold her back. "Jordan let the law handle it."

"Yeah right." Jordan said. "I doubt very much that will happen."

"Do not let them diminish the person Bianca loves. Don't let them bring you down to that level." Anna said knowing the young woman's frustration.

"Okay, but will you tell me when queer season is over. I just want to know. I know when deer season ends. I know when duck season ends. When can we expect not to be beaten or killed for who we love? You let me know okay." Jordan strode out the door and into Bianca's arms. "Let's go okay."

Bianca drove slowly her attention split between the road and a silent Jordan. She saw the shakes start as fine tremors in Jordan's hands until her whole body was quaking. Bianca pulled to the side of the road and as soon as the vehicle stopped Jordan jumped from the car. Bianca came around to the side to see Jordan on her hands and knees vomiting into a ditch. Bianca put her arms around her rubbing her back and soon Jordan buried her head sobbing into Bianca's chest. "Why do they hate us?"

They sat like that for a long time both crying out the fear, frustration, and pain of the day. Soon Jordan started talking almost absentmindedly as if her words were beyond her control. "Did I ever tell you about my first girlfriend?" Bianca shook her head and Jordan continued. "Betty Jo Lassiter she was a cheerleader. Hell it's a small town I knew her most of my life. She had gone one summer to a youth retreat for her church and had a fling with a girl and that is how she figured out she liked girls a lot better than boys. Senior year I tutored her in science and when she came onto me I thought it was a joke. Soon she convinced me and we started seeing each other. We had gone out about three months when she decided to tell her folks and friends. Her parents weren't too bad not that they didn't freak ,they did. Still they didn't kick her out and they came around. Her friends that was another story. She had been one of the most popular girls in school. When they found out, she was ostracized. They kicked her off of the squad. Some of her more religious friends and some of the faculty would put tracks in her locker about how she was going to hell. The guys would pin her in the hallways and say all she needed was a real man to fix her. Her little brother started getting into fights every other day in Junior High. The straw that broke the camels back was." Jordan paused this part being difficult for her to talk about. "I was driving her home one night. It was dark and this truck started following us. It would pull up with us and the guys in it would yell obscenities. Finally they forced us off the road, then they just drove off laughing. We had grown up with these guys from elementary school. That night I took her home, I thought I got her calmed down you know. After I left she tried to kill herself. Her mom found her thank God. They moved to Houston they couldn't take it any more. I never went back in that school again, I got my GED. I had to go to a Junior College after that. Because I had dropped out they wouldn't accept me at the university." Jordan finished her expression filled with bemusement as if she still could not believe it.

"I am so sorry baby." Bianca said trying to comfort her even though she knew there were no words that could make it better.

Finally Jordan stood up and helped Bianca to her feet. "I need to make sure Jeremy is okay."

As they entered the hospital, they were soon escorted to Jeremy's room and they heard Maggie's voice. "Jeremy I really don't think you are going to need a nose job. Let the swelling go down first okay."

"I look horrid and my nose was one of my best features." Jeremy wailed as he looked in a mirror.

Coming around the corner they could see Jeremy looking at his bruised face. His nose had swollen to three times its normal size and was a nice shade of magenta. Jordan steeled her self and swaggered in. "Jeremy I really think you ought to change bars. The guys you are picking up have no class at all." She said as she entered.

"As if." He said with disdain. "Jordan there were only three of them what took you so long."

"I kept tripping over you." She ribbed. Soon they were teasing back and forth. Jeremy threatening to revoke her butch standing and she swearing up and down she had seen him dancing with the ugliest one on Friday.

Maggie walked out into the hallway. "How are you?" She asked Bianca.

"I have been better." Bianca explained the game to Maggie. She also explained some of what Jordan had told her. "What can I do? How can I help her?"

"You hold her as she cries. When the world proves to her what a ugly place it can be, you shelter her in your love and in your arms. That's all anyone can do." Maggie said hugging Bianca.

Part Ten

Bianca woke to feeling herself being lifted from the couch. Realizing she was in her lover's arms she nestled closer. Still more asleep than awake, she felt Jordan lower her to the bed. Lips brushed her hair and her eyes opened to see Jordan rise and entered the bathroom. Bianca watched as her girlfriend donned her nocturnal attire of a muscle shirt and boxers. Soon she felt the covers lift and the bed dip. Jordan spooned in around her protectively. Her breath warm against Bianca's neck and hair. Bianca listened as Jordan drifted off to sleep.

Sometimes it seemed like she had lived forever in these arms and at other times it was hard to believe it was June already. Bianca was still working for her mom and Jordan was working part-time with a local construction company during summer break. The really nice part of these jobs was it left both of them with free weekends. Tomorrow would be Saturday if the weather was nice they were going to take Jazz and go to the beach. If it was raining they were going to stay in and have a snuggle day. Bianca loved snuggle days. They would sleep in and have breakfast in bed. Later in the day they would make dinner together. On more than one occasion they would stay in bed all day making love. On others they would watch movies or Bianca would listen as Jordan would play the guitar for her. They would talk for hours about the house that Jordan was designing for them and what they would do this summer. They had already decided to drive to Texas so that Bianca could meet Jordan's aunts. They were going to leave Jazz there and fly to Seattle so that Bianca could introduce Jordan to her half-brothers and her stepmother Barbara. Turning in her lover's embrace she rested her head on the taller girls chest. Drifting off to the heartbeat beneath her Bianca hoped for rain

Bianca woke in the early hours of the morning to barking. "Jordan wake up. Jazz is barking at something."

Jordan got up grumbling. "I bet it's grandma's cat out again."

As Jordan was slipping on shoes to go downstairs, she and Bianca heard voices. "Bobby, do you really think we ought to wake her it's like 4:30 in the morning."

"Max we have just driven for 28 hrs. I need a bathroom and a bed. Since Mama takes her hearing aid out at night and it would be easier to wake the dead than wake her up that leaves Jordan. She has a spare set of keys to the house. We can let ourselves in." There was a slight pause. "Knock on the door already!"

"Who is that?" Bianca asked at the knocking.

"It's just my aunts." Jordan said.

Before she could open the door Bianca quickly slipped into a robe muttering "Just her aunts she says."

Jordan greeted her aunts with a hug. "Jordan ,sweetie, I love you but I have got to pee." The smaller of the two women said as she pulled away and made a dash for the bathroom. This caused Jordan and her Aunt Max to laugh.

"Aunt Max this is Bianca." Jordan motioned a bashful Bianca over. Jordan put her arms around her girlfriend and kissed the top of her head. "Bianca this is my Aunt Max."

"Everytime Jordan calls us it is Bianca this and Bianca that." Jordan blushed at Max's teasing. "I am glad to finally meet you."

Just then Aunt Bobby exited the bathroom. "You must be Bianca. I'm Bobby."

Soon Jordan's smaller aunt had sent Jordan and Max to unload the car. While they sat in Grandma Nan's kitchen getting acquainted.

As Jordan and Max were entering the kitchen, they heard Bianca ask. "How did you and Max meet?"

"Actually we met through Jordan." Bobby said remembering. "I was the new music teacher at the high school. Well the position did not pay all that well so I had to find a place to stay that was within my budget. I found a house it was nice, it was furnished, and surprisingly it was within my budget. Well it was so cheep because my back fence met the back of Max's garage. Which I found out when I was woke up by the sound of power tools at 6:00 am. I had been there for about two weeks when I looked up from playing to see this child listening to me from a tree in my backyard. Now this went on for several days by the time I would get to the back door she would be gone. Finally I caught her slipping through the fence from the garage to here. So I peak through and there is this little play area with a swing and a sandbox. With a little detective work I found out who she was."

Max snorted at that. "She asked the biggest gossip at the high school."

"It worked." Bobby continued. "Anyway after she warned me away from them. I was more than ever determined to introduce myself and see if they would allow me to give music lessons to Jordan."

Jordan added. "She thought I was a boy."

"Jordan." Bobby admonished.

"Well you did." Jordan added to razz her aunt.

"I am trying to tell a story here." Bobby shot her a look that said even without words to cut it out. "Anyway so I get directions after several miles of dirt roads I was convinced I was either lost or someone had deliberately given me bad directions. Finally I saw a house. Pulling up I saw Jordan with her stuffed animals and Tonka trucks playing on the porch while a pretty woman was sitting in a swing to the left. She was smoking a cigarette. When I was about half way out of the car she hollers to me. Telling me not to waste my time. They did not want any. Well I asked her right back did not want any what as I walked up the stairs. Jordan's momma sort of smiles at that. Well she said we don't want any funeral plots, water purification systems and several other darn fool things that they keep trying to sell us. We especially don't want any Jehovah's Witness's, Mormon's, Baptist's or any other do-gooder hypocrites. I said well I am not any of those things. I told her that I was the music instructor over at the high school. Rose laughed and said Jordan was only four. I explained about Jordan listening to the music from the tree in my backyard and I offered to give her lessons."

Max added. "You offered to give him lessons."

Bobby continued as if nothing had been said. "Well she calls Jordan over and talks to her for a minute and then she says I need to ask Max. Well just then someone opens the door and out strides this tall handsome woman. She had been standing behind the screen door listening to the whole conversation. They talked quietly for a minute and she asked how much and I said I would do it for free. I was told very quickly they did not take charity. We agreed on a price and soon I was giving this scamp lessons. She caught on so quickly I thought I had a prodigy. Finally one day I am showing her a piece and she says momma already taught me all these can't we do some new ones. Her mother had been teaching her piano since she was two years old. Yes she had been listening to the music but she had really been fascinated by two things one my baby grand and the other my blonde Himalayan cat that she was convinced was a tribble. You know Star Trek. I realized later that this was Rose's way of setting up me and her sister." Leaning over and kissing her partner of 16 years, "and I will be forever grateful.

"That is so beautiful." Bianca said.

Finally after they shared stories about Jordan's childhood. That left the three of them laughing and the subject red with embarrassment. "How come ya'll did not call and tell me ya'll were coming." She asked trying desperately to divert the conversation from herself.

"Well I would have if I had known." Bobby said. "Max comes in Thursday after work and says pack a bag I got Friday off we are leaving at midnight. Then she walks into the bedroom and starts taking off her clothes and laying down. I am like leaving why."

Max takes over. "And I said I told you that as soon as it was legal in any state in the union to get married we were going to do it. Well Canada ain't a state but its close enough. We are going to swing by and pick up your mom and Jordan and I am gonna make an honest woman out of you."

There were many tears and congratulations before the younger women left the older ones to get some sleep.

"Jordan do you think we will be together for 16 years." Bianca asked in her lovers arms.

"No, I think it is going to be way longer than that." Jordan said kissing her.

Part Eleven

Later that afternoon, When Max and Bobby woke up, Nancy insisted on going shopping. She wanted something new to wear to the wedding. "Bobby do you have a dress already?" Her mother asked anxious to begin planning a marriage she thought she would not live to see. Max and Bobby had had a commitment ceremony after they were together for a year but at that time she had still been coming to terms with her daughters lifestyle. It was one of the biggest regrets of Nancy's life that she had not been there for her child. This was like a second chance and she was not going to miss it.

They were leaving Sunday morning spending the night in Toronto. Getting the license and having the ceremony on Monday morning. Bianca and Jordan had both made arrangements to be off so they could go. Jeremy was going to pet sit. With all the excitement of the day it was hard to fall asleep.

Sunday's road trip was an experience. Erika as a present had sent a limo to take them and made reservations at an exclusive hotel in Toronto. It was a riot. Max and Jordan were playing with all the gadgets and when they found the TV their matching expressions of delight sent the other three women into giggles. Bianca laughed till her sides hurt at the stories. This trip would be fondly remembered for the rest of her life.

Monday morning they met in the lobby of the hotel. Nancy had wanted Bobby to share her room for traditions sake. Max and Bobby were having no part of that particular tradition. So the walked down the elegant staircase together. Bobby wore a lace dress but it was in a deep red and as for Max. Max wore black, black cowboy boots, black leather pants that fit like a second skin, a black western shirt with a bolo tie, a black leather vest, and to top it off a black cowboy hat. Bobby explained their attire in the limo on the way to the courthouse. "We were invited to my cousins wedding about ten years ago and I got very depressed. When we got back to the hotel I was crying. I was saying we would never be able to do that. Max just kept hugging me and telling me it would happen someday she promised." Pausing she squeezed her partners hand. "Well some how it came about that at least I would not have to wear a white dress. Max told me she wanted me to marry her in a red dress like the one I wore on our first date. I told her it was a deal and she would have to wear leather because that was what she wore the first time we went out."

"Well you both look wonderful." Bianca said admiring the striking pair.

Soon they were standing in line with dozens of other happy couples waiting their turn. The JP's ceremony was rather brief but nothing could spoil the joy in the couple's hearts. When he said you may now kiss the bride. Tears on both brides cheeks mingled as Max leaned down to tenderly kiss her wife. When he pronounced them married, Max kissed Bobby again and then swung her around yelling. "This is my wife." There was applause and laughing congratulations as they left the judges chambers.

They went to eat lunch and then the limo turned toward Pine Valley. When they got there a surprise was waiting. Bianca and Jordan had given Jeremy and Maggie instructions about planning a reception. Friends and relatives of Bobby's filled the house. Jordan's friends were there taking care of all the details. Oscar, Harold and Jeremy were in charge of the decorations. Her team mates had prepared the food and Maggie spent all day Sunday contacting everyone. Even Erika showed up to extend her well wishes. Also to get a look at Jordan's family, but with Jeremy and his posse fawning over her she did not have time to get into any trouble. They danced and ate well into the night as they were escorting the last guest out Bianca and Jordan spotted Max's truck.

That morning when the two newly weds started loading the car for the trip back to Texas. They saw a Just Hitched sign attached to the tailgate and streamers tied to the mirrors. Last minute hugs were given and last minute pictures were taken. Promises to call were exchanged and plans to visit later in the summer were made. All too soon no further excuses to linger were found and a Chevy truck at last made it onto the road. As Bianca and Jordan were watching it turn from sight, Bianca asked when she hear her lover sigh wistfully. "Does it make you sad, them leaving?"

"No I miss them but, " Jordan said pausing to find the words. "I just hope when we get married we can do it here at home."

"I know." Bianca said happy knowing the depth of her lover's commitment to her and their relationship and frightened of a society that dismisses and disapproves of their love.

"Well I guess if worst comes to worst, We'll just have to move to Canada. It's just so cold in Canada." Jordan shivered thinking about the weather.

Bianca laughed. "I love you and I will keep you warm wherever we are."

Soon they were walking back upstairs to get ready for the day.

The End

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