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Big Damn Table Fics: 41-60
By Merfilly


Title: Wake-Ups
Prompt: Shapes
Word Count: 236
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dinah was curious
Author's Notes: Spoilers for the post Brainiac Virus revelation on Barbara

Barbara roused to the feeling of a finger lightly tracing in patterns on her thigh. She sleepily looked at her bedmate in puzzlement, and was rewarded with a bright smile in turn.

"I'm afraid my curiosity got the better of me," Dinah murmured, snuggling close and turning her fingers to stroking Barbara's back through her pajama top. The redhead felt like there was a recognizable pattern in the way she touched, like she was drawing shapes on her skin.

"A lot of sensitivity has returned, though I'm a long way from using my legs the way I used to," Barbara replied, distracted by trying to figure out the pattern.

"I see that." The blond moved to nuzzle Barbara's neck lazily. "I woke up and it was so nice being so close, but…well," she stammered.

"You've worried how you could possibly show me everything you want to?" Barbara kept her voice low, actually touched that Dinah had thought enough about it without even having a go-ahead to be with her.

"Pretty much." Dinah's fingers moved their maddening pattern over her shoulder and down her side.

"What are you tracing when you do that?" the redhead asked, feeling a shiver of appreciation for just how delicately Dinah could touch her.

Now Dinah smiled more softly, taking Barbara's hand and showing her by tracing it in her palm. "Us, the bat and the bird."

"The bat and the bird…."

Title: Three Corners
Prompt: Triangle
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Dick's still around
Author's Notes: None

She had been expecting it. Just because there was no ring, because it was Gordon, and not Grayson, it did not mean she did not still care or watch over him. Dinah stayed in the bed as her partner went to answer the call, contemplating how this triangle could work. For her part, she had no problem sharing; she was not going to lose a lover through jealousy. The worst thing she had ever done was let go of Ollie because he was not hers alone. Now, she would just have to find out Barbara's wishes, and go from there.

Title: Morning Impressions
Prompt: Square
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Huntress finds out
Author's Notes: Nothing to say

Huntress let herself into the apartment as usual. Ever since the Birds had expanded the women had managed to at least keep rooms near wherever Babs set herself up at. The move back to Gotham had not changed that pattern, as it made since to be able to crash, change, or get medical aid there at her place. It was more secure than Fort Knox ever had been. She heard Babs coming out of her bedroom, still in 'comfy' clothes. She was about to say hello as Babs smiled back, only to be struck speechless as Dinah came out, wrapped in a towel, and leaned down to kiss Babs on the cheek. In that moment, Helena suddenly remembered all over how it felt to be the square peg in the round hole. She was intruding on her two best friends, and they had evidently moved past friends for one another.

"Umm, hi?"

At her voice, Dinah looked up and flashed one of her best smiles. The blonde definitely knew how to ignite warmth in all those she wanted to, male or female.

"Hey Huntress! Be out in a few. I really need a shower." She vanished back into the bedroom.

Title: Afterthoughts
Prompt: Circles
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Reaction is setting in
Author's Notes: Little Table Here

Thoughts that ran in circles were not good ones. They made for bad days. She sat there, though, one thought chasing another in a vicious ourobouros cycle. Dinah loved her, she loved Dinah, but the whole thing felt surreal. After all Dinah had gone off on the Brother Eye mission, then made a deal with the devil and vanished. Now, after a shower and embarrassing her by Huntress seeing them in a casually intimate setting, the infuriating vigilante had gone shopping. With the aforementioned devil, Shiva. Barbara could only roll her eyes, and hope she made sense of it eventually.

Title: Big Sister Talk
Prompt: Moon
Word Count: 279
Rating: PG
Summary: Helena talks to Dinah
Author's Notes: Man, my chronology so far is moving at a snail's pace, and I have no idea what I'll do to come back into canon; See my user info for my Table

Dinah nodded in passing to Zinda, and then grinned at Huntress. "Fall down on the sit-up routine?" she teased. Huntress looked down at her latest costume, and remembered explaining her last one to Black Canary. She casually brushed off some lint from the moon clasp on her left shoulder, and then looked up at the blonde.

"Thought this fit more with my new partner, and her fully clothed look." The Italian waited until Zinda had left them alone, then pinned Dinah with a searching look. "You left, and from this morning, I'm betting it was because of her."

"No, because of me, and the fact I did not want to push past what her engagement meant," the smaller woman said with blunt honesty. "Helena, I …"

"You could have told me, Dinah. I may be Catholic, but I'm not condemning anyone for those kind of choices. I just don't see where God has that much interest in our sex lives." Her own words made a small blush light Dinah's cheeks.

"We haven't yet," she replied.

"No details please. Bad enough I'm one BatTumble from her as it is." Helena shook her head. "Our last conversation, before you took off…you should have opened up to me. Would have saved us all some grief."

"The grief's not over yet, I'm sure. Babs is not the type to just walk into what I've been dwelling on for years without a few false starts." Dinah looked down at her hands to hide her troubled, stormy eyes. "I won't walk again, unless it is for good. And if I think things are bad, I'll come talk to you, Helena."

"Good; it's what friends do."

Title: Old Girlfriends
Prompt: Star
Word Count: 126
Rating: PG
Summary: Barbara has a problem with Dick's old girlfriends
Author's Notes: Backstepping in time, to when Starfire showed back up in the comics, this time

Dinah did not have to see Barbara to know she was fuming mad. She could hear it in the angry keyboard clicking, the harsh voice going into the mixer to be disguised. She went into the op center to see what had happened, but about then she heard Barbara say a few choice curses offline, and chose to hang back. When the name 'Starfire' registered, she thought she understood. Arsenal had mentioned the Tamaranian had returned to Earth. When Dick's name got thrown in the mix, she knew she understood, and quietly left the Tower.

When she returned, it was with dim sum, ice cream, and a whole slew of understanding. If there was one thing Dinah knew better than kicking butt, it was cheating men.

Title: Check-Up
Prompt: Heart
Word Count: 226
Rating: PG
Summary: Huntress checks on Babs
Author's Notes: Going back to the post-revelation bits of my fics

Barbara looked up as Huntress came into the room with her, and cleared her throat. The information specialist tried not to flush as she looked up, remembering that Huntress had seen the very casual way Dinah had flaunted their changing relationship the day before.

"Barbara," the older woman began. "I just wanted to say that if this is what will heal your heart and hers, you both have my fondest wishes for your happiness." The Italian crossed her arms in front of her. "But, if you or she has the slightest doubt…. you both need to go slow. I don't want either of you hurt in this."

"I'm not an addled teenager going through some experimental phase," Barbara began, a little hotly.

"No, you're a woman that has been through some devastating life events, including being in Dick Grayson's little black book," Huntress told her bluntly. "At least you and she have that in common…men with fidelity issues." That made Barbara sigh and smile, realizing Helena was just trying to look out for her friends. They rarely brought Dick up, because of the shared history in that court. "I just want my two best friends to be careful with each other."

"Reading you loud and clear, Capo," Barbara told her, nodding. Huntress considered her a moment, then nodded in turn and left to go find Zinda.

Title: Diamonds Aren't Her Friends
Prompt: Diamond
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Babs needs a gift
Author's Notes: Post-'ship beginning

There had been tragedy associated with jewels from time immemorial as far as Dinah knew. When she was trying to find the right gift for Barbara, after just a few weeks back in the swing of things, living entirely in the redhead's apartment, she knew one thing for certain; there would be no diamonds. The clear stones were poignant reminders. The only thing she thought of when she saw diamonds now was that she had almost lost Babs without ever opening her mouth. That, she decided, would be the last time she ever restrained her impulse where Barbara was concerned. The clear stones were poignant reminders.

Title: A Night Out
Prompt: Club
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Early BoP (still Dixon, I think)
Author's Notes: Dinah did take Babs to a club in an issue

Dinah still could not believe that Barbara had agreed to go out. She also could not believe the redhead was having more luck and more fun than she was. She did not want all the fun, but she would have liked some of it. Still, as she watched the computer hacker enjoying the company of the man, she felt she had gained one small gift. Barbara was smiling, and not trying frantically to right the world's wrongs with a team of borderline basket cases.

Of course, the jealousy that Barbara was not smiling at her just would not die away.

Title: Bat Calling
Prompt: Spade
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Post-'ship beginning
Author's Notes: Batman can be protective

"You hurt her." The angry voice was low and menacing. "You, who chastised me?"

"The spade calls me one, huh?" She faced off against him. "I realized my error without having to be called on it." She held her ground, still unimpressed by his attempts to menace her.

"That makes this okay?" he growled.

"No, the fact she chose to let me in does." She tossed her hair back flippantly. "The fact that she lets me share her life now. Completely, and with full knowledge of what I want." The implication slowly sank in, and the menacing Bat faded away.

Title: Colds and Comfort
Prompt: Water
Word Count: 543
Rating: PG
Summary: Oracle's sick, and Canary takes care
Author's Notes: Set during Canary's recovery from the beating Savant gave her, pre-'ship

"I know you hate to let people do things for you," Dinah said, as Barbara rubbed the back of her neck for the billionth time that night. "But why don't you let me take a turn at the monitoring part? With the voder, no one would notice unless they need geek speak. And with tonight's fare seeming to be of the stomp the bad guy butt variety, I doubt they will need me to be technical."

"I can't, Dinah," Barbara told her, looking up at her wearily. "Batman would know, and so would the rest of the bat clan."

"Yeah, but they know I work directly for you." The blonde looked very concerned. "You have a miserable cold. You need some hot steam, a fluffy towel, and then some sleep. The normal kind, in a bed, not the kind that leaves keyboard impressions in your forehead." Dinah put on her best and most earnest expression. "I can't go out with these breaks anyway. Let me be useful."

"You're right." Barbara pushed back from the console after setting the system to recognize Dinah's commands. "One hot bath and a bed coming up. I normally set things to sleep mode around seven in the morning."

"Yes ma'am, oh wise Oracle," Dinah quipped. The redhead swatted at her, rolling on by to go try and clear her head of the horrid sinus cold she had managed to come down with. Maneuvering into the warm shower seemed harder than usual, but she sat on her bench, letting the water beat down and using the steam to her advantage.

When Dinah realized the water was still running after half an hour, she clipped the mobile mic on, and went to go check on her friend. Neither a soft knock nor a call of her name elicited a reply, so the other woman pushed the door open. From the silhouette, it appeared the steam had more than done its job on the exhausted Oracle, putting Barbara straight to sleep. Dinah smiled softly, to see her tough as nails friend and partner so vulnerable, but she fished down a towel, and reached inside to cut the water off. Barbara stirred, but was not truly coherent as Dinah maneuvered the towel around her wet form.

"Come on, sweetie," the blonde vigilante said in her softest, kindest voice, the one that had gotten Roy through some of his hardest days. It had the effect she had hoped for, making the semi-conscious Barbara cooperate in bringing her from the bench to Dinah's lap. When Barbara, barely covered in her towel, actually snuggled close, Dinah's heart hammered, but she swore internally to think nothing of it. The petite crimefighter was extra careful controlling her chair out of the bathroom, taking Barbara to bed.

Again, it was a difficult task to get Barbara transferred to the bed, since Dinah was not supposed to be standing on her own two feet. When she had, and the redhead was covered, Dinah paused long enough to puah the wet hair back.

"Sleep well," she murmured, leaning in to press a tender kiss to the other's forehead.

In her sleep, Barbara smiled, and Dinah felt her heart break just a bit more, before she left to attend to Oracle's duties.

Title: Conspiracy
Prompt: Fire
Word Count: 399
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dinah want to go forward, and sets it all up…
Author's Notes: Post 'ship acknowledgement

In a perfect world, it would have been winter, they would have been in a cabin with a roaring fire, and only have each other to think about.

As it was, the world was far from perfect, and neither one of the women knew how to truly make themselves take time for just being women, at least not anymore. Despite sharing Barbara's bed, Dinah had not found the right moment to find out if Barbara was willing to go fully into this relationship. Yes, Barbara had enjoyed the light caresses that Dinah had offered, but the blonde was ready to do so much more.

So she conspired against her partner. She had been pleasantly surprised that Tim would still answer her calls, after Batman's frosty reception of her return. Robin, though, had assured her that he would do all he could to make sure Gotham did not weigh heavy on Barbara's plate this coming day. She had no idea how he was going to, but the boy was a sly, secretive creature who would one day surpass Batman for maneuvering people.

A call to Mr. Terrific handled the rest of the superhero community at large. He would insert a loop into the system they had set up with Oracle, directing calls to himself. He never asked why, either, just sounding vaguely pleased to know she was home safe and sound. Of course, she had already heard rumors that he was involved in the new Checkmate program, which somewhat bothered her.

With her bases covered as far as the calls for Oracle were concerned, she then turned to Shiva and Huntress for clearing the team away. Neither Zinda nor Gypsy had noted the relationship yet, so Shiva took the young woman for 'training', while Huntress offered to bar crawl with Zinda. Dinah could count on having Barbara all to herself for the night and day.

The blonde had ordered in, and made sure it was all ready for Oracle as the woman shut her board down. The redhead rolled toward the smell of fresh Thai, only to get distracted as the door buzzed, announcing a visitor. Dinah heard her partner's voice, and then clearly heard the words, 'Come on in, Dick,' from the redhead. With a sigh, Dinah placed a third plate out, wishing for that cabin and its fire, so that they would have truly been alone for once.

Title: Mothering
Prompt: Earth
Word Count: 195
Rating: G
Summary: Oracle sees the soft side too
Author's Notes: post 'ship, probably AU as far as continuity stands

Oracle has seen Dinah run the full spectrum of emotions, she thinks. From trolling for men in a pure lust for life and fun, to the deepest dregs of depression when she first secured the services of Black Canary, Dinah has displayed the full range of humanity in the space of their association. Still, she thinks her favorite display is the comforting Dinah, the all-embracing earth mother. She watches now, as Connor Hawke sits on the sofa in Dinah's apartment, his head resting on the woman's chest, having come without true purpose. Dinah had seen through the zen and flimsy excuse, and coaxed the young man into confiding his problems. Oracle had not eavesdropped, but the young man had given himself to tears in the woman's arms, before falling into the sleep of a person who knows himself to be safe.

Dinah's eye catches the camera, and she smiles just slightly, to let Oracle know all is well, then her attention returns to her former lover's son. For as long as Connor is there, Oracle will not call Canary to the active duty list, so that he can keep healing from whatever his cares were.

Title: "Gasping"
Prompt: Air
Word Count: 635
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dinah steals time from sleep for more
Author's Notes: First time, all the way for our couple

She gasped for air when the first electric sensation began. Her sleeping mind slowly coalesced around the idea that the pleasant tingle running through her is a reaction to her love's mouth on her nipple. She remembered falling into bed that morning around five, a long night's work done, and the feeling of being wrapped up in the tender arms of her truest partner. She knew it could not have been more than a few hours since then, but she cannot find it in herself to protest as that mouth and tongue move to her other nipple. Sharp teeth grazed the sensitive node, eliciting another electric response in the redhead. She brought her hands up to tangle in the mass of blonde hair, earning a moan that she understands on a primal level. She took a firmer grip in the mane, and was rewarded with a gasp.

The blonde crawled back up from her worship of the redhead's breasts, no sleepiness showing in her lustful blue eyes. It was all the redhead could do not to purr as Dinah showed her intention of pushing things to the next level. When they kissed, the repressed sexual tension exploded into it, causing them both to hungrily taste each other's mouths even as they pressed tighter together. Barbara moaned into the kiss when Dinah slipped a thigh between hers, pressing against her sex with firm resolve. The redhead could have almost cried for joy, that her slight recovery let her feel so much more now, especially right at that moment.

The blonde broke the kiss at last, and finished what she had begun in Barbara's sleep. The remainder of the redhead's clothes mingled with the blonde's on the floor, so that their bodies touched skin to skin. As Dinah slid down the redhead's body, Barbara found herself gasping for air again, as her lover proved to know just where to kiss, where to bite, on the path down to her thighs.

The first kisses there made Barbara writhe at their lightness. Dinah took her time, tracing both hipbones and down to the back of the knee, finding just the right amount of pressure to use to be sure her lover could feel it. Barbara's pleading moans and cries finally drew the blonde up to settle between the thighs that parted gracefully. Blue eyes met green, with the only invitation to stop Dinah was willing to give. In answer, Barbara mewed in wanting need. That was all Dinah needed as the tip of her tongue began a new exploration. The redhead clawed at the sheets, as teeth and tongue found her sensitive node with exquisite skill. Dinah took her time again, enjoying the art of making love to a woman, to this woman in particular. She kept one hand on her lover's stomach, caressing idly, as Barbara cried out for more. Her vocal range impressed the blonde, as the gentle oral sex grew firmer, and was joined by fingers inside the redhead. Dinah seemed to know just when to touch, when to add a finger, and when to draw back to let it all build a bit more. By the time Dinah let her lover come fully, Barbara was nearly bucking against Dinah's hand and mouth, unconsciously moving more than she realized she could as her inhibitions were shattered.

Again, thee seemed to be a lack of air around Barbara as her body rose to the peak and crashed through the orgasm Dinah led her too. She was vaguely aware of her lover lying up next to her, kissing her mouth. She remembered lapping at the taste of herself in Dinah's mouth, and the feel of being held close, skin-to-skin. She did not remember falling asleep again, her skin and body still alight with the fires Dinah had built.

Title: Sacrifice
Prompt: Spirit
Word Count: 276
Rating: G
Summary: Barbara's thoughts
Author's Notes: Takes Place at the climax of the Hunt For Oracle storyline

The idea for a team of troubleshooters relying on her information had come to her back when she has still been under Amanda Waller's influence. It had taken her sometime, and the use of Bruce's money, as well as patience with her first choice of an operative. The Birds of Prey were a two-woman show, with occasional walk-ons from people like Power Girl and Huntress, even Catwoman. Barbara had not intended to get close. She only wanted her partner to trust her directions, and move without hesitation. Then Blockbuster had forced her hand. With her safety net cut, Barbara had been forced to call on her difficult partner for assistance.

When Dinah had arrived, pulling her up out of the water, no questions asked, Barbara had seen the error of her choices to that point. She had been content to be a faceless entity, knowing all about her agent but not revealing herself. She had slighted the spirit of the hero she had hired by her withholding; Black Canary's heart was selflessly involved in what they had put together. There was so much that Barbara wanted to say, as her head rested on Dinah's shoulder, the blonde's hand pulling her wet hair back from her face.

The bad guys chose to interrupt, and all those things got swept under the carpet, as Dinah's heroic spirit over came the situation once more. She walked out to Blockbuster's goons, declaring herself as Oracle. Barbara would never truly find the words or actions to express the fear that ran through her soul in that moment, as she realized the other woman had chosen to take her fate from her.

Title: Morning Mistakes
Prompt: Breakfast
Word Count: 311
Rating: PG
Summary: Barbara and Dinah have a few issues
Author's Notes: Set on Aerie One, includes spoilers through the latest issue

"I'm hungry," Dinah announced, her eyes still sleep heavy as she stretched in the bed. Barbara gave her an amused look.

"This is different from when?" the redhead teased, toweling her hair dry. "You have an appetite to put …Tim to shame." Unfortunately her hesitation and quick change of name did not escape the blonde's attention. Barbara steeled herself; they still had not discussed the unresolved issues of either the engagement or the relationship in general. Her green eyes glanced quickly to Dinah, trying to read her beyond the slight pout on her lips.

"Probably true," Dinah said aloud, pulling her own mask of cheerfulness to her to hide her wounded feelings. "Showering, then I'll grab something before heading out to help Huntress and Gypsy."

Barbara flinched; it was such an evasive tactic on Dinah's part, throwing herself into work. The redhead started to press the issue, then opted for silence.

"I'll make sure Zinda did not make the coffee," she said instead, wheeling herself out of the cabin they shared.

"Please. If she did, I'll make a CelestialDollars run instead," Dinah called out as she went to the shower. She kept her tone just right, she thought, for early morning banter. Until the slip of names, Dinah had maintained the intention of breakfast with Barbara and Sin. Now, slipping into the hot water of a fierce shower, she just wanted to be gone as quickly as possible. It was not that she expected Dick to disappear from Barbara's life; in fact, it was Barbara's need to switch names that bothered her. Barbara just did not understand that Dinah accepted her completely as she was, including past relationships.

She just hoped that relationship was one in the past, and that Barbara was not letting Dinah fill time between the on phases of her years' long romance with the former Boy Wonder.

Title: Meeting the Competition
Prompt: Lunch
Word Count:
Rating: PG
Summary: Dinah never was one for subtlety
Author's Notes: Okay, I think we can safely put my fanfic100 in a complete AU, so in my world Dick is not psycho, and the reason for the split is still unknown

Dick Grayson was still one of the most handsome men in the circles Dinah ran in. She could grant Babs a great taste in men. Jason Bard had been easy on the eyes too. She sighed, approaching the man at the table on the sidewalk, glad he had picked a bistro she knew for their date. He had been surprised as hell when she called him, asking him to meet her. First he had stuttered through who had given her his number; she had merely sighed, and he eventually grinned sheepishly; she could hear it in his voice. It paid to be an ex-Arrow at times.

His next questions had been directed at trying to learn why she was contacting him, but Dinah had been Bat long enough to play her cards close to her chest. If she flat out said it was Barbara she wanted to discuss, it would wind up back in Barbara's ears. Instead, she had let him believe it concerned the same person who had given her his cell number.

He stood as she approached the table; they had never really made a friendship, even once she did know all their identities in the BatClan. She smiled and removed her sunglasses, sitting nicely in the chair he pulled out for her. She was dressed non-threateningly, her sundress in bright colors and only a small canary charm at her throat.

"It's not on, by the way," she said when his eyes flicked to it. "Thank you for meeting me, Dick." She felt odd calling him by his name, but in civilians, it's what you did.

"I don't have one anymore," he said sheepishly, not without regret, either, she noted. "So, what's up with this? Has Roy gotten in over his head?" They paused long enough for the waiter to get their orders.

"I'm not here about Roy," she said, cutting straight to the chase. His shoulders slumped almost immediately.

"Barbara." The heavy sigh, the pain on his face spoke volumes. "I asked her to marry me. She said yes, you know? And then, everything falling down around us, and we both realized things weren't right, it was the wrong time." Dinah looked around the edges of his eyes, his mouth, at the stress there. They again paused as their drinks were brought.

"Dick, I have to know if you are going to keep playing the yo-yo game with her like you have with Roy all these years." The look on Dick's face was one of stunned surprise, but Dinah held her hand up and indicated for him to be patient. "I'm not judging, and I'm not prodding you to do something you're not ready for. What I want, is to know if I can try to make Barbara happy."

"You?" Dick's look of utter disbelief made Dinah smile sadly. "Dinah, if this is a joke, it's not funny," he added.

"Me, Dick." Dinah caught his eyes, and then went so far as to pick his hand up off the table while he was fidgeting. "I love her, Dick. Don't ask me how or why it happened, but I've been biting my tongue for too long now, and I won't anymore. Give me my chance, now, and let her decide if it's what she wants."

"You asked me to lunch to ask me to steer clear of my ex-fiancée, so you can put the moves on her?" Dick's temper was slowly rising, though a tiny corner of his soul told him it was more of a green monster than true anger. He jerked his hand back, radiating hostility on all frequencies.

"What a crass, pig-headed thing to say," Dinah muttered. "No, I'm asking you to give her some space, to decide. I know you were there first, that you and she have a deep history, Dick. I just don't want to watch her go through the misery of you calling on the bad days, and forgetting she exists on the good ones!" Almost immediately, she covered her mouth, knowing she had said too much, too harshly. Dick, however, hung his head in shame.

"Guess you've seen that from two different sides, huh? Out of me, I mean." Dick reached out and took her hand back. "Look, I can't swear I won't come leaning on her when the chips get down…but I'd like to think maybe, just a little, I could lean on you a bit too," Dick said. "If you can make her happy, Dinah, please do. She deserves it." He stood up to go, pausing to speak over her should. "If half of what Roy said over the years is true, you do to, Dinah."

"Don't sell your own self short, Dick," she whispered once he was gone. "I wouldn't stand a chance if you snapped your fingers her way." She brought her head down to her hand, propping her forehead in her hand. "And that's why I did this, to have a fighting chance." She could admit her motives to herself, but that did not make her feel less underhanded in this.

Title: Downtime
Prompt: Dinner
Word Count: 534
Rating: PG
Summary: Dinah has changed some…and she's growing up
Author's Notes: Spoilers thru BoP 95; post 'ship, but my 'canon' has to be adjusted to fit the comics now.

Barbara flinched as Helena landed a harsh blow on Dinah's forearm, but almost cheered to see Dinah twist under the blow and take the other woman down with a well timed foot sweep. She had not gotten to watch her 'girls' train in a long time, and even she was amazed by just how near perfect Canary had become. Her body did not move, so much as merely sway from place to place, an image of transitional beauty.

Helena was panting hard from the fall, having been completely off guard for it, so Dinah knelt next to her, showing intense concern. Even from across the room, nominally monitoring the boards for trouble, Barbara could see the concern of her partner that she had erred.

"Dinah, you did fine," she called, her voice firm and strong. As much as she had hated the trip away from her, the madness of training as Shiva had, Barbara knew that Dinah had it under control. Like Batman, the Black Canary had the full range of tools, but also the willpower not to use them.

"Yeah, I just need to get faster, blondie," Helena teased, accepting her help to sit up. "I think Zinda and Cindy and I could all learn from you."

"None of you really need what I have," Dinah said, sitting down on the floor. "But, I should pass the knowledge on." As one, they all glanced over at Sin playing a game with Lian. The two girls were still trying to gauge if they would be friends, but it had been Dinah's weekend to keep Roy's little girl.

"You'll do fine," Helena said. "You have Babs to help you after all." She gently poked Dinah in the ribs, getting a ticklish response and breaking her growing dark mood. "And that would be Josh with the pizza," she laughed as the door went off, letting her escape any retaliatory tickles. Dinah drew herself up and walked over to Barbara's work area, before turning her attention back to the two girls. They had made up their own rules for Risk, and it sounded like the country of Harper was close to overwhelming the nation of Siu Jerk Jai.

"Do you regret it?" Barbara asked Dinah softly. She and the blonde had discussed the addition to their family the night Dinah had returned with Sin, and the redhead had reconciled herself to being a foster mother to a foreign child. She had been so completely taken by surprise that her initial reaction had been rather rough.

"I will never regret saving her from Shiva's fate," Dinah murmured. "I'm just woman enough to admit that I have no idea how to take care of her, to raise her with the right ideas, the right amount of attention."

"And that is what we learn together, Dinah." Barbara rested her hand on her partner's. "Besides, Roy thinks highly of you concerning Lian."

"Yeah, but her I can give back," Dinah laughed, and Barbara's laughter joined hers. The girls glanced over at them as Helena was returning with the pizzas, and then exchanged a look with one another.

"Crazy," both girls said at once, in complete agreement about the pair of women.

Title: New Experiences
Prompt: Food
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Set pre 'ship
Author's Notes: Owned by DC

Dinah wonders how many times since she met Barbara Gordon they have found some new restaurant or item at the grocer and tried it together. Dinah could sit here all day, just watching as the first taste turns to a savoring, before Barbara swallows and moans. Then again, that moan makes Dinah wonder about watching her redheaded obsession in a more private location than an Italian eatery.

"Next time you pick," Dinah says, her voice silky with some hidden emotion. Barbara merely nods, unaware of seducing Dinah by the simple task of eating. She takes another bite, and Dinah enjoys.

Title: Observations
Prompt: Drink
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Pre 'ship
Author's Notes: Owned by DC

Barbara is fascinated by the woman standing before her, rapidly draining a Fiji water. Dinah had gone through a twenty-minute session against Spoiler and Robin, then taken on Batgirl without a break. Barbara had winced, but Batgirl seemed to be taking a lesson this time, rather than giving one. And Dinah had shone, with all her radiant beauty, through the whole session. Barbara knows without a doubt she had never been like that, but for her it was the solving. Dinah lives and breathes the fight.

Right now, Barbara could not be happier, watching the fit result of that dedication.

The End

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