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Birthday Present
By nikkiandnora


Today was Natalia's birthday, and Calleigh had made a wonderful dinner that they had consumed earlier. They were currently sitting together on the couch, sipping some really good wine.

"Natalia, wait here. I'm gonna go get your present," Calleigh said, heading to the bedroom.

When Calleigh returned, Natalia saw that she had changed out of her jeans and shirt and was now dressed in a black silk robe, belted at the waist.

"Why don't you come unwrap your present?" the blonde whispered in a sultry voice, moving backwards toward the bedroom.

Natalia's eyes had glazed over at the sight of Calleigh, and she immediately got up to follow her into the bedroom.

Natalia found Calleigh standing beside their bed. Sauntering over to gently take the blonde's face between her hands, she ran her tongue over Calleigh's lower lip. She was asking entry to the hot mouth, which Calleigh quickly allowed.

Natalia's palm on Calleigh's breast, stroking it through the robe, brought a moan of approval. Running her thumbs over Calleigh's nipples, Natalia felt the nubs go rock hard.

Now she untied Calleigh's robe and slowly pushed it off of the smooth shoulders. Stepping back to inspect her wife's outfit, Natalia forgot how to breathe as she took in the sight of Calleigh dressed in nothing but flimsy lingerie.

Calleigh stood there in a merry widow with a push-up bodice that barely contained her very delicious breasts. Narrow strips of leather could be seen on the other wise lacy outfit.

"Cal…" Natalia managed to whisper before trailing off. Her brain turned to mush and she couldn't figure out what to say, so she settled on kissing Calleigh senseless.

Their tongues did battle, fighting for dominance as Natalia's hands ran over Calleigh's body. She fondled Calleigh's nipples again before moving down to grab her ass and pull her body tight against her own.

Sparks of desire were shooting through Calleigh's body, making her sex throb in the most erotic way.

"God Talia, I want you so bad."

Their eyes met as Natalia's hand slid between Calleigh's thighs. Natalia's eyes widened when she was met with Calleigh's exposed and oh so wet center.

"Calleigh?" Natalia asked in surprise; Calleigh just smirked at her.

Fingers traced through damp curls, spreading wetness over Calleigh's clit.

"Cal…babe, you're soaked." Natalia whispered, before drawing her tongue along the outer edge of Calleigh's ear.

Calleigh's knees nearly buckled.

"Talia, I need to lie down."

Natalia stepped back to remove the erotic clothing that was now only in the way before guiding Calleigh back to lie on the bed. Stripping off her own clothes, she moved to lie on top of Calleigh, moaning as their heated skin came into contact.

Their lips met as Natalia's fingers again tangled in the damp curls of Calleigh's need. Calleigh shifted, spreading her legs wider

"Natalia baby, I need you."

Natalia looked into Calleigh's eyes as she thrust three fingers into her, burying them deep inside, stretching and filling her. Calleigh cried out her pleasure, her hips bucking at the very welcome penetration.

"Hmmm, I love being inside you; I love the way your slick walls grip my fingers and pull me in. It feels like you never want to let me go," Natalia whispered in a husky voice. Calleigh shuddered at her wife's voice and the words coming from her lips.

Kisses were trailed down Calleigh's throat to her pert breasts. Once there, Natalia took a stiff nipple into her mouth and sucked on it before raking her teeth over the tip. Calleigh groaned, arching her back to push more of her breast into Natalia's mouth.

Natalia was slowly thrusting into Calleigh while the blonde rocked her hips, trying to coax a faster rhythm. Natalia wasn't having any of that.

"Na…Natalia please, faster…God, baby, I so need to cum."

Calleigh's pleas were getting desperate. Natalia sped up her thrusting, still pumping into Calleigh with deliberate movements, her fingers sliding easily in and out of the very slick center.

"Oh God Talia…Shit." The movements of Natalia's thrusting fingers and the suction on her breast were sending delightful tingles throughout her Calleigh's body.

Natalia moved to the other breast and began to suckle while she flicked her thumb over Calleigh's aching clit and drove into Calleigh faster and harder. She was intent on throwing her wife over the edge. Calleigh rocked her hips in time to meet the thrusts.

"Natalia…fffuuucckkk," Calleigh cried out, her body convulsing in pleasure.

Natalia moved down Calleigh's body, needing to taste her wife. She slipped her fingers out of Calleigh and replaced them with her tongue, drinking deeply of Calleigh's lovely essence. Calleigh moaned gripping the bedspread with one hand and pushing the other into Natalia's hair.

Natalia slipped her tongue out of Calleigh, licking up and down the slick folds, collecting juices with each swipe.

"Jesus, Talia…God darlin'…yeah, just like that."

Natalia moved up to flick her tongue over Calleigh's clit, slipping one finger into her. A touch to the sweet spot caused Calleigh to buck her hips off the bed, almost dislodging Natalia.

Natalia moved her finger back and forth over Calleigh's g-spot, while alternately sucking and licking the throbbing clit. Calleigh was panting, rocking her hips faster and pulling Natalia tighter against herself.

Sliding her free hand up, Natalia pinched Calleigh's nipple, the extra pressure sent Calleigh over the edge and into oblivion.

"Nataaaliaaa" the blonde screamed before collapsing bonelessly onto the bed.

Natalia slid up to spoon her wife, slipping her arms around Calleigh's waist..

"Happy Birthday, darling." Calleigh whispered, still breathless from her intense orgasm.

"Thank you, baby. That was the best birthday present I have ever received," Natalia said before placing a loving kiss on Calleigh's shoulder hugging her tighter.

The End

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