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Black Bird Singing In The Dead Of Night
By Geekgrrllurking


It was dark in the apartment, only the glow from the clock tower illuminating the room, as low music played, almost drowning out the constant hum and beeping of the Delphi computers. A bouquet of spring flowers sat on a table with candles flickering away and an opened bottle of wine chilling in ice. What was left of the gourmet meal had been whisked away and all that was left was the dessert to come.

Outside on the balcony sat two figures, enjoying the wine and each other's company as the watched the sun set slowly over New Gotham. The city was quiet for a change, almost too quiet, but the women would take their peace when they could find it. With any luck Huntress and Oracle wouldn't need to make an appearance tonight.

Especially tonight, if Helena Kyle had anything to say about it.

She glanced a little nervously over at the older woman, her heart beating loudly in her ears at the sight of the redhead swirling her wine in its glass, the light of the setting sun highlighting her hair and kissing her fair skin. Helena wished it was her caressing the delicate pale flesh, tracing along the curves and contours, memorizing every nuance and shiver she inspired.

They had danced around this attraction for a while now, for years really. Would they, won't they, should they, However Helena had come to a decision, while sitting at this very spot one day. It was time for some changes in her life. No more excuses, no more what ifs. They were both another year older, another year slipping through their fingers. It was time for one of them to make the first move, and somehow Helena always knew it would be her.

It was now or never.

Helena reached behind her and pulled out a plate with a muffin on it, a single candle sitting on top. Digging into her jeans, she pulled out a lighter and lit it before handing it over, singing happy birthday quite badly.

"Don't forget to make a wish," Helena said with childlike glee as she finished the song, warming Barbara's heart.

Barbara Gordon laughed and smiled widely, delighted at the how the whole evening had been going. Deep down, she wished every evening could be spent together this way, to be there for each other as a family. And they were a family, but rightly or wrongly somewhere along the line Barbara had fallen for the woman sitting across from her. She wanted more, so much more, but their friendship and working relationship were too important to screw up. And with that cop sniffing around Huntress, it seemed like Helena wouldn't be interested anymore anyway.

It didn't mean she couldn't wish for things to be different between them, as scary as that would be. She wanted a partnership in the truest sense of the word, in life not just in work. She glanced over into the steady dark eyes watching her, and knew what she would wish for this year. Maybe she would actually do something about it this time too.

Barbara closed her eyes, and paused making her heartfelt wish, before leaning forward and blowing out the candle. Helena smirked and leaned forward too, taking advantage of the opportunity presented. Wrapping her hands around the arms of the wheelchair, Helena moved swiftly and captured the full sweet lips before her.

"Happy Birthday," Helena whispered softly against Barbara's full lips as they slowly parted. Swallowing hard she took the leap of faith and finished the sentence. "I love you, Barbara."

Barbara's eyes fluttered open and they stared at each other. Helena could see all the fear and logical arguments flicker across the older woman's eyes and then she saw it. Saw what she had been looking for, what she had hoped Barbara had on some level wished for. Pure unadulterated joy danced in the bright green eyes.

"I-I love you, too." Barbara's smile lit up her face, as her long fingers threaded into Helena's dark hair, and tugged her closer, kissing her soundly. Apparently wishes really did come true.

Behind them the sun sank below the horizon and for this one night New Gotham City would look after itself.

The End

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