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Black Velvet
What Comes After… Part 3.5

By Patricia L. Givens


"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt,

and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen"

- Leonardo da Vinci


Phoebe Janeway sighed and stretched, her eyes opening slowly as the deliciously warm weight lying on top of her shifted Glancing down, she took in the delicate features of Tal Celes, the Bajoran woman she had found herself unexpectedly falling in love with over the last six weeks. Celes' face rested pleasantly in the valley between her breasts, one corner of her mouth pressed softly against her skin. The deep, chocolate brown eyes were closed and her breath was moving evenly through her cute little upturned nose, letting Phoebe know that she hadn't woken her with her movements.

Studying the smaller woman's features intently, her thoughts revisited the sensations she had experienced at the Bajoran's fingertips a short while earlier and she felt desire, like liquid heat, course through her entire body.

Swallowing, she brushed red, curly locks away from the smaller woman's cheek, tucking them behind her ear so that the view of her face was completely unobstructed.

With the most feather-like of touches, Phoebe traced her fingertips across the ridges at the top of the Bajoran's nose. For some reason she found herself fascinated by them. Then she continued down and over her cheek, around the line of her jaw and finally down her neck where her fingers paused against the pulse beating strongly beneath her skin. She remained in that spot for several long seconds, counting Celes' heartbeats and comparing them with her own before her hand moved on to draw light circles across the pale shoulder and back that were easily accessible.

When her gentle caresses reached the small dip before the swell of Celes' hips began, she heard the smaller woman breath in sharply.

"You're awake!" Phoebe accused, pulling her hand away. "Why didn't you say something?"

Celes laughed. "Because I thought you might stop what you were doing. And I was right, see?"

The artist growled playfully and rolled Celes onto her back, covering her body with own lankier form. The feel of soft skin pressed firmly against her own [,] set her heart to pounding wildly and she lowered her head, capturing the Bajoran's lips fiercely, her tongue sliding into the welcoming recesses to play wetly. She felt Celes' fingers tangle into her hair, the gentle tugging causing a slight tremor of pain that only seemed to sharpen the edge of her passion.

It was several long minutes before Phoebe finally pulled away, breathless and panting, to lie on her side, her right hand splayed across the smoothly muscled expanse of the Bajoran's abdomen.

"Touch me again." Celes whispered. "Like you were doing before. Please."

Smiling, Phoebe placed the tips of her fingers so that they were barely making contact with the tender skin on the underside of Celes' breast. Slowly, she dragged them in circles around the swell, getting closer and closer to the nipple. When she was so close the Bajoran could feel the tremor of them passing, Phoebe moved her hand away, sliding over to her other breast to offer it the same treatment.

"Phoebe…" Celes groaned through clenched teeth.


Changing direction, Phoebe slid her hand down the Bajoran's stomach, her fingertips lightly tracing the outline of the abdominal muscles that were clearly defined beneath the smooth, creamy skin. She swirled once… twice… and then a third time around her naval before sliding lower, turning her hand so that the backs of her fingers raked through the darker curls at the apex of Celes' thighs.

"Spread your legs for me." She whispered breathlessly, earning a small whimper from the Bajoran who obeyed immediately.

Continuing her exploration, she trailed her fingers down the inside of one thigh all the way past the knee before starting up the other side.

"You know… one of my professors in Art Theory had a huge collection of what he called 'junk art memorabilia'." Her voice was low, husky, making Celes tremble just from the timber of her words. "It consisted of everything from paint by number sets to coloring books. I remember there was one piece he had that always kind of fascinated me. It was this huge poster of an unfinished toucan in a jungle scene that came with these multicolored felt tip pens you were supposed to use to color it in. But the interesting part was that the entire poster, everywhere you weren't supposed to color anything, was covered in velvet. Black velvet. I was still fairly young at the time and I asked my professor what the purpose of the velvet was." Phoebe looked thoughtful. "He said it was to add a tactile element to the artwork… to include one more sense in the creation of art."

Phoebe sat back and looked at the other woman thoughtfully. Then she leaned over her side of the bed and rummaged around for something.

"What are you doing?" Celes craned her neck trying to see.

"Close your eyes." Phoebe sat back up, holding something behind her back.

The Bajoran looked at her warily.

"Trust me."

Nodding, Celes lay back against her pillow and took a deep breath as she shut her eyes. She felt Phoebe move closer and take both of her arms, moving them so that they were positioned over her head.

"Keep your arms up." The artist whispered.

"Yes Ma'am!" The Bajoran answered playfully then her mouth went slack as she felt the most exquisite sensation against her skin. "Oh…"

It started at the tip of her chin and then traveled down her neck where it swirled for several moments across the sensitive skin of her clavicle. Then it continued it's way down to her chest. Her body began to shake as whatever it was softly rasped around her left breast, circling closer to the nipple. This time she was not disappointed however. The teasing touch brushed across it, stiffening it to the point where the need to be touched was an almost painful ache.

The touch moved on to her other breast which received the same treatment, before it slid slowly down her stomach, leaving a tingling trail of sensation in its wake.

Then it was on her thighs, a tickling, arousing feeling unlike anything she had ever experienced and she wanted to cry out in frustration for Phoebe to take her right then but she reined herself in, trying to hold on to her passion as long as she could.

As the touch slid up the inside of her other thigh, it hesitated for a moment… and then gently dipped into the well of moisture between her legs, finding the swollen ridge of nerves to brush across it easily.

Celes' eyes shot open and a gasp tore from her lips as the moisture was drawn up across her belly. "You're painting me!"

Phoebe laughed and held up a fat, pointed sable paintbrush. "Softest one they make. Now lay back."

She continued to paint a trail across the smaller woman's body, returning often to her 'ink well' as she spread the moisture across her breasts, then up her neck. Finally, she dipped the brush one last time and painted the essence thickly across the Bajoran's lips.

Tossing the brush aside, she kissed the Bajoran passionately, reveling in the taste of her as passion exploded inside of her. She felt Celes bring her arms down and captured both of her wrists in one hand, pushing them back over her head. "Behave." She raised one eyebrow. "I want to play."

Celes' heart was pounding so hard within her chest that she thought it would burst. Swallowing against the dryness of her throat, she nodded.

Following the trail she had just painted, Phoebe slid slowly down the smaller woman's body, carefully licking away every trace of the essence the brush had left behind. Her tongue and teeth took special care of Celes' nipples, teasing them to hard points of flesh, pulling whimpers of tortured ecstasy from the woman beneath her.

Then her tongue slid down across the smooth expanse of stomach, dipping briefly into her belly button before resting her cheek against the thatch of hair between her legs. She felt Celes' hips start to move, felt her body shift and whispered, "Keep your hands where they are."

Celes growled in response but did as she was told.

Smiling to herself, Phoebe nuzzled into the folds between the Bajoran's legs, her long fingers crawling up Celes' stomach to close on her nipples as her tongue found a ridge of flesh that made the smaller woman cry out softly.

The artists lost herself in the scent and the taste of her lover. It was unlike anything she had ever known, sweet yet salty with a consistency like thin honey and a scent like the fields after it rained. She reveled in the slowly escalating sounds of pleasure coming from the woman above her as she flicked her tongue over the rough surface. Then she hit one particular spot, a smooth area to one side and Celes cried out loudly as her hands came down to tangle roughly into Phoebe's hair.

Smiling, Phoebe suckled the spot hard, pulling it into her mouth before flicking it repeatedly with her tongue, gratified when the Bajoran's hips lifted off the bed and a low wail began to emanate from her that increased in volume as she continued her ministrations.

"Prophets, Phoebe…" Celes panted. "OH…"

Pulling one hand down Phoebe entered her quickly, curling her fingers to find the same spot she had earlier. When Celes' cries told her she had it, she matched the tempo of her mouth and fingers and was rewarded as the Bajoran's body began to shake uncontrollably.

"Oh…Phoebe…Phoe…yes…yes….YES!!!" The last word could not be described as anything less than a scream and the artist slid up Celes' body quickly to clamp a gentle hand over her mouth.

"Shhhh." She whispered, laughing. "You're going to wake up the whole house!"

Celes pulled her hand away so she could breath deeply through her mouth as tremors still coursed through her body. "No," She panted. "I believe you would be at fault for waking up the whole house!"

Phoebe laughed and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Are you kidding?" She shook her head. "Where did you learn to do that anyway?"


Celes sat bolt upright, her eyebrows knitting together as she frowned. "What?"

"No, no!" Phoebe laughed. "Not like that. Seven told me to do some research. I did and I guess it paid off."

"I'd say it did." The Bajoran cuddled back into her embrace.

"You've got quite the green-eyed monster going on there."

"You don't get jealous?"

Phoebe was thoughtful for a moment. "I never have. But then, I can't really say that I ever cared enough about someone to get jealous. How sad is that?"

"Not yet."

"Not yet." She agreed with a smile. "Not until now…"

The End

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